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As US Debt Spirals To $22 Trillion, Former Fed Chair Janet Yellen Is Suddenly Concerned 9 RCW2014 17 min ago
Trump presidency 'good news' for the world, says controversial French author Houellebecq 2 Troll2 19 min ago
7-Year-Old Migrant Girl Taken Into Border Patrol Custody Dies Of Dehydration, Exhaustion 15 RCW2014 20 min ago
Chihuahua Helps Saves Woman During Bear Attack 10 RCW2014 58 min ago
Trump was reportedly in the room when Michael Cohen was discussing hush-money payments 14 Salaam 1 hr ago
Trump was in the room during hush money discussions with tabloid publisher 7 Salaam 5 hrs ago
Butina guilty 6 orson 11 hrs ago
Major police operation in Strasbourg. Unclear what is going on yet 3 Currentsitguy 12 hrs ago
Thug busted in subway attack that left woman with fractured spine 2 Banshee 3 Actual 12 hrs ago
Africans being racists 4 imwithfred 12 hrs ago
Straphanger makes citizens arrest after hell breaks loose on subway 2 Banshee 3 Actual 13 hrs ago
Brinks truck spews money all over NJ highway. Watch the people go nuts. 5 Currentsitguy 14 hrs ago
This message was self-deleted by its author 0 Doctor_R 16 hrs ago
'Hi-tech robot' at Russia forum turns out to be man in suit 5 Banshee 3 Actual 18 hrs ago
Chinese hi-tech researchers told not to travel to US unless its essential 4 Troll2 18 hrs ago
A Russian robot called Boris hailed as hi-tech on state TV has been unmasked as a man in a suit 8 Qukid 19 hrs ago
U.S. Lays Out Terms For $500 Million Israel-Croatia Arms Deal (sale of F-16's given to israel by US) 5 RCW2014 20 hrs ago
Dicks may have to close 35 stores, Investors will not be happy 43 bruiserboy 21 hrs ago
Who is Michael Spavor, the second Canadian to go missing in China? 0 Troll2 21 hrs ago
A second Canadian missing in China is one of the few foreigners who has met Kim Jong Un 1 Troll2 22 hrs ago
US Navy: 3 Nuclear-Powered Attack Submarines 'Not Certified To Dive Today' 7 RCW2014 23 hrs ago
How the New Silk Roads are merging into Greater Eurasia 0 Troll2 23 hrs ago
the President plays the Grinch to the press 4 imwithfred 23 hrs ago
Russian Nuclear-Capable Bombers Fly Over Caribbean Sea 6 RCW2014 Yesterday
Afghan Forces Abandon Western District After Taliban Pressure 3 RCW2014 Yesterday
Anyone notice if DU had a single OP on the French terrorist attack?? 9 spike61 Yesterday
France in chaos 6 imwithfred Yesterday
The DoD, where internal resistance to auditing the books runs deep. 2 orson Wednesday
Man, 84, died after nursing home staff failed to bathe him and... 4 Doctor_R Wednesday
Window washer dies after falling from window at Trump Tower 9 Qukid Wednesday
Erdogan Sets Up New U.S. Clash With Vow to Strike Kurdish Allies 3 RCW2014 Wednesday
Insurance Claims For Latest California Wildfires Top $9 Billion 3 RCW2014 Wednesday
In Rebuke Of Trump, Sen. Advances Resolution Calling For End Of U.S. Support For Saudi-Led Yemen War 0 RCW2014 Wednesday
Pompeo Urges UN To Ban Iranian Missile Tests (but I thought @neocon despised the UN) 0 RCW2014 Wednesday
No-one will mistake you for a genius 10 Tin Ear2 Wednesday
U.K. Leader Theresa May Survives No-Confidence Vote Over Brexit Plan 0 RCW2014 Wednesday
Revealed: Google's 'two-tier' workforce training document 14 Troll2 Wednesday
Breaking: Supreme Court victory for Planned Parenthood [View all] 56 LavenderGirl Wednesday
'Still At Large' - Strasbourg Shooting Suspect Convicted 27 Times Before, Yelled "Allahu Akbar" 1 Troll2 Wednesday
