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BCDs and firearms 3 357blackhawk Nov 6
interesting questions 1 357blackhawk Aug 25
German 'far-right' gunman jailed for life in Nuremberg 2 Agent_86 Oct 23
Nashville man threatens to kill teens walking home from school 5 Agent_86 Oct 27
Georgia teens charged in alleged terror plot against high school 3 Agent_86 Oct 26
'Fat Leonard' scandal expands to ensnare more than 60 admirals 1 Agent_86 Nov 6
World wine production 'to hit 50-year low' 3 Agent_86 Oct 24
Spain to start seizing control in Catalonia over secession bid 2 Agent_86 Oct 19
Indiana boys on an Indiana night (video at link) 1 Agent_86 Oct 18
Landscaping is dangerous work 2 Agent_86 Nov 7
Japan suspect 'killed nine over two months' 2 Agent_86 Nov 1
Polish president sharply condemns weekend nationalist march 1 Agent_86 Wednesday
Ohio man denied egg McMuffin brandished gun 3 Agent_86 Nov 4
Interpol gets their man 1 Agent_86 Oct 27
Brotherly love 0 Agent_86 Oct 26
TN man accidentally shoots self, wife at Tellico Plains church 0 Agent_86 4 hrs ago
Say what? 0 Agent_86 Nov 8
Air traffic controller in N.C. charged with having weapon of mass destruction 5 Agent_86 Yesterday
'It would not trouble anyone as it was perhaps always high.' 3 Agent_86 Nov 8
Marseille defender sent off for kicking fan 3 Agent_86 Nov 4
Groom shot in groin during wedding celebration 4 Agent_86 Friday
Parking lot operator allegedly swindled $11M from Los Angeles VA 4 Agent_86 Friday
Damn it, this is not a coup. It is a bloodless correction. 2 Agent_86 Wednesday
Cambodia top court dissolves main opposition CNRP party 0 Agent_86 Yesterday
This guy was really hungry 1 Agent_86 4 hrs ago
'It was the Jews...' 6 Agent_86 3 hrs ago
Indian journalist gunned down outside her home 0 Agent_86 Sep 6
Racial slurs written on dorm room boards of black Air Force Academy cadet candidates 17 Agent_86 Nov 8
Tests confirm gravesite of 1800s serial killer H.H. Holmes 4 Agent_86 Sep 2
Rohingya crisis: UN sees 'ethnic cleansing' in Myanmar 6 Agent_86 Sep 12
Mumbai paralyzed as Flood in India kills more than 1,000 7 Agent_86 Aug 31
German police carry out searches over 'plot to kill leftists' 2 Agent_86 Aug 30
Property manager, under fire for imagery in Queens condo, is arrested 8 Agent_86 Sep 6
Four alleged neo-Nazi soldiers accused of plotting terror 5 Agent_86 Sep 5
Florida woman on horseback charged with DUI, animal neglect 4 Agent_86 Nov 4
Louisiana teacher accused of biting 2-year-old on face 4 Agent_86 Nov 3
GOP moves to strip protections from endangered species 10 Agent_86 Sep 14
Fake newser Paul Horner found dead 6 Agent_86 Sep 27
CIA Director: Bin Laden's porn stash won't be released 16 Agent_86 Sep 12
This is why you should not lie to a nun 3 Agent_86 Sep 13
Say so long to the P-2 Neptune, fire-fighting juggernaut 4 Agent_86 Oct 4
The circus is coming to Shelbyville, TN 5 Agent_86 Oct 12
Couple takes $20,000 worth of luggage from Sky Harbor in three days 1 Agent_86 Sep 29
Mumbai railway station stampede kills 22 amid heavy rain 2 Agent_86 Oct 2
N.C. airport bomb suspect wanted 'to fight a war on U.S. soil,' complaint says 1 Agent_86 Oct 12
Prominent journalist stabbed in her throat at Moscow radio station 0 Agent_86 Oct 23
NY man stabbed in the heart walks 5 blocks to hospital with knife still in chest 5 Agent_86 Oct 13
Florida man arrested after explosives, guns, school maps found at home 0 Agent_86 Oct 21
Polish Death Metal Band Arrested in LA on Kidnapping Charges 2 Agent_86 Sep 14
Army sacks general for sexy texts to wife of a sergeant 3 Agent_86 Oct 16
Body of Ohio boy, 8, found "hidden" in home where 3 relatives were slain 2 Agent_86 Oct 13
Man in FBI custody after detonating explosive device during traffic stop 2 Agent_86 Oct 12
Tampa residents warned serial killer may be at large 1 Agent_86 Oct 23
Florida man kills girlfriend's son, pawns her stuff, police say 0 Agent_86 Oct 18
Iowa Mom Charged After Toddlers Found Wandering Naked Near Busy Highway 0 Agent_86 Nov 4
Naked Arizona man attacks father with Swiffer Wet Jet 4 Agent_86 Nov 4
Alabama GOP Threatens Retaliation for Disloyalty to Moore 15 Agent_86 Wednesday
Twelve tons? 5 Agent_86 Nov 9
Facebook finds Russian ads that sought to sow division during U.S. election 4 Agent_86 Sep 7
Kuala Lumpur school fire kills students and teachers 1 Agent_86 Sep 14
Oktoberfest 5 Agent_86 Sep 4
An Agent from Ankara 0 Agent_86 Sep 6
Husband admits slaying wife, two children in Clarksville, TN 1 Agent_86 Sep 15
PA man will serve 14-46 years in prison for sexually abusing two girls 0 Agent_86 Sep 15
Boat capsize kills at least 19 in India 0 Agent_86 Sep 14
New language and residency rules for Canadian citizenship kick in next week 3 akaConcernedCanuk Oct 5
White House gets the builders in for renovations 2 akaConcernedCanuk Aug 25
Monkey see. Monkey sue. Monkey settle. 2 akaConcernedCanuk Sep 13
Jesse Jackson Accused of Sexual Harassment 5 Aldar Nov 7
Libby Journalist are Falling Like Fly's 7 Aldar Nov 4
6 dead, 15 injured, NYC 3 Aldar Oct 31
They say he went to the church to kill his mother-in-law. 25 Aldar Nov 8
Was ESPN being racist when they pulled Robert Lee an Asian 6 Aldar Aug 23
Barrier Islands are a GREAT thing! 4 Aldar Aug 25
NORK's claim successful H-bomb test 4 Aldar Sep 3
Houston 2 Aldar Aug 28
Enrollments, budgets fall short at universities known for social justice warfare 8 Aldar Sep 15
Terror attack plot foiled. 9 Aldar Aug 25
Exxon working toward restarting Baytown refinery, the second-largest in the US 1 Aldar Sep 22
Mayor of Venice says ANYONE who shouts 'Allahu Akbar' in his city will be shot by snipers 2 Aldar Aug 24
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