Archives: May 27, 2019

"Wikipedia Is... Broken," Controlled By Special Interests & Bad Actors Says Co-Founder

US veterans are disgusted by Draft Dodger Trumps sympathy for accused war criminals


The Global "Mean Dummy" Caliphate

Netanyahu Struggles To Form Government Amid Talk Of New Election

It appears Nigel Farage's Brexit party will be the largest party in the EU parliament

Vladimir Putin's Partner Alina Kabaeva 'Gives Birth To Twin Boys In Moscow'


Time For Some Statue Removals? Twitter Reacts To MLK Sex Life Claims, Rape Comments

Not sure why the DUmmies don't get the obvious lesson that Obamacare failed them ...

Chris Wallace Owns Lindsey Graham With Clip Of Him Lashing Clinton On Ignored Subpoenas

Thank you, vets!

Trump Says He Backs Japans Efforts to Talk with Iran

President Trump addresses hypocrisy

WHO terms 'gaming disorder' a modern disease

Study: Physically Weak Men More Likely To Be Socialists

do you think trump could walk from the tee to his drive on any course larger than putt putt?

Trump wants to get 1,500 troops out of Syria and Resistance goes bananas. He decides to send the

Declassified Docs Will Show That Samantha Power's 2016 Unmasking Efforts Were Related to Israel

Flouting The Law In Nostalgia's Name: Russia's Growing Movement Of 'Soviet Citizens'

DU's take on the right dominating the EU elections: "It's the Russkies!" "And Drumph!"

Military Times says 46% chance of war within a year. It'll probably be tweeted when it happens.

Article: Abortion bans have some women preparing for the worst. It involves auntie networks'

A Baby Died Because Doctors Were Lied to that a Pregnant Woman Was A Man

Remember when Michael Avenatti baited the Senate Judiciary Comm to investigate him?

Shred-head-thread: "Why did they let him be installed?"

DU thread: "This whole damn planet is turning into a colossal right wing category 5 shit storm."

Three different forecast modelers are predicting Trump will win in 2020

Vox on gatekeepers and gatekeeping. Part 7 in an ongoing educational series...

Which two years from 2009-2018 had the highest trade deficits?

The world's unrest today was predictable.

Poland's Right-Wing Law and Justice Party Wins in European Parliament Elections

'Shocking' Defacements of Outdoor Holocaust Art: Austrian President

EU Election Results Show People Are Fed up With Fake Democracy

I can almost hear them say, "Why Me? Why did it have to happen to me?"

Gawd!.... What a fascist he was

US Think Tank Goes Big-Game Hunting for Russia. Guess Who Gets Shot in The Foot?

Coup perps are in deep doo doo.

Thomas Jefferson is the Father of the Democrat Party and a great man.

CALLS GROW TO PROSECUTE JOHN BRENNAN after Existence of Clandestine CIA Asset in Top Level of Russia

The Sheep fight back. Lololol

Do we need to topple Venezuela, and take over their oil production before the war with Iran

Oppose or support Kim Jong-un?

Memorial Day Weekend Heat Wave Sets All-Time May Records, Could Last Through Thursday in Southeast

Trump Publicly Intervenes in Israeli Crisis to Help Netanyahu

Bill Buckner. Damn. RIP Bill.

Ticket prices for Raptors finals hit $60K and fans aren't amused

The Army asked, 'How has serving impacted you?' The responses were heartbreaking

Trump-Russia Investigation keeps going & going & going

China to Build 4 Hydrogen Highways in Yangtze River Delta Region in 3 Years

"Steaming pile of cringe"

What are they babbling about now?

France: muslim murders a Jew. France refuses to put the muslim on trial.

I saw a Mom "feuding" with her five-year-old in a store.

"We Build the Wall" starts construction of a half mile of border wall in NM

Left wing Axios says Trump wins in 2020