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An indicted businessman with ties to Rudy Giuliani is willing to comply with Trump impeachment inqui 3 RCW2014 Nov 2019
An Irishman's "wet dream"? 1 Currentsitguy Feb 6
Anchor caught on hot mic claiming ABC suppressed Jeffrey Epstein story 1 Zuckerberg Hater Nov 2019
and again 12/22/19: Virginia AG to 2A Sanctuaries: New Gun Controls Will Be Enforced 7 Da Mannn Dec 22
And Stood against a Wall and Shot 16 Gunslinger201 Feb 11
And the dangerous, unhinged crazy continues 6 Currentsitguy Feb 9
Anger In Baghdad Following US Airstrikes Against Iran-Backed Militia Renew Call For Troops To Leave 3 RCW2014 Dec 31
Anguish and Anger From the Navy SEALS Who Turned In Edward Gallagher 45 Salaam Dec 30
Animal life thriving around Fukushima 2 Troll2 Jan 14
Ankara Confirms Pausing Operation Against Kurds In Syria, But Says Its Goals Stay Unchanged 1 RCW2014 Oct 2019
another "white supremacist" hoax 2 imwithfred Nov 2019
Another 70 people test positive for coronavirus on ship in Japan 1 Troll2 Feb 16
Anti-Capitalist post on DU 3 utvols1 Nov 2019
Anti-Ship Budget Seriousness: US Navy Buying Hundreds of Missiles to Take on Chinas Fleet 6 RCW2014 Feb 13
Anti-Trump CIA Whistleblower Eric Ciaramella Was Hand-Picked by John Brennan for White House Job 3 Gunslinger201 Nov 2019
Antifa Actually PROTESTED A Trash Cleanup??! Trump Supporters Protested By Far Left For CLEANING 2 Da Mannn Feb 2
antifa fascism, like all fascism, is a Left wing ideology. Fascism IS socialism. (Poll) 8 Da Mannn Dec 29
Antifa Group Plans To March Alongside Pro-Gun Protesters In Virginia 6 RCW2014 Jan 19
Antifa Will Pretend to be MAGA/NRA at Virginia 2nd Amendment Rally to Cause Trouble 7 Da Mannn Jan 20
Any D's saying JFK shouldn't have been Pres. due to his wealth? FDR? Or Obama who 3 Dumper Thursday
Any news about protest on the impeachment vote? 1 outside Dec 17
Anyone else see the irony in Dems FREQUENTLY citing Hamilton, a progenitor of 9 Dumper Jan 23
Anyone else wonder if Schiff and Pelosi led Trump to Baghdadi? 4 Gunslinger201 Nov 2019
AOC Faceplants, Doesn't understand light Police Presence at 2A rally, not like Black Lies Matter 5 Gunslinger201 Feb 6
AOC tries to Meme 5 Gunslinger201 Nov 2019
AP sources: Epstein jail guards had been offered plea deal 0 RCW2014 Nov 2019
AP sources: Former Trump adviser John Bolton has a book deal 2 RCW2014 Nov 2019
AP-NORC Poll: Most Americans Oppose Reparations for Slavery 4 RCW2014 Oct 2019
Apocalyptic flooding set to leave an indelible wound on Venice as city battles 2nd highest tide 17 RCW2014 Nov 2019
Apocalyptic locust swarm stops traffic as sky turns black in terrifying footage 4 RCW2014 Friday
Apparent proof of mass cremations in China 2 Currentsitguy Feb 10
Apparently RBG is about to kick it (again) n/t 1 drunk_teddy Nov 2019
Apple Supply Chain Braces for Disruption from Coronavirus Outbreak 0 RCW2014 Jan 28
Apple Warns China Virus Will Cut iPhone Production, Sales 0 RCW2014 Feb 17
Apple Watch Helps Disprove Man's Anti-Semitic Attack Story 0 RCW2014 Jan 3
Approval Of Impeachment Inquiry Reaches 55 Percent; Disapprove Of Trump's Decision On Syria 2-1 0 RCW2014 Oct 2019
Arab League Rejects Trumps Deal of The Century at Cairo Summit with Abbas 3 RCW2014 Feb 1
Arab League to Hold Urgent Meeting Over US Support for Israeli Settlements 3 RCW2014 Nov 2019
Arab League Warns of Libya War Escalating as Turkey Considers Entry 3 RCW2014 Dec 31
Are the Dems withholding the impeachment articles in the hope they take the Senate next November? 22 FreeWheelBurning Dec 24
