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Star Wars 9 trailer. The trailer looks OK...but I don't trust it. 4 Da Mannn Friday
I hope he doesn't have a "Accident" 2 Solesurvivor Friday
The First Amendment Freedom of the Press Protections are for American Journnalists 3 Gunslinger201 Friday
Mnuchin Schooled On Law That Says Turn Over Trumps Taxes Or Face 5 Years In Prison: There Is No... 3 RCW2014 Friday
More Charges Against Assange Could Expose Covert US Programs - Gitmo Lawyer 3 RCW2014 Friday
Assange Could Face Secret US Trial Where Fabricated Evidence May Be Introduced 2 RCW2014 Friday
'Swedish Software Developer' Linked to Wiki Leaks Arrested in Ecuador in Flight Attempt Reports 0 RCW2014 Friday
SpaceX Falcon Heavy Sticks Triple Rocket Landing with 1st Commercial Launch 2 RCW2014 Apr 11
Watch SpaceX Attempt a Triple Rocket Landing Tonight 7 Gamle-ged Apr 11
United States v. Gregory B. Craig 3 Iron Condor Apr 11
Louisiana church fires: Law enforcement official's son taken into custody, reports say 24 oflguy Apr 11
Elections begin in India 0 imwithfred Apr 11
White Son of St. Landry Sheriff Deputy Arrested In Fires At Historically Black Louisiana Churches: 14 RCW2014 Apr 11
wikileaks founder grabbed, roughed up, arrested 2 imwithfred Apr 11
Mysterious Safety-Tampering Malware Infects A Second Critical Infrastructure Site 3 RCW2014 Apr 11
Ukrainian Adventurism In Black Sea Risks Pulling NATO Into Conflict With Russia - Senators 1 RCW2014 Apr 11
workers and peasants of France still uprising 0 imwithfred Apr 11
Chinas Spreading Influence In Eastern Europe Worries West 0 RCW2014 Apr 10
not a good night for anti-Semites, other haters 2 imwithfred Apr 10
U.S. Consumer Prices Rise Solidly; but Underlying Trend Tame 1 RCW2014 Apr 10
US caused billions of dollars in damage to Venezuela since 2013 Russian envoy to UN 3 imwithfred Apr 10
European court rules Russia violated rights of opposition leader Navalny 0 Banshee 3 Actual Apr 10
Texas Bans Clergy From Executions After Supreme Court Ruling 36 RCW2014 Apr 10
Oil Hits Five-Month High on OPEC Cuts, U.S. Sanctions and Libya Fighting 6 RCW2014 Apr 10
Missing Japanese F-35 poses major security headache for US if it falls into Russian or Chinese hands 2 imwithfred Apr 10
US Caused Billions of Dollars in Damage to Venezuela Since 2013 Russian Envoy To UN 1 RCW2014 Apr 10
Illegal immigrant accused of murdering 5 people in MO & KS hangs self in jail cell 6 Qukid Apr 10
Japanese Military Discovers Possible Debris Of Fighter Jet After F-35 Goes Missing - Reports 4 RCW2014 Apr 9
Bibi is Israel Prime Minister. Trump is America's President. Democratics are Lost. 2 Social_Justice Apr 9
Barr says when results of FISA Abuse investigation coming 4 Gunslinger201 Apr 9
Missing Japanese F-35 Poses Major Security Headache For US If It Falls Into Russian Or Chinese Hands 0 RCW2014 Apr 9
Russian President Vladimir Putin Presents Ambitious Arctic Expansion Program 5 RCW2014 Apr 9
Walmart Is Rolling Out the Robots; Thousands Deployed... 3 RCW2014 Apr 9
Who Commits Most of the Worlds Extremist Violence? (Hint: Not White Supremacists) 2 Gunslinger201 Apr 9
Buying S-400 Turkey's 'Sovereign Right': Putin & Erdogan Speak To Press In Moscow 7 RCW2014 Apr 9
Japan Grounds F-35 Fleet After Jet Disappears From Radar Over Pacific 10 uncledad Apr 9
EU-U.S. Trade War Escalates Over Disputed Aviation Subsidies 1 RCW2014 Apr 9
U.S. Job Openings Fell in February by the Most Since 2015 1 RCW2014 Apr 9
Desperate Venezuelans Looting Cemeteries, Rotten Corpses for Jewelry 4 imwithfred Apr 9
Yeshivas That Let In Unvaccinated Students Amid Measles Outbreak Could Face Closure, NYC Says 4 RCW2014 Apr 9
