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"...the Covington children "were in the process of attacking these four black individuals" 26 LaughingGull Jan 24
"2 US warplanes crash off Japan; 1 dead, 5 missing" 3 Independent.mind Dec 2018
"35 Pounds" Of Dirt Trapped In Tesla Model 3 Reveals Stunning Design Flaw 1 Troll2 Mar 7
"A Modified Ponzi Scheme": 78% Of Tesla Operating Cash Flow Has Come From Customer Deposits 1 Troll2 Mar 18
"Active shooter" at 6 Doctor_R Jan 2019
"Are you still a believer in Santa? Because at seven it's marginal, right?" 20 LavenderGirl Dec 2018
"Fact Checker" Snopes just "fact checked" a satire story from the Babylon Bee 7 Steelydamned Feb 22
"Fake Republican" or "Real Republican" (on Alabama gas tax) 8 Isidore Mar 11
"I Know Where All The Bodies Are Buried": Clinton Foundation CFO Spills Beans To Investigators 5 Troll2 Dec 2018
"Meet Surveillance Capitalism, Our Terrifying New Economic Order" 5 Independent.mind Apr 15
"Nastya Rybka" out of Russian custody 7 wonderwarthog Jan 27
"NewsGuard," a new app protects us from Fake News 2 Da Mannn Jan 31
"None Of Their Business": Qatar Blasts Saudi Objections To Possible Russian S-400 Purchase 1 Troll2 Mar 6
"So guess what, its craziness! 6 orson Mar 5
"The fire started up near the roof top, while another fire started in the north bell tower," 12 Thorson Thursday
"Tuck Buddies: Underwear to help boys as young as five hide their gender." 9 Sundogs_Place Feb 11
"Your spelling sucks!" good guy with a gun 1 Currentsitguy Feb 6
#ChicagoPolice: #JussieSmollett was seen on video with Subway sandwich AFTER attack (Poll) 3 freedumb2003 Feb 2
$1 Billion China-Financed LA Skyscraper Complex Mysteriously Halts Construction 10 Troll2 Jan 30
$1.5 Billion Mega Millions winner claims prize in South Carolina 4 Currentsitguy Mar 4
$13 million has been donated for the wall on its Go Fund Me page 5 joefriday6 Dec 2018
$7 Billion in Equipment Looted From Former US Base in Afghanistan 0 RCW2014 Apr 2
'A smoking saw': Senators say Saudi crown prince was 'complicit' in journalist Jamal Khashoggi's kil 2 Troll2 Dec 2018
'Change Your Course!': Pompeo Threatens ICC Over Us War Crimes Probe 9 RCW2014 Mar 16
'Fox and Friends' host blasts Trump for pulling troops out of Syria: 12 Salaam Dec 2018
'government is our biggest enemy' 2 Jack Burton Jan 2019
'He is not going to be the nominee': Dems slam Sanders over Maduro support 0 Da Mannn Feb 22
'Hi-tech robot' at Russia forum turns out to be man in suit 10 Banshee 3 Actual Dec 2018
'I don't see anyone who can beat Trump:' Bruce Springsteen believes Trump will win a second term 4 Da Mannn Dec 2018
'It's full of beer!' Miracle fridge reveals itself to pals tuckered out from cleaning flooded cabin 4 Troll2 Mar 21
'Keep The Faith In Our Country And Hold Fast,' Mattis Tells Defense Department 5 RCW2014 Jan 2019
'Korea, not US nor China, will lead 5G era' 2 Troll2 Jan 27
'Leave our nation be: French FM fires back at Trumps tweet on Yellow Vest rallies 15 RCW2014 Dec 2018
'Made-In-China' Diamonds Poised To Rock Global Market 14 Troll2 Feb 16
'Notorious RBG' Makes First Public Appearance Since Cancer Surgery 20 RCW2014 Feb 8
'Now We're Switching It Up': US Carrier Enters Persian Gulf For 1st Time Since Iran Deal Withdrawal 1 RCW2014 Dec 2018
'Still At Large' - Strasbourg Shooting Suspect Convicted 27 Times Before, Yelled "Allahu Akbar" 1 Troll2 Dec 2018
'Swedish Software Developer' Linked to Wiki Leaks Arrested in Ecuador in Flight Attempt Reports 0 RCW2014 Apr 12
'This Is an Illegal Hoax': Trump Calls for End to Mueller Investigation After Cohen Pleads Guilty 9 RCW2014 Nov 2018
