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What do Fat Jerry and Moochelle have in common? 18 PrescientWon. Dec 13
Trump has tweeted or retweeted over 100 times today 28 LavenderGirl Dec 12
American Leftists Believed Corbyns Inevitable Victory Would Be Their Model 4 Steelydamned Dec 12
Liberal dickhead REJECTED! So he Quits! 0 Pennsylvania Dec 12
Another bad week for lefty is a good week for normal Americans. 1 Carl Dec 12
This message was self-deleted by its author 1 Pennsylvania Dec 12
Tweeter in Chief: 109 tweets today (so far) 5 Aquila Dec 12
DU comparing Bernie to Comrade Corbyn. 5 Jardinier Dec 12
Must be a slow day at NYT 0 foia Dec 12
Holy cows Dems are arguing they have sole power to decide what they can impeach on. 19 Let it go Dec 12
Matt Gaetz to Rep Dems in swing states: 4 Let it go Dec 12
MSNBC Incredulously Defends FBI & Discredited Dossier 5 Aquila Dec 12
RECORD BROKEN! 1 Pennsylvania Dec 12
Lefty is mad at Matt Gaetz today because he DESTROYED fat Nadker's Impeachment Party. 0 PrescientWon. Dec 12
God, the left all over the world is PATHETIC 2 Solesurvivor Dec 12
Obama/Bush/Trump Lied Repeatedly About Afghan War-- Documents Reveal 7 Aquila Dec 12
Really enjoying U.K. lefties 9 Let it go Dec 12
Courts block Trump administration plan to use military funds for border wall 9 New Deal Democrat Dec 12
Bill Barr! 1 Let it go Dec 12
You can bet that if Corbyn had won 2 Steelydamned Dec 12
Trump pressured Pentagon to give $400 million border wall contract to his favorite Fox News guest 22 New Deal Democrat Dec 12
Confirmation: Carter Pages CIA duties overlapped with FBIs Russia agent accusations 3 Let it go Dec 12
television celeb suggests Michelle Antoinette will be Democrat, primitive, nominee 10 imwithfred Dec 12
Trumps real goal is to decouple US tech and China manufacturing 4 Let it go Dec 12
How will the globalist Establishment react to the Tory victory? 0 Charlie Mike Dec 12
Trump is the real person of the year folks 4 TheShoe Dec 12
Thanks Democrats; for engaging your heavy hearts and solemnity to dump Impeachment 0 Dumper Dec 12
Who's the bigger whining snowflake? Donnie, or Gym Jordan? (Poll) 11 Salaam Dec 12
Mike Johnson! Wow these House Rs are impressive 5 Let it go Dec 12
For the third time this year, GOP rejects election-security bill 10 LavenderGirl Dec 12
Richard Jewells testimony...FBI still cant be trusted 1 Let it go Dec 12
Another peaceful day of grazing for the Bundy cattle. 1 Fred Sanford Dec 12
Climate Change Hysteria is SILLY. (aka Greta is STUPID) 6 PrescientWon. Dec 12
Lol And this is what he said...its not his exact words but this is what he said. 1 Let it go Dec 12
My colleague says shes been watching Dems because she finds it hilarious 3 Let it go Dec 12
Egregiously incompetent and criminal agent 1 is still at the FBI 0 Let it go Dec 12
From DU: Bill Barr is a serious danger to our Republic 7 Nostrings Dec 12
Nadler says Trump is trying to destroy the power of congress. 3 Let it go Dec 12
Fred stands with President Trump regarding Greta Thunberg. 8 Fred Sanford Dec 12
If Nancy Pelosi ran for president, she'd beat Trump 6 JanetS Dec 12
A Trump Christmas! 2 bfox74 Dec 12
I'm on a special mission, apparently. 1 Charlie Mike Dec 12
Why Barr and Durham are telling Horowitz he is wrong about start of FISA was Ok 0 Gunslinger201 Dec 12
Operation "I Am Trump" 19 swifty Dec 12
This video presents clearly why there is an impeachment going on 27 okletstalk Dec 12
Interesting development: Christopher Steele and Ivanka Trump were pals 16 LavenderGirl Dec 12
Matt Gaetz destroys Hunter Biden. 9 Let it go Dec 12
Forget bias. They lied to the court repeatedly. 4 R. Cavu Dec 12
How Should the Senate Deal with an Unconstitutional Impeachment by the House 8 Let it go Dec 12
Like Gohmert I am waiting for a single principled Dem to apologize. 2 Let it go Dec 12
Will Republicanism's anti-environment stance cause Millennial retaliation against Social Security? 18 swifty Dec 12
Only in America could a 15 year old high school dropout be the Person of the Year 14 Dumper Dec 12
IG Report Confirms Schiff FISA Memo Media Praised Was Riddled With Lies 11 Nostrings Dec 12
Horowitz referred the entire FBI chain of command to AG/FBI for investigation 4 Let it go Dec 12
Someone with an account over on DU... 0 Hades Dec 12
They're Not Invited! White House Cancels Press Christmas Party 8 Da Mannn Dec 12
As government prepares to seize more land for a border wall, some Texas landowners prepare to fight 1 New Deal Democrat Dec 12
As if we needed any more proof as to how the lib media lied about the Steele dossier... 5 bfox74 Dec 12
Trump is going about this impeachment thing all wrong. 1 Pennsylvania Dec 12
This is what msm hackery looks like. 1 Nostrings Dec 12
Really John Deere? 6 TheShoe Dec 12
Check out this tweet from asshole Rashida 5 Pennsylvania Dec 12
Pelosi admits impeachment has nothing to do with Ukraine 5 Charlie Mike Dec 12
Senate Democrats don't want a taste of House Democrats' medicine 5 imwithfred Dec 12
Rudy Giuliani and wife settle their divorce 6 jh4freedom Dec 12
Nadler says 'we cannot rely on an election' to oust Trump 3 Thorson Dec 12
Trump's Popularity Surges After Nation Learns He May Have Obstructed Congress 2 Steelydamned Dec 12
'It's all a lie!': Constituents scream at Democrat over impeachment during town hall 8 rh24 Dec 12
Dems need to tell the reasonable Trump voters we want their votes. 21 swifty Dec 12
Watching Jeff Sessions on FOX 3 Badsamm Dec 12
Virginia Democrats Abandon Gun Confiscation 8 Hades Dec 12
Remember James Wolfe, the leaker to the NY Times? 0 Gunslinger201 Dec 12
The FBIs Corrupt Cops 0 rh24 Dec 12
Does anyone here think it's a good idea for the USA to have it's citizens guarantee 8 Dumper Dec 12
Hey, lefty - grab this. 2 Charlie Mike Dec 12
5 times Obama threatened/withheld foreign aid 7 Charlie Mike Dec 12
Blumenthal unable to get Whorewits to agree with him 2 Charlie Mike Dec 12
Should Burisma have its assets returned and (Poll) 0 Charlie Mike Dec 12
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez blasts Tucker Carlson as 'white supremacist sympathizer' 3 RCW2014 Dec 12
Might history repeat itself? 4 jh4freedom Dec 12
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