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Bombshell Report Reveals US Officials Misled Public About Afghanistan War... 6 RCW2014 16 min ago
Russias Only Aircraft Carrier Hit by Fire in Latest Mishap 10 RCW2014 17 min ago
Russian Military Says Terrorists Plotting Staged Chemical Attacks in Idlib Truce Zone 0 RCW2014 44 min ago
NJ shooting is being probed as an act of domestic terrorism motivated by anti-Semitism State AG 0 RCW2014 57 min ago
Fox host lambasts Trump over 'most sustained assault on press freedom in US history' 4 Solesurvivor 1 hr ago
Detroit Police Drug Unit Investigated For Stealing Money From Dealers, Planting Drugs 8 RCW2014 1 hr ago
Oklahoma Bill Would Block Unconstitutional National Guard Deployments 5 RCW2014 1 hr ago
Boris Johnson storms home: Exit poll shows Tories WINNING crucial election as voters hand PM a major 12 JanetS 2 hrs ago
Jerry Nadler Drools on Himself on Live TV during Impeachment Hearing 1 imwithfred 3 hrs ago
Americans' Souring Credit Card Debt Poised to Reach 10-Year High 12 RCW2014 5 hrs ago
Germany Rejects Any Extraterritorial Sanctions Against Russia's Nord Stream 2 Gas Pipeline Foreign 1 RCW2014 5 hrs ago
F-35s Troubled Present & Uncertain Future: Japan Eyes Local Assembly of The Fighter Jet that Faces 1 RCW2014 6 hrs ago
Construction of Texas Border Wall Stalls Over Fights With Landowners 0 RCW2014 8 hrs ago
250km in 2 min: WATCH Russian frigate fire Kalibr missile during Black Sea drill 0 RCW2014 8 hrs ago
Unpopularity Contest: British Voters Head to Polls to Decide Who They Dislike the Least 1 RCW2014 8 hrs ago
Gabbard Knocks Trump Over Handling of Pensacola Air Station Shooting 2 RCW2014 8 hrs ago
James Corney, Barack Obarna, Podeskla, did the Deep State Cloak names to hide from FOIA? 1 Gunslinger201 9 hrs ago
Virginia Democrats float prosecution and National Guard for police who fail to enforce gun control 8 Da Mannn 9 hrs ago
Republican Impeachment Report: Dems Have No Evidence On President Trump, No Crimes Committed [View all] 57 Da Mannn 12 hrs ago
Police Cjief urges officers to wear more armor amid questions over slain sergeants vest 4 imwithfred 13 hrs ago
Leadership Strips Approved Antiwar Measures From NDAA; House limitations stripped away in final bill 2 RCW2014 14 hrs ago
Rep. Louie Gohmert Names the Alleged Whistleblower During House Judiciary Impeachment Debate 5 RCW2014 19 hrs ago
Afghanistan's Karzai tells AP that US cash fed corruption 3 RCW2014 21 hrs ago
Impeachment Trial: Trump Wants Drama, But GOP Wants It Over 4 RCW2014 21 hrs ago
US warns N.Korea of consequences of missile test 0 RCW2014 23 hrs ago
Whats Worse Than World Leaders Laughing at the U.S.? 6 RCW2014 Yesterday
India excludes Islamacists from citizenship 1 imwithfred Yesterday
US considers leaving smaller number of troops in Afghanistan 0 RCW2014 Yesterday
Israeli Parliament Starts "Dissolving Itself" For 3rd Election 0 RCW2014 Yesterday
Cheney warns US against Middle East pullout as even WP digs up proof his War on Terror was UNWINNAB 4 RCW2014 Yesterday
Taxpayers Cough Up For More F-35s The Pentagon Didnt Ask For 1 RCW2014 Yesterday
Dem Rep gets an Impeachment Earful from her Constituents 2 Gunslinger201 Yesterday
Congress Must Investigate Why America Was Lied To About Afghanistan For All These Years - Gabbard 2 RCW2014 Yesterday
This message was self-deleted by its author 0 SatansSon666 Yesterday
Page From Iraq Playbook: US Invokes WMDs To Pile Maximum Pressure Sanctions On Iran 0 RCW2014 Yesterday
'Why MCA, why MCA?', Nancy was quick to start movement after almost a year. 2 Dumper Yesterday
Neither Impeachment Article is a High Crime or Misdemeanor 40 Gunslinger201 Yesterday
NJ Shootout Suspects Identified; Black Hebrew Israelite... 5 RCW2014 Yesterday
