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The Biden hilarity continues! 1 WeBeatHer Wednesday
4 Republican Senators & Bernie Sanders hold up the stimulus 0 jh4freedom Wednesday
Biden tries to lie today. Reporter wont have it. 0 WeBeatHer Wednesday
Trump retweets Biden dementia video 2 WeBeatHer Wednesday
Dr. Anthony Fauci: Of Course I Would Prescribe Chloroquine to Coronavirus Patients 3 def_con5 Wednesday
MORE insanity from Biden! Wtf!!?? 9 WeBeatHer Wednesday
The Country is burning and Pelosi is afraid of AOC and the Squad 1 Gunslinger201 Wednesday
The Dumpsters and another gun sales thread 3 Crazy D Wednesday
DUmmy explodes on doctor. Cant control emotions. 7 WeBeatHer Wednesday
It's amazing how a global pandemic changes things ie: pet political causes 2 Currentsitguy Wednesday
White House tells anyone who has left NYC that they should self quarantine 11 Let it go Wednesday
Everyone is blaming everyone else, because NOBODY was prepared. 21 Steelydamned Wednesday
Why don't they split the Covid-19 relief bill into separate bills? 30 Isidore Wednesday
OIG Finds No Fraud in Secret Service Expenses at Trump Turnberry Resort 2 WeBeatHer Wednesday
Whose respect would Trump rather have? (Poll) 17 swifty Wednesday
Prince Charles has coronavirus 0 WeBeatHer Wednesday
Yikes what is up with Biden? 3 Let it go Wednesday
Trump mocks liberal hero Mitt Romney 0 WeBeatHer Wednesday
Trump mocks liberal hero Avenatti 0 WeBeatHer Wednesday
Simon Says: "Democrats take one giant step backwards due to your frivolous proposed 0 Dumper Wednesday
Tax ramifications of Gubmint check handouts? 7 Dumper Wednesday
Supercut: Biden Coughs, Acts Confused, Throughout ABC/CNN/MSNBC Interviews 10 rh24 Wednesday
My movie review.----PARASITE---- 11 PrescientWon. Wednesday
Yes, you are a bad person, possibly a criminal too. But hey, you're a dimocrat so. . . . 9 WhiskeyMakesMeHappy Wednesday
Pelosi Caves 4 Gunslinger201 Wednesday
NY and CA want federal money but did nothing while spending millions on free healthcare for illegals 7 Carl Wednesday
YAY Dow! YAY NASDAQ! YAY S & P! 10 jh4freedom Wednesday
The Coronavirus Bailout Stalled. And Its Mitch McConnells Fault. 12 AmandaCMatthews Wednesday
Who's taller? (Poll) 7 CornFed Wednesday
Deal reached on $2-trillion coronavirus stimulus bill largest by far in U.S. history 1 AmandaCMatthews Wednesday
Stanford researchers report n95 masks can be sterilized by putting in oven for 30 mins. 4 Let it go Wednesday
Gallup Poll: Trump job approval jumps up by five points 4 jh4freedom Wednesday
Greta Thunberg says she has coronavirus 6 WeBeatHer Wednesday
TDS at its finest 11 def_con5 Tuesday
Stock market news live: Dow skyrockets to best day since 1933; markets bet on stimulus 3 Banshee 3 Actual Tuesday
Donnie TrumPandemic really thinks we should get back out in public, 9 Salaam Tuesday
56% of cases around US coming from NYC spread. 22 Let it go Tuesday
I don't care! I don't care! I don't care! 0 TendiesForBreakfast Tuesday
It's important to understand. Joe Biden will NEVER poll better than he is right now. 18 PrescientWon. Tuesday
Joe Biden's Bizarre Interview with Nicolle Wallace--Alternately Choked Up and Goofy 4 rh24 Tuesday
Newly diagnosed cases of coronavirus 2 jh4freedom Tuesday
One month ago today 30 LavenderGirl Tuesday
First American juvenile coronavirus death 2 jh4freedom Tuesday
What was Pelosi thinking? 10 Carl Tuesday
Will Trump hold a rally in a state before telling folks there to "open up for business?" (Poll) 8 swifty Tuesday
Hope they set Biden out on the porch today for a little fresh air. 5 Fred Sanford Tuesday
Wuhan test kits given to Czechs has 80% error rate 3 Let it go Tuesday
Joepedo: no touching your face 0 Badsamm Tuesday
Apple donating 9 million masks from its stockpile 1 Let it go Tuesday
"Democrats don't care about your health or the economy. They care ONLY about politics." 9 Nostrings Tuesday
Imagine this idiot running our Country 2 Gunslinger201 Tuesday
Corporatist Nation - Time for Sanders to Condem the DNC Theft 4 ThreeSparkles Tuesday
Our progressive friends never get irony 3 def_con5 Tuesday
So those who claimed Trump withheld aid to Ukraine are now withholding aid to the American people... 2 quad489 Tuesday
Schumer says the Senate Bill is "at the two yard line." 6 jh4freedom Tuesday
Schumer and Pelosi about to gargle McConnell. 0 Fred Sanford Tuesday
First known illegal alien to test positive 1 jh4freedom Tuesday
Liberal who licked toilet now has coronavirus 8 WeBeatHer Tuesday
Can one of you smart liberals answer this? 28 LexTalionis Tuesday
Pelosi Folds: Pelosi delays her bill, says will try to pass Senate's without most members present 14 rh24 Tuesday
Nancy Pelosi's attempts to protect American workers rallies Wall Street 14 Trumplethinskin Tuesday
Here is how democrats want to defeat a pandemic. 9 Carl Tuesday
Respect 7 Charlie Mike Tuesday
Does it surprise any decent American that Cuomo won't be a man 1 Fred Sanford Tuesday
Pence 2024! 2 foia Tuesday
Brave, brave Sir Cuomo, Trump the poopy head 7 def_con5 Tuesday
Pelosi caves: From The Hill: 6 rh24 Tuesday
The 2 final hurdles: airlines bailout & food stamps 0 jh4freedom Tuesday
Joe Biden keeps coughing 1 WeBeatHer Tuesday
Here's a platform proposal for non-internationalist Republicans. When industrialists in 9 Dumper Tuesday
I don't see any DUmp threads about the MASSIVE TRUMPDOW eruption today... 7 PrescientWon. Tuesday
Americans continue to unleash their hatred of Nancy Pelosi 8 rh24 Tuesday
Are you ready and willing to croak for business? (Poll) 23 myohmy Tuesday
The model used by NY and CA to shut down the economy was coded 13+ years ago. 6 Let it go Tuesday
Will CNN and MSNBC, which have dropped Trump's pressers, air Joe's daily drivel? 6 Dumper Tuesday
GOP & Democrats: SHOW US MORE CASH! 9 JohnPoet Tuesday
This message was self-deleted by its author 0 WeBeatHer Tuesday
Clever Spring Break revelers scatter bodies to spell out YOLO! Don't U just love them? 10 Dumper Tuesday
Pelosi Stimulus Bill Imposes Nationwide Ballot Harvesting Without Any Limit 3 Thorson Tuesday
Like Karl Marx, D's only like Gubmint employers! All others are evil. 4 Dumper Tuesday
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