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Lewiz Kevin Hahaha. That's funny. None
PeanutG Really? 2
Hey Mikey Heavy Duty Tin Foil is the best for BBQing None
Dinkydow Oswald was well trained 3
MeghanM LOVE 1
drunk_teddy I was never a fan of Onomatopoeia 1
theredhead I hope this patriot is exonerated! 4
Grateful Bread Thank you! 1
Shade of night Lol the gop has yet to be honest with anyone 1
Cookies I think the democrats should go for it. Now. None
Mr. Pudde-Bunston Maybe it's about not wanting some dumb fuckin wallboard be the president. 6
max.ripp If Rosenstein knew Trump was going to fire Comey before he wrote the memo then 1
Mattydale It's going to happen 2
jaredpeyton I know a little about WordPress 1
Solesurvivor He should count his lucky stars None
ForrestTrump To date, I have not heard one good and legit reason why there should be an EC. Get rid of it. One 2
rb2 One more thing None
zeaper12 Basic Thermo 1
Very Wonderful Trump has excelled at wasting our tax dollars and accomplishing nothing None
Ruby I'm new here. Is this post typical of the accepted tone? 2
Real-life karma Ya know Levin is right because he's yelling. None
whentheleveebreaks Misreading of CBO report 2
LOLingAtTrumpVoters baseless accusation LOL 2
Oldgeezer All my TV's will be on C-Spans....will be some ... None
Mossfern There's a difference 1
Hugh Callaway Just wanted to add some info. 1
Trumplethinskin And yet... 1
Hamer555 None of this shuts out government...... None
not_so_common So you do not think people should make a fair wage. None
Rightwingdoc Socialist medicine morally wrong 1
jlwallace I can't believe I am the same gender as these people... 1
blueamyhawaii66 Just wondering if you can get pregnant 2
StateUsernameHere This doesn't surprise me at all. None
Scratch Get back to us when it reaches Benghazi levels. None
Mauro Absolutely YES !!! None
whispers Keep on informing. None
Iron Condor Liberals display their lack of economic understanding every time they mention Scandinavia None
Red Bull Actually! None
The Great Sarducci Misogyny!!! None
Chimera They tapped the Russian ambassadors phone None
GoodKraic Blindly following or agreeing with anyone is never a good plan. 1
le pipi sauvages Good way to explain it to the kids None
65Grendel Odd.. 1
KwajyMoto Yes. None
NotAWineSnob People will pay more and have less veggies None
BanachTarskiParadox Glad the murderer is going to be charged, though. 1
nycdeservesbetter We Need a Mayor Who Can Stand Up to Trump None
M411 savages and deplorables...UNITE ...nt None
CTales Pretty much in agreement 1
rondan The only group of people in the world who believe that global warming is not real 2