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Joe Biden worked with whistleblower when he was vice president, officials reveal 6 Qukid Friday
Latest RCP average Trump approval ratings : 8 rh24 Friday
Where are the details on the "phenomenal" Trump health care plan???? [View all] 85 Independent.mind Friday
Trump Lashes Out Over Fox News Poll That Shows Majority Support His Impeachment 7 RCW2014 Friday
Hey, how's Ruthie doing? 6 PrescientWon. Friday
Biden was only a good VP because he knew how to kiss Obamas ass. 5 Let it go Friday
Trump approval rating climbs to 49% 5 rh24 Friday
Leftist shock troops mass outside of Trump rally 7 Charlie Mike Friday
Lindsey Graham duped by pair of Russian pranksters pretending to be Turkey's defense minister 5 Aquila Friday
2 men connected to Giuliani's Ukraine efforts charged with funneling foreign money into US election 9 New Deal Democrat Friday
Zelensky Says He Will Happily Investigate Ukrainian Meddling In 2016 US Election 1 Charlie Mike Friday
DAMN!!! Trump is giving the Bidens an ass pounding. 9 PrescientWon. Friday
Giulianis arrested get dirt on the Bidens buddies will be out on million dollar bail 1 jh4freedom Friday
Texas Republican Pete Sessions is "congressman 1" 5 Trumplethinskin Friday
Its Never Good When A Party Leader Has To Return Donations 12 jh4freedom Friday
If Minnesota is in Play, Trump is Unbeatable 2 Gunslinger201 Friday
Only Nixon could go to China and only Faux could 28 Cold Warrior Friday
Senior adviser to Pompeo quits 8 Crazy in SoFla Friday
38% of rural whites 19 orson Friday
Subpoenas issued to Energy Secretary Rick Perry 18 jh4freedom Friday
Trump takes the fight to blue state Minnesota. If he can win there, he's probably unbeatable 4 Da Mannn Friday
Thousands cheering "Lock Him Up!" outside Target Center. 22 Crazy in SoFla Friday
We may have IDd the whistleblower. 1 Let it go Friday
Trump's former Russia aide set to give revealing testimony on Giuliani, Sondland 6 Crazy in SoFla Friday
Republicans still dodging questions about Trump's calls for foreign countries to investigate Biden 4 RCW2014 Friday
Poor old back stabber Fredo... Now protecting a murderer... 23 Ohio Joe Friday
I sense that some Republicans are starting to not like hearing that they are being dishonorable... 27 swifty Thursday
You'd have to ask Rudy. 2 Cold Warrior Thursday
Check out the silly things Dems have voted to advance impeachment over 13 Steelydamned Thursday
Iam not a democratic socialist, or even a Democrat 0 shogun Thursday
The two Giuliani associates were trying to make a run for it 20 jh4freedom Thursday
If Trump keeps up this kind of energy level... the DEM will be blown out in 20. 1 PrescientWon. Thursday
Deep state is busting out SDNY...things are coming to a head. 7 Let it go Thursday
The hardest thing about being president. 1 Charlie Mike Thursday
Looks like a sold out crowd tonight 6 Pennsylvania Thursday
This could persuade me to war with Turkey 1 Charlie Mike Thursday
Senate needs to interview Biden re: whistleblower. 0 Let it go Thursday
The saving of our world continues apace 5 Charlie Mike Thursday
Irate Blizzard gamers getting creative 1 Charlie Mike Thursday
Marriott fired employee, apologized to China over pro-Tibet tweet 3 Charlie Mike Thursday
How many Obama administration officials have been indicted? 2 PrescientWon. Thursday
Putting on the Ritz (or Trump): Lunch with Rudy 13 Cold Warrior Thursday
Giuliani associates mugshots 2 jh4freedom Thursday
Note to those under gov't suspicion: 7 PrescientWon. Thursday
They wanted the Bidens arrested but instead THEY got arrested 20 jh4freedom Thursday
Idiots 2 Charlie Mike Thursday
Former Trumpie Strategist finds his level and true calling 6 Cold Warrior Thursday
US Embassy pressed Ukraine to drop probe of George Soros group during 2016 election 1 Let it go Thursday
Pelosi Confronts Decision on Impeachment Vote Amid Trump Taunts 3 RCW2014 Thursday
As more Trump crew get arrested trying to flee the country Im still waiting for DEEPSTATE arrests 7 Pennsylvania Thursday
So, maybe body image isn't a construct of the patriarchy after all. 3 Charlie Mike Thursday
Dear Liberals 26 Solesurvivor Thursday
Blizzard games going full Quisling for China 5 Charlie Mike Thursday
White House Aides Try Disappearing Act Amid Impeachment Talk 2 RCW2014 Thursday
Can anybody name the similarity between these two articles? 3 Charlie Mike Thursday
GRAPHIC CONTENT WARNING: climate change protester captured, the unthinkable happens 1 Charlie Mike Thursday
What's wrong with that weirdo Schiff's eyeballs? 11 Fred Sanford Thursday
Oh, yeah! Well, what are YOU doing to save the planet! 6 Charlie Mike Thursday
Apple removes app Hong Kong protesters were using to detect police movements 2 Let it go Thursday
Democrats, Republicans Equally Engaged in 2020 Election 1 jh4freedom Thursday
The WH is not defying Schiff's subpoenas 9 def_con5 Thursday
Clinton spy whore suspended from NBC. 2 Pennsylvania Thursday
Tulsi "seriously considering" boycotting Lefty's Oct. 15 debate. 0 Fred Sanford Thursday
How many lefties bitching about Degeneres visiting with Bush 3 Charlie Mike Thursday
BREAKING: Clinton spy arrested. Leaking and sex with reporters. 10 Pennsylvania Thursday
Breaking: Two Giuliani Ukraine associates arrested on campaign finance charges 12 Cold Warrior Thursday
Sixers fans supporting Hong Kong ejected from game in AMERICA 1 Let it go Thursday
Trump Urged Top Aide to Help Giuliani Client Facing DOJ Charges 5 Cold Warrior Thursday
Ellen the Degenerate Defends Hanging With War Criminals 7 Aquila Thursday
Giuliani is now in trouble because Ukraine and his contacts. 2 joefriday6 Thursday
Trey Gowdy persecuted someone for a private email server. 13 swifty Thursday
Hey lefty? 30 700WinMag Thursday
Fox News Poll: Record support for Trump impeachment 23 jh4freedom Thursday
Were the Kurds fighting a proxy war against ISIS on behalf of the US? [View all] 51 foia Thursday
Why can't Pelosi take her time like Trump is with Hillary......? 4 Hamer555 Thursday
gotta' admit it... the DEMS and their media allies are winning 7 PrescientWon. Thursday
Are you willing to make WAR against our ally Turkey? (Poll) 12 Da Mannn Thursday
The time for waiting is over. The House must move on Trump impeachment articles now. (USA TODAY) 9 JohnPoet Thursday
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