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Joe Biden Credibly Accused Of Assaulting Female Staff, MeToo Group REFUSES To Support Her??! [View all] 64 Da Mannn Apr 16
Tim Pool: Democrats Just Launched ANOTHER Investigation into Trump At The WORST Possible Time Ever 49 Da Mannn Apr 8
Trump refuses to unviel Barrys portrait at the White House. 49 D26-15 May 21
Your moment of Zen 47 LavenderGirl May 11
More deaths, no benefit from malaria drug touted by Trump 42 LavenderGirl Apr 22
U.S. Shipped Tons Of COVID-19 Supplies To China As Trump Dismissed Threat Here 39 Salaam Mar 31
A DI canadian told me our constitution has serious flaws, (Poll) 39 Da Mannn May 5
Trump didnt know people died from the flu. It killed his grandfather. 39 Salaam Mar 9
"I Am Essential... I Talk To God!": Virginia Pastor Who Defied Lockdown Order Has Died From COVID-19 36 Troll2 Apr 17
Peaceful Floyd Protesters Form Human Barricade to Protect White House Police From Antifa Thugs 34 Da Mannn Sunday
Trump's China Travel Ban 33 okletstalk Apr 3
Trump Says He Intends to Reopen Country in Weeks, Not Months 32 RCW2014 Mar 27
51 recovered coronavirus patients test positive again in South Korea 31 Troll2 Apr 7
Obama's Virtual Commencement Speech To Class Of 2020 commencement 29 LavenderGirl May 23
Do you wear a covid mask when you leave home? (Poll) 29 rahtruelies Thursday
Fascism 101: Churchgoers Must Register With the Government in Kansas City 29 Da Mannn May 6
Trump said gasoline is $.95 a gallon 28 orson Apr 5
Anyone else get the feeling that black rioting youths are likely not antifa, while whites 28 Dumper 3 hrs ago
Stable Genius suggests injecting disinfectant to treat coronavirus 28 LavenderGirl Apr 24
Donald Trump May Change Social Media Forever! Will REMOVE Protections If Bias Is Found! 27 Da Mannn Friday
The system was blinking red 26 orson Mar 22
'It's irresponsible and it's dangerous': Experts rip Trump's idea of injecting disinfectant to treat 26 RCW2014 Apr 24
Health Experts Condemn Donald Trumps WHO Funding Freeze: Crime Against Humanity 25 orson Apr 15
Chloroquine and Hydroxychloroquine Can Have Serious Side Effects 25 Salaam Apr 7
So much for "The warm weather will burn this out" 24 Currentsitguy Mar 15
Latest Lefty LIE: The New York Times lies that Trump has a financial stake in chloroquine 24 Da Mannn Apr 7
Hundreds of Americans Line up For Drive-Thru Food Bank Handouts in Los Angeles and Pennsylvania 24 RCW2014 Apr 30
Michigan Democrat Gov Whitmer Has Emergency Powers Repealed by State Legislature 24 Da Mannn Apr 27
Sensitivity of PCR tests only 30-60%. Testing isnt the solution. 24 Let it go Mar 8
Lockdowns are unconstitutional 24 Da Mannn May 6
D.T. Barnum: Trump Tells the World Hes Taking Hydroxychloroquine Despite Well-Established Risks And 23 RCW2014 May 19
Bailing out cruise lines should not be a priority 22 Troll2 Mar 11
Before Virus Outbreak, a Cascade of Warnings Went Unheeded 22 Isidore Mar 24
Trump Org asks Deutsche Bank to delay loan payments as coronavirus shutters their properties 22 Salaam Apr 4
Trump Abruptly Removes Inspector General Named to Oversee $2 T in Stimulus Spending 22 RCW2014 Apr 9
President Trump said people with coronavirus "go to work" and now critics on Twitter are furious 22 RCW2014 Mar 6
Minneapolis: "Heavily armed Rednecks stand with fellow citizens" against looters 22 Iron Condor Saturday
"It could have a very positive effect, or a positive effect, maybe not very... 21 orson Mar 25
Trying to return the food you hoarded for coronavirus? New N.J. bill would make it illegal 21 Troll2 Mar 18
DOJ seeks new emergency powers amid coronavirus pandemic 20 Salaam Mar 27
Pence criticized for not wearing face mask at Mayo Clinic 20 Isidore May 11
