Archives: May 6, 2019

Of course the Mueller report exonerates Trump.

Why don't these "broken unit" societies like the alt-right and Farrakhan create their own platforms?

LOS ANGELES A stretch of road in Los Angeles has been renamed after former President Barack Obama.

World's first hydrogen train to be rolled out across Germany

Audi is set to intensify its development of hydrogen fuel cell technology

Turkey To Buy Russian Missiles Despite US 'Threats'

China Considers Delaying Next Trade Talks After Trumps Tariff Threat

U.S. Stock-Index Futures Plunge After Trump Tariff Threat

Japan Leads the Way: No Vaccine Mandates and No MMR Vaccine equals Healthier Children

Carriers and bombers heading to Iran

When she says that she's not really hungry but might try a little bit of your food.


U.S. May Review Ties With Countries Deemed Anti-Israel

Pompeo To Tell Lavrov 'Russians Must Get Out' Of Venezuela

Is Iran making preparations to possibly attack U.S. forces?

Animated: Richest People in the World

Here's The "Mushroom Cloud" Folks: Possible Attack On US Forces Led To Iran Deployments

Boeing Didnt Tell Airlines That Safety Alert Wasnt On

Ilhan Omar defends Palestinians after terrorists rain down rockets on Israel

patronizing governor told off to his face by high school student

Democrats blast return of 'no-match' letters

Terrorist just got taken out...

student who told off patronizing governor gets positive reaction from public

Watch leftist governor get scorched by student

The stupid is deep with this one

could life evolve from a chemical process?

Ilhan Omar And Rashida Tlaib Attack Israel, Defend Palestinian Terror Attacks

By Twitters Conspiracy Theory Censorship rules

white house tweets video of gaza rocket attack

Oh, Tom.

Biden's grandchildren say he must run and worry about Hunters divorce

Barr should call Nancy's bluff and open an investigation based on her recent charges. Yes, he'd have

You don't say.

So another Berkshire Hathway weekend...

The MSM keeps assuring us that there are many non-radical Muslims, YET all we read/hear about/from


Nadler about to hold Barr in Contempt for not breaking the Law

Bill Bennett has a 'fun' take on Hillary's reaction to the 2016 election. He's reminded of that

Dem Rep Tlaib slams New York Times for 'dehumanizing Palestinian people who just want to be free'

Black Unemployment hasnt been this low since the Confederacy

How one president trests the media, versus another.

Booker jumps on the anti-gun race to the bottom.

"North Korea's Kim Jong Un oversees testing of multiple rocket launchers,

Mails in!


Refusing to respect the results of an election is a direct threat to our democracy.

Inside a leftist echo chamber...

Dem al green accidentally admits a reason dems want Trump impeached.

Biden says he has a healthcare plan, but "doesn't have the time" to lay it all out

Man Tries To Light Himself On Fire in Abington Starbucks: Police...

Woman suing city of Pittsburgh: Arrested for not supporting President Trump

PA state rep bullys elderly pro-life protester.

The Classified "Redaction-Lite" Mueller Report is 99.9% unredacted.

The plot deepens as the truth about William Barr is uncovered

Any update from Lefty on the "Any Day Now" indictments we were told were coming?

Major Mueller Report Omissions Suggest Incompetence Or A Coverup

Vote. And keep voting until you get it right.

Bogus UN study: Nature declining at unprecedented rate.

Malik Obama Reveals New Information About Half-Brother Barack in Interview, Explains Why He Supports

What does lefty think Mewler would testify about that would differ from his report

US Navy Destroyers Sail Near Disputed Islands Claimed by China in South China Sea

SJWs sow the seeds of their own destruction.

Not One Democrat Presidential Candidate Defended Israel During Rocket Attacks

Red Sox Manager Bows out Of White House Visit Over President's Comments on Puerto Rico

Russia's Khmeimim Airbase Shelled by Dozens of Rockets, Attack Repelled - MOD

Obama Program to Help Struggling Homeowners Blows Millions on Parties, Cars, Booze, Luxury Travel

Hands Off the Arctic: US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo Warns China & Russia Away from The North

Venezuelan FM: Russian Military Presence Could Be Expanded

Democrats Island.

Liz Cheney lays the smack down on Ilhan Omar for Defending Terrorists

Scoop: Israel Passed White House Intelligence on Possible Iran Plot

Two baby elephants rescued from a pit in Sri Lanka:

Mueller Russia Investigation sentence #5 heads to prison

More than 400 former prosecuting attorneys cannot be wrong

I sympathize with Trump's position that Dems and Mueller not get a 2nd bite at the apple.

Do the dems have any frontrunners who don't hate America?

DOW 26436

ICE to allow cops to arrest illegals on their behalf.

When the Evidence proves that Obama was using American Intel Agencies to Illegally Spy On Americans

This is perhaps the best ad I have ever seen, and China is freaking out over it.

Youre not getting his taxes! Hahahhahaha

What the Hell ???

Pennsylvania democrat offers $100 bounty to doxx pro life teenagers.

Book editor had 1 job

Possible scam?

Out: Christians are too bitchy about Xmas being stripped of religious overtones

Epay "Score" - 1950 Motorola mini tube portable

Mud fish faced Lefty admits what the hoax is all about

Unite The Right defendants plead guilty


Pompeo won't promise to consult Congress about potential military intervention in Venezuela

This is HUGE!

Hey lefty, if voting is a right and that makes it wrong to ask for ID

Will Trump tweet in outrage that Cohen gets to do his time in a cushy, white collar prison?

Project RACHEL

Asking cause I don't know, what gives congressional democrats a right...