Archives: May 31, 2019

Trump approves of Boris Johnson and Nigel Farage

Flavored e-cigarettes could be bad for heart health, researchers say

Merkel Has Harvard Cheering Attack on Trump's Politics of Deceit

President Trump at Air Force Academy Graduation

Barr Investigating Why a 2016 Counterintelligence Defensive Briefing Did NOT Warn Trump Campaign A


Mumble, mumble, mumble, mumbles

To all those who laughed at the thunder, will you laugh at the lightning?

Action Heros

McCain Warship Incident Raises Questions About A Changing Military Culture Under Trump

North Korea executes 5 officials over failed Kim-Trump summit: South Korean media

When climate change folks cite this years tornado activity as supporting evidence of their theory.

Adam Schiff Takes Swing at DJT and AG Barr. Accidentally Punches Himself and Barky Obama Instead

Lil Nas X gives 'Old Town Road' performance to overjoyed elementary schoolkids

I'm not saying the FBI killed Seth Rich, if I could prove they didn't I would have said that.

Media refuses to run story detrimental to Martin Luther King

A blast from the past - Marjoe

Before Wednesday, how many here believed the Mueller report totally exonerated Trump?

Memorial to sick 9/11 first responders unveiled Cuomo doesnt show up, de Blasio goes to the gym?

DUmmy says a president took his wife.

NO Proof that Mueller DID NOT spank his monkey wearing a tutu in a hail storm!

No proof that Obama didn't bang goats in the rose garden..........

During years for which Trump's businesses were scrutinized, Bernie campaigned for the Socialist

Hillary "you mean did I erase them with a cloth" Clinton has been named a high paid speaker at a SF

"Nearly 9-in-10 Illegal Aliens Recently Released into U.S. Not Showing Up to Court Hearings"

Trump is now throwing out the baby with the bathwater. Retirees are being hurt the most.

RIP Leon Redbone.

Watch a very smart, knowledgeable lawyer act confused. Emphasis on the word "act".

The illegal immigrant crisis is the fault of the US? Blame rape on the victim why don'tcha.

PelosiDow tanking again

Grassley Slams Trump Tariffs on Mexico: 'A Misuse of Presidential Tariff Authority'

Trump's Mexican Tariffs Threat Sends Shudders Through Autos Sector

Trumps approvals ratings against Presidents back to Truman as of today.

Consumer Sentiment Fades Into Trade War Angst

Funny how no one wants to look into that report that Omar married her brother

Ferris Mueller's Day Off? "Mueller! MUELLER!" He pulls a childish 'you're it and I quit?' nm

Following US Huawei Ban, China Threatens Own Blacklist for Foreign Firms

For the U.S. and China, It's Not a Trade War Anymore - It's Something Worse

Watch obama lie as a private citizen, about guns.

Pelosi invokes the founders on jimmy kimmel.

UN Expert: Julian Assange Shows Symptoms of Psychological Torture

Watch fauxcahontis struggle to explain why...

Just "brand" Trump a "criminal". Part 9 in an ongoing educational series...

Millions in Crushing Medical Debt Gone. All Thanks to These Churches

Bye-Bye Bolton?

Elizabeth Warren Goes On Breakfast Club; Gets Slammed As "Original Rachel Dolezal"

AG Barr interview...damn this guy is the real deal

Bubonic Plague Likely Already Present In Los Angeles, Dr. Drew Says

Clinic Can Continue to Provide Abortions in Missouri, Judge Rules

William Barr reveals what Huber, Durham and Horowitz are investigating (Includes Hillary Clinton)

Women will just get abortions illegally.

Do DU members know what's coming?

Anti-American group US Chamber of Commerce may sue trump over Mexico tariffs

US MSM will NOT report on leaked FBI info saying MLK jr was a sexual cad. Will his statues be

DU is so bent out of shape over the A-OK sign.

Louisianas Governor Signs 'Heartbeat' Abortion Bill Into Law. He's a Democrat.

If you put an infinite number of typewriters in front of an infinite number of Meryl Streeps,

Can you imagine if Barr were the FIRST Trump AG

Roe v Wade is under 50%

Fetal heartbeat is now embryonic pulsing.

Maddow is too biased for the NY times...

Schiffy is scared.

Border wall on private land given the green light to continue by New Mexico town

DOW 24815 for Friday 5-31-19

I agree here with Steinberg. Trump will resign.

Dont forget McCain was part of the conspiracy. Its not just Democrats.

After the whole Rachel Dolezal thing, did the Senate Squaw really think


Police: 11 People Killed in Shooting at Virginia Beach Municipal Center; Suspect Is Dead.

Huber close to completing investigation of HILLARY!

Charlemagne tha God just as good as Trump at branding.

Hydrogen-powered air taxi? Yup, it's real