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MSNBC's Chris Hayes ripped for suggesting death toll projections were inflated for Trump victory lap 12 rh24 5 min ago
Here in SW Ct stores are out of many milk products, yet farmers are dumping tons they 0 Dumper 11 min ago
Between normalcy and state of emergency: The legal framework for Sweden's coronavirus strategy 0 Troll2 13 min ago
Dude spends $243,000 of the taxpayers' money then quits. 1 jh4freedom 14 min ago
As Pandemic Deepens, Trump Cycles Through Targets to Blame 14 RCW2014 16 min ago
Feeling Berned yet? 3 Charlie Mike 22 min ago
Freedom or safety? Which way do you default? (Poll) 15 Nostrings 50 min ago
Steve Bannon: CCP is a threat to the world. Could have contained covid but acquired all PPE 5 Let it go 53 min ago
Trump knows he did a terrible job on covid-19 or he wouldn't be blaming the WHO and Chinese. 32 swifty 54 min ago General Election: Trump vs. Biden 8 jh4freedom 57 min ago
Yay Boris! 1 jh4freedom 1 hr ago
AMA Prefers Death to Treating without Data, States the Association of American Physicians & Surgeons 4 Let it go 1 hr ago
Have a look at whats going on in Ohio, Folks. 8 Nostrings 1 hr ago
USS Roosevelt Sailor with COVID-19 Found Unresponsive in Guam 0 jh4freedom 1 hr ago President Trump Job Approval 0 jh4freedom 1 hr ago
So what affirmative action VP will Biden use? 7 DDKick 1 hr ago
Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot went out to get a haircut despite demanding people comply 12 Dumper 2 hrs ago
Biden is all in to make political points and offers medical equipment through his sources. 14 oldenuff35 2 hrs ago
Cuomo says New York's new net hospitalizations hit low since coronavirus pandemic 3 rh24 2 hrs ago
TRUMPDOW gains nearly 6000 pts since Wu-Flu lows... 4 PrescientWon. 3 hrs ago
Bernie Sanders Drops Out As Campaign Goals Of Locking Everyone Up, Destroying Economy 1 foia 3 hrs ago
HCQ is working. 3 Let it go 3 hrs ago
Idris Abdus-Salaam stabbed to death three women and injured a fourth at a Tennessee truck 8 Tin Ear2 3 hrs ago
I just have a feeling and I'm probably wrong... 15 PrescientWon. 3 hrs ago
Bernie tests negative for President and decides to spend quality time with his houseS! 0 Dumper 4 hrs ago
Key U.S. coronavirus death projection revised down to 60,000 7 Tin Ear2 4 hrs ago
There is one positive thing the Coronavirus has done. 25 Hades 5 hrs ago
Senate Democrats Block GOP Effort To Boost Small-Business Aid 4 Tin Ear2 5 hrs ago
Seriously? CBS News Re-airs Misleading Italian Hospital Footage for Wuhan Coronavirus Story 5 def_con5 5 hrs ago
The federal government is not stopping CV testing today. 3 def_con5 5 hrs ago
I'm still conflicted with some parts of the Patriot Act. BUT, this big question remains: 4 Dumper 5 hrs ago
On the news of Bernie Sanders withdrawing from the primary campaign... 3 Charlie Mike 5 hrs ago
Why not join me for a few moments of sanity, and abandon the' merry go round' of endless 4 Dumper 6 hrs ago
WaPo Op/Ed: "Sitting on a throne of skulls, McConnell confirms 8999th judge" 10 Fred Sanford 6 hrs ago
Riddle me this hydroxychloroquine 12 def_con5 6 hrs ago
The cover of todays NY Post. 2 Nostrings 6 hrs ago
Fun Fact. Northern Italy, the least 'ethnic' area of all of Italy, was the area hardest hit by 3 Dumper 6 hrs ago
I'm not sure there are any legitimate reasons to vote for Trump, but a ton for Biden. 14 swifty 6 hrs ago
