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new trade agreement good for workers, from Vox! 0 357blackhawk Oct 3
DC's castle doctrine 5 357blackhawk Nov 12
factsdon'tmatter shakes down robbery victim 11 357blackhawk Aug 2018
Washington Supreme Court ends rule of law. 11 357blackhawk Aug 2018
Mexicans Say Caravans Are Invasion & Trump is Right 13 357blackhawk Nov 20
Avid jogger stabbed to death in Washington's Logan Circle neighborhood 5 Agent_86 Sep 20
Utair jet catches fire after landing at Sochi 0 Agent_86 Sep 2018
Burt Reynolds passed. 5 Agent_86 Sep 2018
Tennessee Sheriff's Office Arrests Three For Springfield Homicide 0 Agent_86 Oct 7
Milorad Dodik: Serb nationalist wins Bosnia presidency seat 0 Agent_86 Oct 8
Slovenia politician's masked militia sparks alarm 1 Agent_86 Sep 2018
How much does it cost to get away with murder? 3 Agent_86 Oct 13
Jamal Khashoggi: Turkey says journalist was murdered in Saudi consulate 3 Agent_86 Oct 7
Wagner family arrested in Ohio murder of Rhoden family 8 Agent_86 Nov 15
Bill Geist on the trip of a lifetime 0 Agent_86 Sep 17
Salacious detail and claims of cheating 5 Agent_86 Sep 18
Apparently someone failed to complete their checklist 0 Agent_86 Sep 22
Bees in South African plane's engine delay flights 2 Agent_86 Sep 27
Man charged in cold-case murder of jogger after confessing in church 4 Agent_86 Sep 25
Star golfer found dead at golf course 10 Agent_86 Sep 20
Investigation of CA murders unfolds like a big-screen mystery 0 Agent_86 Sep 17
Singapore to New York, non-stop 4 Agent_86 Oct 11
Portuguese 400 year old shipwreck found off Cascais 0 Agent_86 Sep 25
France decorates couple who found Nazi war criminal Klaus Barbie 0 Agent_86 Oct 9
Mexican couple may have killed as many as 20 women 1 Agent_86 Oct 9
Feds arrest man suspected of sending threatening letters to Pentagon, White House 2 Agent_86 Oct 4
A new report estimates that more than 380,000 people have died in South Sudan's civil war 2 Agent_86 Sep 26
A Visit to the Killing Fields of Yemen 2 Agent_86 Sep 26
Ukraine ammo dump blasts blamed on 'possible sabotage' 2 Agent_86 Oct 9
Boeing CEO addresses flight system update after criticism from pilots 7 Agent_86 Nov 30
Netherlands says Russia tried cyberattack on global chemical weapons agency 2 Agent_86 Oct 4
Booba and Kaaris: French rappers sentenced over airport brawl 6 Agent_86 Oct 10
Why are y'all looking at me? 8 Agent_86 Aug 2018
Investigators call for genocide prosecutions over slaughter of Rohingyas 0 Agent_86 Aug 2018
U.S. Spycraft and Stealthy Diplomacy Expose Russian Subversion in a Key Balkans Vote 0 Agent_86 Oct 10
'I shot a whole family of baboons.' 8 Agent_86 Oct 16
Vatican and China make breakthrough deal on bishop appointments 3 Agent_86 Sep 24
India pilot suspended for three years for failing alcohol test 2 Agent_86 Nov 13
Boeing issues warning on potential instrument malfunction after Indonesia crash 1 Agent_86 Nov 7
Ku Klux Klan flyers left with candy in suspected effort to recruit children in New York 6 Agent_86 Aug 2018
New Jersey mom helps thwart school shooting plot in Kentucky 3 Agent_86 Oct 23
National Action: The new parents and the neo-Nazi terror threat 3 Agent_86 Nov 12
Bible Museum says five of its Dead Sea Scrolls are fake 7 Agent_86 Oct 24
Brazil to send army to safeguard border 0 Agent_86 Aug 2018
Albert Einstein handwritten letter sells at auction for $39,360 0 Agent_86 Nov 14
United Airlines shows off its first Boeing 787-10 Dreamliner 2 Agent_86 Nov 18
Yemen crisis: Half of population facing 'pre-famine conditions' 9 Agent_86 Oct 26
Pilots reports seeing UFO "moving so fast" off coast of Ireland 0 Agent_86 Nov 13
Man jailed in sexual assault and killing at Catholic Supply store in St. Louis 2 Agent_86 Nov 22
Lost portrait of Charles Dickens turns up at auction in South Africa 2 Agent_86 Nov 22
St. Louis officers indicted for allegedly beating undercover colleague amid protest 3 Agent_86 Dec 4
Man who called Pittsburgh synagogue massacre a "dry run" arrested 2 Agent_86 Nov 14
Delta opening America's first facial recognition airport terminal in Atlanta 1 Agent_86 Nov 30
Danish warship found in ten-year quest 0 Agent_86 Nov 14
Lion Air flight recorder reveals pilots' desperate efforts to save doomed plane 4 Agent_86 Nov 28
Former 'Caravan of Death' commander convicted 3 Agent_86 Nov 14
Japan Airlines tightens alcohol rules for pilots 2 Agent_86 Nov 17
Climate change: Worries over CO2 emissions from intensifying wildfires 7 Agent_86 Nov 19
Argentina Dirty War: Two former Ford executives jailed 0 Agent_86 21 hrs ago
Germany recalls Kristallnacht pogrom 6 Agent_86 Nov 10
'How much for the little girl?' 1 Agent_86 Oct 4
Catholic bishops in Australia reject compulsory abuse reporting, defying new laws 1 Agent_86 Aug 2018
Stolen plane closes Seattle-Tacoma airport before crashing 6 Agent_86 Aug 2018
Spain far-right Vox party gains foothold in Andalusia election 4 Agent_86 Dec 3
Gruesome discovery follows SWAT raid on New Mexico compound 2 Agent_86 Aug 2018
United Failed to Act After Pilot Posted Racy Photos of Flight Attendant, U.S. Says 2 Agent_86 Aug 2018
Pope Francis defrocks Chilean priest Fernando Karadima amid sex abuse scandal 1 Agent_86 Sep 29
Nicky Verstappen: Suspect held over Dutch boy's 1998 death 0 Agent_86 Aug 2018
German far-right street mob alarms police in Chemnitz 9 Agent_86 Aug 2018
Puerto Rico's governor acknowledges he made mistakes, after new Maria death toll report 2 Agent_86 Aug 2018
Melting glacier uncovers U.S. WWII plane that crash-landed in Switzerland in 1946 1 Agent_86 Aug 2018
'I believe the Bible is about white people and for white people.' 11 Agent_86 Aug 2018
Right-Wing Mob Wreaks Havoc on German City 10 Agent_86 Aug 2018
An American Airlines crew almost landed at the wrong airport in Florida 1 Agent_86 Sep 2018
Yemen's Houthi rebels taking and torturing hostages - HRW 3 Agent_86 Sep 25
Man pleads guilty to manslaughter in hit-and-run that killed journalist 1 Agent_86 Sep 22
Central European University makes last stand in Hungary 1 Agent_86 Oct 26
Virile American men fight to death over garbage 9 Agent_86 Sep 21
Suspect in killing of parents at Pennsylvania retirement home dead 2 Agent_86 Sep 21
Man killed in electric scooter crash in Washington DC 2 Agent_86 Sep 22
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