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Just out of curiosity, how many of these newly minted uber patriot, chest thumping lefties 29 Charlie Mike Thursday
If Trump is for peace, Lefty demands war. If Trump is for war, Lefty demands peace. 2 Da Mannn Thursday
Durham will be releasing pieces of his investigation after IG report 4 Let it go Thursday
Pfft, I hated Turkey before it was cool. 12 TendiesForBreakfast Thursday
Donnie lied again. 6 Salaam Thursday
Kamala is surprisingly terrible at running for President 16 R. Cavu Thursday
Trump says Schiff should be Prosecuted for Fraud 6 Gunslinger201 Thursday
Democrats' Fear of Durham About to Reach Panic Level 0 Gunslinger201 Thursday
Mueller is in deep deep doo doo. 18 Let it go Wednesday
My oh my dont lie to the FBI 2 jh4freedom Wednesday
Oh boy, Trey is up in this bi#ch. 10 Solesurvivor Wednesday
Is this why Bob Corker retired? 2 Let it go Wednesday
Got to love DU logic. 0 Hades Wednesday
Folks, Elizabeth Warren is going to double down on her Indian ethnicity claims. 8 Fred Sanford Wednesday
Chelsea Clinton gets $250K/year Expedia board seat, just 'cuz 32 Gunslinger201 Wednesday
The left doesn't care. 6 Solesurvivor Wednesday
Still need a DU member over here.. 2 Hey Mikey Wednesday
New impeachment poll 9 jh4freedom Wednesday
Botox Nancy doesn't have the votes to pass an Impeachment Inquiry (Poll) 4 Da Mannn Wednesday
This is how far behind the rest of the world the American public education system has fallen. 7 Charlie Mike Wednesday
756,800 new U.S. citizens added in FY2018 4 jh4freedom Wednesday
Elizabeth Warrens Workers Plan Will Provide Back Pay to Illegal Aliens 6 JanetS Wednesday
Why the house is not issuing subpoenas 6 def_con5 Wednesday
Activision censoring Hong Kong supporting gamers for China. 1 Let it go Wednesday
The genocide of our allies has begun [View all] 55 Ohio Joe Wednesday
Its Going to Be a Bang-Bang Couple of Weeks Rudy and Joe diGenova: IT ALL LEADS TO OBAMA 6 Let it go Wednesday
Emboldened ISIS Barbarically Slaughtering Christians In Iraq As Obama Golfs 0 Gunslinger201 Wednesday
21 percent of GOP voters would prefer Pence as president 12 jh4freedom Wednesday
Trump is basically saying.. 8 Solesurvivor Wednesday
Someone please tell Nancy that she and a few committee chairmen are NOT [View all] 61 Dumper Wednesday
Did China just tell Trump to go fuck himself? (Poll) 10 myohmy Wednesday
Is she divorcing her husband or the Husbro? lol 5 Solesurvivor Wednesday
Hillary May run because Durham knows the FBI helped her destroy Evidence, change my mind 10 Gunslinger201 Wednesday
Trolling Level: MASTER 1 Charlie Mike Wednesday
A president who doesn't comply with Congressional requests for information is subject to impeachment [View all] 52 Micrometer Wednesday
Typical disgusting liberals. FBI agents having sex with CNN reporters. 11 Pennsylvania Wednesday
The election is OVER. Trump won. The Indys have abandoned the Left. 10 Da Mannn Wednesday
It was - inevitable 4 Charlie Mike Wednesday
It all leads to Obama 3 Gunslinger201 Wednesday
Arizona GOP official charged with human smuggling in adoption fraud 6 New Deal Democrat Wednesday
Bombshell Admission: Clapper Says Obama Made Them Do It 12 Iron Condor Wednesday
Why is the PelosiDOW / PelosiNASDAQ / PelosiS&P so shitty today??? 5 quad489 Wednesday
Dems sell out Americans 1 Iron Condor Wednesday
'Render to God and Trump': Ralph Reed Calls for 2020 Obedience to Trump 1 RCW2014 Wednesday
Southfield City Clerk charged with 6 election law felonies 0 quad489 Wednesday
Hong Kong protesters #winning 0 Charlie Mike Wednesday
Most Americans approve of Trump impeachment inquiry, new poll shows 14 jh4freedom Wednesday
Chinese gamer explains how Chinas money is used to influence against free speech. 5 Let it go Wednesday
Donors express frustrations over Biden 0 Cynical Wednesday
Brutal New Poll Shows 3 in 10 Republicans Support Trump Impeachment Push 21 RCW2014 Wednesday
Sorry Democrats, Its Over 22 Gunslinger201 Wednesday
Retarded Minneapolis Mayor and Trump-hater bans police from wearing uniform 10 bfox74 Wednesday
China grants 18 trademarks in 2 months to Biden, son! Corruption in plain view! 28 Micrometer Wednesday
Leak: 84% of women cannot meet physical training requirements 5 Charlie Mike Wednesday
Hillary is infected with Stacey Abrams syndrome. 2 Let it go Wednesday
Trump KNEW Ukrainians were already investigating Biden. 2 Let it go Wednesday
Chinese Citizens Will Be Required To Scan Their Faces To Use The Internet 1 Let it go Wednesday
Majority of Americans support impeachment inquiry, new NBC/WSJ poll says 7 jh4freedom Wednesday
Much respect to Ellen Degeneres. I do not hand it out lightly. 7 LexTalionis Wednesday
Dimmer misspells cites. 1 Micrometer Wednesday
Deadbeat Donnie has to pre-pay for security at Thursday's Mpls rally... 11 Crazy in SoFla Wednesday
Will Blinky call that floor vote tuhday? 49 Fred Sanford Wednesday
BREAKING: House opens 2nd impeachment inquiry regarding abuse of office against political rivals 14 Charlie Mike Wednesday
Sanders Says He'll Slow Down Pace On Campaign Trail After Heart Attack 5 RCW2014 Wednesday
Between Washington's rock & Ankara's hard place, Kurds had better choose Damascus 6 RCW2014 Tuesday
Do you find the Senate Squaw more abrasive and unlikeable than Crooked MeeMaw? (Poll) 16 Fred Sanford Tuesday
CIA Whistleblower 'Professionally Tied' To 2020 Candidate 4 Let it go Tuesday
Our military cant do crap against the Turks other than be a human shield 17 Let it go Tuesday
Dumper sites polling numbers with no poll 6 R. Cavu Tuesday
Trump got zugzwanged. 18 swifty Tuesday
Ukraine opened up investigation on Burisma in Feb 2019, before Zelensky won Ukraine election. 0 Let it go Tuesday
Ilhan Omar files for divorce 3 700WinMag Tuesday
Dumpie once said that he could shoot someone in the middle of Fifth Ave and he would not 22 Cold Warrior Tuesday
Ireland for the Irish. Welcome to The great Replacement. 14 Jardinier Tuesday
Its Back! Russia, Russia, Russia 7 jh4freedom Tuesday
New impeachment poll 4 jh4freedom Tuesday
Mueller may have lied under oath 2 TendiesForBreakfast Tuesday
Nearly every act of terrorism since the 1990s in China has come from Xinjiang 0 TendiesForBreakfast Tuesday
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