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Bernie Sanders: Illegal Immigrants Are Entitled To The Same Government Benefits As Citizens 1 Gunslinger201 3 min ago
Too soon to know for sure BUT Warren and Booty Judge Judge could get ZERO delegates 5 Dumper 1 hr ago
Latino voters fueled Biden's landslide defeat in Nevada 3 Zuckerberg Hater 1 hr ago
Judge halts plan to move virus patients to California city 1 RCW2014 1 hr ago
Some 200 Israeli Students, Teachers Ordered Into Quarantine Over Virus Fears 0 RCW2014 2 hrs ago
Korean Cases Climb; Japan Passenger Turns Positive: CoronsVirus Update 0 RCW2014 3 hrs ago
After learning of Whitey Bulger LSD tests, juror has regrets 1 RCW2014 3 hrs ago
New virus has infected nearly 78,000 people globally 0 RCW2014 5 hrs ago
STAR TREK meets BERNIE & TRUMP 1 Da Mannn 6 hrs ago
A voice told me that DU will go OFF LINE as Super Tues results come in. DU to stay down 2 weeks. 13 Social_Justice 6 hrs ago
Police: Couple forced boys off road, angered by Trump flags 6 Tin Ear2 7 hrs ago
MASSIVE Numbers Of Democrats Are Quitting The Democratic Party, Trump Now Polling Highest EVER 5 Da Mannn 7 hrs ago
Biden FALSELY Claims He Was Arrested In South Africa While Trying To Visit Nelson Mandela 4 Da Mannn 8 hrs ago
RNC Brings In Record January Haul, Dwarfing Dems' Total 2 Da Mannn 9 hrs ago
Coronavirus Could Survive on Surfaces for Nine Days, Researchers Find 0 RCW2014 12 hrs ago
Suspect in congressional shooting was Bernie Sanders supporter, strongly anti-Trump 2 Da Mannn 14 hrs ago
Sources: DHS whistleblower on Obama administration, terrorism in America found dead 0 Da Mannn 15 hrs ago
China's Wuhan to build 19 more makeshift hospitals containing 30,000 beds. 3 RCW2014 15 hrs ago
Almost half of Korean mental ward infected with COVID-19 0 Let it go 15 hrs ago
The DNC accepts DARK MONEY but will not allow candidates to accept it. 5 Social_Justice 15 hrs ago
CDC prepares for possibility coronavirus becomes a pandemic and businesses, schools need to be close 2 RCW2014 16 hrs ago
Trump's Approval Among Black Voters Has DOUBLED Basically Guaranteeing Him A 2020 Landslide 5 Da Mannn 18 hrs ago
Green, yellow, red: how big data is dividing the public in Chinas coronavirus fight 0 Troll2 20 hrs ago
Trump was not told coronavirus-infected Americans would be flown home from cruise ship 5 RCW2014 20 hrs ago
Coronavirus found in patients urine poses challenge to Chinas sewer system: expert 0 Troll2 20 hrs ago
Russia using facial recognition to enforce quarantine 2 Currentsitguy 20 hrs ago
Trump's new intel chief makes immediate changes, ousts top official 3 Da Mannn Yesterday
Italy locks down TEN towns after 1st coronavirus death as cases jump to 17 0 RCW2014 Yesterday
Sanders slams Russia amid reports Moscow trying to help his campaign 4 Da Mannn Friday
Buses carrying China evacuees attacked in Ukraine 0 RCW2014 Friday
Apocalyptic locust swarm stops traffic as sky turns black in terrifying footage 4 RCW2014 Friday
(URGENT) S. Korea reports 142 more cases of novel coronavirus, total rises to 346 1 RCW2014 Friday
DEA agent accused of conspiring with cartel 2 RCW2014 Friday
Greyhound to stop allowing immigration checks on buses 0 RCW2014 Friday
Trump in Vegas Mocks Dems Russia Hoax Restart: These people are Sick. Pencil-Neck Again 0 Da Mannn Friday
Israel confirms first coronavirus case in cruise ship returnee 0 RCW2014 Friday
New Deaths Confirmed As Coronavirus Continues To Spread In Iran 0 Da Mannn Friday
New Mexico House Republicans say they see path to majority 0 Da Mannn Friday
New Mexico sues Lefty owned Google over collection of children's data 0 Da Mannn Friday
Erdogan starts begging for U.S. aid in his Syrian conquest. 6 cologeek Friday
