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So funny 2 oflguy 7 min ago
China: 33 dead, 130 injured in mass stabbing 16 Iron Condor 24 min ago
Hire Hillary Clinton impersonators 5 orson 47 min ago
The NRA paid for Nikolas Cruz' shooter training 18 orson 1 hr ago
Jeebus ! Think I saw some of the photos he posted on Instagram or FB. 10 RATFINK_5.0 1 hr ago
Trump Ignores Shooting Victims Families While Treating Visit To Parkland Like A Country Club 19 orson 1 hr ago
Teacher pens FB post about Florida school shooting. Its gone mega-viral for all the right reasons. 3 SolChic 2 hrs ago
Our boy can become president" 1 orson 3 hrs ago
Notice What/Who Mueller didnt indict? 3 Gunslinger201 4 hrs ago
The 1976 Great American Horse Race Was Won By A Mule Named Lord Fauntleroy 3 Daves Not Here Man 12 hrs ago
Check your profile. 34 outside 15 hrs ago
Diplomatic Tensions At Day Two Of Munich Security Conference 3 RCW2014 18 hrs ago
Former Playmate details Trump affair 42 orson 19 hrs ago
Trump lashes out after Mueller indictment, downplays Russian plot 7 RCW2014 19 hrs ago
What happened with that terrorist cell the shooter supposedly trained with? 10 brewens1 21 hrs ago
Police Swat Teams Begin Training More Effective Entrances 4 Daves Not Here Man 21 hrs ago
Ice arrests 212 illegals in Sanctuary LA. MAGA! 3 Da Mannn 22 hrs ago
Brookhaven Ramps Up Computing for National Security Effort 0 Troll2 22 hrs ago
Melania boards Air Force One without her husband after Playboy Playmate dishes on affair 14 wonderwarthog 23 hrs ago
US Navy: China Militarizing South China Sea With 7 New Bases 3 RCW2014 Yesterday
Transavia Airlines diversion caused by farting 2 Agent_86 Yesterday
Brawling family of 23 removed from Australian cruise ship 0 Agent_86 Yesterday
German lawyer cheesed off with endless pizza deliveries 1 Agent_86 Yesterday
Mueller's Report: Russian trolls convinced an American to hold a Happy Birthday sign 4 Da Mannn Yesterday
"Flashback 30 Years: Guns Were in Schools ... and Nothing Happened" Until Liberal Change that is. 21 SolChic Yesterday
All it takes is Pallets of Cash to influence Politics: Ask 0Bama and Hillary: NEWS 3 Social_Justice Yesterday
Olympics hockey - Russia-4, US-0 -- Mueller opens investigation 0 Troll2 Yesterday
D*mn Dirty Hippies . . . ! 2 RATFINK_5.0 Yesterday
US Aims to Separate Part of Syria to Create Kurdish-Dominated Autonomy 5 RCW2014 Yesterday
Stormy kept her gold mini-skirt from her encounter w/ Donald. Has his DNA stain from his ... 20 RATFINK_5.0 Yesterday
Sales of bulletproof backpacks soar. 3 Jack Burton Yesterday
NATO Accepts US Call for Bigger Training Operation in Iraq 0 RCW2014 Friday
Tillerson, Turkish leaders play nice, but no concrete progress yet on tense relations 0 RCW2014 Friday
US Recruits Entitled, Undisciplined & Not Fit To Throw Qrenades - Basic Training Chief 48 RCW2014 Friday
Grassley In Fiery Clash With Sessions Over Criminal Justice Reform Push 0 RCW2014 Friday
Soros Demands EU Censor Social Media Because people are losing freedom of mind". 7 SolChic Friday
New U.S. Army recruits "are not strong enough to throw grenades" Training modified to accommodate 3 SolChic Friday
Collusion Died Today 11 Tin Ear2 Friday
The U.S. Air Force's Big Enemy Is Its Empty Cockpits 7 RCW2014 Friday
Making 'Murika great again, 1(one) job at a time 11 orson Friday
