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thoughts and prayers for the media... 3 Solesurvivor 37 sec ago
McConnell will be having none of these democrat shenanigans. 27 Charlie Mike 2 min ago
Here in CT, seconds before the Impeachment proceeding was to begin, we got a 0 Dumper 2 min ago
How five members of Joe Biden's family got rich through his connections [View all] 91 AmandaCMatthews 7 min ago
FEDS Probe Adam Schiff Dressed like Egyptian at Bizarre Sacrafice Parties at Ed Bucks Meth Mansio 7 Thorson 9 min ago
The scariest thing is 29 okletstalk 13 min ago
Nominee for most ironic internet post of the year 2 Valishin 22 min ago
Let me tell you what will happen with the registration. 1 Hades 23 min ago
RECAP! News and Politics January 2020 4 Solesurvivor 25 min ago
womo womp... Lefty doesn't like Republican rules. 1 PrescientWon. 33 min ago
On Twitter a Leftist just told me the Founding Fathers were stupid men. 8 PrescientWon. 37 min ago
Lefty, when Iran developes It's nukes and a delivery system, and it's too late to take 17 Dumper 42 min ago
Must be Official Bernie policy, 2nd Staffer Praises Gulags, Guillotine the Rich 5 Gunslinger201 46 min ago
Getting elected is not "abuse of Presidential power", Lefty. 3 Fred Sanford 1 hr ago
Nobody likes Bernie says former Democrat candidate 5 Tin Ear2 1 hr ago
Illegal Alien says: "I Want Trump Out!" 4 Iron Condor 1 hr ago
The latest big lie 1 def_con5 1 hr ago
At Sundance Hillary said of Bernie, "Nobody likes him." Potess calling Kettle black? 2 Dumper 1 hr ago
Ukraine prosecutor offered information related to Biden in exchange for ambassadors ouster, [View all] 124 Trevor 1 hr ago
Pro-gun rally in Virginia ends peacefully 24 uncledad 1 hr ago
Sweden Has 'Lost Control' After Bombings Spike 60% In 2019, Says MP 3 Let it go 1 hr ago
Full video of second sanders staffer talking fondly about gulags and republican re-education camps 0 Nostrings 2 hrs ago
The left are the ones that destroy when they protest. 4 Hades 2 hrs ago
Rally in Virginia went well 6 TendiesForBreakfast 2 hrs ago
E Warrens popularity with men cratering. 3 Let it go 2 hrs ago
The Covington Kids Revenge, One Year Later 1 Muddling Through 2 hrs ago
Strong' paper trail has John Durham investigating the months before Mueller appointment 8 Let it go 2 hrs ago
Stefan Halper is known as a Bush family operative. 0 Let it go 3 hrs ago
Sounds like a well regulated militia to me... 7 Solesurvivor 3 hrs ago
If one of your memories was your mommy having her toes sucked by a Arab, you 6 Dumper 3 hrs ago
Bernie bends the knee 5 Charlie Mike 3 hrs ago
Note to Trump: Iraq is Not a U.S. Colony - The American Conservative 5 RCW2014 4 hrs ago
An IDEA for Trump's impeachment defense! Assert that because he running 14 Dumper 4 hrs ago
Alan Dershowitz Lashes Out at CNN Bullies, Flails to Explain His Contradictory Impeachment Claims: 5 RCW2014 4 hrs ago
Democrats: if confiscating all guns saves just one life it will be worth it. By that logic(sic), 5 Dumper 4 hrs ago
It is time for democrats and Republicans to come together 13 Charlie Mike 5 hrs ago
Any update on a dead/wounded count at the Virginia Gun Fest? 7 Fred Sanford 7 hrs ago
Would you support a law which allowed legislatures to fire those they thought 18 Dumper 7 hrs ago
Not a single arrest 29 Currentsitguy 8 hrs ago
Rumor: red state has pic of Schiff at Ed Bucks crazy party 4 Let it go 8 hrs ago
