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Lefty's on suicide watch, gang 29 TendiesForBreakfast 20 hrs ago
House Ethics Committee is reviewing allegations against three Democrats 4 Doctor_R 20 hrs ago
This message was self-deleted by its author 44 Aldar 21 hrs ago
Ahh, another wonderful day of Obamacare being the law of the land in the USA! 11 The Big Red Machine 21 hrs ago
Homeland Security Will Start Building Border Wall Prototypes This Summer 6 Doctor_R 21 hrs ago
So we are learning now that O-care boosted opioid addiction rates by 3-4X by flooding the streets 12 Shkreli 21 hrs ago
Republican Congressmen send letter to Ginsburg requesting she recuse herself from refugee case 15 TendiesForBreakfast 22 hrs ago
GOP traitor to the Deep State Establishment tool, John McCain won't disclose funding 4 I814U2CY 22 hrs ago
DAY 161 TRUMPCARE fails for now. Trump LOSING again. 12 graham4anything4HC45 23 hrs ago
Republican conservative sociopath Kellyanne Conway 25 Lefty Yesterday
Day 160- Trump Propaganda includes TMZ and places like Deadline Hollywood that link to TMZ 7 graham4anything4HC45 Yesterday
Seen on Twitter - the Trump Cult 45 Immacolata Yesterday
NYT: "Establishment Democrats Seems To Be Insane!" 5 bpilgrim Yesterday
BOMBSHELL: Documents Surface Proving That Michelle Obama Never Gave Birth To Malia And Sasha 24 Lewiz Kevin Yesterday
Given the events of this week (Poll) 4 Aldar Yesterday
Day 160- Republicans 89 Democratic Party 1, total criminal convictions 1969-present 4 graham4anything4HC45 Yesterday
Was the CNN incident accomplished by a Roger Stone dirty trick? It's right up his alley 38 graham4anything4HC45 Yesterday
Why California gun owners may be breaking the law on July 1 15 Juan Rico Yesterday
What they don't tell you is that the ACA charged seniors 3 x the going rate. 6 Dumper Yesterday
The current score 11 I814U2CY Yesterday
If the able bodied aren't required to work to support themselves why should other 24 I814U2CY Yesterday
Rep. Adam Schiff Suddenly Strickened with " QUEASINESS " ! 4 Grumpy Pickle Yesterday
Can we all agree... the 9th Circuit Court is an unconstitutional FAKE COURT? 20 PrescientWon. Yesterday
With the recent discovery (Poll) 13 DDKick Yesterday
Did the Pres get some fuckin' LOVIN' from the Supremes today or WHAT? FUCK the Ninth Circus. 4 JaimeBondoJr Yesterday
Wow - someone at the DU seems to know what they are talking about with regards to single payer! 21 LovetoSki1978 Yesterday
PSA: Trump's Lies 9 Andronikos Yesterday
Day 160 AHH & Day 2 Justice Kennedy has not retired 4 graham4anything4HC45 Yesterday
Were James Comeys leaks lawful? [View all] 85 Letmypeoplevote Yesterday
Does anyone know a happy liberal ? [View all] 56 Horsefeathers Yesterday
Trump is always #WINNING 1 Trumplethinskin Yesterday
Putin took down DU to get away with hacking election 13 msv Yesterday
Lefty said that when people lost their insurance because of the ACA those plans were garbage anyways 3 Carl Yesterday
Lefty and the Ninth Circus have just been handed a Supreme Bag Of Dicks 9 TendiesForBreakfast Yesterday
OK, so seriously how many of you alt-righties are actually Russian bots? (Poll) 25 marmot84 Yesterday
Apparently people are not lining up to hook-up with transexuals 20 I814U2CY Yesterday
DUmies - Leave Nancy Pelosi alone 11 Lefty Yesterday
No healthcare for you 13 def_con5 Yesterday
By George, I think he's got it: A Declaration of Urban Independence 7 cologeek Yesterday
