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Gawaher Who hates dogs ? 4
StrangeBrew No, Mao did not have all opium addicts shot. The policy of 1950 established consumption as an... 1
ryan3977 Cell phone and AnTtone 1
karmamax He's right. n/t 1
Terr There is one method 2
A10 Warthog Best game of the WC so far 1
Kiksadi Did 1
Sunset Strip "Mr. Obama said. Maybe people just want to fall back into their tribe. None
Zuckerberg Hater Maxine Waters explodes on House floor: I resent making America great again! 1
Runner4Life I hope we don't run out of pallets of money to bomb them with like last time. None
DillyDilly500 Way past time for a Rabbi to fill this position. One can only hope. None
WeBeatHer Oh so now its both houses? Hahahaha ok None
03mark87 You know he's a (one of us) troll, right? 1
Fargo Strut I have zero hidden posts 2
Zingerr Well how about that. Never knew the 80's version was a cover. None
Scorpionfinder This document sheds light on Israel's strategy and what is really going on right now. 2
The Magician They have forgotten it was the NRA None
AR15forever She also tweeted that Trump hasnt even asked her None
mvp73 Snopes says, "False" 3
BSBuzzSaw Your Fear is entirely misplaced... and irrational. 5
i336_ Could be a network issue with downloading the font None
Bird Watcher This message was self-deleted by its author None
SL1 Most visitors None
Ilovestx I have not had the chance yet to fly on a 787 but I recently saw one up close and personal None
Green Monster You got what? 1
JPoland Italians were killing there own people. 1
shogun who is this sweethouse? None
Eco-Friendly Girl Frugal Living! None
WhatEver101 Even law abiding citizens in deep blue states like NY can be pushed too far 1
Happy People Indeed! None
T-1000 I just told them... 3
Secretariat I have an appreciation of horses None
TommyUdo IMO None
Crazy Diamond Looks like he was very accurate 1
Sullivan By arresting Mitch McConnell. None
Kellkelly Yawn 1
John Wick Hi! I'm new here 2
fuel Why would PBS be interested in the wife of the man who wants to eliminate their funding? None
WTFhappened You know None
Killdozer He used to be..... 1
Smerk You seem to be trying to start trouble 2
Feed-the-Bears Summit None
SweetHouse Too big for nervous flyers like me. 1
A.Falcon Yes None
Zip Monkey Wow, sir. You sure are brave. 4
Mad Dog 20-20 I'll miss the little bastage 1
Cobra jet The assertions None
Racing Slick Why would anyone be in such extreme conditions? 1
Scotch Nice. None
Diamond Edge Trump wears a MAGA hat on his head None