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Chuck Grassley Defends Ukraine Whistleblower, Breaking With GOP and Trump 12 RCW2014 Oct 1
Why is Joe Biden so worried he's trying to get Rudy banned from TV news shows? 3 Solesurvivor Oct 1
Auto Workers Strike Has Cost GM Over $1 Billion, Jp Morgan Estimates 9 RCW2014 Oct 1
'This Is Not A Day For Celebration': GOP Lawmakers Split With Trump On China's 70th Anniversary 1 RCW2014 Oct 1
Agriculture Secretary: No Guarantee Family Dairy Farms Can Survive 1 RCW2014 Oct 1
ukraine has agreed to the steinmeier formula (Poll) 0 rampartb Oct 1
Joe Biden is the ONLY Democrat that I would consider voting for... I will not vote for Warren... 4 Social_Justice Oct 1
Attorney General Barr personally asked foreign officials to aid inquiry into CIA, FBI activities 3 wonderwarthog Oct 1
They called me ugly, said I shouldnt have been born." 25 orson Oct 1
Florida teen dies protecting his 5-year-old sister during violent home invasion robbery 2 Qukid Oct 1
China Set to Unveil Dongfeng-41 Nuke That Can Strike US in 30 Minutes at 70th Anniverary Parade 4 RCW2014 Oct 1
On U.S. Delisting Threat, China Says 'Decoupling' Would Harm Both Sides 0 RCW2014 Oct 1
U.S. Factory Activity Sinks to 10-Year Low in September 0 RCW2014 Oct 1
This message was self-deleted by its author 0 RCW2014 Oct 1
Iraqi Police Open Fire, Use Tear Gas and Water Cannon to Disperse Baghdad Protests 0 RCW2014 Oct 1
Racial attack at School where Karen Pence works is a hoax 12 Gunslinger201 Oct 1
8 More EU Countries Join Sanctions-Circumventing Exchange INSTEX To Trade With Iran 1 RCW2014 Oct 1
Apparently, Greta has superpowers. 18 Charlie Mike Oct 1
Quit Playing Stupid Sanctions Games: Moscow Blasts New Round Of US Sanctions, Vows To Respond 3 RCW2014 Sep 30
Saudi kings long-time trusted and close bodyguard is SHOT DEAD after personal dispute at friends 0 RCW2014 Sep 30
CNN Poll: Support for impeaching Trump rises among independents and Republicans 7 wonderwarthog Sep 30
FBI Says Murder And Violent Crime Both Declined In 2018 1 Steelydamned Sep 30
Man jumps to his death at Grand Canyon Skywalk 6 Steelydamned Sep 30
House Subpoenas Rudy Giuliani for Ukraine Documents as Part of Impeachment Inquiry 6 RCW2014 Sep 30
Judge DEMANDS Ocasio Cortez Appear in Court Over Violating Constitution And Court Rulings 8 Da Mannn Sep 30
Russia: Our Approval Is Needed to Publish Trump-Putin Calls 6 RCW2014 Sep 30
Two Indicators for Chinas Manufacturing Activity Beat Expectations 1 RCW2014 Sep 30
Syria, Iraq Open Key Border Crossing 0 RCW2014 Sep 30
Russias Fingerprints Are All Over Trumps Ukraine Whistleblower Scandal 8 orson Sep 30
Conservative commentator steals mom's social security 30 orson Sep 30
U.S Coast Guard seizes 6 tons of cocaine from a submarine in the Pacific Ocean [View all] 58 LavenderGirl Sep 30
Mark Levin roasts the fake news media... 0 Solesurvivor Sep 30
Whistleblower who set off the impeachment inquiry of President Trump is under federal protection 6 Aquila Sep 30
Saudi vehicles destroyed, Saudi-led troops & officers taken prisoner in alleged VIDEOS of Houthis.. 2 RCW2014 Sep 30
Saudi Crown Prince says he agrees with Pompeo oil-plant attacks are act of war by Iran 4 RCW2014 Sep 30
NYC officer was killed with his own gun. Police arent sure who pulled the trigger. 0 RCW2014 Sep 29
The Ukraine Scandal Is Not One Phone Call. Its a Massive Plot. 28 Salaam Sep 29
