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(Mad Magazine): Trump Consoles Other Family Members 14 AmandaCMatthews 1 min ago
Jimmy Dore Tells the Truth About Fake Democrat Donna Brazile 3 Aquila 2 min ago
Trump vs. Hitler: Lets Run the Numbers. 0 TM999 3 min ago
That commercial with the sad Indian crying over litter 27 TheShoe 4 min ago
So now Trump is promising to help pay legal fees for his staffers? 15 swifty 6 min ago
Democratic chairman: Trump 'most dangerous' president ever 7 fszwfnj 8 min ago
Is Barack Obama both oppressed, and his oppressor? (Poll) 14 Konsurvative 21 min ago
Has it been 5 minutes already? Time for another "TRUMP IS LITERALLY HITLER!" thread 4 I814U2CY 23 min ago
Should President Trump release the entire JFK files? (Poll) 2 myohmy 38 min ago
I think all the women's studies and hyphenated American studies Grads 12 Let it go 46 min ago
New, lonely DU poster 40 TheyLostTheirForums 1 hr ago
Open with caution. That which has been seen cannot be unseen. 0 bernt-toast 1 hr ago
You be the judge. $100,000 in Facebook ads and a meeting with some Russian 5 Dumper 2 hrs ago
Dimocrats got their First black President. What is next? (Poll) 12 MumblyPeg 2 hrs ago
Author says Democrats abandoned working class 3 Let it go 2 hrs ago
Trumpons, Trumpettes-- put your money where your mouth is... 3 Scary Red 2 hrs ago
Defining Liberal 44 Trumplethinskin 3 hrs ago
What's President Trumps' chance of making in full term? (Poll) 23 myohmy 3 hrs ago
Can Donald Trump be deemed to have mental illness, reflecting observable behavior? (Poll) 15 myohmy 3 hrs ago
We are witnesses to the most ruthless attack on a President & the people who voted for him..." [View all] 51 Nostrings 3 hrs ago
The Obama Administrations Uranium One Scandal 0 Gunslinger201 4 hrs ago
When will Lefty understand, "We don't believe your lying polls?" (Poll) 16 Da Mannn 4 hrs ago
Democrats appointed a DACA illegal to a leadership post in their party. Seriously. 8 Shkreli 5 hrs ago
Kelly is saying that it's a terrible thing that the Congresswoman was in the car. So... 6 Scary Red 5 hrs ago
Should General Kellys' previous military service place him beyond criticism? (Poll) 22 myohmy 6 hrs ago
Scary shit here 29 Spanish Ladies 6 hrs ago
media bias rears its butt-ugly head again 11 imwithfred 7 hrs ago
Rachel Maddow's gone completely batshit crazy 6 TendiesForBreakfast 7 hrs ago
world's smartest young leader definitely has a red line 1 imwithfred 9 hrs ago
CLASSIC FAKE NEWS ALERT 32 Summer 9 hrs ago
Fred is glad to see our hardworking President take time out for a round of golf. 10 Fred Sanford 9 hrs ago
Manny's primitives whine about regular Democrats keeping control of the party 19 imwithfred 9 hrs ago
Apparently unwoke Lefty refers to native-American as 'Indian'. 10 Konsurvative 10 hrs ago
Poll: Gillespie, Northam deadlocked in Virginia governor race 2 Doctor_R 11 hrs ago
Poll: DACA kids are illegals graciously receiving "deferred action" yes or no. (Poll) 1 Shkreli 11 hrs ago
Remember When Righty Trusted Job Approval Ratings? 17 jh4freedom 11 hrs ago
Three Richard Spencer supporters charged with attempted murder after firing at anti-Nazi protesters 15 Letmypeoplevote 12 hrs ago
So a bunch of disabled folks with free housing want bigger free houses and are terrorizing 8 Shkreli 12 hrs ago
Oooooh myyyy gooood!!! WE CAN'T WAIT ANY LONGER!!!! 25 Pennsylvania 12 hrs ago
You may dislike or even hate Trump, but he fights. At least he will kick a weirdo in the 6 Shkreli 12 hrs ago
The D propaganda blame wheel: Russia/Racist/Golf/Sanders/Misogynist 1 KittyCatIdiots 12 hrs ago
