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Guaido Blocked From Venezuelas Congress As Impasse Deepens 0 RCW2014 Jan 5
Man who threatened to kill New Year's Eve partygoers, killed by armed guest 1 Da Mannn Jan 5
Hustler Magazine Sends Congress Christmas Card Depicting Graphic Assassination of President Trump 11 Sundogs_Place Jan 5
France, Russia, and China condemn US killing of Soleimani 4 Zuckerberg Hater Jan 5
UK foreign secretary sides with Trump on Soleimani killing 0 Zuckerberg Hater Jan 5
Iranian Leadership responds to their supporters on the American Left 1 Da Mannn Jan 5
iraq parliament votes to expel foreign troops 8 rampartb Jan 5
Mad Maxine proves herself pretty stupid (again) 4 imwithfred Jan 5
'Iran' launches cyber-attack on US government website warning 'we're always ready' 1 RCW2014 Jan 5
Outraged Americans condemn US actions in Iraq and Iran: 'Enough with this nonsense' 14 RCW2014 Jan 5
Pompeo Speaks with Netanyahu on Iranian Threat Following Soleimani's Death, 3rd Time This Week 0 RCW2014 Jan 5
Terrifying Moment Iran Unveils Red Flag At Mosque Warning Of Severe Battle To Come 14 RCW2014 Jan 5
Maxine Waters pranked by russians 0 MoshMasterD Jan 5
Tucker slams 'chest-beaters' cheering US strike on Soleimani 6 Isidore Jan 4
VA Gov. Northams Proposed Gun Confiscation Squad. DemoKKKrats in action. 3 Da Mannn Jan 4
Pence Falsely Links Iranian General To 9/11 Attacks 4 RCW2014 Jan 4
Thousands mourn top Iranian General Soleimani and Iraqi PMF militia Deputy Commander al-Muhandis... 2 RCW2014 Jan 4
35 Vital US & Israeli Targets Within Irans Reach for Potential Revenge for Soleimanis Death 3 RCW2014 Jan 4
US-Led Coalition Members Suspend Iraq Operations as Region Submerged in Outrage Over Iranian General 2 RCW2014 Jan 4
China on Soleimani Killing: US Should Not Abuse Military Power, We Are Watching 3 RCW2014 Jan 4
German foreign minister will seek direct talks with Iran: newspaper 2 Troll2 Jan 4
Russian MOD Says Irans Soleimani Organized Anti-Terrorist Fight Long Before Us Was There 1 RCW2014 Jan 4
Multiple rockets fall in Green Zone, Baghdad, air base: Iraqi military 3 Troll2 Jan 4
Sen. Tim Kaine Will Force A Vote On War With Iran 16 RCW2014 Jan 4
Speaker Pelosi Threatens Possibility of Armed Conflict Against U.S. Department of Justice 3 Da Mannn Jan 4
Republican Jeanne Ives Claims 9-Point Lead over Incumbent Democrat in IL-06 (Red Wave?) 1 Da Mannn Jan 4
Police Searching For Car Seen In Video Driving Off Highway Cliff In California 7 Da Mannn Jan 4
This is war: Iran vows to avenge slain general 3 Troll2 Jan 4
Internet tough guy alert 0 kat-9 Jan 4
Dems furious Schumer and Gang of 8 werent included in Iran briefing, but Lindsey Graham was 17 Da Mannn Jan 4
Serious question: What do you think the Iranians will do in retaliation for the [View all] 52 Solesurvivor Jan 4
Air strikes targeting Iraqi militia kill six: army source 4 Troll2 Jan 4
Looks like Dad is right handed 1 Qukid Jan 4
Times Of London Names Iranian General To List Of "2020 Rising Stars" Day Before Assassination 2 Troll2 Jan 4
Netanyhau praises Trump for killing Qassem Soleimani, says Israel stands by US 11 Da Mannn Jan 4
New York bracing for retaliation after Iran's top general killed 2 RCW2014 Jan 4
Purists Be Damned: Ford Says Reservations for the New All-Electric Mustang Mach-E SUV Are Now Full 9 RCW2014 Jan 4
U.S. 'self-defense' argument for killing Soleimani meets skepticism 7 RCW2014 Jan 4