How could the Intel IG find the sources of complainants charges 'credible' when he didn't 6 Dumper Sep 29
Senate Cannot Block Trial If House Votes To Impeach Trump 16 orson Sep 29
Coal industry continues sharp decline despite Trump's promised revival 11 orson Sep 29
Red China preparing to attack Vietnam 5 imwithfred Sep 28
Pelosis House Rule Changes are Key Part of Articles of Impeachment . . . (trunc.) 3 Da Mannn Sep 28
OK Hand Gesture, Bowlcut Added To Anti-Defamation League Hate Symbols Database 6 RCW2014 Sep 28
Cuomo says leftist Dems pressured Pelosi on impeachment, warns it will go 'nowhere' 6 Da Mannn Sep 28
Trump met with NRA chief to discuss financial support: report 12 Micrometer Sep 28
McConnell encouraged Trump to release transcript of Zelensky call 13 orson Sep 28
How embarrassing would this be? 8 Currentsitguy Sep 28
Pompeo Grapples for Ways to Outlast "Hurricane Rudy" 2 RCW2014 Sep 28
New York Times: Pelosi will not hold vote on impeachment 12 Gunslinger201 Sep 28
Democrats Wrote to Ukraine in May 2018, Demanding It Investigate Trump 4 Iron Condor Sep 27
NRA's Ties to Russian Nationals Alleged in New Report 2 Salaam Sep 27
Infantroopen and Lawmarkers 11 LavenderGirl Sep 27
Kurt Volker, Trumps Envoy for Ukraine, Resigns 6 Salaam Sep 27
Putin's worried Trump will rat him out 22 orson Sep 27
US Income Inequality at Highest Level in 50 Years, Says Census 7 RCW2014 Sep 27
Falling apart already- Was the "Whistleblower" Part of a Plan? 1 Gunslinger201 Sep 27
Trump Admits He Discussed Biden With Ukrainian President 27 RCW2014 Sep 27
Abdul's pals wrecking Sweden 1 imwithfred Sep 27
Darwin Award! 13 Currentsitguy Sep 26
Trump Complains Whistleblower's Sources Are Like 'Spies' and Would Have Been Dealt with 'Differently 2 RCW2014 Sep 26
Coulter: Very Suspicious We Cant Get a Straight Answer New Border Wall Construction Warns of... 1 RCW2014 Sep 26
Oil Traders Rattled by U.S. Sanctions on China Tanker Firms 1 RCW2014 Sep 26
Majority Of House Supports Impeachment Inquiry 24 RCW2014 Sep 26
"Dallas braces for start of Amber Guyger murder trial" 12 Independent.mind Sep 26
Repo Market Meltdown Shows Budget Deficit Has Limits 1 RCW2014 Sep 26
Iran Commits New Breach of Nuclear Deal, Expands Enrichment - IAEA Report 3 RCW2014 Sep 26
US House Passes Bill Giving Pot Businesses Access to Banking System 6 RCW2014 Sep 26
U.S. Pending Home Sales Rebound More Than Expected In August 0 RCW2014 Sep 26
Joint Statement from Committee Chairs on Release of Ukraine Call Record 9 orson Sep 26
Tulsi Gabbard: Transcript doesn't show 'compelling' case for impeachment 3 Da Mannn Sep 26
former president of France succumbs 2 imwithfred Sep 26
No formal inquiry vote means there is no impeachment inquiry underway. 0 Da Mannn Sep 26
Democrats, primitives, seek to help the whistleblower 3 imwithfred Sep 26
Democrats View 'Deeply Disturbing' Whistleblower Complaint About Trump 12 RCW2014 Sep 26
Zelensky adviser says Biden case was precondition to Trump phone call 9 orson Sep 26
Walrus 1, Russia 0 4 Currentsitguy Sep 26
Netanyahu Tasked With Forming Next Government As Possible Corruption Charges Loom 0 RCW2014 Sep 26
U.S. believes attack on Saudi Arabia came from southwest Iran 4 RCW2014 Sep 26
This Isn't Just Another Spat. Trump Compromised Our Security For His Gain... 9 RCW2014 Sep 25
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