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Joe Biden is the "preferred choice" for a TRUMP victory. 6 PrescientWon. 3 min ago
Huh? Democrats explain the lack of Impeachment due process saying it isn't a legal 40 Dumper 4 min ago
Trump's approval is at 52 percent! 8 LexTalionis 5 min ago
Trudeau's Canada Loses 71,000 Jobs, Most Since Financial Crisis, Unemployment Jumps to 5.9% 10 rh24 11 min ago
RBG kicks liberals in the dick! 6 Pennsylvania 12 min ago
Saudi Arabian student was the shooter in Florida Navy base shooting. 18 oldenuff35 26 min ago
Devin Nunes Responds To Adam Schiff Subpoenaing Private Phone Records 11 Let it go 1 hr ago
Moderate Joe Biden Wants Tax Hikes Twice as Big as Hillary Clinton Proposed in 2016 4 JanetS 1 hr ago
Trump discusses the possibility of bringing back incandescent bulbs. 3 Charlie Mike 1 hr ago
President Trump (as usual) is doing something right 10 imwithfred 1 hr ago
A marked improvement. 4 Charlie Mike 1 hr ago
Devin Nunes Supports Secret Surveillance of Americans, Finds Himself Under Surveillance 9 orson 2 hrs ago
It's 100% not terrorism, but it is Trumps fault 2 def_con5 2 hrs ago
Trump's crime - I figured it out! 8 bfox74 2 hrs ago
Blinky Pelosi will be a Catholic until Amy Coney Barrett is nominated to replace Ruth. 4 Fred Sanford 2 hrs ago
DOW, pre-Trump Victory 18,259 now 3 years later 28,020 3 PrescientWon. 2 hrs ago
The Trump Economy is Smoking Hot 6 rh24 2 hrs ago
Civilization is at stake: Pelosi lets slip at CNN town hall that denying Trump a 2nd term is prior 23 JanetS 3 hrs ago
Dem Witness Noah Feldman Penned Fawning Defense of Islamic Shariah Law 13 JanetS 3 hrs ago
Andrew Yang just said what other Democrats dont want to say about impeachment 3 Steelydamned 3 hrs ago
Suppose your cousin tells you he witnessed your next-door neighbor with child pornography. (Poll) 20 swifty 3 hrs ago
Support for Elizabeth Warren drops to lowest since August in White House race: Reuters/Ipsos poll 9 JanetS 3 hrs ago
DOW surges 280 points! 8 LexTalionis 3 hrs ago
Seriously, what is wrong with Nancy Pelosi here? 10 rh24 4 hrs ago
Biden will be confronted about Hunter at town halls now on the campaign trail 20 Fred Sanford 4 hrs ago
How good are the dem's 2020 prospects? 1 Charlie Mike 4 hrs ago
Listen to how upset Biden and Pelosi are. 3 Let it go 4 hrs ago
Holy cows: the Trayvon Martin testimony by friend Jeantel was a fraud. 15 Let it go 5 hrs ago
Suppose your cousin told you he witnessed your next door neighbor 1 Charlie Mike 5 hrs ago
House Democratic Whip laying the ground work for a failed impeachment vote 2 Cynical 5 hrs ago
Ukraine isnt working. Dems moving back to !RUSSIA! 1 Let it go 5 hrs ago
Giuliani: Trump will call for investigations in misuse of Ukrainian US Aid 2 Let it go 6 hrs ago
Razorfist on impeachment. 1 Nostrings 6 hrs ago
Former Envoy Huntsman: Putin Likely Joyful About Ukraine Theory 1 RCW2014 6 hrs ago
'Dark Money' Ties Raise Questions for GOP Sen. Ernst of Iowa 1 RCW2014 6 hrs ago
More Americans will have to work for food stamps under new Trump rule 21 New Deal Democrat 6 hrs ago
Trump says a China trade deal can wait until after the election (about a year away) 3 swifty 6 hrs ago
Trumps crime is he is succeeding where Dems have failed. 4 Let it go 6 hrs ago
Paul Begala met with Pelosi shortly after Dems won the house to discuss impeachment 2 Let it go 7 hrs ago
