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Why is ICE and Homeland Security worried about fake Superbowl memorabilia? 10 Currentsitguy Feb 3
EVIDENCE: Rashida Tlaib Lied About Residency To Run For Office, Registered To Vote At False Addres 12 Sundogs_Place Feb 3
American BAR Association says Minorities too stupid to pass BAR Exam with high standards 8 Sundogs_Place Feb 3
Not being transgender makes me privileged says Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez 8 Da Mannn Feb 3
Northam Involved in SECOND Blackface Incident - Per DU 7 Sundogs_Place Feb 3
cultural appropriation 1 Troll2 Feb 3
As West Bank Violence Surges, Israel Is Silent on Attacks by Jews 4 RCW2014 Feb 3
Judicial Watch Files Deep State Lawsuit Demanding Baker, FBI All Communications 1 MumblyPeg Feb 3
Is there a Go Find Me to find Coonman's Klansman and Blackface Med Student? 1 Social_Justice Feb 2
What Kitty said before she self deleted. Silly Kitty! Trix are for kids! 4 Da Mannn Feb 2
Iran Unveils, Successfully Tests New Long-Range Cruise Missile 1 RCW2014 Feb 2
Tight labor markets having positive worker effects. 1 nolidad Feb 2
Were there more FBI agents arresting Stone than we had soldiers taking down Osama in Pakistan? [View all] 50 Badsamm Feb 2
Confuse a Democrat 3 Troll2 Feb 2
Hey CPD and FBI... how fucking long does it take to identify an unknown chemical substance 4 JaimeBondoJr Feb 2
#ChicagoPolice: #JussieSmollett was seen on video with Subway sandwich AFTER attack (Poll) 3 freedumb2003 Feb 2
LEFTY Starts African-American History Month Celebration with Coonman and the Klan! 1 Social_Justice Feb 2
During Shutdown, Federal Employees Considered Leaving Government Work 0 imwithfred Feb 2
Police joining anti Maduro protest in Venezuela 1 Currentsitguy Feb 2
Putin Greenlights Creation of Hypersonic Mid-Range Missile as Us Suspends INF Treaty 0 RCW2014 Feb 2
15 manufacturers flee Mexico due to strike in Tamaulipas 1 Troll2 Feb 2
Why does Chase Bank bother putting up walls around their money? People can tunnel right under it 0 MumblyPeg Feb 2
Michael Moore calls for Starbucks boycott until Howard Schultz says hes not running for president 5 Da Mannn Feb 2
Nein, Thanks: Germany Snubs F-35, New Fighter Choice Still Up In Air 5 RCW2014 Feb 2
tRump is the racist. NEVER FORGET. 3 Social_Justice Feb 2
Hatred for Jews openly expressed by elected Democrats in Congress 18 Da Mannn Feb 2
Massive Military Exercise At Southern Border Precursor To National Emergency? 13 Da Mannn Feb 2
Elizabeth Warren Apologizes To Cherokee Nation For DNA Test 4 Troll2 Feb 1
Harris, Castro call on Northam to resign after blackface photo comes to light 2 Da Mannn Feb 1
Pompeo Expected To Announce US Suspension Of INF Treaty On Friday 3 RCW2014 Feb 1
Ban on cigarette sales proposed for Hawaii. Lefty Nanny State 3 Da Mannn Feb 1
No one is surprised that a Democrat Governor is a Klansman. 1 Social_Justice Feb 1
GMs Involuntary Layoffs Start Monday, At Least 4,000 Workers Expected To Lose Jobs 6 RCW2014 Feb 1
for RC: Donald Trump: Time to Start Coming Home from Endless Wars 2 Da Mannn Feb 1
Tax tax tax, when do we talk about taxing religions and their 12 Badsamm Feb 1
Trump is helping Putin fill his bucket list 12 orson Feb 1
Meteor EXPLODES, shatters windows in western Cuba after startling Florida Keys (PHOTOS, VIDEOS) 1 RCW2014 Feb 1
Another Liberal news organization laying off 10% of it's workforce, 13 bruiserboy Feb 1
Major DNA Testing Company Is Sharing Genetic Data With the FBI 3 RCW2014 Feb 1
