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STRUGGLING TO SURVIVE: Economic Challenges Facing the Middle Class 8 RCW2014 Wednesday
Germany's Political Mess: CDU Leader Rebukes Merkel On Immigration 0 Troll2 Wednesday
US-Europe tensions over Iran overshadow Warsaw Mideast summit 0 Troll2 Wednesday
Ca high speed rail is dead 12 def_con5 Wednesday
Russia stages mock attack on Norwegian radar station, jams GPS 3 Banshee 3 Actual Wednesday
Hours after apology, Ilhan Omar retweets thread denouncing Pelosi, pushing Jewish money claims 7 Da Mannn Wednesday
Russians Lower Their Standards 5 Banshee 3 Actual Wednesday
Police detective killed by friendly fire in New York City 1 RCW2014 Wednesday
Marco Rubio is 4.6 percent Native American -- He was on PBS "Finding Your Roots" tonight. 13 Troll2 Feb 12
Ivan to be left alone: Russia preps to turn its internet into an intranet if West opens cyber-fire 6 Troll2 Feb 12
Eating Plants eliminates this planet's Most Significant CO2 Reducer 3 Social_Justice Feb 12
52 Polar Bears 'Invade' a Russian Town to Eat Garbage Instead of Starving to Death 4 oflguy Feb 12
Amy Klobuchar Announces Presidential Bid After Reports Of Abusive Workplace Behavior 3 Troll2 Feb 12
NBC: Senate has no evidence of conspiracy between Trump and Russia say Democrats on the Committee 6 Social_Justice Feb 12
Talk about ridiculous fear mongering re: Brexit 4 Currentsitguy Feb 12
Wreckage of the USS Hornet Found, 1 bruiserboy Feb 12
Wells Fargo? Well fscked at the moment: Data center up in smoke, bank website, app down 8 Troll2 Feb 12
Chilling echoes Of Frances Nazi Past As Juden Graffiti Is Sprayed On Jewish Bakery In Paris 7 RCW2014 Feb 12
Even in US, fight against Huawei faces backlash 5 Troll2 Feb 12
Abuse Of Faith: Investigation Reveals 700 Victims Of Southern Baptist Sexual Abuse Over 20 Years 4 RCW2014 Feb 12
Apple iPhone Shipments Dive in China as Huawei Tightens Grip 1 Troll2 Feb 12
9th Circuit Affirms Trump Admin Win on Border Wall Lawsuit 3 MumblyPeg Feb 12
Tokyo to boost energy ties with Moscow despite sanctions against Russia - Japan's economy ministry 0 RCW2014 Feb 12
VA Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax (D) calls Professor Vanessa Tyson & Meredith Watson LIARS: 8 Social_Justice Feb 11
Private Mossad for Hire 1 Troll2 Feb 11
Good. I'm tired of horribly behaved people getting away scot free. 9 Currentsitguy Feb 11
Undercover spy exposed in NYC was 1 of many 0 Troll2 Feb 11
Number of Anchor Babies in 10 States More Than 4X Boston Population 17 MumblyPeg Feb 11
African Americans are very angry about Trump's racist tweet. 19 def_con5 Feb 11
Ending All Legal Immigration for 40 Years Maintains U.S. Workforce 8 MumblyPeg Feb 11
DUmmies: "I don't think Christians can be trusted": Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is Roman Catholic 6 Social_Justice Feb 11
New York city councilman won't apologize..... 7 imwithfred Feb 11
Major WWII shipwreck discovered: Japanese battleship sunk by US found 3 Banshee 3 Actual Feb 11
DOJ Plane, Loading Boxes Of Evidence, Spotted Next To Clinton Foundation 8 Gamle-ged Feb 11
Alarming Number Of Police Officer Suicides Prompts Outreach In Chicago 2 RCW2014 Feb 11
At least conservatives control the Supreme Court now 30 msv Feb 11
NJ Voters Furious As Governor Murphy Prepares To Sign 'Rain Tax' Into Law 6 Troll2 Feb 11
Of the announced Democrats, I like Tulsi the best. 17 Da Mannn Feb 11
"Tuck Buddies: Underwear to help boys as young as five hide their gender." 9 Sundogs_Place Feb 11
