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Mexico to grant highest honor to Jared Kushner 3 drunk_teddy Nov 27
Illegal invader scales wall, falls, gets steel bar in the ass. US taxpayers get the medical bill 11 MumblyPeg Nov 27
Active shooter at 5 Doctor_R Nov 27
US slams Hungary over suspected Russian arms dealers 0 Troll2 Nov 27
3 dead Americans and 3 wounded in bomb attack in Afganist¡n 3 Badsamm Nov 27
The U.S. Housing Boom Is Coming to an End, Starting in Dallas 4 RCW2014 Nov 27
former president won't get to drive a Chevy Volt like he wanted 4 imwithfred Nov 27
Family crisis at the border 0 Solesurvivor Nov 27
China's CNPC takes over Iranian mega gas project from Frances Total 4 RCW2014 Nov 27
Foreign Buyers Dump U.S. Treasuries... 1 RCW2014 Nov 27
Farm Bankruptcies On The Rise According To New Fed Report 1 RCW2014 Nov 27
If you bring your children... 3 Solesurvivor Nov 26
Germany: Russian blockade of Sea of Azov is unacceptable 5 orson Nov 26
Ukraine says Russia seized three of its ships in Black Sea after firing on them 7 Troll2 Nov 26
Twitter CEO and left hero Jack Dorsey Lied Under Oath To Congress 8 MumblyPeg Nov 26
Congratulations to the men and women of NASA. 4 Virginia Vet Nov 26
It's 2PM EST. If anyone wants to watch the Mars landing here is the link. Coverage just started 5 Currentsitguy Nov 26
So It Begins: General Motors to Slash 14,700 Jobs in North America 9 RCW2014 Nov 26
NATO calls meeting about Ukraine-Russia differences 3 imwithfred Nov 26
another predatory Demo nabbed 1 imwithfred Nov 26
Snowstorm With Blizzard Conditions To Blast I-80 Corridor Of Central US Into Monday 3 RCW2014 Nov 26
Migrant caravan: Mexico to deport group which stormed US border 6 Da Mannn Nov 26
Obama Gassed Immigrants too, dont let media lie 7 Gunslinger201 Nov 26
Naked raccoon, who may have been hallucinating 2 Jardinier Nov 26
they're getting ready for President Trump today 0 imwithfred Nov 26
Obama per policy change suspended many of our immigration laws. 1 oldenuff35 Nov 26
Kiev Urges Moscow to Return Servicemen Detained in Kerch Strait Incident 2 RCW2014 Nov 26
Syria Calls for UN to Condemn Alleged Rebel Gas Attack on Aleppo 0 RCW2014 Nov 26
Laura Loomer Threatens Lawsuit Over Twitter Suspension 14 MumblyPeg Nov 25
GOP IL state Rep. Nick Sauer posted naked photos of ex-girlfriend online 7 LavenderGirl Nov 25
Ukrainian and Russian naval forces engaging in hostilities off Crimea 2 TendiesForBreakfast Nov 25
Nebraska Demos might ditch counterproductive caucus 0 imwithfred Nov 25
The putrid little commies asked for it... now France burns 18 MumblyPeg Nov 25
Yeah, there's always a toxic gas attack going off over there, what are you gonna do? (Poll) 5 Frankenvoter Nov 25
Referendum: Taiwan voters say no to gay marriage 1 Troll2 Nov 25
Russia space agency chief: Well verify US moon landings 9 Qukid Nov 25
As Predicted, GOP Tax Cuts Prompt Record Tax Revenues 4 MumblyPeg Nov 25
Khashoggi murder reveals power games in US administration 9 Troll2 Nov 24
A naked airline pilot flew from Miami to Chicago with a plane full of people 3 oflguy Nov 24
Kentucky Woman walked down street naked, hallucinating human sacrifices. 20 SatansSon666 Nov 24
Merkel: EU States Must Prepare to Hand National Sovereignty over to Brussels 5 Da Mannn Nov 24
Quite a streak of news stories about naked hallucinating here today 3 Qukid Nov 24