Trump takes a calculated risk on Iran 3 Troll2 Jan 4
US killing catapults Iraq back to aftermath of 2003 invasion 0 Troll2 Jan 3
U.S. and allies suspend training of Iraqi forces: Germany 2 Troll2 Jan 3
Mystery as Large creepy Drones Swarm Over CO, Nebraska Each Night Leaving Cops and FAA Baffled 6 RCW2014 Jan 3
The Kremlin has a theory...the deep state frame-up 2 orson Jan 3
Apple Watch Helps Disprove Man's Anti-Semitic Attack Story 0 RCW2014 Jan 3
Rival Shi'ite Leaders in Iraq Call for U.S. Troop Expulsion in Rare Show of Unity 2 RCW2014 Jan 3
Iranian agents, proxies and uppity muzzies are blowin up all over the mideast! 0 Da Mannn Jan 3
To Keep Putin Out, Belarus Invites the U.S. and China In 0 Banshee 3 Actual Jan 3
Is Taiwan less formidable now because they lost their top generals in a helicopter crash 3 Badsamm Jan 3
Trump: We took action to stop a war, not start one 3 Gunslinger201 Jan 3
QASEM SOLEIMANI is DEAD. Good kill or bad kill? (Poll) 7 Da Mannn Jan 3
Hey RC, Lefties! Are you upset at the terrorist general who went Boom? A GIF for you... 2 Da Mannn Jan 3
Tens of Thousands Rally in Iran Capital Against US 'Crimes' 6 RCW2014 Jan 3
US To Deploy 3,500 Additional Troops to The Middle East After Iranian General Killed 1 RCW2014 Jan 3
#Soleimani did not kill himself..... 0 Da Mannn Jan 3
A spokesman for the Iranian National Guard breaks down in tears on live TV 1 Da Mannn Jan 3
well that escalated quickly 1 Solesurvivor Jan 3
Trump blowing up Iranian leadership makes him look Presidential in an election year. 5 Da Mannn Jan 3
U.S. Factory Gauge Unexpectedly Falls to Lowest Since 2009 0 RCW2014 Jan 3
State Department Urges Americans To Immediately Leave Iraq 2 RCW2014 Jan 3
Feckless Intermittent Eruptions Of Violence: Rand Paul Warns Against War With Iran Without Congres 1 RCW2014 Jan 3
Virginia declares a new sanctuary 2 imwithfred Jan 3
Act of "International Terrorism": Iran Vows vigorous Revenge on US After Quds Force Chief Killed 5 RCW2014 Jan 3
Our Elitist would be ruler speaks: We Cant Just Let Average Americans Have Guns 0 Da Mannn Jan 3
Got a question for lefty... 8 Solesurvivor Jan 3
Calm down lefty... 0 Solesurvivor Jan 3
See the difference? 1 Solesurvivor Jan 3
Iran's Zarif Says Soleimani Killing Will Boost Resistance Against US And Israel in Region 1 RCW2014 Jan 3
Today's actions debunked the MSM mantra that Trump doesn't work well with the 5 Dumper Jan 3
US Combat Deaths in Afghanistan Highest in Years 1 RCW2014 Jan 3
"We need to be prepared that we're now at war" 7 wonderwarthog Jan 3
Pentagon: Trump Ordered Strike At Baghdad Airport That Killed Senior Iranian Official.... 8 RCW2014 Jan 3
Iraqi Forces Cordon Off Location Of U.S. Embassy In Iraqi Capital... 1 RCW2014 Jan 2
Conflicting Reports: 4 People Killed in Rocket Attack at Baghdad International Airport: Iraqi Offici 9 RCW2014 Jan 2
Imperial Delusion: Turkey Sending Troops to Libya Would Be No Solution to The Chaos Caused By... 5 RCW2014 Jan 2
When a valid ID is required: 0 Sundogs_Place Jan 2
Iran-backed militia official killed at Baghdad airport in wake of 'missile' attack report 5 RCW2014 Jan 2
Mayor Pete Buttigieg Calls For Decriminalizing Crime? If he's successful, we will have a 3 Dumper Jan 2
A moment of TRUTH for the Lefties trying to spin the embassy attack. 32 Da Mannn Jan 2
In 2019 Kansas City nearly hit its all-time record for homicides. Most are unsolved. 0 RCW2014 Jan 2
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