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San Francisco's new DA pledges not to prosecute public urination, other quality-of-life-crimes 9 JanetS 2 min ago
Ann Coulter says Trump must go. Im not far from disagreeing. 1 Pennsylvania 5 min ago
Since California won't secede, should we kick them out of the country? 0 oflguy 5 min ago
LIve video from Shiffy-Pops "impeachment trial" 0 PrescientWon. 7 min ago
Trump 'Fighter' Jim Jordan Likely Won't Get Much Airtime in Impeachment Hearings 3 RCW2014 12 min ago
I feel like this should merit an investigation. 0 Charlie Mike 33 min ago
U.S. Supreme Court justices seem inclined to let Trump cancel DACA, 7 rh24 40 min ago
Just out of curiosity, what is the extent of Trump's defense lefty would allow? 2 Charlie Mike 53 min ago
Americans: A pox on both their houses 1 jh4freedom 57 min ago
IF Lefty were smart... 4 PrescientWon. 57 min ago
Schiff has blocked every GOP witness requested 13 Let it go 1 hr ago
A boop for you, and a boop for you too. 1 Charlie Mike 1 hr ago
It would take just three Republican senators to turn the impeachment vote into a secret ballot. 32 orson 1 hr ago
Ciaramella is in deep doo doo 12 Let it go 1 hr ago
States losing population 35 jh4freedom 1 hr ago
The most fair process 5 def_con5 1 hr ago
Is the impeachment inquisition a safe place? 20 DDKick 1 hr ago
Supreme Court kicks the gun community in the dick! BIGTIME! 5 Pennsylvania 1 hr ago
I'm beginning to think the Democrats have NO intentions to actually impeach Trump. (Poll) 11 Da Mannn 1 hr ago
Why A Warren Presidency Would Jeopardize Retirement Funds 4 Let it go 1 hr ago
Name something fascist Trump has done. 28 Charlie Mike 1 hr ago
Boy, the DUmpsters are celebrating this one 7 Crazy D 2 hrs ago
Jonathan Morris: I went to Kanye West's church Here's what I saw and heard 1 Let it go 2 hrs ago
Australian media reporting that US Atty Durham has interviewed Alexander Downer 0 Let it go 3 hrs ago
Rep drops Ciaramellas name. 4 Let it go 3 hrs ago
CBS Poll: Majority disapprove of Democrats impeachment push (Complete partisan divide) 3 rh24 4 hrs ago
Who most benefits from false equivalency? (Poll) 14 swifty 4 hrs ago
Adam Schiff's 'ham sandwich': Not an inquiry, just a show 1 Let it go 4 hrs ago
Did Trump try to pull a Tonya Harding with his Ukraine bribery attempt? (Poll) 13 swifty 4 hrs ago
I think this is a good article or opinion on 0 DDKick 4 hrs ago
Posted without comment. 25 wonderwarthog 4 hrs ago
An Open Letter to Greta Thunberg 0 JanetS 4 hrs ago
Schiff should approve zero GOP witnesses. [View all] 168 Trevor 4 hrs ago
Gun control nuts are why you need to be able to defend yourself 3 Charlie Mike 4 hrs ago
Will Hillary respond to Tulsis throw down? (Poll) 7 Badsamm 4 hrs ago
Posted WITH comment 6 Pennsylvania 5 hrs ago
White men can no longer wear black socks. 11 Pennsylvania 5 hrs ago
Alex Vindman Is Living, Breathing Proof That The Deep State Exists, And It Is Corrupt 2 Let it go 5 hrs ago
John Solomon says Trumps briefings on corruption in Ukraine were much broader than Biden 5 Let it go 5 hrs ago
Tulsi to Wicked Witch Hillary: "Your Statement is Defamatory" 10 Aquila 6 hrs ago
Schiff Witness Vindman Testified that He Thought Presidents Policy Was Wrong So He Advise [View all] 109 Gunslinger201 9 hrs ago
Reset the hate crime hoax clock. 7 Charlie Mike 11 hrs ago
