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Obamacare signups [View all] 76 jh4freedom Friday
So sad. So somber 3 bfox74 Friday
Why the US hated General Soleimani 35 radicalifornian Friday
Hey Easterners, does the anti-gun thing put Virginia in play for 2020? 22 PrescientWon. Friday
It looks like Northam wants his fight 7 Charlie Mike Friday
Meghan McCain Twists Liz Warren Like a Pretzel 5 Aquila Friday
Sanders Field Organizer in Iowa Bailed Out By Regional Field Director After Arrest, Still No Comment 5 Charlie Mike Friday
Rand Paul trolls Schiff 0 Charlie Mike Friday
Trump needs to worry about Roberts 17 swifty Friday
Lev Parnas is Julie Swetnick, and Dems are trying to Kavanaugh the impeachment trial 2 Gunslinger201 Friday
Trump should sell impeachment pens on his campaign website to mock Nancy 4 foia Friday
OK, internet; do your thing... 1 Charlie Mike Friday
Getting paid to fight racism. 1 Charlie Mike Friday
Maybe he's a psychology professor researching daddy issues 0 Charlie Mike Friday
2008, 2016 all over again 3 imwithfred Friday
FBI arrests 3 extreme rightys ahead of Virginia gun rally [View all] 73 jh4freedom Friday
Hey everyone take a look at this sweetheart 11 Banshee 3 Actual Friday
Gonna be fun to watch the Bernie supporters stay home or just vote for President Trump 13 Fred Sanford Friday
Is crooked Donnie still impeached? 29 Salaam Friday
Lefty commentator breaks down Bernie vs Warren 4 Let it go Friday
Too close to call the dem nominee 2 Banshee 3 Actual Friday
Dems get big victory in new NAFTA deal 15 jh4freedom Friday
Well Chump DID want Ukraine to open a criminal investigation 4 jh4freedom Friday
Ukraine foreign minister says Parnas is lying 2 Let it go Thursday
Sen. McSally give CNN a giant FU 12 Currentsitguy Thursday
Facebook censors explainer clip recalling when western media liked Soleimani and demonetizes popul 1 RCW2014 Thursday
Look at desperate lefty tonight. 0 Carl Thursday
the ten who voted against 7 imwithfred Thursday
Senate OK's use of videos/audio recordings during trial. 5 PrescientWon. Thursday
Ukraine foreign minister says aid is reviewed every year twice a year 1 Let it go Thursday
Thanks trump 3 TheShoe Thursday
The $95 Billion Centerpiece of the Trade Deal Is Already In Doubt 1 RCW2014 Thursday
Your pick for the 2020 Democrat Party nomination (Poll) 9 Charlie Mike Thursday
Comey under federal investigation....fake news? 2 Pennsylvania Thursday
Chump broke the law & the law won 17 jh4freedom Thursday
John Durham sentences McCabe to death! 3 Micrometer Thursday
Lefty news overload! 3 jh4freedom Thursday
Ted Cruz Pitches Witness Reciprocity for Impeachment Trial 9 JanetS Thursday
Somber Impeachment Ceremony Concludes With The Impeachment Dancers 0 Steelydamned Thursday
Lefty is disingenuous when arguing that impeachment is like a trial. Just today 0 Dumper Thursday
Lev Parnas implicates Devin Nunes 9 jh4freedom Thursday
Ukraine opens a criminal investigation 5 jh4freedom Thursday
"Parnas and Ukraine aid bombshells jolt impeachment trial" 6 jh4freedom Thursday
For everyone cheering the GAO report that said Trump broke the law.... 5 Steelydamned Thursday
A question to reflect the nonsense of the Trial. 1 PrescientWon. Thursday
Rev. Joe Scarborough? Children, Grandchildren of Trump Defenders Will Be Punished! 4 JanetS Thursday
'Jeopardy!' contestants can't identify Adam Schiff from a photo 1 rh24 Thursday
Senate Asks Pelosi If She Can Send Over Copy Of Impeachment Articles Without Wine Stains All Over It 0 rh24 Thursday
This is the fatal flaw to Dems Trial logic. 5 PrescientWon. Thursday
FBI enters the get dirt on Biden caper 3 jh4freedom Thursday
I'm happy that the impeachment docs are now under control of the adults. 4 PrescientWon. Thursday
You guys are never going to believe this, but... 5 Charlie Mike Thursday
Good luck, Iran lol 4 Solesurvivor Thursday
Nancy Pulling a Schiff on the House Floor 4 Steelydamned Thursday
Obama broke law numerous times. Lost 44 unanimous SCOTUS verdicts 3 Let it go Thursday
Sen Martha McSally (R-Arizona) calls CNN Liberal Hack Manu Raju a Liberal Hack 1 Gunslinger201 Thursday
Rudy's pal Parnas pins it on the prez 3 jh4freedom Thursday
Obama Prisoner Swap For Bergdahl Broke The Law, GAO Says 2 rh24 Thursday
Is Warren just flat out lying about Bernie? 9 Fred Sanford Thursday
What's the matter Chump? Can't find any righty music? 11 jh4freedom Thursday
Her truth 12 Charlie Mike Thursday
Victoria Toensing says Parnas lying. 3 Let it go Thursday
Parnas interview is a mess. 16 Let it go Thursday
Just a reminder: the Democrats are taking a harder stance against American gun owners than 6 Charlie Mike Thursday
Homelessness 2019 11 jh4freedom Thursday
Is Parnas standing behind his demonstrably wrong statement that Nunes visited Vienna to meet Shokin? 2 Let it go Thursday
Michael Moore calls Elizabeth Warren a liar. 3 Let it go Thursday
Putin's New Plan to Hold Power Forever 7 RCW2014 Thursday
Now we know the reasons for Nancy's impeachment delay. Her celebratory pink 3 Dumper Thursday
Democrat auditor wanted to slander Hawley 0 Charlie Mike Thursday
Democrats please do not use Parnas as your star witness. 10 Let it go Thursday
Trump finally gets his Ukrainian Investigation 1 Crystalbast Thursday
A Yes or No will do... 40 myohmy Thursday
Will the Left wage war against American citizens with Coonman at the helm? (Poll) 2 Charlie Mike Thursday
MSNBC chumps know Trump is gonna crush 3 Let it go Thursday
Reading DU's Primary forum. They have 2 speeds: "milk sop" and "asshole" 0 Charlie Mike Thursday
Morning joe surprises with decent critique of Bernie vs Pocahontas 0 Let it go Thursday
Trump Admits: Were Taking The Oil! 0 Aquila Thursday
Trump does not want mere acquittal but vindication. 9 Let it go Thursday
Bernie Staffer sez: People Who Resist Change Would be Shot and Killed 5 Gunslinger201 Thursday
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