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Happy Fucking Father's Day 22 TM999 13 min ago
PHOTOS: Inside Shelter for Illegal Alien Children Separated from Parents 10 TM999 14 min ago
Where were all the sanctimonious windbags in 2014? 2 blue 15 min ago
Latest Fox News Trump Poll 8 jh4freedom 22 min ago
Family Separation. 8 PrescientWon. 24 min ago
Because you haven't gone twit: 2 Killdozer 29 min ago
People escaping violence in South America will bring that violence here. 23 Killdozer 39 min ago
Look at these disgusting images of dehumanized migrant families on the border: 2 rh24 41 min ago
Have you seen the video of Democrat lawmakers harassing migrant children caretakers yet? 0 Shkreli 42 min ago
Peter Strzok SICK LOSER! ahahaha 1 Pennsylvania 43 min ago
Man who thought he was wearing 'stab-proof' vest dies after stabbing himself 0 drunk_teddy 44 min ago
Devin Nunes: We're 'getting close' to impeaching Rod Rosenstien 12 Da Mannn 51 min ago
About those child detention centers... 6 PrescientWon. 1 hr ago
Victims of domestic violence need new boyfriends, not new countries! 0 Shkreli 1 hr ago
Donald Trump announced his Presidency three years ago today. Watch the media reaction: 5 rh24 1 hr ago
If you die fleeing border patrol I dont care. 13 Pennsylvania 1 hr ago
Dear "muh honor" Republicans: See how the Democrats are building up to a conflict using 3 Shkreli 1 hr ago
the ABSURDITIES of "Best POTUS" polling... 4 PrescientWon. 1 hr ago
"BabbleOnSister" "I'm legally required to call Child Protective Services on the Trump Regime" 4 KittyCatIdiots 2 hrs ago
Barack Hussain Obama and the "best POTUS list". 22 PrescientWon. 2 hrs ago
People still dont realize that it was Obama, and only Obama, that put kids in cages. 3 Shkreli 2 hrs ago
Republican lawmakers introduce bill to legalize icing in hockey. 9 swifty 2 hrs ago
@Lefty: Which is worse? (Poll) 4 Killdozer 2 hrs ago
Anyone who claims Horowitz didn't find any bias by Comey & Co. is a 'bull shitter.' 12 Dumper 3 hrs ago
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette fire cartoonist for becoming unhinged Trump hater. 5 Pennsylvania 3 hrs ago
Educated liberals. 3 Pennsylvania 3 hrs ago
Inmate number 45343 32 wonderwarthog 3 hrs ago
Strzok ready to testify before Congress without immunity. 19 Let it go 4 hrs ago
America was founded by rugged citizens who abhorred taxes, spoke strongly against tyranny, 19 Shkreli 4 hrs ago
PSA: I will alert on every use of the word 'bigot' by Lefty. 26 Killdozer 5 hrs ago
great personality and very smart 9 orson 5 hrs ago
Shall We Play a Game called "What If"? 12 Gunslinger201 5 hrs ago
"StewedG" demand repubs take a stand against Russia-colluding Trump 6 KittyCatIdiots 5 hrs ago
FBI head proves Washington has a vendetta against Trump 19 Let it go 5 hrs ago
Hillary Clinton tells grads of pricey San Francisco school about her troubled youth 7 AmandaCMatthews 5 hrs ago
"MrScore0" and 78 culties joke about Trump dying from heart attack 7 KittyCatIdiots 6 hrs ago
Obama using MS13 to suppress the rural vote 9 TheShoe 6 hrs ago
"Skidmark" and 43 Dculties "This is not my America. This is not our America." 4 KittyCatIdiots 6 hrs ago
The NewYorker "Trump continues to take directions from Putin" by arresting children 2 KittyCatIdiots 6 hrs ago
P.T. Barnum was right: 3 Killdozer 6 hrs ago
What the msm did not tell you about the obama beer summit 2 TheShoe 7 hrs ago
Report: Obama Administration Handed Child Migrants Over to Human Traffickers 5 rh24 7 hrs ago
