Archives: May 7, 2019

Israels Gaza Blockade Under Scrutiny After Latest Violence

Flint MI water emergency funds may have been - get this - corruptly misspent

JUST IN: Trump pardons ex-soldier convicted of killing Iraqi prisoner

Campaign Violation: AOC Dupes Green New Deal Fun Run Participants

Why won't ONE LEFTY play with me??????.

WONT STAY DOWN (LOL, you will not see this coming!)


Hey Lefty, you're not getting an unredacted Mueller report OR Trump's taxes... BUT

Experts Say China Isn't Too Worried About Trump's Tariff Threats

Babylon Bee has some really well constructed jokes

Video: Colberts Tasteless Attack On Dana Loesch And NRA

Dem presidential candidate doubles down on call for gun confiscation

Bud Light will sell beer in rainbow bottles in June for Pride Month

You're Called Fake News: Lavrov Shoots Down CNNs Fake Question On Venezuela

When it was the Republicans wanting tax records

Hawks At The Wheel: Bolton And Pompeo Steering US Towards Confrontation Everywhere

USAF EAM messages (nuclear launch?)

CNN Peddles Pentagon Talking Points On Credible Threat From Iran - Twitter Doesn't Buy It

Venezuelans risk death trying to cross into Colombia escaping violence, hunger

Republican Senate Passes Bill Legalizing Obstruction of Justice

Homosexuals Not Allowed in Newly Opened Bakery

North Korea Tests New Missile -- And Trumps Resolve

With Mueller On Justice Staff, Barr Has Sway Over Testimony

Iran Dismisses US Naval Deployment As Old News

Jeffrey Gundlach slams Democratic Presidential candidates: 'I say short them all'

Old Joe widens lead--again--over Old Bernie

Discount Computer Depot.

Not One Democrat Presidential Candidate Defended Israel During Rocket Attacks

Democrat presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg today in South Carolina: America was never as great

Christian-Muslim Unrest Rock Towns in Sri Lanka were hundreds of CHRISTIANS were Murdered by Muslims

another example of why socialism's a dismal failure

Drive the Left Crazy!

Election fraud indictments in Virginia

Twitter now banning AOC parody account

Twitter bans account tracking violence against Trump supporters

Orange is the New Democrat

Immigration Official Says Border Agents Arrested 30,000 Illegals in Last 10 Days

Why are democrats fussing about "the law" when they are hoping someone leaks tax info which would be

To be totally honest about this President, he's performing well ...

Predicting election outcomes a year and a half out is folly but let's do it anyhow

Assistant AG Boyd tells Nadler No Legitimate Basis for Requesting Full Mueller Report

what is the verdict in chelsea/bradley manning?

Antifa now running around with chainsaws

Biden's website SLAMS Trump on women's rights. (Barf alert)

Two game 7s!

Ilhan Omar supports group that produced child beheading skit

The Russian Economy Fitted Into Western Europe

a chainsaw is a powerfyl and potentially dangerous tool

Im not saying Im against chainsaws

Biden Faces Renewed Scrutiny Over Sons Relationship To Ukrainian Gas Company

James Comey is in trouble and he knows it

Muslim getting kicked out.

AOC, you're doing it wrong

A lot of Dutch Pirates active just above 1600kHz MW now

CNN lays off 100

Pompeo Cancels Trip to Germany Last-Minute, Citing 'Pressing Issues'

WH to instruct former counsel Don McGahn not to comply with congressional subpoena

How the Medal of Freedom Became a Fraud

Ocasio-Cortez on discovering garbage disposals: It is terrifying

Pelosi: We cannot accept a second term for Donald Trump

U.S. Job Openings Surge, Point to Tightening Labor Market

Trump would have been charged with obstruction were he not president

Majority of Democrats are collusion truthers

Trump discussing higher China tariffs while the market already was showing signs of weakness was

Statisticly speaking, you are more likely to personally know a prostitute...

Nine Things That Are Now More Popular than Pitiful CNN

Just a reminder: the people who are too stupid to adjust their o tax withholdings after the tax cuts

Is Bolton Steering Trump Into War with Iran?

Iran Moving Short-Range Ballistic Missiles by Boat in The Persian Gulf, U.S. Officials Say

Georgia Governor Signs One of Nations Most Restrictive Abortion Laws

If those Iranians so much as sneeze at the U.S. Navy,

4 B-52s headed to Irans neighborhood.

am i a "collusion truther?"

Dem Rep. Who Spent Weekend Harassing Pro-Lifers On Video Has Meltdown When Hit With Criticism

Is anyone else relishing the sight of a bunch of Iranian boats going to the bottom?

DOW 25965

Sheriff: School Shooting Suburban Denver Middle School Injures At Least 7

House Democrats Threaten Salaries of Interior Staff Who Block Interviews

A Letter to William Barr

DOJ Makes Offer to Dems in Bid to Avert Barr Contempt Vote

BREAKING: Multiple injuries in Colorado school shooting, situation is 'unstable'

Hilarious! Budget cuts at CNN (quick video)

Pompeo Makes Unscheduled Trip to Iraq, After What U.S. Calls New Threats From Iran

Obstruction case laid out

Jobs Are Booming in Trump Country, But Pay Lags

Twitter bans conservative David Horowitz.

US Farmers, Industry Urge Trump To Resolve China Trade Dispute Quickly

Instagram banning memes.

Jacob Wohl caught trying to organize a fake protest against himself

As Guaido's Popularity In Venezuela Begins To Dwindle, What's Next For The Opposition?

The significance of Strzoks latest exposed text.

Rebelling Against 'Globalism' & A 'New World Order' Doesnt Make Farage An Anti-Semite

Democrats are moving on from bad treatment of women.

Price Of Tomatoes Could Skyrocket With Looming End Of U.S., Mexico Trade Agreement

How Twitter enforces the rules

The left wants Globalism. Demands, Globalism. Yet at the same time demands politicians untouched by

CNN Falsely Claims Venezuelas Guaido Was Elected President in January