Is fascism just nationalistic socialism? 4 shogun 12 hrs ago
Meanwhile, in Auntie Fascist World... 8 Charlie Mike 12 hrs ago
A shout out and thank you to the Barrett rifle carrying guy. 6 Hades 12 hrs ago
In your opinion, what are valid grounds for impeachment and removal of a president [View all] 71 Fiendish Thingy-BC 13 hrs ago
NBC "journalist": 2A is strictly a white nationalist issue 6 Charlie Mike 13 hrs ago
Curt Shilling 7 TheShoe 13 hrs ago
"If the bills go through as proposed, they will not be enforced. They are unconstitutional." 8 Nostrings 14 hrs ago
Democrats, here is your front-runner for 2020: 5 rh24 15 hrs ago
MLK Day 14 TheShoe 16 hrs ago
"Biden leads Democratic primary field in Iowa" 8 jh4freedom 16 hrs ago
The War In Trumps Ear 2 RCW2014 17 hrs ago
The Five ALLEGED crimes of Donald Trump 12 jh4freedom 17 hrs ago
When Bill Clinton was impeached... 0 jh4freedom 18 hrs ago
100,000 New Jerseyans want to attend Trump rally 2 imwithfred 19 hrs ago
Guy with private, armed bodyguards doesn't like you deciding when to defend yourself. 9 Charlie Mike 20 hrs ago
Lefty busted pretending to be libertarian 2 Charlie Mike 20 hrs ago
Media Offers Thoughts And Prayers That Someone Would Start Some Violence At Gun Rights Rally 3 Cynical 21 hrs ago
About those 1000 seats Obama lost for Democrats 12 Trumplethinskin 21 hrs ago
Heather Heyer's mom owns guns and says Democrats in Richmond, Virginia, are goi 0 AmandaCMatthews 21 hrs ago
White Nationalists Descend on Richmond Virginia for Second Amendment Rally: 7 rh24 22 hrs ago
DU deems 2A advocates to be cowards, but not feeling froggy enough to disarm them 7 Charlie Mike 22 hrs ago
In my view... the original Constitution is FARTHER RIGHT than viewed today. 2 PrescientWon. 22 hrs ago
A salient message during impeachment? 1 Dumper 22 hrs ago
Beautiful civil rights protest in Richmond I hear 0 Tin Ear2 22 hrs ago
Understatement of the year? NY Times: 'Sen Warren is a gifted story teller! ' 4 Dumper Yesterday
The New Energy Superpower In The Middle East - Russia 0 RCW2014 Yesterday
If I were trying to disarm black Americans and lower their economic opportunities 1 shogun Yesterday
Nadler wants no witnesses if Hunter Biden to be called. 15 Let it go Yesterday
Trans rights rally has started in Virginia. 7 Pennsylvania Yesterday
Brace yourselves for the apologies 3 Solesurvivor Yesterday
By this rationale, the wall can't be racist. 8 Charlie Mike Yesterday
Poor old backstabber Fredo... Flees the country on eve of trial to hang out with the elite... 10 Ohio Joe Yesterday
Can a woman be elected President? Can a man be endorsed by the NY Times? 3 Dumper Yesterday
How could the American people want someone who lies to them? @ewarren says 3 Let it go Yesterday
Mendacity & lies: After 19 years America admits to itself that it NEVER could have won war in Afgh 14 RCW2014 Yesterday
With some irony, it appears the Times' endorsements will backfire! Warren is clearly 0 Dumper Yesterday
How long before Lefty begins to topple MLK Jr. statues? They've rejected content 0 Dumper Yesterday
LIVE: Gun rights lobby protest new controls amid fear of violence in Virginia capital 0 Aquila Yesterday
Like clockwork, the Left falls for the latest prank. 2 Charlie Mike Yesterday
Sanders was an elector for a 1980 presidential candidate who said US soldiers should shoot officers 8 Charlie Mike Yesterday
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