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So, Roger Stone may have perpetrated alleged hit & run ? 8 RATFINK_5.0 Mar 17
Video: Russian Spetsnaz in Syria - Last days of ISIS - Aleppo Liberation Tribute 4 TerroristSlayer Mar 17
Centre-left shift in Dutch election deals blow to populism 26 i verglas Mar 17
This message was self-deleted by its author 0 Badsamm Mar 17
They should have called Bernie for advice... 1 MumblyPeg Mar 17
Horrific: EMT run over, killed by man driving stolen ambulance 6 Bronxbomber Mar 17
Listen Liberals: Russia Is Not Our Enemy - Huffington Post [View all] 51 TerroristSlayer Mar 17
Very Fake News: Juan Williams Slams CNN Report Claiming Sean Hannity Pulled Gun on Him' 5 MumblyPeg Mar 17
trump doesnt want his name on the ahca neither does ryan so let's rename it 10 muon Mar 17
Brute turns himself in for savage beating of man who offered to pay for meal 1 Bronxbomber Mar 17
Black Priviledge - Bow Wow..... 9 ibtruthin Mar 17
Google Moves to Full On Censorship with Army of 10,000 Private Contractors Dictating Truth 3 TerroristSlayer Mar 17
16 shot, 3 fatally, in Chicago violence on Tuesday 4 Tin Ear2 Mar 17
Re Tump / Republican Budget win and 2018 election..... 2 ibtruthin Mar 17
Plow Driver Uncovers Murdered Teens Body While Clearing Snow 5 Tin Ear2 Mar 17
This is silly 6 oflguy Mar 16
Driver who lost license 30 times gets probation in fatal hit-and-run 10 Daves Not Here Man Mar 16
I have received all of Trump's tax returns from 1980-2016. I will release here at 4:00 a.m. e.s.t. 1 Konservative Mar 16
Budget leaves Overseas Contingency Operations in place outside the budget caps 0 Troll2 Mar 16
Alabama Senate committee OKs police force for Briarwood Presbyterian Church 7 Daves Not Here Man Mar 16
Is there ANYTHING that Pee-stain the potus is "great" at? 21 muon Mar 16
US Secretary of State Tillerson calls for new approach to North Korea 4 Troll2 Mar 16
100 days of Trump claims: in 56 days in office: "we've counted 219 false or misleading claims."-WaPo 2 muon Mar 16
EPA Official Accused of Helping Monsanto Kill Cancer Study 1 Badsamm Mar 16
POLITICSSenate Intel Committee Just Confirmed Trump Made Up Obama Wiretap Lie 4 muon Mar 16
31% cut to EPA. 16 Iron Condor Mar 16
MSNBCs Mika Brzezinski on Morning Joe program says "its media's job to control what people think" 16 TerroristSlayer Mar 16
Nationalism still in vogue in Europe, despite Dutch setback 0 Troll2 Mar 16
US Marine Corps chiefs declare WAR on stolen sex snap sharing scum 14 Troll2 Mar 16
The puzzle of forming a Dutch govt 0 Troll2 Mar 16
Stolen guns...just the ones reported.... 49 ProgressiveTaxation Mar 16
McCain: Trump budget can't pass Senate 3 muon Mar 16
Texas executes man who killed 2 and tried to attack judge 11 Juan Rico Mar 16
Remember, the party that blamed Hillary Clinton's State Department for Benghazi... is now proposing 7 muon Mar 16
The Trump Effect, 0 bruiserboy Mar 16
Video Proof of Staged False Flag Bombing in Mosul Iraq used by Associated Press and Daily Mail UK 4 TerroristSlayer Mar 16
Amazon is going to kill more American jobs than China did 6 Daves Not Here Man Mar 16
Its all distraction. Trump isn't in charge of anything...... 1 TerroristSlayer Mar 16
Trump admin halts Obama-era rule on fracking on public land 4 Da Mannn Mar 16
Man voted "most slappable face" loses tax exempt status. [View all] 51 Slayer Mar 16
Startup works on safer carbon-ion batteries 2 Troll2 Mar 16
NSA hacking chief's mission impossible: Advising White House on cybersecurity 1 Troll2 Mar 16
New Chinese Military Base in Africa Presents Security Concerns for US 14 Troll2 Mar 16