Israeli defense minister met with Syrian rebels, former IDF commander reveals in a first 1 Badsamm Nov 24
Naked Mexican arrested attempting to scale wall surrounding Obama's house. 1 foia Nov 24
About those Paris riots 1 Badsamm Nov 24
Officer allegedly punches naked, hallucinating Harvard student and is now under investigation 3 Cold Warrior Nov 24
ESPN Loses 2 More Million Subscribers In 2018 7 Troll2 Nov 24
CDC has traced the source of e coli contaminated lettuce to California 22 oflguy Nov 24
A completely naked elderly woman 6 Jardinier Nov 24
Paris police fire tear gas at 'yellow vest' protesters 1 Troll2 Nov 24
The protests in France are about an environmental tax - Seems Frenchmen don't support Paris Accord 1 Troll2 Nov 24
Obama, Mueller and the Biggest Scam in American History 0 Gunslinger201 Nov 24
Malaysia will seek $4.5 bn in damages from Goldman Sachs 0 Troll2 Nov 24
Man under influence of cough medicine found naked, hallucinating in park 1 Meowmenow Nov 24
Student confronted by fat, naked man performing a sex act 3 LavenderGirl Nov 24
Home made weed ice-cream left couple running around naked hallucinating and pleading cops for help 2 Meowmenow Nov 24
Naked tourist found 1km out at sea while hallucinating 2 Meowmenow Nov 24
United pilot faces indecent exposure charge after reports of naked man at hotel window 0 LavenderGirl Nov 24
FL family finds naked man in driveway following stabbing 0 LavenderGirl Nov 24
Naked man dies after rampage, assaulting customers in Whataburger 0 LavenderGirl Nov 23
Naked man walks into Subway in Memphis, steals bag of chips before being arrested 0 LavenderGirl Nov 23
Naked snap: Hackers replace Donald Trumps Wikipedia photo with picture of a penis 2 LavenderGirl Nov 23
BAKER CITY: Hallucinating naked man arrested 0 Meowmenow Nov 23
Naked drivers behavior was so extremely dangerous that many people called 911, police say 1 Meowmenow Nov 23
Man spends night naked in train station locker in Japan 0 Cold Warrior Nov 23
I believed we were going to die: An elevator in a Chicago skyscraper fell 84 floors, requiring a d 7 Troll2 Nov 23
Yup, she's an Idiot! 9 Gunslinger201 Nov 23
American missionary, 27, is shot dead with arrows by protected tribe that he tried to convert [View all] 63 Troll2 Nov 23
Riverchase Galleria Shooting..... 3 Boadicea Nov 23
Trump signs EO allowing waterboarding on American soil. 4 Daves Not Here Man Nov 23
US-China trade war could create winners in Southeast Asia: Bain & Co 0 Troll2 Nov 23
Inside The British Army's Secret Information Warfare Machine 0 Troll2 Nov 23
Interpol presidency vote: Russia in surprise loss to South Korea 1 Banshee 3 Actual Nov 23
Trump Is Crude. But Hes Right About Saudi Arabia. 10 Da Mannn Nov 22
Yes, It's Cold War with China So Win It Like the Last Cold War 2 Troll2 Nov 22
Head of Russian Military Intelligence GRU Dead 'After Long And Serious Illness' 1 RCW2014 Nov 22
CIA holds smoking gun phone call of Saudi Crown Prince on Khashoggi murder: Columnist 9 Troll2 Nov 22
Lost portrait of Charles Dickens turns up at auction in South Africa 2 Agent_86 Nov 22
Damn. 83 people burned to death. How horrible. 5 foia Nov 22
Man jailed in sexual assault and killing at Catholic Supply store in St. Louis 2 Agent_86 Nov 22
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