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masked marvel Don't keep us all in suspense. What did the second part say? 3
Houstonguy1836 Comedy Gold 1
Snarknado This message was self-deleted by its author None
painforlife I had this surgery from Abram Burgher None
Mater Maleficorium Oh FFS. Absolution? God complex much, Hill? 1
Konsurvative Wait until the fans start meddling with the NFL. 2
PapasOldShoe Hello generic cousin 1
Ag Rising I am a newbie myself 3
TheShoe Good to see investment in electric vehicles 2
jasonnc Ouch... None
Be Mary Beautiful! None
JohnPoet I think most of Trump's male supporters 1
Will Morningstar Many thanks to our friends at Russia Today for pointing this out. Guilty as charged. 1
SteveV Was she hit by the car first ? None
AdamTheVanillite Hey! None
Sjond Trump is giving the impression that he is only representing one segment of the American public. 4
Lowrider1984 Saw him on Fox this morning None
Conservative News Never None
downside7752 He knows not of what he speaks. None
Eldergod SlackMaster I guess CNN wanted a Presidential Statement.... None
SolChic I agree. Let's fix our health care, our homeless, our hungry, our poor, then None
.223 He's afraid of alienating his base. None
scary mooche The minions weren't here this morning either. 3
Daskull Invaid 1
sobek That took way too much time and money. None
Nowherevill Anyone with little common sense 1
Philly4657 What has become of this world? None
Independent.mind Since she won the popular vote and Trumps win was only in the electoral college 1
CokeMachine1 Very good read and right on the mark. 1
MsJaneFuzzyWuzzy I thought you might like to be informed. 1
imwithfred Uh huh. 1
navigator2 23. If Trump broke any tax laws why didn't the Obama run IRS go after him??? None
Tucker 7 half wits None
CoveredBridge Lol Maybe add the gun manual... None
Penelope SCOTUS was my #1 reason 1
199LIB1968 So Sad None
Lewiz Kevin Hahaha. That's funny. None
PeanutG Really? 2
Hey Mikey Heavy Duty Tin Foil is the best for BBQing None
Dinkydow Oswald was well trained 3
MeghanM LOVE 1
drunk_teddy I was never a fan of Onomatopoeia 1
theredhead I hope this patriot is exonerated! 4
Grateful Bread Thank you! 1
Shade of night Lol the gop has yet to be honest with anyone 1
Cookies I think the democrats should go for it. Now. None
Mr. Pudde-Bunston Maybe it's about not wanting some dumb fuckin wallboard be the president. 7
max.ripp If Rosenstein knew Trump was going to fire Comey before he wrote the memo then 1
Mattydale It's going to happen 2
jaredpeyton I know a little about WordPress 1