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shogun who is this sweethouse? None
Eco-Friendly Girl Frugal Living! None
WhatEver101 Even law abiding citizens in deep blue states like NY can be pushed too far 1
Happy People Indeed! None
T-1000 I just told them... 3
Secretariat I have an appreciation of horses None
TommyUdo IMO None
Crazy Diamond Looks like he was very accurate 1
Sullivan By arresting Mitch McConnell. None
Kellkelly Yawn 1
John Wick Hi! I'm new here 2
fuel Why would PBS be interested in the wife of the man who wants to eliminate their funding? None
WTFhappened You know None
Killdozer He used to be..... 1
Smerk You seem to be trying to start trouble 2
Feed-the-Bears Summit None
SweetHouse Too big for nervous flyers like me. 1
A.Falcon Yes None
Zip Monkey Wow, sir. You sure are brave. 4
Mad Dog 20-20 I'll miss the little bastage 1
Cobra jet The assertions None
Racing Slick Why would anyone be in such extreme conditions? 1
Scotch Nice. None
Diamond Edge Trump wears a MAGA hat on his head None
8541ted I'm happy that there was no apparent damage to the truck. None
Charlie Mike It's telling when those who are presumed to be enforcers of the law become the evaders of it. None
TexMexNext LOL Vlad! 4
GoldwatersSoul She has to rationalize... 1
followthesun34 LIkely metaphorical for the Rabbit hole you are about to go down..... None
Jukin the Deplorable FIRST Amendment 1
KJMTGAM I think the original review was started on Jan 12 2017 1
Butchyboy Which is why... 1
Meowmenow The man clearly changed his plans. None
Abiotic You truly do not understand this issue. None
JanetS {{{Shudder}}} 1
SatansSon666 So you give an error factor None
WeNeedBetterElites Biden is a REAL pedophile, he meets the definition None
esquirexii U.S. Supreme Court has shot the prosecution's case. 1
Leaf on the Wind Evidence? None
FredSlingrDxtrShkrli You're funny Kev ! 2
DDA Gotta love the reaction from that site! None
garbageman Seems an easy enough fix None
Houstonguy1836 Comedy Gold 1
Snarknado This message was self-deleted by its author None
painforlife I had this surgery from Abram Burgher None
Mater Maleficorium Oh FFS. Absolution? God complex much, Hill? 1
Konsurvative Wait until the fans start meddling with the NFL. 2
PapasOldShoe Hello generic cousin 1
Ag Rising I am a newbie myself 3
TheShoe Good to see investment in electric vehicles 2