The flagrant nationalism displayed over this dumb soccer game is disgusting. 9 Shkreli 7 hrs ago
The Virginia Congressional Candidate Who Destroyed An AR15 Loses Badly In Primary 4 Iron Condor 7 hrs ago
Just in! A Ca. elementary school was named for an illegal alien OVER Pres. Obama????* 2 Dumper 7 hrs ago
Stormys lawyer has a new cause since nothing else is working out. 4 Pennsylvania 7 hrs ago
US ambassador to Canada receives death threat. 2 Let it go 7 hrs ago
Obamas Tech Ambassador Charged With Wire Fraud !! 2 MumblyPeg 7 hrs ago
Of course Ted Cruz beat the meek and crying Jimmy Kimmel yesterday. 3 Shkreli 8 hrs ago
Remember the terrorist fist bump? 3 TheShoe 8 hrs ago
I'm glad Republicans started their trade war in time for us to get numbers before the election. 19 swifty 8 hrs ago
So many libs questioning Jeff Sessions bible verse 18 TheShoe 8 hrs ago
Fun fact: Kelly Anne Conway's father was a made guy 10 orson 8 hrs ago
A touchy lil' bytch got me hidden for agreeing with the Democrat establisment on importing Muslims. (Poll) 17 Killdozer 9 hrs ago
Have you ever seen LavenderGirl and a turnip in the same room at the same time? (Poll) [View all] 54 Killdozer 9 hrs ago
John Legend slams Paul Ryan for Father's Day post amid immigration controversy: 'Seriously, f--k you 7 RCW2014 9 hrs ago
"EffingQuack" race-baiting of the day "...choosing to defend white privilege or black lives" 1 KittyCatIdiots 9 hrs ago
Fun Fact: MORE than 1/2 the kids being held at the border came here WITHOUT 4 Dumper 9 hrs ago
Sen. Schumer, "all hair plugs, no cattle?" * 4 Dumper 9 hrs ago
Dem Rep to CNN: Unaccompanied-Minors Detention Center Conditions 'Kept Quiet' Under Obama 8 rh24 9 hrs ago
When will Holy Jeff stop the evil of the devil's weed? 6 TheShoe 9 hrs ago
90 McCarthyist sectarian Dculties thankful they're not like other Americans 1 KittyCatIdiots 9 hrs ago
Gowdy demands info on any CI involvement prior to July 2016 3 Let it go 10 hrs ago
New Jersey passed new gun control. 2 Pennsylvania 10 hrs ago
The House Intelligence Committee Chairman says their patience has run out 4 oflguy 10 hrs ago
San Fran: Tourists Shocked By What They See, 'Am I In The Bad Part Of Town?' 13 Doctor_R 10 hrs ago
Headed to Tulsa 10 TheShoe 10 hrs ago
McCabe made Page his special assistant to get info from Strzok 0 Let it go 10 hrs ago
Seems Illegal Aliens..... 0 HermantownHawk 10 hrs ago
Trump rips Democrats over MS-13 'slaughter' in weekly address 19 Butchie_T 10 hrs ago
Merkel's Coalition disintegrating: CSU leader reportedly says he cant work with Merkel any more 2 rh24 10 hrs ago
USGA fucks up again. 14 NavyBrat 11 hrs ago
This message was self-deleted by its author 0 Let it go 11 hrs ago
So Trump fires Comey and we has a special council yet 7 DDKick 11 hrs ago
Paul Manafort - Evidence of Collusion 44 Ohio Joe 11 hrs ago
Kim Jong Un Criticized For Meeting With Nation That Has Killed 60 Million Babies 7 Shkreli 12 hrs ago
NO donald trump stop lying it's Stephen Miller one of the most deplorable of deplorables policy 3 graham4anything4HC45 12 hrs ago
Illegal immigrant parents who use dangerous human traffickers should have parental rights terminated 1 Let it go 12 hrs ago
Another Boston Globe journalist follows in footsteps of news fabricator Mike Barnacle. 2 Dumper 12 hrs ago
Heeey Little Stevie! The true face of his drunken fanbois 4 Cold Warrior 13 hrs ago
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