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Trump and the Christian Fascists 28 Salaam 10 min ago
If this happens lefty will lose it completely, 31 bruiserboy 19 min ago
Shouldn't we give priority to Americans over non-Americans who are here illegally? Dem Disagrees 5 Let it go 30 min ago
All the ISIS execution and battle videos have stopped since Trump got in. 2 Sibelian the White 41 min ago
Chuck Schumer: Single-Payer Healthcare "On The Table" 20 Immacolata 49 min ago
Trump soiled the Boy Scouts 36 swifty 54 min ago
American Muslims growing more liberal, survey shows 10 gowiththrottleup 58 min ago
Well, I've given up 18 def_con5 1 hr ago
Congratulations on the reboot, Democrats! 2 TendiesForBreakfast 1 hr ago
Keyhole is showing 50 million ppl in 8 hrs have viewed content related to Imran Awan JUST on twtr 1 Let it go 2 hrs ago
Congressman: If female GOP senators were South Texas men, I'd challenge them to a duel 2 Letmypeoplevote 2 hrs ago
Senate won't let Trump make recess appointments 3 Letmypeoplevote 2 hrs ago
Trump Leads Boy Scouts To Boo Former President Obama [View all] 62 Maya 2 hrs ago
An uber lib aquaintance of mine on FB has been triggered 13 Horsefeathers 2 hrs ago
Did you know that 85% of American who have died in war since WW1 are white men? 8 Shkreli 3 hrs ago
Breaking: Imran Awann arrested at Dulles Airport, charged with bank fraud 29 bernt-toast 3 hrs ago
In retrospect, 3 TheyLostTheirForums 3 hrs ago
MSNBC Makes Network History With Stretch Of No. 1 Cable Ratings 2 Letmypeoplevote 3 hrs ago
And "Repeal and Replace" failed... again 12 Trumplethinskin 3 hrs ago
Trump wisely avoiding the NAACP convention. We need more of this. The shame merchants must go. 29 Shkreli 3 hrs ago
Easy path to re-election, Trump doing very well in the non-degenerate states that matter. 6 Shkreli 3 hrs ago
DU turns on their pet anti-Trump Republican 3 msv 3 hrs ago
Newly declassified memos detail extent of improper Obama-era NSA spying 7 Doctor_R 3 hrs ago
I'm starting to get a bit freaked out by this whole RUSSIA!!! thing. I really am. 25 Sibelian the White 3 hrs ago
Tiny repeal, anyone 17 def_con5 3 hrs ago
Trump Blows A Gasket After Calls To Remove Him From Office Via the 25th Amendment Go Viral [View all] 58 Letmypeoplevote 4 hrs ago
Why we should be very afraid of Trumps vote suppression commission [View all] 124 Letmypeoplevote 4 hrs ago
Russia sanctions deal reached without changes Trump sought 3 Letmypeoplevote 4 hrs ago
Tulsi Gabbard on Tuckers show: "WE Have Been Providing Direct And Indirect Support For Al Qaeda!" 11 Aquila 5 hrs ago
So President Trump wants to get rid of Sessions now 45 Attera 5 hrs ago
"NanceMcCarthyGreggs" reminds everyone that Russia took over America! 7 KittyCatIdiots 5 hrs ago
Wasserman Schultzs IT Staffer Wired $300,000 to Pakistan Before Arrest at Dulles 2 Let it go 5 hrs ago
Caver gets all excited over DU poster 3 Docbroke 5 hrs ago
Civil libertarians must be celebrating the US Court decision that you need not have a "good reason" 2 Dumper 6 hrs ago
Idiot teacher proves border patrol doesn't discriminate. 26 Let it go 6 hrs ago
A Communist Muslim is the Democrats' Comeback Plan? REALLY? 10 Kristopher09 6 hrs ago
Who said: 'America deserves better' than 'unbridled demagoguery' ? 18 Salaam 6 hrs ago
DNC IT "bag man" caught fleeing the country... 6 PrescientWon. 6 hrs ago
Trump is being really stupid with Sessions. 9 swifty 6 hrs ago
