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Strzok was removed for having his insurance policy to pull a coup on Trump 10 Let it go 2 min ago
Watch MCNBC's Ali Velshi get his ass kicked in debate on net neutrality 4 rh24 5 min ago
Kansas Dem Andrea Ramsey, accused of sexual harassment, will drop out of US House race 1 Doctor_R 6 min ago
The socialist model: Waiting Times For Canadas Single-Payer Health Care System Hit Record High 16 MumblyPeg 7 min ago
Trump spent 40 years in the public eye surrounded by beautiful women 20 Ag Rising 13 min ago
Suspect in Charlottesville car attack faces new 1st-degree murder charge 48 Qukid 17 min ago
Grassley to DoJ: Youd better explain Strzoks insurance policy against Trump 2 Let it go 17 min ago
Lefty wanted to make a Federal case out of being hacked by the Ruskies, BUT refused to turn over 0 Dumper 18 min ago
Should the Senate have investigated, then booted, Sen Byrd for his PAST KKK involvement? 3 Dumper 18 min ago
So let me get this straight... 23 Hades 20 min ago
"She-it" not letting white women have this one, lol! 6 KittyCatIdiots 20 min ago
If ISP's had to compete for our money 21 mrwordsworth 22 min ago
Commissioner Suggests U.N. Send Troops To Fight Quiet Genocide Of Gun Violence In Chicago 1 Banshee 3 Actual 26 min ago
INSURANCE: Hours After FBI Found Classified Hillary Emails on Weiner Laptop, Peter Strzoks Wife Was 5 bernt-toast 32 min ago
Dec. 7th Pew Poll - 56% of Americans approve of Mueller Probe 10 wonderwarthog 32 min ago
Day326 LOL...Republican FoxNews Analyst describing Steve Bannon to Fox's audience 7 graham4anything4HC45 37 min ago
Filthy dimopcrats abused about every branch of government for political operations 4 MumblyPeg 41 min ago
Would Lefty have supported Moore had his opponent been the sex creep? I doubt it. My point? 7 Dumper 57 min ago
We Can't Get No Satisfaction 9 jh4freedom 57 min ago
Widow of Kentucky State Rep. Dan Johnson says she'll pursue his seat 9 Doctor_R 1 hr ago
California Democratic Party Director Resigns Amid Rape Allegations 1 bernt-toast 1 hr ago
DU thinks its a good idea to go after the Presidents family over made up process crimes. 2 Shkreli 1 hr ago
Are we still free to disagree? Can people of differing views live peaceably with one another? 5 Shkreli 1 hr ago
FBI agents were conspiring and plotting against Trump being elected 28 MumblyPeg 1 hr ago
Bitcoin is the real Occupy Wall Street. 8 Shkreli 2 hrs ago
Connecticut, Already Strapped, Is Coming Up Short Again 16 Doctor_R 2 hrs ago
Sums it up nicely... 3 Solesurvivor 2 hrs ago
Fitzmas is coming for the Dumpester tomorrow 11 Crazy D 3 hrs ago
Special shout out to FDR for his contribution to ending Net Neutrality! 1 specs 3 hrs ago
In Texts, F.B.I. Officials in Russia Inquiry Said Clinton Just Has to Win 15 Pennsylvania 4 hrs ago
CNET article on net neutrality repeal 14 KittyCatIdiots 4 hrs ago
Voting in a democracy makes you feel powerful, much as playing the lottery makes you feel rich. 1 Shkreli 6 hrs ago
Republican celebrates Democrat's victory 5 jh4freedom 8 hrs ago
Fox is reporting that not only was 12 Doctor_R 8 hrs ago
Where is lefty, anyway? 33 southernwriter 8 hrs ago
No, the World will not end because the FCC repealed Net Neutrality 42 Gunslinger201 10 hrs ago
This net nutter thing.... 0 Horsefeathers 10 hrs ago
