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Blackwater founder held secret Seychelles meeting to establish Trump-Putin back channel 14 LOLingAtTrumpVoters Apr 4
Well, well, well 8 oflguy Apr 4
In the sea of stupid, even Scarborough can see it 2 MumblyPeg Apr 4
Trump calls Putin. Pledges the full support of Washington to Moscow 5 TerroristSlayer Apr 4
Bloomberg: Obama Nat'l Sec. Advisor Rice spied on Trump, lied on PBS 5 TerroristSlayer Apr 4
St. Petersburg subway attacker identified as suicide bomber 3 Juan Rico Apr 4
New Facebook "Fact Checker" Will Warn You About "Fake News" - Truthstream Media 1 TerroristSlayer Apr 4
Manufacturing automation to drive Chinas robotics spending to US$59b by 2020, says IDC 0 Troll2 Apr 4
CNN Called Out - "No Russian Invasion of Ukraine"- Marine Le Pen/ Nigel Farage 2 TerroristSlayer Apr 4
CNN Continues with Propaganda about Syria by Quoting Terrorist Group White Helmets/John McCain 0 TerroristSlayer Apr 4
Clinton Foundation Charity Con Is Massive Global Swamp and Unprosecuted Epic Criminal Conspiracy 0 TerroristSlayer Apr 4
Evelyn Farkas Committing a Felony - Caught Like A Deer in the Headlights 0 TerroristSlayer Apr 4
Tyranny Unmasked - Western Propaganda against Russia (Alexander Chopov full interview) 1 TerroristSlayer Apr 4
Wikileaks Dark Matter Vault 7 Sane Progressive Discussion Series Part 2 w Tatsu Ikeda, 0 TerroristSlayer Apr 4
Susan Rice, Obama's Hatchet Woman, Proves Lord Acton Right Again 5 Troll2 Apr 4
Far-left Melenchon on high ahead of French election debate 0 Troll2 Apr 4
Trump aid met w/ Russian Spy Ring three years before election. 7 RATFINK_5.0 Apr 4
Chicago violence: 7 killed in one neighborhood in 12 hours 11 Tin Ear2 Apr 4
Black Lives Matter Philly Bans White People From Its Meetings 8 MumblyPeg Apr 4
MSNBC Caught Lying About Planned Parenthoods Mammogram Services 5 MumblyPeg Apr 4
General Ivashov: International terrorism does not exist 1 TerroristSlayer Apr 4
Al Qaeda Is Attacking Major Syrian Cities with US Weapons But You Wouldn't Know That from the Media 1 TerroristSlayer Apr 4
The Evil Amish are on the move again 4 MumblyPeg Apr 4
Pentagon - and Daesh - Target Iran - By Pepe Escobar 0 TerroristSlayer Apr 4
Update on the Broken Arrow, OK shooting 13 His Daughter Apr 4
This message was self-deleted by its author 0 Grumpy Pickle Apr 4
Massive gold coin worth millions stolen from German museum 2 Juan Rico Apr 4
MAGA!! Homeland Security announces steps against H1B visa fraud 1 MumblyPeg Apr 3
Sessions orders Justice Department to review all 0bama era police reform agreements 3 Da Mannn Apr 3
Trump Supporter Labeled Fake News By 60 Minutes Beats Everyone To Susan Rice Scoop 2 MumblyPeg Apr 3
The US should do a Swordfish on NK. Hit them with ten times the force needed. I guarantee you China, 10 joefriday6 Apr 3
Muslim Enters Goodwill, Chokes Elderly Woman EmployeeBecause She Wouldnt Say It 28 MumblyPeg Apr 3
Crackhead started fire that led to collapse of Atlanta I-85 6 Tin Ear2 Apr 3
Moscow And Beijing Join Forces To Bypass US Dollar In Global Markets, Shift To Gold Trade 12 Badsamm Apr 3
Family Of Dead Burglar Complains About Homeowners Son Using AR-15 [View all] 57 Juan Rico Apr 3
FBI Visits Office of Saipan Casino Run by Trump Protege 11 LOLingAtTrumpVoters Apr 3
Feds accuse Giuliani of helping Turkish banker get around Iran sanctions 2 LOLingAtTrumpVoters Apr 3
Russia: 10 dead in St. Petersburg metro explosion 9 Doctor_R Apr 3
Despite Zero Percent Interest Rates, Obamas Economy Ranks Worst Post WW2 1 Gunslinger201 Apr 3