'To use Jesus as a weapon is not OK': Lawmaker slammed for prayer before Muslim woman sworn in 10 Salaam Mar 28
'Today We Have Justice' Florida Police Officer Convicted In 2015 Shooting 1 RCW2014 Mar 7
'Total vindication for Trump and his staff: CNN and MSNBC have officially surrendered 2 Da Mannn Mar 24
(Pissed)Sen. Graham: Trump's Claim of ISIS Defeat Is 'Fake News,' Pulling Troops Is 'Stain' on US 9 RCW2014 Dec 2018
**UPDATED** Citizen shoots Amazon driver in the back for parking in a handicapped spot. 13 Qukid Mar 6
1,300+ People In Distress As Crippled Cruise Liner Is Battered By Huge Waves Off Norway (VIDEOS) 1 RCW2014 Mar 24
10 Self-Defense Lessons From Illinois Version of the George Zimmerman Trial 1 357blackhawk Feb 10
10 Years After The Crisis, Bank Of America Abandons "Merrill Lynch" 3 Troll2 Feb 26
10+ People, Mostly Children, Killed In A Saudi-led Coalition Airstrike On Yemeni Capital Reports 2 RCW2014 Apr 8
100+ Warships In 3 Seas: Turkey Flexes Military Muscle With Largest Naval Drill In Its History 0 RCW2014 Feb 27
15 manufacturers flee Mexico due to strike in Tamaulipas 1 Troll2 Feb 2
15th foot washes ashore in the Pacific Northwest, but authorities say not to worry 12 JanetS Feb 14
2 Israeli Soldiers Killed In West Bank Shooting Attack 8 RCW2014 Dec 2018
2018 Was the 'Worst Year Ever' for Smartphone Shipments 2 Troll2 Jan 31
26 women rescued at Seattle massage parlors in human trafficking bust... 4 quad489 Mar 10
28 minutes of chaos/war in Paris 2 Troll2 Dec 2018
2nd woman comes forward, accusing Biden of inappropriate touching 8 oflguy Apr 1
3 American Soldiers and A U.S. Contractor Killed in Afghanistan 5 RCW2014 Apr 8
3 dead Americans and 3 wounded in bomb attack in Afganist¡n 3 Badsamm Nov 2018
3 Month Old Tesla Bursts Into Flames 3 Times in One Day- 2,000 Gallons of Water to Battle Blaze 3 MumblyPeg Dec 2018
37 Million Credit Cards Were 90 Days Past Due In 4Q18 0 Badsamm Mar 8
4 Burglars Break Into Houston Home. 3 Will Never Rob Again 9 MumblyPeg Jan 2019
4.8 Million More Americans Employed Since Trump Took Office 3 Da Mannn Jan 2019
400 Russian Mercenaries in Venezuela to murder the people and protect maduro 5 Banshee 3 Actual Jan 26
41 gonna get a 21 Fighter flyover in Texas on Thursday. Unprecedented. Hope Bush sees it whereever 11 joefriday6 Dec 2018
5 Indicted on lynching charges in Virginia, 7 bruiserboy Dec 2018
50 Iranian Drones Conduct Massive 'way to Jerusalem' Exercise - Report 3 RCW2014 Mar 14
50 mph Winds, Possible "Bomb Cyclone" To Hit Michigan 5 RCW2014 Feb 24
50 Nobel laureates asked: 'What is the biggest threat to humanity.." RESULTS 3 Social_Justice Feb 5
52 Invaders Cut CA Border Fence, Lead Border Patrol on 2-Hour Foot Chase Then Claim Asylum 3 MumblyPeg Mar 16
52 Polar Bears 'Invade' a Russian Town to Eat Garbage Instead of Starving to Death 4 oflguy Feb 12
58,000 non-citizens voted in Texas, state official says 14 Grebbid Jan 28
59 National Emergencies declared since 1976 and with over 30 still in effect. 9 Da Mannn Feb 18
6 years ago today 42 LavenderGirl Dec 2018
6.7 quake strikes Anchorage Tsunami warning issued REVISED: 7.0 1 Currentsitguy Dec 2018
63% of Non-Citizen Households In 2014 Used Welfare 0 MumblyPeg Dec 2018
6yr old arrives in immigration court to represent himself 0 Frankenvoter Nov 2018
7-Year-Old Migrant Girl Taken Into Border Patrol Custody Dies Of Dehydration, Exhaustion 21 RCW2014 Dec 2018
7.0 earthquake in Brazilian Andean State of Acre 0 Currentsitguy Jan 2019
737 max8 on fire? 8 def_con5 Mar 15
74 years ago today, Marines on Iwo Jima raised the flag atop Mount Suribachi. 6 Gunslinger201 Feb 24
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