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Filed under NO SHIT 2 DDKick Saturday
Florida Democratic Party chair apologizes after 6 women complain of 'demeaning' behavior 4 Doctor_R Saturday
Democrat equals Degenerate, Sexually Permissive, Harassment, Rape, etc. Why are we surprised? 0 Shkreli Saturday
Great tweet from the president this morning. 2 Pennsylvania Saturday
What do you call an asshole who calls someone a 'pederast' with no proof? (Poll) 39 Konsurvative Saturday
How can Righty compete when Lefty is capable of this level of rhetoric? 8 Konsurvative Saturday
Frankenraper sent his first victim an apology letter. 2 Pennsylvania Saturday
Alabama Governor Kay Ivey: Politics over decency and principle? (Poll) 6 myohmy Saturday
The left has really jumped the Shark yet again. 2 DDKick Saturday
People viewing our sordid politics and endless sex cases must think we are idiots. 8 joefriday6 Saturday
Tit for tat 6 TheShoe Saturday
Just another day in the lives of the Clintons 0 oflguy Saturday
A Bedtime Story for Righty 13 wonderwarthog Saturday
Frankenraper is now cancelling appearances. 6 Pennsylvania Saturday
Why is it that 90% of sexual harassers are on the Left? and why do they get a pass? 14 Da Mannn Saturday
Orrin Hatch VS Sherrod Brown 19 bruiserboy Saturday
The Safari 10 swifty Saturday
We are the crappy section of the bleachers who messes up the wave. 11 swifty Saturday
Oopsie! Somebody lost their Democratic invite to super secrt conference for zillionaire donors 2 bernt-toast Saturday
DUcult throws Kirsten Gillibrand Under the Bus! Hatred flowing at 19 recs per hour! 14 KittyCatIdiots Saturday
Twitter goes Big Brother starting Dec 18 0 bernt-toast Saturday
The yearbook Moore "signed" now ruled a fake. Democrat hoaxes are pretty common. [View all] 61 Shkreli Saturday
DUcult/JPR cartoony McCarthyism! Calling people commies is so funny! 18 KittyCatIdiots Saturday
Hey if you can afford to go kill an elephant 20 TheShoe Saturday
"The Racial Tithe" or The White Man's Burden (Poll) 23 WeNeedBetterElites Saturday
Lena Dunham tells underage rape victims they're lying. 3 Pennsylvania Saturday
Here's why Americans are totally disgusted with today's Democrats.. 12 kevlar Saturday
Fred is stable 21 Qukid Friday
I see Trolling started early here today. Someone's been into the Turpentine 28 Banshee 3 Actual Friday
Anyone have an extra Rush Limbaugh tumbler? 14 TheShoe Friday
Bill O'Neil, OH dem for gov, addresses Franken allegations on his FB page 7 bernt-toast Friday
Another woman raping young boys. 19 Carlos W Bush Friday
Should Roy Moore withdraw from the Alabama Senate race? (Poll) 40 NavyBrat Friday
Senator Menendez (D-NJ) accused of sex with minors. He must resign, ...if true (Poll) 10 WeNeedBetterElites Friday
This Republican has had it. Voting for whomever is running against Roy Moore 46 LeeCPTINF Friday
"JOE THE PEDO!" -- I can hear Trump now. (Poll) 15 WeNeedBetterElites Friday
More accusations against Franken? Don't hold your breath. 9 Rae Friday
Unlike the conniving gold digging moochers before him, Trump commits to pay his own bills 8 MumblyPeg Friday
Voter ID is racist 39 MumblyPeg Friday
********BREAKING Franken admits it all!!!!!*********** [View all] 86 Pennsylvania Friday
In your face, fascists. EPA's Scott Pruitt drains the swamp 0 MumblyPeg Friday
Posted without comment 6 I814U2CY Friday
Do you want Medicare benefits to be slashed by the Trump/GOP tax plan? (Poll) 7 myohmy Friday
Why is hypocrisy and perversion like oxygen for Lefty? 9 Fred Sanford Friday
Why don't Republicans put their postcard-sized tax return online? 13 swifty Friday
In general, I DON'T support more gun control, BUT I see no issue with these changes.... 12 drunk_teddy Friday
Navy admits to drawing penis in sky. 5 Pennsylvania Friday
Shocking new image released from JFK files 0 TendiesForBreakfast Friday
Women On Clinton And Sanders Campaigns Allege Sexual Harassment 0 Doctor_R Friday
BREAKING: Wolf Blitzer Repeatedly Asks Gloria Allred if the Yearbook Signature is a Forgery ALLRED 18 Pennsylvania Friday
Tier One posters official statement re: Al Franken. 16 Fred Sanford Friday
Dumbass stays at work at Walmart instead of being by her mother's side as she passed away. 12 Carlos W Bush Friday
A question about female teachers who rape their students... 2 Carlos W Bush Friday
Uh, no, lets not move on 7 shortviking Friday
BREAKING second Frankenraper victim comes forward. 11 Pennsylvania Friday
More rape in Lena Dunhams circle. 0 Pennsylvania Friday
Al Franken should resign immediately (Poll) 12 Banshee 3 Actual Friday
Trumpcare 5 TheShoe Friday
"Im a feminist. I study rape culture. And I dont want Al Franken to resign." WaPo 11 Carl Friday
Sorry, Franken, but America doesn't need for you to have an ethics investigation. 3 Fred Sanford Friday
According to liberals, it's okay to dry hump a woman in a flak jacket. 2 Carlos W Bush Friday
Riddle me this. 29 southernwriter Friday
Here's why Americans are totally disgusted with today's media. 5 Fred Sanford Friday
DU says she deserved to be groped while asleep because she likes guns 15 Pennsylvania Friday
Can Senate refuse to seat Moore OR kick him out after he's seated? One Const. expert says NO! 16 Dumper Friday
Rape survivor no longer wants Franken to sponsor her bill 4 Pennsylvania Friday
Gloria Allred now doesn't know if its Moores signature. 10 Pennsylvania Friday
jackpine jackass primitives whining about Messalina Agrippina again 5 imwithfred Friday
Wait until Trump tweets and unloads on Blumenthal. 1 Fred Sanford Friday
Crooked MeeMaw now wants to question the legitimacy of U.S. elections. 8 Fred Sanford Friday
PHASE TWO of Frankenlies has begun! 1 Pennsylvania Friday
once upon a time in alabama ...... 10 rampartb Friday
LOL @ Lefty and his media. 0 Fred Sanford Friday
Don't Hold Your Breath on 'Reckoning' for Bill Clinton 2 RCW2014 Friday
Unforgivable: Franken was a corrupt super delegate that voted against his state 7 KittyCatIdiots Friday
7 of 10 Richest Members of Congress Are Democrats. 18 Dexter Morgan Friday
NFL Player is now being accused of ( Wait for it ) Groping 13 bruiserboy Friday
Republicans must have a strategy going into '18 2 PrescientWon. Friday
Under socialism what happens to all the evil capitalists? (Poll) 28 I814U2CY Friday
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