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Where's the legislation to punish companies that export U.S. jobs? 24 swifty 33 sec ago
What was Obama's greatest fuck-up? 7 PrescientWon. 1 min ago
Liberals, is Conservative radio Hate Speech? (Poll) 5 Da Mannn 3 min ago
American Speaker Arrested in Canada for Smuggling Hate Speech on His iPad 25 TendiesForBreakfast 3 min ago
Wow! So Hillary wrote the Piss Dossier? Who knew? What a tangled web huh? 10 JaimeBondoJr 4 min ago
ScabieBug say only 2 political parties remain: Patriots and Russians! 33 recs and counting! 6 KittyCatIdiots 5 min ago
If we got incompetent Republicans to the sidelines, we wouldn't need to rely on "compassion." 0 swifty 6 min ago
How We Got Here 15 wonderwarthog 9 min ago
Stay Waters. 9 JaimeBondoJr 11 min ago
MAGA 8 orson 15 min ago
Does two plus two equal four? (Poll) 0 swifty 21 min ago
Senate investigators have singled out McCabe as the FBI official who negotiated w/Steele (dossier) 12 Let it go 31 min ago
On election day, why did DU go down? (Poll) 28 Aldar 34 min ago
It seems that lefty wants climate change to be real. 12 Aldar 38 min ago
What will it take for liberals to admit Obama is a lousy President? 6 Lewiz Kevin 38 min ago
BREAKING Famous Gay Man Breaks Silence, Spills Beans About Obamas Past 5 Lewiz Kevin 40 min ago
Obama invites Hillary to fly AF1. Next morn, Comey clears Hillary. Just hrs later,Obama endorses 4 Let it go 44 min ago
Who will clean toilets? Salon writer accidentally admits the Lefts RACIST views 2 Muddling Through 46 min ago
Obama has set back race relations for many years. How will Trump fix race relations? 7 Lewiz Kevin 51 min ago
Did Russian interference help tip the elections of 2008 and 2012? 43 Carl 52 min ago
Chicago 'Dyke March' Bans Jewish Pride Flags: 'They Made People Feel Unsafe' 9 TendiesForBreakfast 58 min ago
IF CA tries to secede then I say we let them go. We will own it in a year by selling water back to 39 Shkreli 1 hr ago
Climate Change is resulting in deaths from tropical 25 gowiththrottleup 1 hr ago
Twitter thread from reporter speaking to ISIS wives...we can't let these women back in 3 Let it go 1 hr ago
Chicago Police unable to control thousand-strong gang party lasting hours 11 Let it go 1 hr ago
Why isn't the FBI insisting they get the DNC server? 46 Let it go 1 hr ago
The Trump Administration Is Pulling a Grant From a Group That Combats Neo-Nazis [View all] 60 Letmypeoplevote 1 hr ago
Emergency room visits by Medi-Cal patients soaring, state data shows (emergency room as primary care 5 Let it go 1 hr ago
Friendly Reminder: There Was No Inspector General At State When Hillary Was There 1 Let it go 2 hrs ago
So Chuck Todd had Bernie on Meet The Press. 0 Fred Sanford 2 hrs ago
Dems want to drop Russia talk! 6 Pennsylvania 2 hrs ago
Who is the Worst POTUS ever? (Poll) 10 PrescientWon. 2 hrs ago
Trump breaks with tradition, forgoes Ramadan dinner 37 TendiesForBreakfast 2 hrs ago
Learn from those that lived under socialism 11 Iron Condor 2 hrs ago
2/3 of Americans are done with Russia crap. Harvard poll 3 Pennsylvania 3 hrs ago
The Republican Establishment joins American adversaries in feeding on Trump's weakness. 6 swifty 3 hrs ago
After Trump denied Russian interference in the 2016 election for months, 16 News2Me 3 hrs ago
Will Trumps solar Mexican Wall electrocute those why try to scale it? nt 13 Dumper 3 hrs ago
For months Trump has been denying Russian involvement... 6 Scary Red 3 hrs ago