Not Guilty Verdict in Illinois George Zimmerman/Trayvon Martin 2.0 Murder Trial 4 357blackhawk Feb 1
EU and Japan create world's biggest free trade zone 5 Troll2 Feb 1
In 1992, Cory Booker wrote of groping a high school friend as they 'fumbled upon a bed.' 7 oflguy Feb 1
Abortion extremists on the Left are going to trigger new Supreme Court restrictions 14 Da Mannn Feb 1
Come to LA! We welcome illegal aliens, we welcome your third-world diseases... 2 Gamle-ged Feb 1
This message was self-deleted by its author 0 Social_Justice Feb 1
Russian post offices raise funds with beer 6 Troll2 Feb 1
Watch Russian Su-27 fend off F-15 in a daring maneuver mid-air 31 Badsamm Feb 1
Empire" actor Jussie Smollett allegedly assaulted in possible hate crime, police say (Poll) 24 Daves Not Here Man Feb 1
In Reversal, Trump Now Claims He's on the 'Same Page' as His Intelligence Chiefs 2 RCW2014 Feb 1
Covington Kids Attorney Ramps Up Libel Cast Against Democrat Smear Merchants 3 MumblyPeg Feb 1
Michigan Governor Uses Emergency Alert System To Ask Residents To Turn Heat Down 9 RCW2014 Jan 31
EU Implements New Iran Trade Mechanism 0 RCW2014 Jan 31
GM Halts Operations At 11 Michigan Plants After Utility's Appeal To Conserve Natural Gas 9 RCW2014 Jan 31
This message was self-deleted by its author 0 Badsamm Jan 31
Pelosi To Block Trump's SOTU Address Despite Government Reopening 17 Troll2 Jan 31
2018 Was the 'Worst Year Ever' for Smartphone Shipments 2 Troll2 Jan 31
Trump Caves, Ends Longest Government Shutdown in History Without His Precious Wall 14 Salaam Jan 31
Blinky says the problem at the border is 2 oflguy Jan 31
Blowing up shit with your tax dollars. Testing weapons video in HD 7 Badsamm Jan 31
US military contractor to build Muslim Uyghur 'internment camp' in China 5 Troll2 Jan 31
Israel ex-army chief challenges Netanyahu from the center 0 Troll2 Jan 31
FBI: Las Vegas gunman sought infamy, influenced by fathers memory 8 Qukid Jan 31
Tyson Recalls 36,000 Pounds Of Chicken Nuggets Which May Contain Rubber 9 Troll2 Jan 31
"NewsGuard," a new app protects us from Fake News 2 Da Mannn Jan 31
Watchdog legal fight against Qualcomm & pushy chip deals closes with argument how awful lawyers are 0 Troll2 Jan 31
Huge pileup on NY I90 in the Lake Erie snowbelt 14 Currentsitguy Jan 31
Rand Paul Awarded Over $580,000 in Damages Against Neighbor for Attack 4 Gunslinger201 Jan 31
Nato members increase defence spending by $100 billion after Donald Trump called them 'delinquents' 36 Sundogs_Place Jan 31
U.S. Lawmakers Seek to Force Trump Decision on Saudi Yemen War 0 RCW2014 Jan 31
Fed Says U.S. Growth Is 'Solid,' Keeps Interest Rates Unchanged; DJIA up over 400+ 8 RCW2014 Jan 31
Russian Nord Stream 2 Gas Pipeline To Europe Will Be Completed This Year 2 RCW2014 Jan 30
Guaido trained in CIA-linked "regime change factory" 18 msv Jan 30
Russia Vows To Defend Its Venezuelan Oil Assets Using 'All Mechanisms Available To Us' 5 RCW2014 Jan 30
A Democrats wet dream. This is what getting rid of Toxic Masculinity looks like! 4 Sundogs_Place Jan 30
Rand Paul awarded 580,000 in damages 4 bruiserboy Jan 30
Secret Service officer injured, pedestrian arrested in incident near White House 5 Qukid Jan 30
$1 Billion China-Financed LA Skyscraper Complex Mysteriously Halts Construction 10 Troll2 Jan 30
They Shall Not Grow Old 3 Badsamm Jan 30
Florida School Staffers Charged With Using Dark Room, Whistle to Torment Autistic Kids 4 Boadicea Jan 30
Upper West Siders hire private security over homeless crisis 11 imwithfred Jan 30
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