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Butina NRA 8 Micrometer Friday
The last header item of our corrupt government blows me away. 40% of electorate votes Independent, 5 joefriday6 Friday
Speaker Pelosi won't allow this Republican to be seated in the House 28 jh4freedom Friday
Clinton Whistleblowers: Thursdays Public Hearing to Reveal Explosive Information 19 Gunslinger201 Friday
Poutrage!! Miss USA apologizes (of course), racially insensitive know the drill..... 2 Frankenvoter Friday
Physicist linked to China program suicided 3 Let it go Friday
Bolton: No Trump-Putin meeting if Russia holds Ukrainian ships, sailors 1 RCW2014 Friday
Is Israel an "apartheid state"? 29 Charlie Mike Friday
DIA holding exculpatory doc 1 Let it go Friday
An initial diagnosis by physicians at Providence hospital listed the cause of death as septic shock, 0 Let it go Friday
Pelosis Choice: willing to keep U.S. government closed forever before shell fund border wall 10 Nostrings Friday
I've admitted to having been reluctant to support Trump at the beginning. One primary 14 Dumper Friday
Cute little 30 year old Russian gun chick pleads guilty 41 jh4freedom Friday
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Reportedly Won't Join AIPAC-sponsored Trip to Israel 29 DillyDilly500 Thursday
Buchanan: How Democracy Is Losing the World 5 RCW2014 Thursday
Lol. I had forgotten about this 17 Qukid Thursday
Can a non-deranged person please explain to me.. 20 Solesurvivor Thursday
FBI Violated policy in Flynns case, 17 bruiserboy Thursday
Mike Flynn Jr loses it on twitter 1 Pennsylvania Thursday
Lefty! Wow, had you won the Senate, not the House, you could now use the 'Garland Rule' 7 Dumper Thursday
The Left has emboldened pedophiles with its "They're born that way" argument 3 Charlie Mike Thursday
Are you reading the fucking BULLSHIT liberals are writing tonight about Manafort? 29 Pennsylvania Thursday
Just a reminder: the people pretending to be so concerned about Russia corrupting our elections 13 Charlie Mike Thursday
FBI Violated Policy in Flynn Case - notes must be placed in file within **5** days 2 Let it go Thursday
Muellers prosecutions are creating precedent... 4 Let it go Thursday
Trump Inauguration Spending Under Criminal Investigation by Federal Prosecutors 7 Pennsylvania Thursday
Breaking News. This is it. The Beginning of the End. A New Bombshell. Tipping Point Reached. 11 rh24 Thursday
Hey Lefty. Hey Righty. Give it a fucking rest for a minute and read this joke. 27 JaimeBondoJr Thursday
I don't understand the stereotype about black people liking watermelon. 35 Carlos W Bush Thursday
Black dudes, stop killing each other 12 jh4freedom Thursday
Ted Lieu wants to regulate free speech, 1 bruiserboy Thursday
How does Trump do it? 35 shogun Thursday
Mao would be Proud 16 Gunslinger201 Thursday
California Democrat Proposes Right to Shelter for Every Homeless Person in State 18 Gunslinger201 Thursday
Shooter could have faced charges before massacre had cops done their job, experts say 8 Charlie Mike Thursday
Uncle Sal has some advice for crooked Donnie 35 Salaam Thursday
Despite nearly 90% negative media coverage, Trump's approval higher than Obama's 2 rh24 Thursday
White dudes, please stop killing yourselves 10 jh4freedom Thursday
Pres Bush 1's service dog, Sully, has a new job lined up 3 bernt-toast Thursday
China hands Trump another win, 5 bruiserboy Thursday
So, if Trump is an illegitimate president... 6 Charlie Mike Thursday
The mask slips. Democrats reveal their inner tyrant. 13 Da Mannn Thursday
Trump cancels White House Christmas party for the press 15 Doctor_R Thursday
Boy Scouts of America may declare bankruptcy 29 JanetS Thursday
Trump sprang 3 traps on Pelosi and Schumer yesterday, 10 bruiserboy Thursday
The Trouble .... 3 RATFINK_5.0 Thursday
Could mueller be in some trouble?OIG report says... 12 Nostrings Thursday
Obama's hawking his failed ObamaCare on Twitter now. 8 Fred Sanford Thursday
We need to make English the official language 12 Frankenvoter Thursday
*snicker* 3 Charlie Mike Thursday
Fox News is still numero uno in cable news 10 jh4freedom Thursday
New Border Wall Poll 6 jh4freedom Thursday
Alexandria Ocasio Cortez's party, The Democratic Socialists of America has a message for you: 4 Charlie Mike Thursday
Congressman Ted Lieu Announces He is Considering Running in 2020 3 rh24 Thursday
Lefties have complained about bombs which kill people, but leave buildings undamaged. 1 Dumper Thursday
The unindicted co-conspirator 19 orson Thursday
Despite Lefty's claims they don't exist, law enforcement goes after MS-13 3 Fred Sanford Thursday
They're just fruit pickers and nannies 1 def_con5 Thursday
Judge Sullivan wants to see Flynn 302s 2 Let it go Thursday
I'd better get this in before someone else lies 3 imwithfred Thursday
Reporter says Trump 'stormed out' of Oval Office, threw file folder after Pelosi, Schumer meeting 23 RCW2014 Thursday
"She has no reason to lie"...except to become a fake lefty heroine.Funny her voice has changed too. 5 Carl Thursday
Okay, Matt. 3 Charlie Mike Thursday
VOILA!! Wall funding. 49 PrescientWon. Thursday
There's no point in pretending to enjoy the company of people who irrationally hate you 2 Charlie Mike Thursday
Once in a while, a pol slips up and shows their inner totalitarian. 3 Nostrings Thursday
Caravan "migrants" demand entry to U.S. or $50,000 each to go back home. 15 Fred Sanford Thursday
'Toxic Trump Syndrome:' Trump Still Coming Up Short In Chief Of Staff Search 4 RCW2014 Thursday
Text messages might be next to face California tax, reports say 4 Doctor_R Thursday
Now Mueller has flipped.........wait for it........ 11 jh4freedom Thursday
Tallahassee City Commissioner Scott Maddox (D) arrested by FBI, hit with 44-count indictment 3 Nostrings Thursday
Hmmm... It seems China is buying 5 Doctor_R Wednesday
These California paper straws are acceptable 14 TheShoe Wednesday
In Blow To Fringe Right Theory, DOJ Official Wont Testify In Front Of House Oversight 11 Trevor Wednesday
How long before we start seeing those red hats on Ebay and at garage sales? (Poll) 38 Salaam Wednesday
Let's pierce some of the bullshit from the MSM and Resistance spin on the Cohen plea! 14 Dumper Wednesday
Netanyahu's Negotiating With Neo-Fascists for a Consensus View of the Holocaust 0 RCW2014 Wednesday
Maria Butina's boyfriend alleges collusion 15 jh4freedom Wednesday
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