Storm To Hit Rockies Before Forming New "Bomb Cyclone" 3 RCW2014 Apr 9
The defeat of ISIS is another Trump promise made, kept ... and ignored by the liberal media 0 imwithfred Apr 9
Federal Judge Blocks Trump Administration Policy Of Sending Asylum-Seekers To Mexico 0 imwithfred Apr 9
Brazil's Bolsonaro says working with U.S. to sow 'dissent' in Venezuela army 0 imwithfred Apr 9
Trump Administration Nearly Doubles H-2B Guest Visa Program, Which Brings Many Mexican workers 10 RCW2014 Apr 9
Federal Judge Blocks Trump Administration Policy Of Sending Asylum Seekers To Mexico 11 RCW2014 Apr 9
Brazil's Bolsonaro Says Working With U.S. To Sow 'Dissent' In Venezuela Army 1 RCW2014 Apr 8
Yeshivas that let in unvaccinated students amid measles outbreak could face closure, NYC says 0 imwithfred Apr 8
In Gold We Trust: China Boosts Bullion Reserves As Part Of Beijings Anti-Dollar Push 5 RCW2014 Apr 8
3 American Soldiers and A U.S. Contractor Killed in Afghanistan 5 RCW2014 Apr 8
Maryland Man Accused of ISIS-Inspired Plot to Drive Stolen U-Haul Van Into Pedestrians... (ID'd) 3 RCW2014 Apr 8
Talk about poetic justice 6 Currentsitguy Apr 8
CNN: Trump Removing U.S. Secret Service Director 4 RCW2014 Apr 8
Irans FM Recommends Designating US CENTCOM As Terrorist Organization in A Reciprocal Move 2 RCW2014 Apr 8
Air Strike Halts Tripoli Flights as Thousands Flee Libya Clashes 0 RCW2014 Apr 8
Three Black Churches In Louisiana Torched In 9-Day Span 12 RCW2014 Apr 8
US Designates Irans Revolutionary Guards as Terrorist Organization Trump 0 RCW2014 Apr 8
Secretary of State Mike Pompeo Calls for Halt to Libya Offensive as Clashes Rage 9 RCW2014 Apr 8
Trump surrenders Libya 18 RATFINK_5.0 Apr 8
President Trump to meet with H.M. the Queen, celebrate 75th anniversary of D-Day 3 imwithfred Apr 8
US To Designate Iran Revolutionary Guard A Terrorist Group 5 RCW2014 Apr 8
US "Cuts and Runs", Pulling Forces From Libya As Fighting Approaches Capital 11 RCW2014 Apr 8
10+ People, Mostly Children, Killed In A Saudi-led Coalition Airstrike On Yemeni Capital Reports 2 RCW2014 Apr 8
MAGA Cultist Arrested for Threatening to Kill Rep. Omar 14 RCW2014 Apr 8
Sorry Lefty! Court Rules Barr Must Redact Grand-Jury Info from Mueller Report 44 Da Mannn Apr 8
Trump tweeted Sunday that Nielsen is leaving the post she has held since the end of 2017. 8 uncledad Apr 8
Obama shatters previous record; mentions himself 467 times in Berlin speech 6 Da Mannn Apr 8
Agency Director Suspended Over Complaint Regarding Black Rifles Matter Sticker 10 Gunslinger201 Apr 7
Article: Britain's Version Of 'Medicare For All' Is Struggling With Long Waits For Care 9 His Daughter Apr 7
Pentagon Orders Troops to Leave Libya Which It Helped Destabilize, Laments Security Conditions 0 RCW2014 Apr 7
CNN's Don Lemon Engaged to Tim Malone ! 6 Grumpy Pickle Apr 7
To Ramp Up Fear of Russia in Africa, NYT Downplays Massive US Military Presence on Continent 4 RCW2014 Apr 7
Kremlin Spokesman: Trumps Defense Spending Proposal Deserves Attention 0 RCW2014 Apr 6
Russia's WTO Win Sets Precedent for National Security Affecting Trade Rules 0 RCW2014 Apr 6
Warning (for the other side) From Wisconsin 1 imwithfred Apr 6
Venezuela Street Rallies Show Deep Divide In Power Struggle 1 RCW2014 Apr 6
Ex-US Sen Ernest Fritz Hollings of South Carolina Dies At The Age Of 97 2 RCW2014 Apr 6
U.N. Urges An End To Fighting In Libya As Opposition Army Heads Toward Tripoli 1 RCW2014 Apr 6
Tulsi says, "No collusion, lets move on." Twitter explodes in fury. 2 Da Mannn Apr 6
Ex-US Congressmans Russian bank stripped of license 3 orson Apr 6
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