NY: Man beaten to pulp after offering to pay for attackers' meal 34 Juan Rico Mar 16
SpaceX yoinks $96m GPS launch deal from under ULA's nose 2 Troll2 Mar 16
Why are creepy SS7 cellphone spying flaws still unfixed after years, ask Congresscritters 2 Troll2 Mar 16
Ghost Towns Left in Syria After US/Saudi Supported Jihadists Removed by Russian and Syrian Forces 1 TerroristSlayer Mar 16
John McCain Makes Secret Trip to Syria in Midst of U.S. Assessment - Wall Street Journal 5 TerroristSlayer Mar 16
AP Reporter Matt Lee Questions U.S. State Department on White Helmet Terrorists Denied Visas 1 TerroristSlayer Mar 16
Syrian War Propaganda at the Oscars - Consortium News 1 TerroristSlayer Mar 16
U.S. Relies Heavily on Saudi Money to Support Syrian Rebels - New York Times 7 TerroristSlayer Mar 16
Film about Syrian White Helmets wins Oscar amid allegations of terrorist ties 1 TerroristSlayer Mar 16
FSA Terrorists Meeting Proves That White Helmets Oscar Recipients Are Terrorist Affiliated 4 TerroristSlayer Mar 16
Tulsi Gabbard on her bill to "Stop Arming Terrorists in Syria Act" - RT America 1 TerroristSlayer Mar 16
Syrian Army recaptures Palmyra, aided by Russian Air Force 1 TerroristSlayer Mar 16
"Moderate" jihadists using US TOW missile or another $58,908 down the drain 5 TerroristSlayer Mar 16
French industrial giant admits deals with armed groups in Syria 3 TerroristSlayer Mar 16
At Trump Congressional Address - Tulsi Gabbard States US Are Arming Terrorist Groups in Syria 5 TerroristSlayer Mar 16
Google/You Tube Demonetize Videos That Tell the Truth About US Terrorist Actions In The Middle East 3 TerroristSlayer Mar 16
Anti-war activists disrupt WhiteHelmets concert at Grand Central, accusing them of war propaganda 10 TerroristSlayer Mar 16
Reds under every bed: US generals, senators talk Russia at ISIS hearing 1 TerroristSlayer Mar 16
CNNs Reza Aslan Sparks Outrage After Eating Human Brain in New Show: It Tastes Like Charcoal 5 TerroristSlayer Mar 16
Assad: No one invited US to Manbij, all foreign troops in Syria without permission are invaders 8 TerroristSlayer Mar 16
George Clooney to Make War Propaganda Film in Support of ISIS 9 TerroristSlayer Mar 16
U.S. Army Announces Troops Will Stay In Syria After ISIS Defeat 5 TerroristSlayer Mar 16
Trump true friend of Muslims, Saudi prince says after meeting 8 TerroristSlayer Mar 16
Inside the Russian Yahoo hack: How they did it 0 Troll2 Mar 16
US condemns UN report accusing Israel of establishing 'apartheid regime' 0 Troll2 Mar 16
Turkish referendum threatens formal divorce with EU 0 Troll2 Mar 16
Turkey says no difference between Dutch liberals and 'fascist' Wilders 0 Troll2 Mar 16
the ahca hr1275 is named "the greatest health care plan in the world" 6 muon Mar 15
'The senator from Kentucky is now working for Putin': John McCain slams Rand Paul for blocking Monte 6 Troll2 Mar 15
FBI to brief Graham, Whitehouse on Trump warrants. 14 def_con5 Mar 15
Wilders Party Slumps in Shock Dutch Poll on Eve of Elections 14 Sebastopolitan Mar 15
+++ Dutch election - live updates +++ 3 Troll2 Mar 15
NATO urges Turkey, Austria to end spat blocking programs 0 Troll2 Mar 15
Mom turns in 12-year-old son after recognizing him as robbery suspect 13 Juan Rico Mar 15
Dutch go to polls in test of far-right strength 4 Troll2 Mar 15
House Intel leaders Nunes & Schiff say no evidence Trump Tower tapped by Obama administration. 3 muon Mar 15
Why has Iran wrecked its economy to fund war in Syria? 3 Troll2 Mar 15
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