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Trump signs Veterans Disability Bill. Goooooooooooooooooo Trump! 6 joefriday6 Aug 24
Family SUV forced to jump as drawbridge opens up. 2 cologeek Aug 23
In an effort to avoid liberal outrage, ESPN has managed to piss off everybody 2 Troll2 Aug 23
The "news" cant figure out why they cant seperate Trump from his base [View all] 53 Frankenvoter Aug 23
If the President is so UNPOPULAR... 9 Solesurvivor Aug 23
Hillary said her skin crawled being on the same stage with a man who groped women's privates? 13 Gunslinger201 Aug 23
Written about the Fitzgerald, but may apply to the McCain and more generally 8 Troll2 Aug 23
The blind, hairy-palmed Chinese People's Liberation Army 12 Currentsitguy Aug 23
Was ESPN being racist when they pulled Robert Lee an Asian 6 Aldar Aug 23
US Navy 7th Fleet commander dismissed, Navy says 16 def_con5 Aug 23
Charlottesville City Council Votes to Cover Statue With.....a Black Sheet ! 2 Grumpy Pickle Aug 23
Houston man charged with trying to plant bomb at Confederate statue in Hermann Park 7 Juan Rico Aug 23
PATREON BANNED MY ACCOUNT?? - Lauren Southern (Google DMTZ video) 10 TerroristSlayer Aug 23
Can North Korean nukes hit US mainland? Maybe. But EMP blast threat is 'highly credible' 1 Troll2 Aug 23
the president has received conflicting advice from Marines 6 orson Aug 23
Harvey to Threaten Western Gulf Coast as a Tropical Storm or Hurricane, Then Will Dump Flooding Rain 1 RCW2014 Aug 23
Former DHS Chief and Military Advisor to CIA's Panetta, John Kelly Appointed to Manage Trump 17 TerroristSlayer Aug 23
US destroyer collision: Remains found amid search effort for 10 missing sailors of USS John S McCain 13 Troll2 Aug 23
UN Panel Urges U.S. to Reject Racist Hate Speech, Crimes 4 RCW2014 Aug 23
Is YouTube Censoring Conservatives? StateOfDaniel (Google DMTZDemonetized) 17 TerroristSlayer Aug 23
Syrian War Report August 22, 2017: ISIS Defense Rapidly Collapses In Central Syria -Southfront vid 2 TerroristSlayer Aug 23
New Jersey Homeland Security declares Antifa Terrorist Group! 0 Gunslinger201 Aug 23
Suspect shot, killed while trying to disarm homeowner during altercation 0 Juan Rico Aug 23
Instant Karma for antifa idiot in Phoenix...LOL! 4 Da Mannn Aug 23
Trumps new Afghan policy sees ally Pakistan cast aside 7 Troll2 Aug 23
How Russia may benefit from North Korean sanctions 0 Troll2 Aug 23
Jury fails to convict 4 in Bundy standoff. 5 cologeek Aug 23
Bikers for Trump to defend Trump supporters in Phoenix - this could get interesting 26 LovetoSki1978 Aug 23
'Afghanistan To Become Graveyard For U.S.,' Warn Taliban After Trump Clears Way For More Troops 3 RCW2014 Aug 23
One-third of known French radicals are mentally disturbed: minister 4 Troll2 Aug 23
Closed Proceeding Interrupts Democrat U.S. Sen.bob Menendez Jury Selection 3 RCW2014 Aug 22
This message was self-deleted by its author 0 Grumpy Pickle Aug 22
Trump Afghanistan Speech: POTUS Blinked, Spooked by MIC - Lionel Nation video 3 TerroristSlayer Aug 22
Woman beats robbery suspect with his own gun 0 Juan Rico Aug 22
LIVE: Trump Phoenix rally 12 Model10RB Aug 22
EPA calls out the NYT for fake news, 1 bruiserboy Aug 22
Trump Not To Pardon Former Sheriff Arpaio During Arizona Trip: White House 7 RCW2014 Aug 22
1975- USS Evans/HMAS Melbourne Collision Navy Training film 8 Gunslinger201 Aug 22
Grassley investigates Steele Dossier 0 orson Aug 22
Iran Needs Just 5 Days To Return To Uranium Enrichment If U.S. Backs Out Of Nuclear Deal 3 RCW2014 Aug 22
Trump set to issue a formal pardon for sheriff Joe Arpaio. #WINNING 15 Da Mannn Aug 22
