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Lefty very quiet about Hillary paying the funding for the Trump dossier. 15 Aldar Oct 25
Should General Kellys' previous military service place him beyond criticism? (Poll) [View all] 54 myohmy Oct 25
The GOP is going after Hillary again. Mueller must be really closing in. 8 foia Oct 25
DUcult hate wheel lands on "Russian Traitors" today! 17 KittyCatIdiots Oct 25
Hes gonna be in the no spin zone now... 0 Daves Not Here Man Oct 25
Dirtbag Frederica Wilson introduced the legislation sending Troops to Niger 17 Gunslinger201 Oct 25
Trump will bring back MERRY CHRISTMAS and MAGA!! [View all] 75 Daves Not Here Man Oct 25
Hillary Clinton's name is at the center of the 3 Aldar Oct 25
The Russian nuke bomb that blows up America could be formed by the Uranium sold by Hillary Clinton. 0 joefriday6 Oct 25
The Supreme Court Just Killed The Refugee Ban Challenge 4 Gunslinger201 Oct 25
Finnaly both sides can agree that the Russian scandal is real. 1 DDKick Oct 25
Tallest, biggest American flag and flag pole in North America! Eat shit progressives. 19 It Guy Oct 25
DU is thrilled at news Mueller is going after Manafort. 2 Let it go Oct 25
The dimocrat house of cards is beginning to crumble! 4 Aldar Oct 25
Clinton campaign, DNC paid for research that led to Russia dossier 20 Doctor_R Oct 25
Who funded the Trump Dossier? 6 bruiserboy Oct 25
George HW Bush, pussy grabber? 9 bernt-toast Oct 25
Bill Clinton is the HW of politics. 0 DDKick Oct 25
Suddenly RUSSIA is no longer a front page story for the MSM? I wonder why? 3 Dumper Oct 25
Lindsay Graham says there's another reason Comey jumped into the Hillary Clinton situation. 3 Let it go Oct 25
So, if leftism is predicated on the permise that we're all in this together 38 I814U2CY Oct 25
The investigation is focussing on which people & groups in Washington worked on behalf of Russia 1 bernt-toast Oct 25
Court Upholds Legality of Objective Biological Reality 0 I814U2CY Oct 25
Colluding MeeMaw may go to PRISON-House Launches NEW PROBES of Email Server, Uranium One 5 MumblyPeg Oct 25
Jimmy Dore: "Do you really think Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton have integrity?" 0 Cold Warrior Oct 25
When Steele went to Russia to get dirt on Trump Russians knew he was funded by Hillary/DNC 0 Let it go Oct 25
Does anyone else recall RW hyperventilation at DI about Kid Rock ... 31 NavyBrat Oct 25
Ice to target employers for hiring illegals, 20 bruiserboy Oct 25
Corker, Flake and Collins should switch parties 29 Trumplethinskin Oct 25
Get your Jeff Flake memes while they're still valuable! 1 TendiesForBreakfast Oct 25
We tell you the RINOs will go first then the Democrats and you don't believe us. 1 Shkreli Oct 25
Scumbag Congresswoman Wilson on Kelly incident- Now I'm a rock Star 13 Banshee 3 Actual Oct 25
Any vets here familiar with the term 'Blue Falcon'? 35 Konsurvative Oct 25
Trump Dow 24,000? 4 TheyLostTheirForums Oct 25
Senate Republicans: The Liberal Republicans 4 jh4freedom Oct 24
For my comrade LTPL.The Supreme Court Just Killed The Refugee Ban Challenge.. 0 Dexter Morgan Oct 24
Jimmy Carter: Russians didn't steal the election from Hillary Clinton 5 Nostrings Oct 24
"MaxRACommie" reminds everyone "Fuck every Retrumplican that is jumping ship" 2 KittyCatIdiots Oct 24
"This was the first president I can remember that made children cry with fear when he was elected," 9 JaimeBondoJr Oct 24
Fake Trump Dossier FUNDED BY DNC and Clinton Campaign [VIDEO] - Oh, did someone post 2 MumblyPeg Oct 24
0bama is why Trump was elected 14 Aldar Oct 24
Breaking: President Trump sends a message of outreach to the Left. 9 PrescientWon. Oct 24
please President Trump, I can't handle all this winning! 1 PrescientWon. Oct 24
Senate Republicans: The Conservatives 3 jh4freedom Oct 24
Holy Crap...someone from Podesta's team is leaking to Tucker Carlson. 11 Let it go Oct 24
"BabbleonSister": Republicans Are Aiding And Abetting Trump Crimes 3 KittyCatIdiots Oct 24
Could this be assault or Lefty needing correction? 0 Hey Mikey Oct 24
Comparing Murder Rates Around the World 1 357blackhawk Oct 24
Llollloollollolll. You gotta love 'em: 7 Konsurvative Oct 24
Saudi Arabia will return to moderate, open Islam and 'will destroy extremist ideas', says crown prin 4 Let it go Oct 24
Bill O'Reilly paid Liz Wiehl $32 million? 9 jh4freedom Oct 24
DUculty thinks Dakota Access Pipeline protests stirred up by the Commies! 2 KittyCatIdiots Oct 24
Senate Republicans: The Republicans In Name Only 3 jh4freedom Oct 24
The FBI's political meddling. This Wall Street Journal Reporter Nails It. 0 joefriday6 Oct 24
Looks like Clinton and DNC colluded with the Commies! SCREAM! 0 KittyCatIdiots Oct 24
An example of why the media should not be trusted 8 357blackhawk Oct 24
The mountain's name is Denali 5 marmot84 Oct 24
Sunday Night Football finishes first in the ratings 14 jh4freedom Oct 24
Off to the pit of misery for Hillary! 5 Aldar Oct 24
Corker, Flake draw line in questioning Trump's fitness for office 5 wonderwarthog Oct 24
Half of All Health Spending Is Wasted 36 Let it go Oct 24
NYC Board of Elections admits it broke law in rigged Dem Primary 1 bernt-toast Oct 24
What if an AI god appears? Wouldn't it be a good replacement for the current God? Hmmm. 16 Shkreli Oct 24
Senate Republicans: The Moderates 0 jh4freedom Oct 24
Gem of the day: A politician who never liked Trump, STILL doesn't like Trump. 2 blue Oct 24
Cnn desperately doubles down. 13 Nostrings Oct 24
See all 8 prototypes for America's border wall with Mexico. 9 Fred Sanford Oct 24
Senate Republicans: The Strong Conservatives 0 jh4freedom Oct 24
Should more Republicans speak the truth about President Trump? (Poll) 13 myohmy Oct 24
Flake just announced he will 20 Doctor_R Oct 24
This message was self-deleted by its author 12 Konsurvative Oct 24
Hillary Clinton one year ago today! 2 Pennsylvania Oct 24
House GOP chairmen announce probe of Obamas Justice Dept 9 Doctor_R Oct 24
Should Trump pardon Obama & Clinton for their U1gate crimes? (Poll) 17 foia Oct 24
McCarthyist D throws Russian flags at Trump 3 KittyCatIdiots Oct 24
In case anyone was interested, the Deplorables running for Senate in 2018: 1 TendiesForBreakfast Oct 24
Al Green Destroys Ben Carson on Housing Budget Cuts 9 Letmypeoplevote Oct 24
D Platform 2018: Everybody's a traitor, Pokemon Go's fault, aimlessly scream! 0 KittyCatIdiots Oct 24
FACT CHECK-Is "Empty Barrel" a Racist Term? 49 Gunslinger201 Oct 24
If the Left wants to know why they are losing, here it is. 14 LexTalionis Oct 24
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