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Justice for Jussey 1 Charlie Mike Tuesday
Two alleged Hate Crimes happened on 1/29, the MSM covered only one; Jessuh. 2 Dumper Tuesday
Former FBI top officials discuss damage done to FBI and need to investigate Comey/McCabe 1 Let it go Tuesday
2012 Thomas Sowell explains it all. 4 Let it go Tuesday
Anyone looking for a job in a TV newsroom running the graphics? 1 Charlie Mike Tuesday
Self cleaning litter box seems to be living in a false dichotomy. 2 Charlie Mike Tuesday
Wee Andy McCabe did not have a good interview this morning: 7 rh24 Tuesday
Well looky what I found from TMZ Last April 13 Gunslinger201 Tuesday
Adam Schiff: The Jussie Smollett of Trump-Russia Collusion 0 Let it go Tuesday
This message was self-deleted by its author 3 KittyCatIdiots Tuesday
Addled Old Socialist Moron Declares Candidacy 12 Gunslinger201 Tuesday
Here comes Bernie, gang!! 2 Fred Sanford Tuesday
This message was self-deleted by its author 0 KittyCatIdiots Tuesday
The Ruth Bader Ginsburg movie came out last May 11 Gunslinger201 Tuesday
This message was self-deleted by its author 4 KittyCatIdiots Tuesday
Bernie enters the race, wal*mart won XMAS 2 TheShoe Tuesday
"We're gonna win"- Crazy Bernie 7 Horsefeathers Tuesday
Austin Boy called little Hitler for selling hot chocolate to raise funds for the wall, 6 bruiserboy Tuesday
Obama Declared 12 National Emergencies, Yet Media Did Not Mind At All 14 oflguy Tuesday
Laurentiu Rebega,Europe needs Trump 0 bruiserboy Tuesday
New: Kamala Harris confidently responds to Jussie Smollett hoax question: 7 rh24 Tuesday
The market has been doing a nice recovery lately. 20 Hades Tuesday
"The US Constitution Article I, Section 9" 5 Iron Condor Tuesday
NATOs Atlantic Council Hijacks Munich Conference With Revisionist Principles Declaration 1 RCW2014 Tuesday
Auto Industry Lines Up Against Possible U.S. Tariffs 7 RCW2014 Tuesday
Former obama adviser blasts aoc "most economically ignorant statement I have ever read." 22 Nostrings Tuesday
What a piece of shit! 2 TM999 Tuesday
Whoa what does Trump know? 6 Let it go Tuesday
DNI Dan Coats Job May Be In Danger, According To Trump Ally 3 RCW2014 Tuesday
Remember when Trump stopped unappropriated funding to private, for-profit corporations and 1 Charlie Mike Tuesday
This message was self-deleted by its author 0 Dumper Tuesday
CAUTION ! All Polar Bears Considered Extremely Dangerous ! Do not approach ... They might Eat You. 0 RATFINK_5.0 Tuesday
I know some of you feel evolution is false 29 TheShoe Tuesday
I hate millennials too but get some fucking priorities. 0 Charlie Mike Tuesday
Lets help Roger 11 TheShoe Tuesday
Rod Rosenstein expected to step down by mid-March 2 Thorson Tuesday
Hillary puts down the bottle long enough to spout off about national emergencies. 5 Nostrings Tuesday
TMZ posts video of RBG at airport today. 5 Pennsylvania Tuesday
Anti-Semitism Vigilantes Are Feeding the Far-Right 6 RCW2014 Tuesday
Kamala asked about her MODERN DAY LYNCHING tweet 10 Pennsylvania Tuesday
She's wants to run every executive law enforcement agency in America 1 Charlie Mike Tuesday
BREAKING: Now we know why Smollet staged his attack. 11 Pennsylvania Tuesday
Kamalas father says shes racist. 17 Pennsylvania Tuesday
Lefty then vs Lefty now: Kamala Harris edition. (An ongoing Tier One DI series) 8 Fred Sanford Tuesday
This poor CON 18 TheShoe Tuesday
Second Justin Fairfax accuser calls for public hearing into assault allegations 1 Thorson Tuesday
Eric Swalwell is a Special Kind of Asshole 4 rh24 Tuesday
Deranged Violent Lefty pulls gun on MAGA hat wearing couple threatens to murder them 12 Banshee 3 Actual Tuesday
Kamala gets rattled when asked about Jussie 4 TendiesForBreakfast Tuesday
CNN running Town Halls for declared 2020 Presidential candidates... 4 PrescientWon. Tuesday
This message was self-deleted by its author 0 KittyCatIdiots Monday
Biden gives clueless European, socialist, internationalists a creepy anti-American shoulder 4 Dumper Monday
This message was self-deleted by its author 1 KittyCatIdiots Monday
Hannity saying Fox News has confirmed rosenstein will 7 Doctor_R Monday
Rosenstein out by mid March 0 Pennsylvania Monday
The threatening letter came from the Nigerians. Jussie directed this and lied to FBI 5 Pennsylvania Monday
The coming Kamala Bernie war is going to be great. 9 Pennsylvania Monday
Another loon loses job because of his TDS. 9 Pennsylvania Monday
Texas Rep. Hurd Says 1,000 Texas Farmers Could Have Land Seized to Build Trump's Border Wall [View all] 56 RCW2014 Monday
Malia Obamas secret Facebook exposed. Sick. Deranged. Substance abuse. 4 Pennsylvania Monday
If it was such an emergency, [View all] 104 Salaam Monday
Avenatti apologizes for worshipping Smollet. 2 Pennsylvania Monday
Pelosi: Democratic President Will Now Be Able To Declare National Emergency On Guns 21 RCW2014 Monday
Jussies death threat letter. Isnt mailing fake threats about violence 0 Badsamm Monday
Cheba Hut exanding nationally 19 TheShoe Monday
Al Sharpton Calls for Jussie Smollett to Face Accountability to The Maximum If He Staged Attack 5 RCW2014 Monday
They're going the wrong way! 4 Charlie Mike Monday
I believe Putin (regarding Nkorea ICBM capability) 1 def_con5 Monday
A new dawn? Hispanic MAGA is born in Miami! nm 0 Dumper Monday
The mini Obama got caught again with a bottle in her hand. 12 PrescientWon. Monday
This message was self-deleted by its author 0 TheShoe Monday
"This is America in 2019"- CNN Infobabe 2 Horsefeathers Monday
Smollett was upset after a racist letter sent to the shows studio didnt get a 'bigger reaction'" 9 Let it go Monday
Look at those cmmie libs go 13 TheShoe Monday
The border crisis is obviously fake, there is no real crisis and no emergency 0 MumblyPeg Monday
Protesters take over Border Patrol museum, deface pictures of fallen agents 7 Doctor_R Monday
BuzzardFed 1 Charlie Mike Monday
MineralMan: "I'm old as dirt!" 8 PrescientWon. Monday
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