Trump Just Cranked Up The Rivalry Between Two Nuclear Giants 5 RCW2014 Aug 22
Remnants Of Tropical Storm Harvey Likely To Reform, Head Into Gulf Of Mexico, NHC Says 2 RCW2014 Aug 22
Conservative Muslims slam, feminists hail India's 'triple talaq' ban 1 Troll2 Aug 22
After Trump's Afghan Policy Statement, China Reaffirms Support To Pakistan 0 RCW2014 Aug 22
Facebook Censorship Guidlelines - Let Us Help You Identify Fake News - (Lauren Southern DMTZ) 2 TerroristSlayer Aug 22
Paul Joseph Watson admits he's left You Tube Because He Is Getting Demonetized by Google 1 TerroristSlayer Aug 22
MSNBC's Joy Reid & Panel Falsely Claim Russia Is Funding Youtubers - (DMTZ channel) 0 TerroristSlayer Aug 22
THEY RULE over you....... 1 TerroristSlayer Aug 22
Youtube Will Censor Political Speech With The ADL's Help - (Google DMTZ video) 0 TerroristSlayer Aug 22
They are inflamming you now......... 5 TerroristSlayer Aug 22
Joe Biden speech - admits "ISIS terrorists armed by Turkey, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, UAE" - (Google DMTZ 0 TerroristSlayer Aug 22
Another example of complete censorship: Gab banned by Google 0 TerroristSlayer Aug 22
Proof of staged false flag attack caught on video - Daily Mail UK 1 TerroristSlayer Aug 22
Statistics Professor Salil Mehta banned by Google (Demonetized-Google DMTZ) 0 TerroristSlayer Aug 22
Bannon Driven Out by Media in Service of War Agenda - Sane Progressive Video 7 TerroristSlayer Aug 22
Well, that is one way to make sure that I don't buy another Jeep... 11 quad489 Aug 22
Diamond and Silk To Google: "You didn't tell us we had to be liberal before censoring us" 2 TerroristSlayer Aug 22
"If we don't fight them there, we'll fight them here" ....all a lie.........they fund them there.... 5 TerroristSlayer Aug 22
'We must reject being made scapegoats for US policy failures' 2 Troll2 Aug 22
Secret Service broke because...tRump 44 orson Aug 22
Russia-gates Evidentiary Void - Consortium News/Robert Parry 1 TerroristSlayer Aug 22
Trump Leans on Afghanistan Tactics That Failed Under Bush, Obama 7 RCW2014 Aug 22
Defense Hawks Cheer Trump's Afghanistan Speech 2 RCW2014 Aug 22
Illegal immigrants won't get fast track acceptance in Canada. 10 cologeek Aug 22
Tapestry of Terror (Highly Graphic) - White Helmets Exposed As FSA Terrorists Linked With ISIS 1 TerroristSlayer Aug 22
Florida School Ditches Common Core Soars To Number One 3 SolChic Aug 22
Confederate Statues Come Down At The University Of Texas 8 Gring0 Aug 22
Thank You President Trump, black employment is up 3 bruiserboy Aug 22
Navy Orders 'Operational Pause' For Warships And A Fleet-wide Investigation After Latest Collision 5 RCW2014 Aug 22
India welcomes U.S. President Donald Trumps new Afghanistan policy 0 Troll2 Aug 22
Mizzou Pays a Price for Appeasing the Left 8 Troll2 Aug 22
The "America First" President Just Announced He's Escalating The Afghanistan War 6 RCW2014 Aug 22
Trump family costs U.S.Taxpayers too much money: Secret Service. 17 RATFINK_5.0 Aug 22
61-year-old man shoots teenager trying to steal his gun on Detroit's west side 8 Juan Rico Aug 22
British snoops at GCHQ knew FBI was going to arrest Marcus Hutchins 0 Troll2 Aug 22
If Trump ramps up Afghanistan he will lose what support I do have for him 11 LovetoSki1978 Aug 22
Jordan, Turkey Reject Israeli Measures In Al-Aqsa Mosque 2 RCW2014 Aug 22
Tehran demands US pay $245mn to Iraq-Iran war chemical weapons victims 5 Badsamm Aug 22
More Blue on Blue violence. Antifa attacks BLM member. 9 cologeek Aug 21
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