Nunes Slams Schiff Over Release of Call Records 15 New Deal Democrat 7 hrs ago
Obama admin told Ukraine not to investigate $5.3 billion in misused US aid funds. 3 Let it go 7 hrs ago
Why does Lefty admire terrorists? 5 Jardinier 7 hrs ago
How's Ruthie feelin' these days? 6 PrescientWon. 7 hrs ago
Joe Biden tells Iowa voter: "You're a damn liar" 3 Aquila 8 hrs ago
After impeachment.... 9 GoldwatersSoul 8 hrs ago
So, how's that Bolivian gun confiscation working out? 4 Charlie Mike 8 hrs ago
Democrats' Claim About Giuliani Phone Call In Doubt: Report 2 rh24 8 hrs ago
Remind us why the federal education system shouldn't be disbanded and returned to the states 20 Charlie Mike 8 hrs ago
Trump Warns "Schiff, Bidens, & Pelosi Will Testify" If Impeachment Goes To Senate 14 Let it go 9 hrs ago
Just when you thought Shampeachment couldn't get any Goofier 16 Gunslinger201 9 hrs ago
The demtards should vote to impeach tomorrow! 4 bfox74 10 hrs ago
Leftists really are stupid animals 2 Charlie Mike 10 hrs ago
Democrats childish outbursts yesterday? 2 DDKick 10 hrs ago
After his impeachment, will trump be addressed as 25 DillyDilly500 10 hrs ago
Does a lifetime in DC disable your ability to relate to normal people? 3 PrescientWon. 11 hrs ago
The world is laughing at President Trump: Joe Bidens new ad eviscerates Trump on his NATO humilia 5 RCW2014 14 hrs ago
If lefty is so worried about Russia 2 Charlie Mike 15 hrs ago
I see it this way: Trump is being impeached for a crime that Biden committed. (Poll) 4 Da Mannn 15 hrs ago
WSJ: Schiff Impeaches Biden 1 Let it go 18 hrs ago
Photos debunk Trump claim I dont know Prince Andrew - they even partied with Jeffrey Epstein! 5 RCW2014 18 hrs ago
How they will attack Amy Coney Barrett. 12 Hades 18 hrs ago
When joe is portrayed as a centrist, remember this... 1 Nostrings 18 hrs ago
I dont use make up but if I did 7 TheShoe 19 hrs ago
"Before I finished my testimony, my home and office were inundated with threatening messages..." 6 Nostrings 19 hrs ago
Obama's 'Body Man,' Reggie Love, endorses Buttigieg? 3 Dumper 19 hrs ago
Who would win in a physical fight between President Donald Trump and Joe Biden? (Poll) 13 Fred Sanford 19 hrs ago
Has Shampeachment shown the American people that Democrats are enemies of the United States and (Poll) 5 CornFed 19 hrs ago
Number One & Number Two 12 jh4freedom 20 hrs ago
Giuliani didnt talk to OMB, didnt know aid was being withheld from Ukraine 2 Let it go 20 hrs ago
Pleaded Guilty and still hasn't resigned 4 jh4freedom 20 hrs ago
So let me see if I have this right. The House can impeach but it is up to Pelosi when 0 RCW2014 20 hrs ago
Where are the retarded dems getting 'obstruction of congress' from? 26 bfox74 20 hrs ago
Nancy asks if everyone is READY FOR IMPEACHMENT 15 Pennsylvania 21 hrs ago
Why no Ukraine meddling? 5 def_con5 21 hrs ago
Ukraine lawmaker met Giuliani to discuss misuse of U.S. taxpayer money in Ukraine 0 quad489 22 hrs ago
Will Dems promise not to destroy the statues of the all white, slave holding Founders 2 Dumper 22 hrs ago
Did Biden really challenge that farmer to pushups? 4 Tin Ear2 22 hrs ago
Good thing lefty rejects family values. That makes this perfectly fine: 32 Charlie Mike 22 hrs ago
What would Kamala do 3 Badsamm 23 hrs ago
Silly Dems say the Const OBLIGES them to impeach Trump, when all it does is give them 8 Dumper 23 hrs ago
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