Jersey City shooting looking more like terrorism; black hebrew Israelite suspect 5 Tin Ear2 Yesterday
Pentagon Chief Warns U.S. Risks Losing to China If JEDI Delayed 0 RCW2014 Yesterday
Commissioners salary part of delay in hiring fire cjief 2 imwithfred Yesterday
Did #Horowirz imply 'you can't convict a murderer unless he fully ADMITS the crime?' It 1 Dumper Yesterday
Harvard socked with Trump taxes 2 imwithfred Yesterday
Thats odd, CNN Not broadcasting Horowitz Hearing 1 Gunslinger201 Yesterday
NOT a parody. Animal Rescue is search for the guy sticking tiny cowbow hats on Pigeons! 6 Da Mannn Yesterday
Pentagon to Evaluate Legality of Putting Troops at US-Mexico Border 4 RCW2014 Yesterday
India gears up for first Cjief of Defence Staff in face of China, Pakistan threat 0 imwithfred Yesterday
big burly anti-Trump male teacher assaults little-bitty pro-Trump female student 8 imwithfred Yesterday
Macron calls for creation of a 'true European army' to defend against Russia and the US 5 RCW2014 Yesterday
McConnell, White House at Odds Over USMCA Timeline 0 RCW2014 Yesterday
UN Can't Verify Drones in September Attack on Saudi Oil Facilities 'of Iranian Origin' - Guterres 3 RCW2014 Tuesday
Federal judge blocks use of billions of dollars in Pentagon funds to build border wall 6 RCW2014 Tuesday
Trump in Talks With Russian FM Lavrov Calls for Including China in Global Arms Control 0 RCW2014 Tuesday
Turkey Could Send Troops To Libya If Requested Erdogan 0 RCW2014 Tuesday
Facebook rebuffs Attorney General William Barr on encrypted messages 1 RCW2014 Tuesday
Nearly 175 Saudi aviation students grounded after Pensacola base shooting 1 RCW2014 Tuesday
Central banks worldwide buying up massive amounts of gold in a shift away from US dollar Goldman S 1 RCW2014 Tuesday
Despite Talks, Putin Takes Hard Line Over Ukraine Border Control 3 RCW2014 Tuesday
Active shooter in Jersey City. At least one officer down. 4 Currentsitguy Tuesday
Cold War redux? U.S. To Hold Largest Europe Exercises in 25 Years 2 RCW2014 Tuesday
Not confirmed but heard on WMAL this morning 1 Gunslinger201 Tuesday
To me, the big Pensacola story is radical Muslims, NOT Saudi Arabia. That's not to 6 Dumper Tuesday
IG found no admissions or documents(smoking gun) proving FBI political involvement. 4 Dumper Tuesday
'There's a Deal:' Mexico Says USMCA Trade Pact to Be Signed Tuesday 0 RCW2014 Tuesday
Sen. Rand Paul Releases The Fall Edition of his Waste Report 1 Steelydamned Tuesday
Second Lt. In Royal Saudi AF Gunman Legally Purchased Pistol Used In Pensacola Air Station Attack 10 RCW2014 Tuesday
Government Deficit spikes 12 percent in first two months of fiscal year: CBO 2 RCW2014 Tuesday
Trump Beats Border-Crisis: Illegal Crossings Crash To Lowest Since 2013 2 Badsamm Tuesday
Trump to meet with Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov at White House 3 RCW2014 Monday
First gun-owner charged under Florida red flag law found guilty after refusal to give up weapons i 8 RCW2014 Monday
Pensacola Saudi Shooter Filed a Complaint.... 15 Steelydamned Monday
Normandy Four Agree To Stabilize Eastern Ukraine In Paris Communique 1 RCW2014 Monday
Hey Micrometer, Sounds like Durham has something on McCabe 2 Gunslinger201 Monday
Trump, Russia and Ukraine: Five presidential conspiracy theories debunked 6 Salaam Monday
North Korea calls Trump a 'heedless and erratic old man' 4 Salaam Monday
DOJ Watchdog Finds Russia Investigation Not Improper, Despite Missteps 3 RCW2014 Monday
Americas Traitors 5 Gunslinger201 Monday
DOJ IG Report on FISA Abuse to be Released in Two Weeks 19 Gunslinger201 Monday
Pete Frates, Face Of Ice Bucket Challenge, Dead At 34 0 D26-15 Monday
Seven Damning Revelations From the IG Report 0 Gunslinger201 Monday
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