POTUS 3 Charlie Mike 6 hrs ago
Honest Question... Can a State set up roadblocks on Highways at the border? 40 PrescientWon. 7 hrs ago
Leftists are just generally shitty human beings 0 Charlie Mike 7 hrs ago
Don't just look at the meme. Check out the tweeter. 3 Charlie Mike 7 hrs ago
The Republican Speaker of the Wisconsin House 18 jh4freedom 8 hrs ago
DU Gloats over Linda Tripp's death, remember that when Ruth Ginsburg passes assholes 9 Banshee 3 Actual 8 hrs ago
Trump should make it clear, he'll expose any R or D legislator who tries to sandwich any 10 Dumper 8 hrs ago
Bernie bails. Found he could neither tax the virus nor claim it was driven by greed! 1 Dumper 8 hrs ago
Apparently, an ABC News correspondent invited a Communist Chinese propagandist into 4 Dumper 9 hrs ago
Yup, blacks as a group are more likely than whites to get the virus. That, in and of itself, 15 Dumper 9 hrs ago
On the same day that Trump enacted China travel estrictions, Pelosi pushed 11 bernt-toast 9 hrs ago
Nebraska governor ricketts has got to go. 12 Nostrings 9 hrs ago
Bernie wasted over $160 million on his failed campaign 7 Tin Ear2 9 hrs ago
It's now a battle of the superpowers 1 foia 9 hrs ago
President Trump is a failure 13 foia 9 hrs ago
Republicans just lost Wisconsin 24 swifty 9 hrs ago
"What does he know that the American people don't?" 8 Nostrings 15 hrs ago
Nevada Governor (D) Found Hoarding Hydroxychloroquine After Banning Drug 6 Nostrings 16 hrs ago
Tucker Carlson on why MSNBC/COMCAST is spouting Chinese Communist propaganda 1 rh24 16 hrs ago
Trump wants left wingers and socialists in the Republican Party 20 jh4freedom 17 hrs ago
Bernie and Communism lost to a guy in his basement with a podcast. 9 Fred Sanford 19 hrs ago
Bernie tests negative for President 5 Banshee 3 Actual 19 hrs ago
Check this out from the Rule of Law Republicans 7 okletstalk 20 hrs ago
What's up in WI? 2 def_con5 22 hrs ago
NYC Mayor deBlasio auctioned off NYC Excess ventilators in 2015 2 Banshee 3 Actual 22 hrs ago
Today... I'm angrier than ever at Jeff Sessions. 7 PrescientWon. 22 hrs ago
Radiologist calls out Fredo Cuomo on his "damaged lung" ex-ray: 4 rh24 22 hrs ago
'Trump treats the media so badly...' 0 Nostrings 23 hrs ago
The worst thing about a potential Biden win in November. 5 PrescientWon. 23 hrs ago
In case anyone needed a reminder 3 TendiesForBreakfast 23 hrs ago
Question for Lefties: Biden is the Defacto winner. Have you given up and accepted Trump as POTUS? (Poll) 9 Da Mannn Yesterday
We Know she was exposed to the Chinese virus a week ago. Where is Nancy now. 9 oldenuff35 Yesterday
Extreme right winger might get the death penalty 46 jh4freedom Yesterday
LetMyPeopleVote (Gothmog) pens thoughtful, insightful piece 7 imwithfred Yesterday
BERNIE GIVES UP!!!!!! again 3 WeBeatHer Yesterday
Obama over Trump but Trump over Biden 4 jh4freedom Yesterday
Lightfoot Signs Order Giving Immigrants, Refugees Access to Citys Coronavirus Relief 3 JanetS Yesterday
Bernie celebrates transforming America and prepares to retire in his dacha(s)! 5 Dumper Yesterday
Hamas Wants Americans Dead of Coronavirus, Democrats Want to Send Hamas Aid 2 Banshee 3 Actual Yesterday
Creepy Joe sucks up to the Bernbots 4 foia Yesterday
The legacy of Bernie? Now that we've spent trillions on the virus and attempts to 2 Dumper Yesterday
So tonight was a primary 12 R. Cavu Yesterday
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