#PresidentTrump Talks About Building SolarWall Fun Watching Left GO INSANE! 13 Let it go 4 hrs ago
If U Delaware doesn't fire that racist, ageist, misandrist, classist BITCH by Monday... 26 JaimeBondoJr 4 hrs ago
You can say some good things about Nancy Pelosi. She keeps the Democrat 3 Dumper 4 hrs ago
The tower fire in the UK is proof positive that Man-made climate change is deadly for humans 17 specs 4 hrs ago
The left's biggest fear of SCOTUS 8 foia 4 hrs ago
Lefty turning on Amazon, now that it threatens Whole Foods? Reminds me of Clinton's DOJ which 0 Dumper 4 hrs ago
Texas just lost a major convention because of the racist 'show me your papers' law 35 Letmypeoplevote 4 hrs ago
Portrait of an American Hero: The Lesbian Minority Woman Who Saved Republican Lives 29 Letmypeoplevote 4 hrs ago
Harvard Poll: Two-Thirds Say Russia Investigations Hurting Country 2 def_con5 5 hrs ago
Surprise, Hill's people behind Trump 'Dossier.' 6 Dumper 5 hrs ago
Lies and deceptions should not be tolerated! 1 Cold Warrior 5 hrs ago
Remember that California single payer plan? Yeah never mind. 6 Da Mannn 5 hrs ago
This one's gonna pop a vein. 19 JaimeBondoJr 5 hrs ago
The enema of America's enemy is Lefty's friend. 2 Dumper 6 hrs ago
Prominent Democratic Fundraisers Realign to Lobby for Trumps Agenda 3 RCW2014 8 hrs ago
This makes me smile, 14 of 15 charges thrown out on Planned Parenthood Journalists 8 Banshee 3 Actual 8 hrs ago
Do righties think 34 buildings in Britain, deemed unsafe 40 gowiththrottleup 8 hrs ago
Neil Gorsuchs 1st dissent has conservatives cheering: Its beautiful...Scalia w/o the edge 2 Let it go 9 hrs ago
Justice Kennedy having odd 29 year reunion of clerks. 1 Let it go 9 hrs ago
Du says DI has become RWNJ site 49 Banshee 3 Actual 9 hrs ago
Trump Derangement Syndrome Has Become the New Plague 2 Muddling Through 10 hrs ago
Emanuel: 'I'd Rather be a Democrat Today Going Into 2018 Than a Republican' 6 Muddling Through 10 hrs ago
2018. Don't count your chickens, Lefty. 7 PrescientWon. 10 hrs ago
The #Resistance is dead. Trump is Triumphant! [View all] 53 Da Mannn 10 hrs ago
Trump launches infrastructure initiative with fake signing ceremony 4 Letmypeoplevote 12 hrs ago
Do you think Illinois should declare bankruptcy? (Poll) 14 EagleKeeper 12 hrs ago
Yes Lefty... I support Trump 100% 31 PrescientWon. 12 hrs ago
Magistrate fines Kobach but wont release Trump meeting memo yet 7 Letmypeoplevote 13 hrs ago
The Political Wanking Never Stops... 0 wonderwarthog 14 hrs ago
The opposite of Diamond & Silk 0 Iron Condor 14 hrs ago
Chuck Todd: Trump Supporters Still Biggest Faction in Politics 0 Let it go 14 hrs ago
SABO crushes it with his newest piece of art. 2 PrescientWon. 15 hrs ago
I love seeing President Trump backbenching lefty! 0 Horsefeathers 15 hrs ago
Life comes at you fast 1 TendiesForBreakfast 16 hrs ago
Jane Sanders Lawyers Up 10 TendiesForBreakfast 18 hrs ago
Jared Kushner now a focus in Russia investigation 26 Letmypeoplevote 18 hrs ago
How many times do you think Lyin' Loretta Lynch will take the 5th Amendment under oath? (Poll) 15 JaimeBondoJr 18 hrs ago
Oh those lying Republicans! 2 jh4freedom 19 hrs ago
Poll: 61% of Americans Think President Trump Fired James Comey to Protect Himself 29 Letmypeoplevote 19 hrs ago
Trump drives cart across his own green - Lefty loses his mind 9 MumblyPeg 19 hrs ago
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