#Rexit: Report Indicates Tillerson Contemplating Early Departure 12 Salaam 7 hrs ago
GOP no votes 0 Docbroke 7 hrs ago
BRCA fails 0 Docbroke 7 hrs ago
Time for us all to go after Brennan, Clapper and Comey--the treacherous traitors. 17 joefriday6 8 hrs ago
DWS finally fires Pakistani IT guy. 11 Let it go 8 hrs ago
Ok. Been trying to get caught up to speed on repealing ACA. Is there or isn't there a bill ? 12 RATFINK_5.0 8 hrs ago
How often do you go to meetings and not only don't prepare but don't know the topic? 5 Ohio Joe 8 hrs ago
Taxes [View all] 84 Attera 8 hrs ago
I will not be donating one red cent to a single Republican or the RNC for the foreseeable future 17 U.S.Awesome 8 hrs ago
If there really was a "deep state" 7 mrwordsworth 8 hrs ago
Uh-oh! One of my senators was caught on a hot mic! shrkeli - this one's for you! 5 bernt-toast 8 hrs ago
If America sanctions you, aren't you a third world shithole? 4 shortviking 9 hrs ago
"BigDumbVoter" calls everyone "redneck meth head supporters", 118 recs and counting! 10 KittyCatIdiots 9 hrs ago
Official Discussionist DUmmy award. [View all] 87 PrescientWon. 9 hrs ago
Rewards for service in socialist paradise Venezuela. 15 Nostrings 9 hrs ago
Even Boy Scouts know that Democrats and the Clintons are shitty for America. 22 Shkreli 9 hrs ago
Concerns over a Bitcoin Virus infecting Russian devices.. 1 Let it go 9 hrs ago
Imran Awan, CNN contributor! 3 Let it go 10 hrs ago
House Passes New Russia Sanctions 7 jh4freedom 11 hrs ago
This message was self-deleted by its author 0 Cyberpunk 11 hrs ago
Day 187-How cool- Trump would lose 439 to 99 EVs if the election were held today 19 graham4anything4HC45 11 hrs ago
Senate Judiciary Committee rescinds Manafort subpoena 0 Pennsylvania 11 hrs ago
Former CIA Director calls for coup if Trump fires Mueller. Brennan and Clapper are 7 joefriday6 12 hrs ago
Democrats' New Slogan Gonna Work? 0 Kristopher09 12 hrs ago
Is it okay for any country to build a wall on its border 28 Cyberpunk 12 hrs ago
On Death Panels -- I just got curious and confirmed... 25 bernt-toast 12 hrs ago
Americans are paying more attention to politics and finding it..... 0 Ravenquills 13 hrs ago
Day 187b Sorry Republicans Rudy, Chris Christie, Bernie Kerik & Ted Cruz & Judge Judy- 3 graham4anything4HC45 13 hrs ago
How long does Trump need to wait for evidence of a crime, before firing Mueller? 7 U.S.Awesome 13 hrs ago
A libertarian argument for Basic Income Guarantee [View all] 50 357blackhawk 13 hrs ago
This message was self-deleted by its author 8 Juan Rico 14 hrs ago
Remember when Obama used kids to politicize gun control? WATCH: 3 Shkreli 14 hrs ago
Seems Lefty is hating on Sarah Sanders 30 Horsefeathers 14 hrs ago
Who would have known that tears go along with resistance so well. 0 PrescientWon. 14 hrs ago
Trump wants to dump Sessions more than cons wanted Holder fired. I have 9 Very Wonderful 15 hrs ago
Judge denies restraining order on voter data, 15 bruiserboy 15 hrs ago
The Boy Scouts love Donald J. Trump. Lefty is apoplectic again. 12 PrescientWon. 15 hrs ago
Well, I now have an upstairs neighbour from Iran. [View all] 54 Sibelian the White 16 hrs ago
Princeton announces that it will attempt to alter the Man Gene for the sake of PC. 0 Dumper 17 hrs ago
MORE Jordan Peterson...: "Revolutionary ideas and truth" 0 Sibelian the White 17 hrs ago
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