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Uh, oh, someone will be frothing at the mouth over this. Trump is the original NPC. 0 Phlegm Monger 48 sec ago
GOP Risks Messy Leadership Struggle After November Vote 2 RCW2014 1 min ago
Evangelist Scalds Fellow Pastors For Abandoning Their Moral Core To Support Trump And The GOP 3 RCW2014 2 min ago
Fake Mexican ORourkes Solution to Stop Illegal Foreign Invasion:Taxpayers Should Send them cash 0 MumblyPeg 7 min ago
Has Trump made agnostics and atheists electable? 16 swifty 11 min ago
Kudlow Says China Doing Nothing to Defuse Trade Tensions: FT 0 RCW2014 13 min ago
Migrant Caravan Swells To As Many As 10,000, Resumes March Toward U.S.-Mexican Border 16 MumblyPeg 15 min ago
NY Post tries to slander member of the Proud Boys as racist. 2 Charlie Mike 27 min ago
Oh my god chilling! Holy shit! Im chilled! Are you chilled? CHILLING!!! 8 Pennsylvania 36 min ago
Trump warns cheating democrats and illegal aliens. DU HAS STROKE! [View all] 104 Pennsylvania 1 hr ago
trumpfatigue- What's with the kitsch painting of trump drinking with Richard Nixon? 27 graham4anything4HC45 1 hr ago
Since Spy-plane Downing, Russia Toughens Stance Against Israel in Syria Skies 1 RCW2014 1 hr ago
What time on election day will DU and DI go down? (Poll) 11 Jack Burton 1 hr ago
Illegal immigrant caravan. 10 TheyLostTheirForums 1 hr ago
MAGA in Arizona!!! 18 TM999 1 hr ago
Trumps Plan To Ditch INF Will Undo Decades Of Bipartisan Arms Control Rand Paul 10 RCW2014 1 hr ago
Voter fraud database 10 Charlie Mike 1 hr ago
Application for asylum [View all] 50 TheShoe 2 hrs ago
Using lefties guidelines you are guilty Senator Brown, 24 bruiserboy 2 hrs ago
MAGA .Trump Administration Eyes Defining Transgender Out of Existence 29 Dexter Morgan 2 hrs ago
What will be lefty's primary excuse for the big Democrat loss in Nov? (Poll) 4 Jack Burton 2 hrs ago
Even when you do what they want, you're still an oppressor 3 TendiesForBreakfast 2 hrs ago
Caravan of future illegals is up to 5000. Continues marching north. 3 Pennsylvania 3 hrs ago
RED TIDAL WAVE: 77,000 Sign Up for President Trump Rally for Ted Cruz in Houston #schumershutdown 13 MumblyPeg 4 hrs ago
trumpfatigue Rod Serling predicted Putin & trump 60 years ago, it's chilling 7 graham4anything4HC45 4 hrs ago
trumpfatigue Gorbachev says trump making a major mistake leaving the nuclear treaty 2 graham4anything4HC45 4 hrs ago
Lefty says now that you should be able to yell at politicians in public. 1 Fred Sanford 5 hrs ago
If so many people need to flee Honduras 6 Charlie Mike 5 hrs ago
trumpfatigue Sounds like Bernie is going to endorse Senator Warren or Harris, interesting 18 graham4anything4HC45 5 hrs ago
Nikki Haley Urges Punishment for Foreign Diplomats 'Outrageous Behavior' at UN (video) 1 RCW2014 6 hrs ago
Ed Whelan theory of Christine Fords mistaken identification of Kavanaugh ultimately prevailed 5 357blackhawk 7 hrs ago
Kudos to Trump and Cruz for not allowing the personal impact the National Good. nt 0 Dumper 7 hrs ago
Germany Sees Russia As Stable Energy Partner As US Demands Europe Dump Nord Stream 2 Pipeline 8 RCW2014 7 hrs ago
Caravan reforms to try again. 4 Pennsylvania 7 hrs ago
Democrats Appear More Likely to Vote in Midterms than Gop: NBC-WSJ Poll 6 RCW2014 7 hrs ago
Do these look like desperate refugees fleeing danger? [View all] 51 Carl 8 hrs ago
Typical low-iq dimocrat complains about spending 3 grand on it's greasy hair #schumershutdown 2 MumblyPeg 8 hrs ago
Don Lemon 38 Boadicea 8 hrs ago
So, President Trump draws tens of thousands of people at a Nevada rally. 7 Doctor_R 9 hrs ago