Are the Mexican Drug Cartels sending the Mormons a message? 12 Fireant16 Nov 2019
Arizona man facing charges for threatening Adam Schiff 7 Sullivan Feb 4
Arms embargo & commitment to ceasefire: Libya peace talks end on positive note in Berlin despite.. 0 RCW2014 Jan 19
Army Football Team Removes Slogan Because of Ties to White Supremacist Groups 5 RCW2014 Dec 8
Army Officer Who Heard Trumps Ukraine Call Reported Concerns 2 RCW2014 Oct 2019
Army Reportedly Ready to Move Vindman Family Onto Base if Theyre in Physical Danger 4 RCW2014 Nov 2019
Army won't investigate Vindman over impeachment testimony, top leader says 6 Cold Warrior Feb 15
As Boeing Jets Sit Idle, Airbus Can't Make Planes Fast Enough 1 RCW2014 Feb 17
As Iran Missiles Battered Iraq Base, US Lost Eyes in Sky 3 RCW2014 Jan 15
As Macron and Trudeau mock Trump, Paris descends into mass anarchy and flames 0 imwithfred Dec 6
As of Jan 27, there have been 2744 confirmed cases of Wuhan Coronavirus in Chinese mainland, 80 dead 0 Troll2 Jan 26
As Ukraine Hoax deflates now they are asking did Trump Lie to Mueller? 6 Gunslinger201 Nov 2019
Asean, RCEP trade partners unlikely beneficiaries from US-China trade war, Deloitte economist says 2 Troll2 Jan 16
Ask the Q 2 Gunslinger201 Wednesday
Asking for Trouble? VIDEO Shows American APC Pushing Russian Army Jeep Off Road in Syria 6 RCW2014 Thursday
Assange Rape Case Dropped: Sweden Abandons Probe that Led to Wiki Leaks Co-Founders Asylum 1 RCW2014 Nov 2019
Assange said he didnt receive the Emails from Russia or by a Hack 2 Gunslinger201 Thursday
ATF: 423M guns in America, 1.2 per person, 8.1B rounds of ammunition a year 5 Da Mannn Dec 4
Atomic Error: IAF F-35 Accidentally Reveals Location Over Secret Israeli Nuclear Facility 4 RCW2014 Jan 22
Attn, Rep Omar, Rep Talib... something you should know. 1 Da Mannn Oct 2019
Attorney General William Barr: We will let the chips fall where they may 5 Gunslinger201 Oct 2019
Attorney General: US Should Buy Nokia, Ericsson for Huawei Battle 2 RCW2014 Feb 7
Australia bushfires: Sydney area faces 'catastrophic' threat 2 orson Nov 2019
Australia is on fire 2 wonderwarthog Dec 22
Australian Woman Saves Baby Koala Bear from Forest Fire 0 Iron Condor Nov 2019
autopsy on the recent elections in Canada 0 imwithfred Oct 2019
Babe fabricated Kavanaugh sex charge cause she was ANGRY! 3 Dumper Nov 2019
Baby Boomers May Put 'Tidal Wave' of 21 M Homes on Market -- but Who Will Buy Them? 10 RCW2014 Nov 2019
Bag-Daddy: Democrats New Hero 0 Da Mannn Oct 2019
Baghdad Bombings Kill 5 as Iraqis Protest Government 0 RCW2014 Nov 2019
Baghdad revived deal to buy Russian S-300 following US strikes Iraqs Security & Defense Committee 4 RCW2014 Jan 9
Baghdadi given burial at sea, afforded religious rites 12 RCW2014 Oct 2019
Barr approves unredacting Christopher Steele information ahead of report release 7 Gunslinger201 Dec 9
Barr blasts Trump's tweets on Stone case: 'Impossible for me to do my job': ABC News Exclusive 1 RCW2014 Feb 13
Barr has told those close to Trump that he may quit if president keeps tweeting about investigations 5 RCW2014 Tuesday
Barr Says Inspector Generals Report on Alleged FISA Abuses Is Imminent 4 Gunslinger201 Nov 2019
Barr to Horowitz- Hey Mike, Durham knows something you dont .... 0 Gunslinger201 Dec 4
Battalion of 750 Paratroopers Heads to Middle East after Embassy Breach in Iraq 13 RCW2014 Jan 1
Beijing Accuses US of Deliberate Provocations in South China Sea 2 RCW2014 Jan 28
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