Is there a 'hole' in America's current policy on masks? 20 Dumper Mar 31
Antimalarial drug touted by Trump is linked to increased risk of death in coronavirus patients, stud 20 Letmypeoplevote May 23
How to have a peaceful protest- don't pit the police against the protesters 20 okletstalk 23 hrs ago
U.S. Weekly Jobless Claims Hit an Unprecedented 6.6 Million 20 uncledad Apr 3
Trump Administration Is Relaxing Oversight of Nursing Homes 19 Salaam Mar 15
Pastor of Tampa church that held 2 large Sunday services arrested, jailed 19 Salaam Mar 30
New York Times Op-ed: Dump Biden over Tara Reade Allegations 19 Da Mannn May 4
Nancy Pelosi Appoints Only Democrats To House Select Coronavirus Committee 19 Da Mannn May 11
AG Barr Appoints Federal Prosecutor To Review Obama Admin Unmasking Of Trump Associates 19 Da Mannn Thursday
What time do the Minneapolis riots start up again tonight? 19 Grebbid Thursday
CDC: US COVID-19 death toll likely higher than reported 19 Troll2 May 2
Exclusive: U.S. coronavirus testing threatened by shortage of critical lab materials 18 Troll2 Mar 11
CBS uses photo of a hospital in Italy as a New York hospital. 18 Thorson Mar 31
Hydroxychloroquine as treatment for COVID-19 shows no benefit and more deaths in VA study 18 Troll2 Apr 22
Trump mulls coronavirus quarantine on New York, New Jersey, Connecticut 18 Isidore Mar 28
Fox News is telling its employees to work from home for at least another month 18 LavenderGirl May 17
Data shows daily coronavirus deaths are decreasing worldwide. Media misleads 18 Da Mannn May 25
US jobless claims skyrocket to 6.6 million, doubling last week's record, as coronavirus layoffs pers 18 Salaam Apr 4
Court throws out Trump rollback of school nutrition rules 17 LavenderGirl Apr 18
Pelosi stonewalling stimulus 17 Fireant16 Mar 22
US - 206 deaths by 3/19; 2,221 deaths by 3/28; Up over 10 times in 9 days 17 Troll2 Mar 29
Some stoner ODs on fish tank cleaner allegedly cause it sounded like what 17 Dumper Mar 30
Recession Begins: Q1 GDP Plunges 4.8%, Biggest Drop Since The Financial Crisis 17 uncledad Apr 29
OAN loses its defamation lawsuit against Rachel Maddow, will wind up paying her attorneys' fees 17 LavenderGirl Wednesday
Is anyone at all reluctant to issue a FINAL verdict in the Minneapolis police 'thingy,' since 17 Dumper Saturday
Cedars Sinai developing UV light source that can be inserted into breathing tubes to kill COVID. 17 Let it go Apr 24
Exclusive: 1996 court document confirms Tara Reade told of harassment in Bidens office 17 Da Mannn May 22
Iowa Sends National Guard Troops to Defend Meat Plants From Virus 17 RCW2014 Apr 21
St. Louis looter killed by FedEx truck 17 Qukid Saturday
Its Not a Choice Between Saving Lives OR Saving the Economy 17 Thorson Apr 13
New Orleans mayor says Trump should have warned city to cancel Mardi Gras that is now believed to ha 17 Troll2 Mar 27
John Durham Investigation Intensifies Focus On John Brennan 16 Gunslinger201 Apr 6
U.S. virus deaths could reach 200,000, Fauci warns as medical supplies run short 16 Salaam Mar 30
Donald Trump's HHS secretary Alex Azar put a professional labradoodle breeder in charge of the coron 16 Troll2 Apr 23
Smugglers sawed into Trumps border wall 18 times in one month in San Diego area 16 LavenderGirl Apr 19
Will Biden clean Trump's clock in a debate? (Poll) 16 Da Mannn Apr 27
Leading Medical Journal the Lancet: Replace Trump And Bolster The CDC 16 LavenderGirl May 16
New Mexico's governor warns tribal nations could be 'wiped out' by coronavirus 16 His Daughter Mar 31
More Americans Fear Lifting Coronavirus Restrictions Too Soon 16 LavenderGirl Apr 20
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