Democrats have a Col. Vindman problem. 3 Let it go 11 hrs ago
Nikki Haley told Trump Tillerson and Kelly were acting against him. 1 Let it go 12 hrs ago
Dick Morris pundits on something that's not going to happen 1 imwithfred 12 hrs ago
The Republican coup attempt to destroy President Trump 24 jh4freedom 12 hrs ago
Does anyone else remember when it was cool to go after whistleblowers? 3 Nostrings 13 hrs ago
Finally a glimmer of hope in my fellow Trump supporters. 14 Pennsylvania 13 hrs ago
Joe is weak, Sanders and Warren are too far left. 5 outside 17 hrs ago
Lefties don't like Bloomberg due to Stop and Frisk. They have a better idea, follow them 3 Dumper 17 hrs ago
When will Lefty realize that Trump will not be convicted in the senate? 34 bfox74 17 hrs ago
Buttigieg: White People Should Come To Terms With Their Whiteness 36 JanetS 17 hrs ago
I really doubt Roberts will let the Republicans use the Constitution as toilet paper. 29 swifty 17 hrs ago
Trump NYC Veterans Day Speech Met with Protests 6 RCW2014 18 hrs ago
Tulsi Gabbard LIVE NOW on Jimmy Dore 11/11/19 1 Aquila 19 hrs ago
Fastest Growing states 27 jh4freedom 19 hrs ago
This message was self-deleted by its author 6 joefriday6 20 hrs ago
Demos, primitives, overshot their wad 7 imwithfred 20 hrs ago
Go back to California: Wave of newcomers fuels backlash in Boise 32 JanetS 20 hrs ago
Alan Dershowitz: Is There Any Possibility There Was an Impeachable Offense? The Answer Is No! 14 Gunslinger201 20 hrs ago
Economics 101... 2 EagleKeeper 20 hrs ago
Republican number 20 not seeking re-election to the House 3 jh4freedom 21 hrs ago
Meet the Press Panel Hopes Dems Can Dramatize Impeachment Hearings With Crying Witnesses 8 Steelydamned 21 hrs ago
Schiff is making it more likely the Senate just says "Fuck off" to any impeachment trial. 22 rh24 22 hrs ago
While Democrats Obsess over Impeachment, McConnell Steamrolls Them with 30 More Conservative Judges 6 rh24 22 hrs ago
Bolton Rejects Legal Alliance With Mulvaney 0 RCW2014 23 hrs ago
Is Pelosi saving Trump by shaping impeachment to fail in the Senate? 8 Let it go 23 hrs ago
If the Senate fails to remove Trump, will they honor the election that punishes them for it? (Poll) 14 swifty Yesterday
What percentage of black voters in America will vote Trump in 2020? (Poll) 13 shogun Yesterday
If attaching strings to foreign aid is impeachable, cancel it all 12 Steelydamned Yesterday
Donald Trump Jr Walks out Of Triggered Book Launch After Heckling - from Supporters 9 RCW2014 Yesterday
The Dems Sense.... 5 HermantownHawk Yesterday
San Francisco Voters Elect Radical District Attorney, Son of Cop-Killing Terrorists 4 JanetS Yesterday
The Coup Klutz Klan 4 Gunslinger201 Yesterday
It just seems weird that a supposedly star witness avoids answering questions about 4 Charlie Mike Yesterday
Is it time to call the Jug Eared Muslim ShitBabboon the "subject" of the Coup Investigation? (Poll) 44 PrescientWon. Yesterday
Mayor Mike rides to rescue America from lowbrow pleasures 2 Steelydamned Yesterday
Vindman to be removed from NSC 18 Let it go Yesterday
Lefty, would you be willing to give up impeachment of Trump for a Popeye's chicken sandwich? 2 Tin Ear2 Yesterday
Stormy Daniels and Eric Ciaramella are the same...except Stormy is a lot braver 2 Let it go Yesterday
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