Republican wealthy produce Trumps and Dubyas. Dem wealthy, Roosevelts and Kennedys. 24 swifty 9 hrs ago
Ocasio-Cortez compares 'global warming' to Nazism... 2 Iron Condor 9 hrs ago
Nazi Collaborator, Democrat Master George Soros $246M Contribution To Smear Justice Kavanaugh 2 MumblyPeg 9 hrs ago
Its somewhere between highly unlikely and zero, but its not zero. 23 graham4anything4HC45 9 hrs ago
Lie to pollsters. Always. Lie. To pollsters. 9 JaimeBondoJr 9 hrs ago
The genius of Donald Trump was executing a Double-Hijacking in broad daylight. He 1 Dumper 10 hrs ago
Columnist Admired by Damned US Left Tweets about Russiagate. 2 turquoise 11 hrs ago
DU needs to get their story straight. 20 Hades 11 hrs ago
Longtime GOP female voters reveal what Trump did to make them finally bail on the party: I hung on 24 RCW2014 11 hrs ago
Senator Mitch McConnell Confronted at Restaurant ... By Angry Customers [View all] 63 Qukid 12 hrs ago
Dont Allow Total Lightweight Beta-Male ORourke to Turn Great State of Texas Into Venezuela! 4 MumblyPeg 12 hrs ago
Lefty: Everything is white supremacy 7 Charlie Mike 12 hrs ago
trumpfatigue President Jimmy Carter says Kavanaugh is unfit to be justice 30 graham4anything4HC45 13 hrs ago
BREAKING: Man Steps Forward with Sexual Assault Allegations against Sen. Cory Booker 9 Doctor_R 14 hrs ago
Should able bodied federal welfare recipients be allowed to vote? (Poll) [View all] 51 Charlie Mike 14 hrs ago
Lying Marxist dimocrat Castro Forced to Retract Slanderous Lie That Jared Kushner Issued Hit 8 MumblyPeg 16 hrs ago
Code Pink Brilliantly Shuts Down Iran War Peddlers 19 Aquila 16 hrs ago
A reminder for Lefty: Don't start none, won't be none. 12 Fred Sanford 18 hrs ago
Kushner Is Reportedly Urging Trump To Stand By The Saudi Crown Prince Until The Khashoggi Crisis... 0 RCW2014 19 hrs ago
Fuck off, commie 26 Red_Nation 21 hrs ago
EV Landslide Winner, President Donald Trump, lays out 14 promises. #schumershutdown 0 MumblyPeg 22 hrs ago
Chinese Broadens Its Propaganda Drive To Heartland America 1 RCW2014 22 hrs ago
Baby Trump makes LA debut 9 TheShoe 23 hrs ago
Antisemitic, Muslim, MN Dimocrat Rep Ilhan Omar Faces Fraud, Bigamy Charges with Her Brother 2 MumblyPeg 23 hrs ago
dimocrat City Council Candidate sold Panties Online, Sold Dirty Gym Shorts for $20 Plus Shipping 1 MumblyPeg 23 hrs ago
#BelieveAllVictims Cory Booker busted trolling gay guy in bathroom for oral sex #schumershutdown 3 MumblyPeg Yesterday
Democrats Produce Mobs; Republicans Produce Jobs #schumershutdown 0 MumblyPeg Yesterday
An Early Christmas? #schumershutdown #schumershutdown #schumershutdown #schumershutdown 0 MumblyPeg Yesterday
Guest Lineups For The Sunday News Shows 12 RCW2014 Yesterday
Pocahontas ex-husband founded DNA company #schumershutdown 0 MumblyPeg Yesterday
"You all are a disgrace" #schumershutdown 0 MumblyPeg Yesterday
Midterm Meddling: After Conservative Purge, Democrats Surge on Facebook After Algorithm Changes 0 MumblyPeg Yesterday
Black 'Lynching' Ad Illustrates Race Overtones, Anger In U.S. Campaign Ads 1 RCW2014 Yesterday
Benghazi Hero has choice words for Journalists upset at Trump over Khashoggi 9 Gunslinger201 Yesterday
Dem running for Governor in Nevada accused of abuse, strange story to say the least 1 bruiserboy Yesterday
Beto sued for spam texts... 3 Doctor_R Yesterday
Stupid bitch is indicted. 4 Pennsylvania Yesterday
People are sick of it. 5 Doctor_R Yesterday
I don't believe a word the media says about the "Saudi/American journalist" 5 KittyCatIdiots Yesterday
Nancy Pelosi Cursed Out By Protesters In Florida 2 RCW2014 Yesterday
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