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And DU throws Rachel Maddow under the bus! 5 Pennsylvania 7 hrs ago
US Debt Hits Record Under Trump, Republicans Mum 24 RCW2014 7 hrs ago
Rosenstein Offered to Wear a Wire to Record POTUS, Pushed for Deep State Coup [View all] 68 MumblyPeg 7 hrs ago
Communists already starting new propaganda push based on Mueller fizzle 5 MumblyPeg 8 hrs ago
Man wanted to "kill Mexicans." Attacks Hispanics with metal pole. 2 Charlie Mike 9 hrs ago
White supremacists? Frankly, I'm shocked that anyone in this day thinks POC are inferior! 1 Charlie Mike 10 hrs ago
Leftist Antisemitism is not just a US phenomena. 20 TM999 10 hrs ago
Iran Slams US Hypocrisy Over Potential Sale of Nuclear Secrets to Saudi Arabia 17 RCW2014 11 hrs ago
I noticed two important things from the McCabe interview. First, he appears to have been 28 Dumper 11 hrs ago
Globalist Wall Streeters, our biggest business Rep. and Orgs. and the MSM are uniting. 3 Dumper 11 hrs ago
FEDERAL CRIMINAL charges! Smollet bitch! 4 Pennsylvania 13 hrs ago
Fox News reports RBG had died. 2 Charlie Mike 13 hrs ago
oldenuff35, this Vlog from Tim Pool made me think of you and your post. 0 WhiskeyMakesMeHappy 14 hrs ago
Ohr ferried another Fusion GPS, written by his wife, dossier to DOJ. 2 Charlie Mike 15 hrs ago
Bernie Sanders promises to undo all the damage Trump has done! 6 nolidad 15 hrs ago
dad doesn't think much of daughter Kamala 2 imwithfred 15 hrs ago
GOOD! Hope she rots. 18 Currentsitguy 15 hrs ago
If you're still supporting Trump's treason 33 orson 16 hrs ago
Jussie Smollett indictment immenent, to come in hours 18 bruiserboy 16 hrs ago
From a Never-Trumper: McCabe's depiction of Jeff Sessions is pathetically unbelievable 3 rh24 16 hrs ago
MAGA COUNTRY just indicted Jussie. 11 Fred Sanford 17 hrs ago
Video shows Nigerian brothers buying materials used in "attack" on scumbag smollett: 12 Doctor_R 17 hrs ago
poll: how many disloyal primitives were there? (Poll) 12 imwithfred 17 hrs ago
Elderly white male decides he doesn't want to sacrifice his privilege quite yet 10 Charlie Mike 17 hrs ago
I hear some flake "TV personality" told the American people a bunch of lies... 7 swifty 17 hrs ago
Seeking Legal Cover for War, Trump Administration Attempts to Tie Iran, al-Qaeda 11 RCW2014 18 hrs ago
Curious if it's possible to distinguish local vs national media 5 Prismmonkey 18 hrs ago
"Disorderly conduct" charges approved by Chicago grand jury. 28 Doctor_R 18 hrs ago
Uh oh Barack Obama telling black guys not to be you know whats 9 Pennsylvania 18 hrs ago
Why Smollett did it 6 Thorson 19 hrs ago
Lefty's statistical Hocus Pocus. Assume the FBI looked at 100 sources to see the level of Hate 1 Dumper 20 hrs ago
"Anybody else seen enough of McCabe?" 3 Doctor_R 20 hrs ago
Parody account that speaks the actual truth behind the Smollet scandal 1 Charlie Mike 20 hrs ago
Deliciously 'Problematic'. 1 Nostrings 20 hrs ago
US Arm-Twisting & Pipe Dreams Aside, Europe Just Wont Quit Russian Gas Imports 0 RCW2014 20 hrs ago
MSNBC.... 2 HermantownHawk 21 hrs ago
It's like they're proud of being deranged zealots 1 Charlie Mike 21 hrs ago
This message was self-deleted by its author 0 rh24 21 hrs ago
Bookies Have Donald Trump as Massive 2020 Favorite 2 imwithfred 22 hrs ago
This message was self-deleted by its author 0 Doctor_R 22 hrs ago
