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Beautiful civil rights protest in Richmond I hear 0 Tin Ear2 Monday
Understatement of the year? NY Times: 'Sen Warren is a gifted story teller! ' 4 Dumper Monday
The New Energy Superpower In The Middle East - Russia 0 RCW2014 Monday
If I were trying to disarm black Americans and lower their economic opportunities 1 shogun Monday
Nadler wants no witnesses if Hunter Biden to be called. 15 Let it go Monday
Trans rights rally has started in Virginia. 7 Pennsylvania Monday
Brace yourselves for the apologies 3 Solesurvivor Monday
By this rationale, the wall can't be racist. 8 Charlie Mike Monday
Poor old backstabber Fredo... Flees the country on eve of trial to hang out with the elite... 10 Ohio Joe Monday
Can a woman be elected President? Can a man be endorsed by the NY Times? 3 Dumper Monday
How could the American people want someone who lies to them? @ewarren says 3 Let it go Monday
Mendacity & lies: After 19 years America admits to itself that it NEVER could have won war in Afgh 14 RCW2014 Monday
With some irony, it appears the Times' endorsements will backfire! Warren is clearly 0 Dumper Monday
How long before Lefty begins to topple MLK Jr. statues? They've rejected content 0 Dumper Monday
LIVE: Gun rights lobby protest new controls amid fear of violence in Virginia capital 0 Aquila Monday
Like clockwork, the Left falls for the latest prank. 2 Charlie Mike Monday
Sanders was an elector for a 1980 presidential candidate who said US soldiers should shoot officers 8 Charlie Mike Monday
Duds 3 Charlie Mike Monday
DU is too stupid to realize it's a 'good guy with a gun' story 2 Qukid Monday
Second Amendment Protesters spotted carrying signs with racist images: 0 rh24 Monday
Protestors at 2A Rally in Richmond call for racists to get out of Virginia: 0 rh24 Monday
China's government poses a 'global threat to human rights,' report finds 3 Let it go Monday
NSC Russia Expert Escorted From White House Under Intelligence Investigation 4 Gunslinger201 Monday
Hahahahahaa 0 Let it go Monday
Democrats expanding their war on women 7 imwithfred Monday
Should 2A advocates ignore the ban on carrying firearms? (Poll) 35 Charlie Mike Monday
Berlin conference showed Moscow & Ankara have a huge role to play in solving Libyas crisis' 3 RCW2014 Monday
New Survey USA Democratic Primary Poll 8 jh4freedom Monday
Even Lefty Matt Stoller thinks this WAPO piece is crazy. 0 Let it go Monday
USSC to take on question of Electoral College votes 22 Currentsitguy Monday
Dershowitz Distances Himself from White House Response to Democrats Impeachment Charges 2 RCW2014 Monday
Joe Biden Doubles Down On A Racist Myth About Black Parents 1 Charlie Mike Monday
Puerto Rico Governor fires two more. 3 Let it go Monday
McConnell Creates Kill Switch To End Impeachment If It Becomes Circus Run By Adam Schiff 6 Let it go Sunday
2020 Democratic Field Is Outraising Trump by A Huge Margin that Didnt Happen to Obama or Bush 4 RCW2014 Sunday
Show some decency': Pilot who landed plane in Hudson River defends Biden, slams Lara Trump 3 RCW2014 Sunday
Schweitzers book Profiles in corruption has 1,126 endnotes, no unnamed sources 3 Let it go Sunday
Farmers refuse to cheer for Trump as he lies that he's fighting for them to keep their land 0 RCW2014 Sunday
Looks like someone fessed up after earthquake 3 Let it go Sunday
Puerto Rico warehouse next to Govt Office. 10 Let it go Sunday
John Solomon vs CNN. 6 Nostrings Sunday
New York Freed 7.5K Criminal Illegal Aliens into U.S. in 2019, Including Convicted Murderers, Sex Ab 3 def_con5 Sunday
Unborn babies CAN feel pain before the 24-week abortion limit, scientists say 4 Let it go Sunday
Roundtable is the key (Parnas and Trump) 6 def_con5 Sunday
Bernie bros and gals getting red pilled 2 Let it go Sunday
Is Putin more reptilian or rodentine? (Poll) 17 swifty Sunday
Voter Enthusiasm...... 33 HermantownHawk Sunday
The Left wanted a valueless society to undermine values based western civilization. 0 Charlie Mike Sunday
Pelosi used $900 of gold tip pens... 18 jimiray Sunday
Watching this video from Puerto Rico is really pissing me off 2 Let it go Sunday
Not Just Hunter: Widespread Biden Family Profiteering Exposed 0 Let it go Sunday
'Simply a Lie,' Biden Accuses Sanders Campaign of Releasing 'Doctored' Video 0 RCW2014 Sunday
Iraqis are protesting Iranian influence in their country 2 Let it go Sunday
Potential Trump campaign gimmick? A plastic cast of human poop signed in gold by 0 Dumper Sunday
Sabotage! 2 Charlie Mike Sunday
Ghislaine Maxwell at Chelsea Clinton's wedding in 2010, two years after Epstein pleaded guilty 1 Aquila Sunday
Police to young girls: lie back and try to relax and hopefully it'll be over quickly 3 Charlie Mike Sunday
Trump 0 Iron Condor Sunday
LEV PARNAS PICTURE PARTY THREAD. Lol!!! Do click on the twitter thread. It's delightful, indeed. 4 RCW2014 Sunday
House releases new impeachment evidence linking Nunes aide to Parnas 34 New Deal Democrat Sunday
VOX: there's nothing wrong with Sanders, his supporters are just dicks 0 Charlie Mike Sunday
MSNPC goes hard after the Bernie bros 3 Charlie Mike Sunday
So, the MSM now has the long knives out for Comrade Sanders 0 Charlie Mike Sunday
Virginia House Republican leader to hate groups: 'You are not welcome here' 7 uncledad Sunday
Senate Republicans Are Bathed in Shame 17 RCW2014 Sunday
What happened to the Tie Rone sock? 4 Qukid Sunday
We'll shut your filthy mouth: Putin says Russia will combat the rewriting of WWII history with new 7 RCW2014 Sunday
Oh 3 Charlie Mike Sunday
What happens when you side with the people who hate you by betraying one time supporters? 6 Charlie Mike Saturday
Neocons Don't Regret the Iraq Disaster — And Now They Want War With Iran 18 radicalifornian Saturday
Question? Will Shampeachment be a late '19 Fitzmas gift, or an early '20 Fitzmas gift? (Poll) 2 bernt-toast Saturday
What idiot hired Ken Starr for Trump impeachment team? He hates Trump. 11 joefriday6 Saturday
NBC News serves up steaming hot take about voting for Trump being unconstitutional 1 Gunslinger201 Saturday
Sanders Clarifies His Gulags Will Be Democratic Gulags 5 Gunslinger201 Saturday
Virginia Supreme Court upholds Northams temporary ban on weapons on Capitol grounds 8 uncledad Saturday
Trump rolls back Michelle's school lunch tyranny (on her birthday) 11 foia Saturday
Illegal immigrants blocked at border pray for Trumps defeat, I want Trump out 8 rh24 Saturday
It's like being in a Monty Python Skit. 0 cologeek Saturday
The Company Trump Keeps Tells You Everything You Need to Know... 3 RCW2014 Saturday
So... Poor old backstabber Fredo has no idea who Lev is... Yet... 5 Ohio Joe Saturday
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