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ryan3977 Cell phone and AnTtone 1
karmamax He's right. n/t 1
Terr There is one method 2
A10 Warthog Best game of the WC so far None
Kiksadi Did 1
Sunset Strip "Mr. Obama said. Maybe people just want to fall back into their tribe. None
Zuckerberg Hater Maxine Waters explodes on House floor: I resent making America great again! 1
Runner4Life I hope we don't run out of pallets of money to bomb them with like last time. None
DillyDilly500 Way past time for a Rabbi to fill this position. One can only hope. None
WeBeatHer Oh so now its both houses? Hahahaha ok None
03mark87 You know he's a (one of us) troll, right? 1
Fargo Strut I have zero hidden posts 2
Zingerr Well how about that. Never knew the 80's version was a cover. None
Scorpionfinder This document sheds light on Israel's strategy and what is really going on right now. 2
The Magician They have forgotten it was the NRA None
AR15forever She also tweeted that Trump hasnt even asked her None
mvp73 Snopes says, "False" 3
BSBuzzSaw Your Fear is entirely misplaced... and irrational. 5
i336_ Could be a network issue with downloading the font None
Bird Watcher This message was self-deleted by its author None
SL1 Most visitors None
Ilovestx I have not had the chance yet to fly on a 787 but I recently saw one up close and personal None
Green Monster You got what? 1
JPoland Italians were killing there own people. 1
shogun who is this sweethouse? None
Eco-Friendly Girl Frugal Living! None
WhatEver101 Even law abiding citizens in deep blue states like NY can be pushed too far 1
Happy People Indeed! None
T-1000 I just told them... 3
Secretariat I have an appreciation of horses None
TommyUdo IMO None
Crazy Diamond Looks like he was very accurate 1
Sullivan By arresting Mitch McConnell. None
Kellkelly Yawn 1
John Wick Hi! I'm new here 2
fuel Why would PBS be interested in the wife of the man who wants to eliminate their funding? None
WTFhappened You know None
Killdozer He used to be..... 1
Smerk You seem to be trying to start trouble 2
Feed-the-Bears Summit None
SweetHouse Too big for nervous flyers like me. 1
A.Falcon Yes None
Zip Monkey Wow, sir. You sure are brave. 4
Mad Dog 20-20 I'll miss the little bastage 1
Cobra jet The assertions None
Racing Slick Why would anyone be in such extreme conditions? 1
Scotch Nice. None
Diamond Edge Trump wears a MAGA hat on his head None
8541ted I'm happy that there was no apparent damage to the truck. None
Charlie Mike It's telling when those who are presumed to be enforcers of the law become the evaders of it. None