If Trump had done what wasserman Shultz had done 5 mrwordsworth 13 hrs ago
So what's the story with conservative cave? 17 bernt-toast 13 hrs ago
We watch DU because its a great early warning system focused on the violent fringe of the left. 18 Shkreli 13 hrs ago
It's probably time for Sessions to go, bring in Gowdy! 3 It Guy 13 hrs ago
Do lib women who've been raped by illegals lose interest in championing them? (Poll) 11 Konsurvative 13 hrs ago
Comey doesn't want to say 44 I814U2CY 14 hrs ago
Pissing Russian hookers isn't working out, so now we have this again... geez lefty.. drop the bong 15 MumblyPeg 14 hrs ago
When is Rep Wilson going to apologize to the honorable retired General Kelly for slandering him 28 Carl 14 hrs ago
The worst ever by a lot 18 jh4freedom 15 hrs ago
Lefty rapesplains rape victims: 8 Konsurvative 15 hrs ago
IF rational observation was likely, then posters here could only conclude that my views 10 Shkreli 16 hrs ago
In other words, Chicago at any lunch time. 5 Konsurvative 16 hrs ago
Given What We Know Now, Some Of The Steele Dossiers Claims Arent So Crazy [View all] 60 Letmypeoplevote 16 hrs ago
Stranger Things' Finn Wolfhard Exits APA After Agent Accused of Sexual Abuse 3 Let it go 17 hrs ago
Let's find out who denies science: Is Barack Obama black or half white and half black? (Poll) 19 Konsurvative 17 hrs ago
Chinese superhumans won't look a damn thing like the broke down Democrats in this country. 7 Shkreli 17 hrs ago
I'm pro gun, change my mind 3 357blackhawk 17 hrs ago
Trump tried to callously crib a "phrase that pays" from Kelly, and it backfired. 16 swifty 17 hrs ago
Trump has been too busy to golf 11 TheShoe 17 hrs ago
Obama inadvertently explains a major factor in Democratic Party losses... 4 Gamle-ged 18 hrs ago
Trump Played Golf Instead Of Paying Respects To Green Beret Who Died In Niger Ambush 35 Letmypeoplevote 18 hrs ago
Someone tell the "Empty Barrel," when your opposition drops the mike, 3 Dumper 18 hrs ago
ACLU Immediately Sues Trump Over Rollback Of Birth Control Coverage 28 Letmypeoplevote 18 hrs ago
Meet the UN World Health Organizations new goodwill ambassador 3 Nostrings 18 hrs ago
Putin says Americans don't show Trump enough respect 7 Letmypeoplevote 18 hrs ago
Gen. Kelley confirmed as racist: 10 Konsurvative 18 hrs ago
The moment when you realize that every single living ... 29 NavyBrat 18 hrs ago
OOPH! There is video that proves COS Kelly LIED about Rep. Wilson. He should apologize! 12 The Big Red Machine 18 hrs ago
Should Senator John McCain be scared? (Poll) 28 myohmy 18 hrs ago
Do you think Lefty trotted out this Rep. clown dressed like a saloon hooker to deflect (Poll) 12 Fred Sanford 19 hrs ago
DUcult playing the racist card today, must need a break from 24/7 McCarthyism 1 KittyCatIdiots 19 hrs ago
FACT CHECK-Is "Empty Barrel" a Racist Term? 13 Gunslinger201 19 hrs ago
where'd they all go? [View all] 77 imwithfred 19 hrs ago
Psychiatry group tells members they can ignore Goldwater rule and comment on Trumps mental health [View all] 79 Letmypeoplevote 19 hrs ago
Rep. Wilson Pivots Conversation About Gold Star Mom To #BringBackOurGirls 5 def_con5 19 hrs ago
Blue states getting redder, red states getting redder. (well of course they are. Normal Americans) 1 Shkreli 19 hrs ago
Trump will become first president to speak at hate group gathering 16 Letmypeoplevote 19 hrs ago
Donald Trump has state visit to UK downgraded 'and will not be guest of the Queen' 15 Letmypeoplevote 19 hrs ago
Chris Wallace Hits Fox News Colleagues Over Media Attacks: Dont Know Whats In Their Head 6 RCW2014 19 hrs ago
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