Iowa Man Charged After Taking Joe Biden's Shotgun Advice 12 Juan Rico Apr 3
Head of US military kit-testing slams F-35, says it's scarcely fit to fly 23 Troll2 Apr 3
Suspect Dressed in Black Allegedly Kicks in Marine Veterans Door, Does Not Live to Tell Tale 13 Juan Rico Apr 3
This LA Times article is pure McCarthyism. Time for the LA Times to go bye bye. 12 joefriday6 Apr 3
Chongqing police to punish those skirting Chinas Great Firewall 1 Troll2 Apr 3
Previously Deported Nigerian Received Tax Refunds With Stolen Identities + voter fraud 1 MumblyPeg Apr 3
St Petersburg metro explosion kills ten - media 5 Currentsitguy Apr 3
This message was self-deleted by its author 0 Cyberpunk Apr 3
Trump Immigration Enforcement Spurs Gang Tattoo Removal Boom 4 MumblyPeg Apr 3
Wait for it? Hell, it's already imploding 29 MumblyPeg Apr 3
Muslims Want Texas Teacher Fired for Insulting Islam 10 MumblyPeg Apr 2
FBI Outed by Senate Probe, They Offered Money for Investigation Into Trump 0 MumblyPeg Apr 2
Toronto Star keeping a record of Trump lies... 10 Scary Red Apr 2
Happy Birthday Yemen war! The War In Yemen Explained In 200 Seconds 0 Badsamm Apr 2
Illegal Aliens murder 17 year old, Virginia 6 MumblyPeg Apr 2
Trump Succumbs to Bush/Obama Perpetual War - by US diplomat/Russian troll Anne Wright 4 TerroristSlayer Apr 2
Is fake news old news? 3 Troll2 Apr 2
Cambridge University dragged into row over Donald Trump's ex-spy chief's links to Russia 1 LOLingAtTrumpVoters Apr 2
Colorado woman's remains found under grave of WWII veteran 10 Runner Dude Apr 2
Botched home invasion ends with teen suspect shot, 5 in custody 1 Juan Rico Apr 2
Airports and nuclear power stations on terror alert as government officials warn of... 16 Doctor_R Apr 2
'Russiagate' Is Failing And Its Supporters Are Getting Concerned 21 Badsamm Apr 2
Senator Sanders does understand, 5 bruiserboy Apr 2
Bwa ha ha ha ! Told you so ... ! 1 RATFINK_5.0 Apr 2
WikiLeaks release shows CIA uses computer code to "act Russian" - Daily Mail Russian News UK 5 TerroristSlayer Apr 1
Bill Maher: "Hillary, Stay In The Woods. You Had Your Shot. You F**ked It Up" Twice ! 24 Badsamm Apr 1
New Chinese tax rule to take aim at multinationals profit shifting 1 Troll2 Apr 1
If you find yourself in da' hood and hit a kid...DON'T STOP!!!! Drive to nearest safety/police!!! 11 Shkreli Apr 1
Democrats Know the Election Was Legitimate but Persist in a Dangerous Fraud 4 Troll2 Apr 1
No shootings Friday in Chicago 5 Tin Ear2 Apr 1
Warrant: I-85 bridge fire suspect smoked crack before starting blaze 9 Doctor_R Apr 1
County divulges homless pilot project prematurely 12 Gamle-ged Apr 1
The Russia Hacking Fiasco: No Evidence Required - By Mike Whitney (Washington state Russian Troll) 3 TerroristSlayer Apr 1
Saudi leader of al-Musra Front in Syria asks ISIS to join his group.. 4 TerroristSlayer Apr 1
Professor Stephen Cohen explains in 5 minutes why RussiaGate is 100% fake news -Tucker Russian Troll 2 TerroristSlayer Apr 1
Blaming Russia for Everything - Robert Parry/Consortium News 3 TerroristSlayer Apr 1
Ending Syria's Nightmare will take Pressure From Below - Mike Whitney US born Russian Troll 0 TerroristSlayer Apr 1
Russian government posts April Fools' Day prank offering "election interference" -CBS Russian Trolls 3 TerroristSlayer Apr 1
Another major retailer drops Trump brand merchandise... 0 Crazy in SoFla Apr 1
SECDEF Mattis: North Korea must be stopped 5 Currentsitguy Apr 1
Owasso vigil for three teens killed during home invasion ends abruptly after rumors of gun surface 3 Juan Rico Apr 1
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