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Neo nazi reaping what he sows [View all] 86 Slayer Jan 22
Washington Supreme Court Rules Florist Discriminated Against Gay Couple [View all] 85 Daves Not Here Man Feb 19
Congratulations Idiots ! U.S. Taxpayers get to pay for 1000+ Mile Trump Billboard ! [View all] 83 RATFINK_5.0 Jan 26
Three teenagers killed in home invasion identified [View all] 83 Juan Rico 6 min ago
I can't wrap my brain around this... [View all] 82 LaughingGull Feb 12
The Swedish government is involved in a massive cover-up of immigrant crime [View all] 81 oflguy Feb 20
Shouts of Allahu Akbar in Court as Muslim Sex Gang Sentenced for Child Rape [View all] 80 Bronxbomber Feb 8
Video of Seattle Protest Shooting. (Warning, this does show a person being shot) [View all] 79 cologeek Jan 29
Refugees already being blocked at airports/must return home [View all] 74 Da Mannn Jan 29
Sessions spoke 2x with Russian ambassador during Trumps presidential campaign Justice officials say [View all] 73 NotAWineSnob Mar 2
Defcon upgraded to Level 3. This is getting real folks. You won't have to worry much about Hillary [View all] 71 joefriday6 Nov 2016
He He He....Mexico says they will NOT pay for the wall [View all] 68 oflguy Jan 28
Looking good Melania n [View all] 67 Tin Ear2 Jan 24
Back to that Wal-Mart shooting... [View all] 65 Scary Red Feb 7
Trump budget eliminates three post-9/11 airport security programs [View all] 65 muon Mar 17
Customer shoots, kills suspected diaper thief at Wal-Mart [View all] 63 Juan Rico Feb 9
BREAKING - Emails not related to Hillary [View all] 58 wonderwarthog Nov 2016
Trump Pins Bullseye on Americans the World Over [View all] 57 wonderwarthog Jan 30
Would you hire anyone with a Berkeley diploma? [View all] 57 LovetoSki1978 Feb 5
They are poor, sick and voted for Trump. What will happen to them without Obamacare? [View all] 57 muon Mar 15
Another Democrat shows his true colors: [View all] 56 Konservative Feb 11
Tillerson says diplomacy with North Korea has 'failed'; Pyongyang warns of war [View all] 56 muon Mar 18
Cops Win Another Round Pursuing the Prosecutor Who Pursued Them [View all] 56 MumblyPeg Mar 22
More of these Fraudsters Need to do Hard Time [View all] 55 Hunter Rose 4 hrs ago
Obama's LiLBuddy Clockboy hammered by court [View all] 55 scooter Feb 3
The REAL animals have arrived [View all] 54 Satanica Jan 25
How long until the idiot Right teams up with neo-facism? [View all] 54 Brundlefly Feb 6
All Hell Breaking Loose at White House [View all] 53 wonderwarthog Jan 30
Massive Protests in U.S. Cities Today (LIVE VIDEO) [View all] 53 bpilgrim Jan 25
Senate set to opppose 0bama gun law and reinstate DUE PROCESS [View all] 53 Da Mannn Feb 16
Another death caused by liberal myopia [View all] 52 GoodKraic Mar 1
We need to repeal the Affordable Care for Some People Act. [View all] 51 ibtruthin Jan 19
Listen Liberals: Russia Is Not Our Enemy - Huffington Post [View all] 51 TerroristSlayer Mar 17
Man voted "most slappable face" loses tax exempt status. [View all] 51 Slayer Mar 16
Tennessee bill : Drivers who hit protestors blocking road immune from charges. [View all] 50 Grumpy Pickle Feb 12
The Gaslighting Of The American Public Continues - Zero Hedge [View all] 50 TerroristSlayer Feb 19
Big 5 store manager quits after being forced to sell a gun to man she found threatening, suit says 49 BanachTarskiParadox Feb 15
Stolen guns...just the ones reported.... 49 ProgressiveTaxation Mar 16
U.K. Parliament on lockdown. 49 Doctor_R Friday