Ilhan Omar DID marry her brother and said she would 'do what she had to do to get him "papers" 6 Gunslinger201 Friday
Kudlow: Trump Administration 'Eclipsing' Obama In 'Almost Every Area' 2 Da Mannn Friday
Pigeon Wearing MAGA Hat Attacked By Pigeon Antifa 2 Da Mannn Friday
1 2:26 / 20:05 ICE Tells "Sanctuary" Laws To Shove It, Makes Two Arrests In California Leaving Democ 0 Da Mannn Friday
Here We Go Again: Democrats Won't Guarantee Same-Day Results for Saturday's Nevada Caucuses 2 Da Mannn Friday
Iran Cases Not Tied to China Cited as WHO Concern: Virus Update 2 RCW2014 Friday
After Taking Brutal Beating In Debate, Bloomberg Rushed To Tiny Hospital In Tiny Ambulance 0 Da Mannn Friday
Biden Defends Superdelegates as He Argues for Brokered Convention 1 Da Mannn Friday
Israeli evacuee from Diamond Princess tests positive for COVID-19 0 Let it go Friday
S. Korea focuses 'emergency' coronavirus efforts on Daegu, city home to US Army garrison 3 Troll2 Friday
Does Irans regime plan to destroy the tomb of Esther and Mordechai? 1 Cold Warrior Friday
BREAKING: Russians are ensuring that Bloomberg is Democrat Nominee. 14 Social_Justice Friday
Coronavirus-Infected Americans Flown Home Against CDCs Advice 0 RCW2014 Friday
U.S. Business Gauge Tumbles to Lowest Since 2013 on Virus 0 RCW2014 Friday
USC Announces Free Tuition for Students from Families Making Less Than $80G 3 RCW2014 Friday
Diamond Princess coronavirus quarantine was 'fundamental failure,' 1 Let it go Friday
Even after patient has recovered body will still carry a large amount of virus 0 Let it go Friday
11 Americans at Omaha Facility Tested Positive for Coronavirus, Hospital Says 0 RCW2014 Thursday
Any D's saying JFK shouldn't have been Pres. due to his wealth? FDR? Or Obama who 3 Dumper Thursday
Turkey Kills Over 50 Syrian Troops Russian Warplanes Intervene to Halt Offensive 0 RCW2014 Thursday
Confusion mounts over China's counting methods as coronavirus numbers swing wildly 0 RCW2014 Thursday
One of the Pentagon's First Hypersonic Weapons Will Ride on Submarines 2 RCW2014 Thursday
live tweet from stone court room 6 rampartb Thursday
Asking for Trouble? VIDEO Shows American APC Pushing Russian Army Jeep Off Road in Syria 6 RCW2014 Thursday
Pentagon expects US public to buy 'we weren't keeping inventory' excuse about missing weapons... 0 RCW2014 Thursday
White House Admits That Trump Trade Stance Did Depress Economy 4 RCW2014 Thursday
Fecal Transmission May Be Behind Coronaviruss Rapid Spread 9 Let it go Thursday
Many Indications Hanau Gunman Was Motivated by Right-Wing, Racist Views - Merkel 5 RCW2014 Thursday
Ukrainians Hurl Stones at Evacuees from China 0 RCW2014 Thursday
8 dead in hookah bar mass shooting in Germany, Perps at large. 12 Currentsitguy Thursday
Russian Warplanes Repel Attack on Syrian Army in Idlib as Militants Launch Offensive Aided by Turkis 0 RCW2014 Thursday
Late-Night MSNBC Blasts Dems Not Attacking Bernie; Great Night for Donald Trump 7 Butchie_T Thursday
Pompeo Uses Saudi Arabia Visit as a Show of Force Against Iran 0 RCW2014 Thursday
RIP Larry Tesler. 3 D26-15 Thursday
Pentagon Mistakenly Awarded $877 Million Meant for Disabled Vets 0 RCW2014 Thursday
Hey RC! U.S. Military Vehicle Pushes Russian Police Vehicle Off Road In Northeast Syria 6 Da Mannn Thursday
Far-right motive suspected in deadly German shooting attack 1 Cold Warrior Thursday
Assange said he didnt receive the Emails from Russia or by a Hack 2 Gunslinger201 Thursday
Trump hitman Richard Grenell tapped to take over as US intelligence boss 16 RCW2014 Thursday
Underground group releases 'MAGA' hat-wearing pigeons in downtown Las Vegas 6 Qukid Wednesday
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