oops 6 oflguy Yesterday
Hypothetically, what would happen in this country if HRC was convicted and sent to jail 30 Cynical Yesterday
The woman Flynn was helping, Robyn Gritz is a real life Carrie Mathison 1 Let it go Yesterday
Chinese troops enter India, jostle with Army jawans, destroy Indian bunkers 2 Banshee 3 Actual Yesterday
Looks like Lefty went to bed early.* 14 Fred Sanford Yesterday
I imagine 9-0 is a pretty rare event for the Court 7 Da Mannn Yesterday
Baltimore Restaurant Owner Says 30 Employees Left Due To ICE Crackdown 10 Let it go Yesterday
Today in "Yeah, we told you so" 3 bfox74 Yesterday
The media is more upset... 2 Solesurvivor Yesterday
Very credible study on $15 minimum wage has bad news for liberals 11 Dexter Morgan Yesterday
What Angelinos REALLY think 0 Ursus Magnus Yesterday
CBO: 22 million more people without insurance under Trumpcare ... 23 Scratch Yesterday
College Student Gets JAIL TIME For Registering Dead People To Vote For Democrats 7 MumblyPeg Yesterday
Michael Flynn went to bat for female agent blackballed because of her sex. 5 Let it go Yesterday
"Resignations" at CNN in wake of latest Fake News Russia Report 9 Fred Sanford Yesterday
This DU'r demands that who you voted for be public record. 19 Shkreli Monday
Can you imagine Flynn as US NSA testifying against FBI in sexual discriminatIon case? 1 Let it go Monday
"Tick, Tick, Tick" Comey Ally Scrambles To Explain Why "Next Trump Bombshell" Didn't Arrive Today 1 Let it go Monday
Alex Jones ONCE attacked by libs for stating the Truth about Obama's fake daugthers. 16 Lewiz Kevin Monday
Who will clean toilets? Salon writer accidentally admits the Lefts RACIST views 39 Muddling Through Monday
We really need to redistribute the disproportionate wealth of Baby Boomers down to younger folks. 6 Shkreli Monday
Liberals, is Conservative radio Hate Speech? (Poll) [View all] 56 Da Mannn Monday
About James Comey. 16 DoDaMan Monday
Cook County, A Soda Tax, and the Death of an Economy 7 kevlar Monday
Single Payer failed in VT, CO and now CA and now the Leftists are fighting amongst themselves 4 I814U2CY Monday
Did the FBI retaliate against Michael Flynn by launching Russia probe? 11 Let it go Monday
Trump Sabotages His Muslim Ban With Tweet Storm Showing Unconstitutional Intent [View all] 61 Letmypeoplevote Monday
April 2017 CNN nabs Eric Lichtblau fr NYT. He is at the front of NYT Russia reporting 3 Let it go Monday
Neil Gorsuch is everything liberals fearedand more. 2 Let it go Monday
They told me Trump was about to resign.... 5 Pennsylvania Monday
Yep, that Gorsuch fellow is working out juuuuust fine! 13 Fred Sanford Monday
Lichtblau also on retracted CNN piece saying Comey will refute he told Trump not under investigatIon 2 Let it go Monday
Three CNN Employees Resign Over Retracted Story on Russia Ties 6 Doctor_R Monday
Lefty has turned Illinois into Puerto Rico w/ blizzards. 15 Fred Sanford Monday
Lynch in way more trouble because Comey acceded to her request. 0 Let it go Monday
Poland has no terrorist attacks 5 Aldar Monday
Anything Trump tweets can be (and just was) used against him in a court of law 14 Letmypeoplevote Monday
DUers want war with Russia, all republicans are traitors! 117 recs and counting! 8 KittyCatIdiots Monday
The 9th Circuit Just Gave the Supreme Court a New Tool to Block Trumps Travel Ban 29 Letmypeoplevote Monday
Just my 2c 14 Attera Monday
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