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Murder squad leader who once worked for El Chapo is found shot dead with his sister and her husband 4 Troll2 May 19
Walmart earnings soar as e-commerce sales jump, shoppers flock to stores 1 Troll2 May 19
Media in Panic Mode over Latest Presidential Polls 0 Da Mannn May 19
Best border wall construction video. Inspiring and heartening! MAGA! 11 Da Mannn May 19
Exclusive: Second more deadly wave of coronavirus 'to hit Europe this winter' 10 RCW2014 May 19
Poll: Biden struggling in New York with whites, youth, suburbanites 4 Da Mannn May 19
Take the Red Pill 5 Bob the Bilderberger May 19
Biden looks to flip Red States for path to defeat Trump 5 Da Mannn May 19
Why Sweden's lack of lockdown won't be enough to spare the economy 0 Troll2 May 18
Governor Pritzker to Massively Scale Up Contact Tracing. Welcome to the Stasi 2 Da Mannn May 18
Barr says Saudi shooter in Florida attack had "significant ties" to al Qaeda 2 RCW2014 May 18
US - 91,981 deaths by 5/18; averaging 1448 per day over the last week. 0 Troll2 May 18
Ocasio Cortez REFUSES To Pay back taxes, Warrant Issued. 7 Da Mannn May 18
Homeowner Who Shot, Killed Naked Intruder: God Bless America and the 2nd Amendment 10 Da Mannn May 18
California is now offering support to undocumented immigrants, in the first relief fund of its kind 4 AmandaCMatthews May 18
Trump Administration Waives Environmental Safeguards to Fast-Track 69 Miles of Border Fence Construc 0 Da Mannn May 18
US base asks Japanese workers to keep children home from school 2 Troll2 May 18
HELP RON JEREMY SAVE HIS WOOD? That's what the now 69 year old Porn actor 0 Dumper May 18
April 15, 2020: Gavin Newsom gave away $125 million to illegal aliens 6 Zuckerberg Hater May 18
Hamster tests show face masks reduce transmission risk of coronavirus 13 Troll2 May 18
Reminder: Adolf Hitler Also Wanted To Go Outside And Do Things 2 Da Mannn May 18
Canadian Snowbirds "morale boost" flyover crashes, one dead. 0 Currentsitguy May 18
EDITORIAL: Unlikely TSMC will soon build in US 0 Troll2 May 18
'COVID toes,' other rashes latest possible rare virus signs 0 Troll2 May 18
US - 90,978 deaths by 5/17; averaging 1456 per day over the last week. 4 Troll2 May 18
de Blasio to persecute The People 1 imwithfred May 18
China Deliberately Allowed Coronavirus to Spread Outside Its Borders 3 Da Mannn May 18
Bernie Sanders Joins Marxists to Launch Progressive International 2 Da Mannn May 18
House Republican Introduces Bill to Ban Ballot Harvesting 2 Da Mannn May 18
Japan Slips Into Recession, Slump Set to Worsen as Pandemic Wreaks Havoc 0 RCW2014 May 18
Garcia (R) wins California Special Election by 12 Points with 100% Reporting 8 Da Mannn May 17
I think Jake Tapper just ID'd Q+ 1 Gunslinger201 May 17
Newsweek: Fauci backed controversial Wuhan lab with millions of US dollars for risky CV research 5 Aquila May 17
No Spike in Coronavirus in Places Reopening 3 Da Mannn May 17
Trump bets the farm on Huawei equipment ban 1 Troll2 May 17
OK, Karen! 2 Da Mannn May 17
Boris Johnson holds crisis talks as Washington goes 'berserk' over a leaked Interpol request to arr 1 Troll2 May 17
What happened in 1971? 2 Badsamm May 17
Democrats Lied, Seth Rich Died 5 Gunslinger201 May 17
Dem-imposed coronavirus orders face lawsuits across the nation 2 Da Mannn May 17
Why Joe Biden and the Democrats Are Going to Lose Big 4 Da Mannn May 17
LA Times: Joe who? Bidens the likely nominee, but readers are oddly quiet about him 3 Da Mannn May 17
Democrats reject amendment denying benefits to illegal aliens 4 Zuckerberg Hater May 17
The new Beto: Washington Post and NY Times publish flattering profiles of Stacey Abrams 4 Da Mannn May 17
It's gunna break soon that when Biden said he wasn't part of the Flynn investigation, he 1 Dumper May 17
Obama's full of it 2 imwithfred May 17
Thirteen sailors aboard the USS Theodore Roosevelt test positive for coronavirus for a SECOND time a 3 Troll2 May 17
job market for those who've learned to code to become saturated 2 imwithfred May 17
Ever so doctrinaire Libertarians will have to look elsewhere for a 2000 candidate. 0 Dumper May 17
US threatens ICC with consequences if it acts on war crimes complaint against Israel ...+ 2 RCW2014 May 17
THOUSANDS Flood Beaches in Defiance Of Lockdown, The people Have Spoken, Lockdown Has BROKEN 2 Da Mannn May 17
US - 90,113 deaths by 5/16; averaging 1439 per day over the last week. 4 Troll2 May 17
Fox News is telling its employees to work from home for at least another month 18 LavenderGirl May 17
Long Islanders uprise against dictatorship 3 imwithfred May 17
CNN's very convenient technical problems 0 imwithfred May 17
Most Americans Would Get Second $1,200 Check Under Bill Passed by House Democrats 9 RCW2014 May 17
We surrender! Roscosmos chief taunts Trump for bragging about super-duper US missile 2 RCW2014 May 17
How to arm your body to defeat Covid-19: Lose weight, get fit, stop smoking, reverse diabetes... and 3 Troll2 May 17
$1.28 billion wall project on Arizona border awarded to firm 3 Da Mannn May 17
Leading Medical Journal the Lancet: Replace Trump And Bolster The CDC 16 LavenderGirl May 16
Antibody blocks infection by the SARS-CoV-2 in cells, scientists discover 0 Troll2 May 16
The People uprising against Fake News 9 imwithfred May 16
Wisconsin High Court Tosses out Governors Stay-Home Order 5 RCW2014 May 16
reporter whines about his reception on Long Island 2 imwithfred May 16
Why do I keep in getting This site cannot be reached 14 AmandaCMatthews May 16
"You Can't Avoid The Final Collapse" 8 Badsamm May 16
Despite Liberal Shut-Shaming, Re-Opened Georgia Cases Are Flat 6 Da Mannn May 16
Glad to see... 0 jimiray May 16
No beds, packed morgues: Mumbai hospitals near collapse 3 Troll2 May 16
El Chapo' enforcer vanishes in California, 2 months after release 2 AmandaCMatthews May 16
The Chinese almost nailed New York City again. ... 14 batcat May 16
US - 88,507 deaths by 5/15; averaging 1413 per day over the last week. 2 Troll2 May 16
Trump fires State Dept watchdog said to be probing Pompeo 5 Troll2 May 16
Why East beat West on Covid-19 (Part 2) 1 Troll2 May 16
FDA halts Seattle Covid-19 home tests 8 orson May 16
drunk with power, Democrat governors oppressing The People 6 imwithfred May 16
Chinas travel bubble includes HK, Taiwan, Korea 1 Troll2 May 16
US Retail Sales Plunged a Record 16% in April as Virus Hit 3 RCW2014 May 16
House Passes $3 Trillion Coronavirus Aid Bill Opposed by Trump 2 RCW2014 May 16
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