US Cold War-era Nukes In Europe Almost Useless, Pose catastrophic Terrorism Risk - Report 1 RCW2014 Friday
Russians Organized a "TRUMP IS NOT MY PRESIDENT" rally in NY,NY Nov. 12, 2016 3 Social_Justice Friday
This message was self-deleted by its author 0 Social_Justice Friday
US Indictment Of Russians Over Election Meddling Is 'Absurd' - FM Spokesperson 0 RCW2014 Friday
Ways to Make America Great Again. 8 Social_Justice Friday
Culture Shock: Italians Aghast as Immigrants Barbecue Dog at Welcome Center 2 SolChic Friday
FBI Now Admits it FAILED to followup shooter INTEL. Too Much Golden Showers to Investigate: AP 1 Social_Justice Friday
So deputies were called to Cruz's home 39 times over seven years and the FBI didn't think the 5 joefriday6 Friday
FBI Agent: Bureau 'Dropped The Ball' With Florida Shooter 15 RCW2014 Friday
State Department struggles to clear interns 2 Duke Lacrosse Friday
Radical Islamic Scholar Given U.S. Entry by Hillary Clinton Now Charged With Rape 3 drunk_teddy Friday
Minority Parents Sue Over Racial Quotas at Magnet Schools 14 Tin Ear2 Friday
Netanyahu to Follow Putin in Munich Wake-Up Call to the West 1 RCW2014 Friday
Russian toll in Syria battle was 300 killed and wounded: sources 2 Banshee 3 Actual Friday
Gates nears plea deal with Special Counsel 9 orson Friday
Scores of top White House officials lack permanent security clearances 8 Agent_86 Friday
Does suspending or expelling students from schools correct behavior or pass it along 13 Badsamm Friday
Florida Shooter Is A Registered Democrat 40 Iron Condor Friday
Grassley Says He Wants to Discuss Gun Legislation After Massacre 7 RCW2014 Friday
UPDATE: Ginger Has Been Found 4 Daves Not Here Man Friday
Attorney-General: I Will Indict Netanyahu Without Hesitation If Necessary 2 RCW2014 Friday
A Game-changer for Israel in the North - and It's Netanyahu's Responsibility 1 RCW2014 Friday
Russian opposition leader Navalny's website blocked before election 0 Banshee 3 Actual Friday
Munich Security Conference To Open With World On 'Brink Of Significant Conflict' 0 RCW2014 Friday
U.S. Condemns Russia for Cyberattack, Showing Split in Stance on Putin 0 RCW2014 Thursday
Florida White Supremacist Group Admits Ties to Alleged Parkland School Shooter Nikolas Cruz 12 wonderwarthog Thursday
Israel Was About To Get 'A Lot More Violent' With Syria After Losing An F-16 Then Putin Stepped In 0 RCW2014 Thursday
Local law enforcement: NO ties between militia and Florida high school shooter 2 Da Mannn Thursday
NORAD: Russia Poses 'Existential' Threat to US (well, duh!) 0 RCW2014 Thursday
Treasury Secretary Signals Gun Control Support... 6 RCW2014 Thursday
Donor Conference Pledges $30bn To Help Iraq Rebuild After ISIS 1 RCW2014 Thursday
White Nationalist Leader Backtracks On Links To Florida Shooter Nikolaz Cruz 0 RCW2014 Thursday
If you have a dog and live in or near Pittsburgh--READ THIS NOW! 3 joefriday6 Thursday
one liberal's view 2 357blackhawk Thursday
More Canadian EEO efforts 7 His Daughter Thursday
Ex-top NY Cop Slams FBI For Missing Tip-off On Florida Shooter, Chasing Russian Collusion Instead 4 RCW2014 Thursday
Here we go. Girl claims to have been with Cruz during shooting 6 Badsamm Thursday
Access to whites by colored people affirmed by court 19 Tin Ear2 Thursday
Local law enforcement: No ties between militia and school shooter 5 rh24 Thursday
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