Yellen warns of another potential financial crisis: 'Gigantic holes in the system' 2 RCW2014 Wednesday
In Giant Trade War Concession, China Prepares To Replace "Made In China 2025" 2 Troll2 Wednesday
Here we go again. Multiple people shot in Strasbourg, France Christmas Market 9 Currentsitguy Wednesday
why America--or at least California--is on its way to becoming the next France 13 imwithfred Wednesday
Norwegian frigate sinking has far-reaching implications 5 Troll2 Wednesday
Chinese state security is behind detention of Canadian former diplomat Michael Kovrig, employer says 0 Troll2 Wednesday
Argentina Dirty War: Two former Ford executives jailed 0 Agent_86 Wednesday
Where there's "Smock" there's Fire [View all] 54 LavenderGirl Wednesday
For the first time, prosecutors have tied President Trump to a federal crime. But can a sitting... 14 RCW2014 Wednesday
Italianate deputy prime minister jumps on Macron, leftist elitists 0 imwithfred Wednesday
U.S. Downplays Reports of Surge in ISIS Activity In Iraq 0 RCW2014 Wednesday
Arpaio files 300 Million Dollar lawsuit against Cnn and other media outlets, 2 bruiserboy Tuesday
Trump Says He Would Intervene in Meng Case to Reach Trade Deal 1 Troll2 Tuesday
Freighters Collide, Sink in Black Sea 1 Da Mannn Tuesday
Theresa May 'ready for leadership battle' as Tory rebels claim they HAVE the 48 MPs' letters needed 0 Troll2 Tuesday
Huawei's CFO to be freed on $10M bail as she awaits extradition proceedings 0 Troll2 Tuesday
Delta Air Lines to ditch zone boarding in 2019 6 Agent_86 Tuesday
There went the neighbor Hood ! 1 RATFINK_5.0 Tuesday
Former Canadian Diplomat Held in China 0 DillyDilly500 Tuesday
Theresa May Suffers A Carexit Fiasco 2 Troll2 Tuesday
John Paul Jones' Bonhomie Richard found 2 Currentsitguy Tuesday
Stick a fork in her, she's done 5 Currentsitguy Tuesday
Mishawaka teen charged with murder, feticide in death of pregnant student 7 TendiesForBreakfast Tuesday
Tony Shaffer (ex Military Intelligence) Smokes John Brennan in one Tweet 5 Gunslinger201 Tuesday
ANOTHER TRUMP PROMISE FULFILLED: First Time In 75 Years AMERICA Is Worlds Largest Producer Of Oil 7 oflguy Tuesday
EU top court rules UK can unilaterally cancel Brexit 7 Troll2 Tuesday
Meng arrest a huge provocation to China 1 Troll2 Tuesday
Kamala Harris to keep her spot on Judiciary, Schumer says 0 Qukid Tuesday
what the workers and peasants of France really want 4 imwithfred Tuesday
Thieves steal red kettle w/bolt cutters 1 Frankenvoter Tuesday
Did the Deep State Sandbag President Trump with the Huawei Arrest? 8 Troll2 Tuesday
U.S. Is Paying More Than It Bargained for in the Yemen War; Yemen: 85,000. Dead. Kids. 0 RCW2014 Tuesday
Senior Chinese Military Official Urges PLAN To Attack US Naval Vessels In S.China Sea 3 RCW2014 Tuesday
Donald Tusk says the EU will NOT renegotiate the legal text of the Brexit deal after a humiliated Ma 0 Troll2 Tuesday
Russia's Two Most Advanced Submarines To Finish Sea Trials By Years End - Shipyards Boss 0 RCW2014 Monday
'Leave our nation be: French FM fires back at Trumps tweet on Yellow Vest rallies 15 RCW2014 Monday
Kavanaugh joins Liberals on Planned Parenthood. After all the support Republicans gave him. 5 joefriday6 Monday
World's Largest Cleaning Company To Fire 100,000 Workers 2 Troll2 Monday
Meadows: Being W.H. chief of staff would be an 'honor' 3 Troll2 Monday
Nick Ayers, 36, TURNS DOWN Trump's chief of staff role 'because he didn't want to commit to two yrs 15 Troll2 Monday
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