Michelle Obama Would Be Tied With Biden As Frontrunner If She Ran In 2020, Poll Shows 11 RCW2014 22 hrs ago
Huffington Post Fires Social Media Editor For Being Incredibly Racist On Social Media 0 Doctor_R 22 hrs ago
Smollet going down, Barr possibly ending Muellers crusade. 3 Pennsylvania 22 hrs ago
Smollet is officially a SUSPECT. 13 Pennsylvania 22 hrs ago
Texas boy has now raised 5000 for the border wall 4 bruiserboy 22 hrs ago
Putin Delivers Annual Address to Russias Federal Assembly (full video) 7 RCW2014 23 hrs ago
Charlie Daniels has some words of wisdom for Comrade Bernie 6 Gunslinger201 23 hrs ago
Smollett rhymes with? 32 Horsefeathers 23 hrs ago
"Why A Wall Alone Cant Fix The Emergency On The U.S. Border" [View all] 78 Independent.mind 23 hrs ago
Kommie Wunderkind, Occasional Cortex, turns out to be just another money grubber 10 Charlie Mike 23 hrs ago
Ruth Bader Ginsburg writes her first opinion 4 jh4freedom Yesterday
Behold! The mighty #Resistance! 2 Charlie Mike Yesterday
Work begins to replace steel-mesh layer of border wall in San Diego 2 Doctor_R Yesterday
I'm going out on a limb here... I think late Summer, Sasquatch enters the race. 7 PrescientWon. Yesterday
It's only February of '19 and the wheels are coming off the Clown Bus. 3 PrescientWon. Yesterday
Job creator network roasts Ocasio Cortez, 5 bruiserboy Yesterday
DOT to CA: Where's my money, bitch? 6 Charlie Mike Yesterday
Will the left here condemn Obama for spending unappropriated funds on climate change? 39 Carl Yesterday
The US Constitution Article I, Section 9 27 Salaam Yesterday
McCabe: 'I Think It's Possible' Trump Is A Russian Asset 14 RCW2014 Yesterday
This message was self-deleted by its author 0 KittyCatIdiots Yesterday
Is it just Fred....or is Lefty extra seethy and bitter tuhday? 24 Fred Sanford Yesterday
This message was self-deleted by its author 2 KittyCatIdiots Yesterday
Gay Tragedy? Here in 2019, Gay people are still being forced to attack THEMSELVES 4 Dumper Yesterday
We have a live one down in Bama 41 TheShoe Yesterday
mueller report next week? 9 Doctor_R Yesterday
SHOCKED but sadly not surprised 14 bernt-toast Yesterday
If Pocahontas gets the nomination, Trump should send a drum beating Nathan Phillips 5 Dumper Yesterday
Trump really sucks at: 21 foia Yesterday
There goes collusion: Clapper: Trump is an unwitting asset of Putins. Lololol 3 Let it go Yesterday
Dems Oppose Bill Alerting ICE To Illegal Immigrants Trying To Buy Guns 4 357blackhawk Yesterday
CNN: CLAPPER: Mueller report will be a bust 10 Pennsylvania Yesterday
Trump: Beanstalk 2020 17 swifty Yesterday
Al Gore says COONMAN can atone for blackface by opposing...a gas pipeline. 3 Fred Sanford Yesterday
durbin on the "green new deal": 'What in the heck is this?' 3 Doctor_R Yesterday
What Const. or legal authority allowed FBI or DOJ involvement the 25th Amend? nm 5 Dumper Yesterday
One Year Later, Parkland Remains a Stunning Example of Police Incompetence 0 357blackhawk Yesterday
Kamala Harris set for Thurs.lunch with Al Sharpton. Will she be armed with her paintbrush? 1 Dumper Yesterday
So CNN, while airing a segment on how Donald Trump MIGHT have tried to influence the acting AG... 2 JaimeBondoJr Yesterday
16 states sue trump and his emergency [View all] 58 TheShoe Yesterday
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