BREAKING: Federal Judge Declines to Block Citizenship Question from US 2020 Census 5 Da Mannn Feb 11
Nothing to see here 15 orson Feb 10
Saudis bin Salman sidelined by King in Kushners deal of the century 3 Troll2 Feb 10
Christian group can bar gay student from leadership role, judge rules [View all] 77 Da Mannn Feb 10
Netflix Paid Zero in Taxes on Record $845M Profits in 2018 37 Salaam Feb 10
Soak the rich? Americans say go for it 35 Salaam Feb 10
All of Robert Muellers indictments and plea deals in the Russia investigation so far 30 Salaam Feb 10
AOC: She's Truly a Genius 11 Da Mannn Feb 10
Senator Markey, do you support offshore wind power South of Cape Cod? 8 Troll2 Feb 10
Poland's young voters turning to the right 5 Troll2 Feb 10
All expectations exceeded: Former Afghan president Karzai rathers Moscow talks than US failure 2 RCW2014 Feb 10
Mumps Confirmed in 7 Detainees at Houston ICE Facility 0 RCW2014 Feb 10
10 Self-Defense Lessons From Illinois Version of the George Zimmerman Trial 1 357blackhawk Feb 10
Syria's SDF launches endgame battle against 'Islamic State' 1 Troll2 Feb 9
ICE Agents in North Carolina Arrest Hundreds of Illegal Foreign Invaders 19 MumblyPeg Feb 9
Gun-Seizure Laws Grow In Popularity Since Parkland Shooting 3 RCW2014 Feb 9
All of Mueller's Plea Deals and Indictments for Russian Collusion So Far: 5 rh24 Feb 9
Playing Catch Up: US a Step Closer to Developing Hypersonic Missile 4 RCW2014 Feb 9
N.M. Governor Pulls National Guard From Border, Citing A 'Charade' At Federal Level 17 Salaam Feb 9
Perceived anti-China bias & dearth of jobs have Chinese science students in US mulling their options 1 Troll2 Feb 9
Wells Fargo, whats really going on? 4 Badsamm Feb 9
Iran Revolutionary Guards Unveil 'New Ballistic Missile' 7 RCW2014 Feb 9
Nasty Surprise; Tax Filers Seeing SMALLER Refunds Or Owing Money 9 RCW2014 Feb 9
Venezuelas Self-Proclaimed President Guaido Isn't Ruling Out Authorizing US Intervention 9 RCW2014 Feb 9
As Trump Administration Negotiates Peace with Taliban, Some Retired U.S. Generals See Defeat 8 RCW2014 Feb 9
Thousands of Chinese pray to the God of Wealth 6 Troll2 Feb 9
The giant Chinese companies shaping the world's industries 0 Troll2 Feb 9
Pelosi's Equality Act/ Parents can't stop sterilization/ puberty blockers without child abuse charg 18 Sundogs_Place Feb 9
Brain Dead Ocasio-Cortez: We Have To Break "The Mistaken Idea" That Taxes Pay For All Spending 13 Da Mannn Feb 9
The Six Most Mind Numbingly STUPID Proposals from Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's Green New Deal 7 Da Mannn Feb 8
lawmakers investigating NRA contributions 15 orson Feb 8
'Notorious RBG' Makes First Public Appearance Since Cancer Surgery 20 RCW2014 Feb 8
Whitaker pissed himself when he saw this? 11 orson Feb 8
Amazon Reconsidering NY Headquarters Site "Following A Wave Of Opposition" 6 Troll2 Feb 8
Evidence Shows Khashoggi Murder Planned, Carried out By Saudi Officials: U.N. 4 RCW2014 Feb 8
EU adopts French, German compromise on Nord Stream 2 pipeline to Russia 0 Troll2 Feb 8
US Consumer Borrowing Tops $4 Trillion for First Time 4 RCW2014 Feb 8
Italy, Germany resist ban on Huaweis 5G gear 0 Troll2 Feb 8
Supreme Court blocks Louisiana abortion law, 1st major ruling on abortion with Kavanaugh on court 12 RCW2014 Feb 8
Saudi Crown Prince Had Threatened to Use 'bullet' On Khashoggi: NYTimes 4 RCW2014 Feb 8
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