Paul Ryan Considering Retirement at End of Term 1 ThreeSparkles 10 hrs ago
Steve Bannon Looks Like A 'Disheveled Drunk' Who Needs To Leave Politics: GOP Lawmaker 11 RCW2014 11 hrs ago
Tom Carper Admitted to Hitting His Wife in 1998 Interview 5 Doctor_R 11 hrs ago
Since sources don't matter..... 1 Pennsylvania 11 hrs ago
Man shot, killed 80-year-old Brooklyn deli clerk because he couldn't buy beer 1 Banshee 3 Actual 11 hrs ago
Is it possible 7 smalllivingeddy 11 hrs ago
New York columnist calls Nick Saban a clueless, gutless, selfish coward 32 Ag Rising 12 hrs ago
An Investigative PatternEmerges 2 It Guy 12 hrs ago
Have you LOL'ed @ Lefty today? 9 Fred Sanford 12 hrs ago
Read what the Kentucky State Rep that killed himself wrote before he died. The garbage Dems strike 18 joefriday6 12 hrs ago
"Bannon's Genius" 11 wonderwarthog 12 hrs ago
Republicans must know Mueller has something. 21 swifty 12 hrs ago
Rahm tells Colbert Chicago is a 'Trump free zone.' Illegals? That's another story! 13 Dumper 12 hrs ago
#piegate is O-V-E-R. 6 Doctor_R 13 hrs ago
Jingle bells is racist 7 bruiserboy 13 hrs ago
A question on rights. [View all] 61 kevlar 14 hrs ago
Do we need a special prosecutor to investigate Hatch Act violations? (Poll) 24 WhiskeyMakesMeHappy 14 hrs ago
US changes course on North Korea 2 JJ667 14 hrs ago
BREAKING: Kentucky Rep Dan Johnson has committed suicide 8 bernt-toast 14 hrs ago
It seems tomorrow is the day: (The day for what is unknown...) 9 Doctor_R 14 hrs ago
Dustin Hoffman Accused of Exposing Himself to a Minor, Assaulting Two Women (EXCLUSIVE) 8 Doctor_R 15 hrs ago
ESPN warns their employees 2 bruiserboy 15 hrs ago
FBI Inspector General is an honest man, he is exposing the FBI Corruption 9 Gunslinger201 15 hrs ago
Put your drink down and check out this graph. 19 Nostrings 15 hrs ago
Trey Gowdy predicts McCabe gone by next week, 12 bruiserboy 16 hrs ago
Trump tweet on net neutrality repeal: 0 TendiesForBreakfast 16 hrs ago
"Net neutrality?" [View all] 59 Doctor_R 16 hrs ago
Hey, Lefty! 6 Fred Sanford 16 hrs ago
McStain: Trump needs to lay off "fake news" claims 5 Frankenvoter 16 hrs ago
DUer sick of the lie that liberals support abortion 6 msv 16 hrs ago
the People of Alabama proved their decency 13 wonderwarthog 16 hrs ago
"Hebephilia" and "Ephebophilia" : Our Vocabulary words for today! 5 JohnPoet 17 hrs ago
I'm mad at Rubio, my 1st choice, for trying extortion on the tax bill. 1 Dumper 17 hrs ago
Hillary Clinton Struck Deal With Obama State Dept. to Keep Records Private 1 MumblyPeg 17 hrs ago
Jailed Russian hacker: I hacked Democrats 'under the command' of Russian intelligence agents 17 Trevor 17 hrs ago
Hey Dems, why did you fire Franken when it is likely that his replacement 14 blue 17 hrs ago
Cultys hate whites and women today! 3 KittyCatIdiots 17 hrs ago
Eric Trump: Gillibrand visited Trump's office 'every three days, asking for money' 7 Let it go 17 hrs ago
so the OBAMA Deep State conspired with the Clinton campaign to collude in the Election. 11 PrescientWon. 17 hrs ago
2nd woman accuses Dem Rep Kihuen 1 bruiserboy 18 hrs ago
Head of Congressional Ethics Office Sued for Abusing Position, Accused of Assaulting Women 3 Doctor_R 18 hrs ago
They're getting nervous, gang. 9 Nostrings 18 hrs ago
Dem Senator now admits to slapping his wife 3 bruiserboy 19 hrs ago
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