General McMaster - don't call it radical islamic terrorism 49 NotAWineSnob Feb 25
Jihadist Groups Hail Trumps Ban as a Great Victory 49 wonderwarthog Jan 31
Trump makes the global gag rule worse 48 i verglas Jan 26
Police Arrests Bastard Who Destroyed Trump Star 48 MoshMasterD Oct 2016
Man drops ring, shoots girlfriend to death after she rejects marriage proposal 48 Strange Luck Nov 2016
Liberal tries, and fails, to set himself on fire to protest Trump 47 Tin Ear2 Jan 24
Boy, that sure died quickly 47 oflguy Mar 21
Trump Just Bombed A School And Killed At Least 33 Refugees 47 muon Thursday
FBI Investigating Burning Of Black Church Painted With 'Vote Trump" 46 wonderwarthog Nov 2016
Louisiana "Blue Lives Matter" law makes resisting arrest a "hate crime". Love it! 46 Shkreli Jan 24
Senate confirms Rex Tillerson to be Secretary of State... 46 Gamle-ged Feb 3
The logical consequence of unbridled hatred and bigotry: 46 GordieG 7 min ago
Syrian refugee 'raped wife in front of toddler son for not wearing her headscarf indoors' 46 Bronxbomber Feb 14
Quebec City mosque shooting: Alexandre Bissonnette identified as alleged gunman 45 i verglas Jan 30
Border wall could cost an estimated $120 per household. 45 Grumpy Pickle Jan 29
Students Celebrate at DEMISE of MICHELLE OBAMA !1!1!!! 45 Social_Justice Feb 22
Muslim Absadi Kidane runs over, kills pedestrian in Santa Monica 45 MumblyPeg Thursday
Undocumented Dad Taken by ICE While Dropping Kids Off At School 45 Sebastopolitan Mar 4
The Parents Of This Dead Robber Are Really Mad His Victim Had A Gun 44 Juan Rico Jan 19
Rachel Dolezal: I did nothing wrong 44 oflguy Feb 25
Sandy Hook families file brief to reinstate case against Remington 44 Juan Rico Mar 7
Toronto WIll No Longer Allow School Trips for Students to U.S. 44 Fireant16 Monday
Why has Bob Dylan been ignoring the Nobel Prize commitee ? 44 Grumpy Pickle Oct 2016
Deplorable Who Confessed to Killing Black Man in Midtown Is Now Charged With Murder and Terrorism 44 muon Yesterday
Merkel Explains the Geneva Convention to Trump in Phone Call 43 wonderwarthog Jan 30
Bismarck man arrested for accidentally shooting his 6-month-old daughter 42 Strange Luck Nov 2016
Crooked HIllary deserves firing squad 42 Jack Burton Nov 2016
Trump's Wall won't stop the tunnels... 42 Scary Red Jan 29
Mexican national gets 8 years in jail for voting in US elections illegally. 42 Grumpy Pickle Feb 10
Rosie ODonnel supports Martial Law to delay Trumps inauguration 41 Grumpy Pickle Jan 14
CNN May ban KellyAnne Conway Permanently 41 wonderwarthog Feb 8
No charges for pipeline worker who pulled gun on protesters near Standing Rock 41 Juan Rico Nov 2016
Jury acquits 7 defendants in Malheur wildlife-refuge standoff 41 nolens volens Oct 2016
Does Trump Want to Go to War in Syria? 40 Sebastopolitan Jan 31
Muslims in Sweden tell responders which patients to take and which patients to leave 40 oflguy Feb 20
BREAKING NEWS - Hillary Clinton supporter caught on camera doing physical labor!!!1! 40 the more you know Oct 2016
Man sets self afire at Trump Hotel 40 wonderwarthog Jan 21
The left continues to hate Trump for deporting criminal illegal immigrants... 40 oldenuff35 Mar 2
north dakota law protects motorists who hit protesters 38 rampartb Jan 21
Charges likely for shooter who killed Walmart shoplifter, deputies say 38 Strange Luck Feb 10
Don Lemon of CNN WALKS OFF SET AFTER FAKE NEWS REMARK 38 wonderwarthog Feb 19
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