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What's up with leftist Pope Francis? His recent 'stuff' sounds like the wingnut wing of the 4 Dumper Sunday
Twitter and Nunes have found OANNs Lutsenko interview. 1 Let it go Sunday
Chuck Todd Goes Nuclear After Ted Cruz Mentions 'Debunked' Ukraine Election Meddling 1 Let it go Sunday
This is how our Congress critters skim money off the system. 3 Let it go Sunday
When you thought it couldn't get worse than toilet flushing 9 LavenderGirl Sunday
Nadler Says Committee Vote on Impeachment Possible This Week 4 RCW2014 Sunday
'SNL' takes on Trump vs. 'two-faced' NATO allies in star-packed cold open 12 New Deal Democrat Sunday
POTUS just retweeted this: 1 Let it go Sunday
Ukraines Zelensky to be TOPPLED by protests if he crosses red lines in Paris, TV host warns... 2 RCW2014 Sunday
ABUSE OF POWER, Trump? 2 It Guy Sunday
It's Too Late For Democrats, Trump has Already Won, 180 Judges Will Shape Our Laws For A Generation 11 Da Mannn Sunday
What Trump's Fans REALLY WANT, Is A Dictator! 32 JohnPoet Sunday
OK lefties, if you get rid of Orangeman via impeachment or elections, what will you 9 Dumper Sunday
Ted Cruz calls out Chuck Todd: 13 rh24 Sunday
Biden has no idea where he is on a regular basis. 1 Let it go Sunday
Schiffs going to be sued over phone records 3 Gunslinger201 Sunday
Those daggone Trump cultists! 1 Charlie Mike Sunday
Does POTUS serve at the pleasure of the House? 6 Let it go Sunday
Dems want to impeach Trump for thought crimes, not for doing anything illegal 3 Let it go Sunday
ABC showing Dems clips of their objections when Clinton was being impeached. 1 Let it go Sunday
She Accused Him Of Sexual Assault After They Broke Up. He Was Punished, But The School Just Settled. 1 Let it go Sunday
$120k banana EATEN! 6 Let it go Sunday
Trump on Giulianis Ukraine Trip 24 Let it go Sunday
Nadler says the House Dems can read Trumps mind, then Impeach him? 13 Steelydamned Sunday
At this point its just cruel to pretend that Biden is all there: 6 rh24 Sunday
IMPEACH! Or Trump will get a third term. 0 Let it go Sunday
This message was self-deleted by its author 0 Pennsylvania Sunday
Unexpected drop in Chinas exports in November shows one reason why nation wants to agree on trade 1 Let it go Sunday
Schiff has 3500 PAGES of metadata. 8 Let it go Sunday
Shokin: transcripts of Joe Biden and Poroshenko will reveal the truth 4 Let it go Sunday
And now the rest of the story 3 Let it go Sunday
Jury: $500 offer to kill ICE agents is protected speech 8 Charlie Mike Sunday
Report cites none of the academics at Wednesdays hearing 3 Let it go Sunday
Speaking To Israeli-American Group, Trump Slams Jews Who Dont Love Israel Enough 1 RCW2014 Sunday
Donald Trump, Prince Andrew & Ghislaine Maxwell in new un-seen pictures after President claims... 2 Aquila Sunday
Gaetz brings the house down! 7 Nostrings Sunday
Ukraine was the largest donor to the Clinton Foundation 34 Let it go Sunday
Drudge mocks Bongino for being a Q kook and TICK TOCK moron. 6 Pennsylvania Saturday
Nobody warned quid pro quo Joe about a potential conflict of interest. 9 Let it go Saturday
Clinton Impeachment Video Reveals Dems Hypocrisy 1 Aquila Saturday
Some political entertainment for a slow saturday. 6 Nostrings Saturday
Is Schiff just making up shit, again? 4 Charlie Mike Saturday
Today they are all over how cops are horrible. 7 Hades Saturday
Obama and his supporters on the dreadful Obama economy: Bush did it! 27 Dumper Saturday
I know damn well that someone wrote Mr. Johnson of Georgia's qusstions for him. 7 D26-15 Saturday
Huh? Democrats explain the lack of Impeachment due process saying it isn't a legal [View all] 67 Dumper Saturday
If Trump hadn't tried to rig the 2020 election, he probably would not have been impeached... 9 swifty Saturday
Congressmen who parrot the Ukraine election interference conspiracy theory are (Poll) 6 orson Saturday
Obama admin told Ukraine not to investigate $5.3 billion in misused US aid funds. 9 Let it go Saturday
Ironically the bombshell will be Trump or Barr announcing the joint investigation with Ukraine 40 Let it go Saturday
Newt Gingrich doesn't want impeachment at Christmastime 29 jh4freedom Saturday
Dems Panic After The Republican Chairmen of Three Senate Committees Request the 5 Let it go Saturday
Nikki Haley Claims Otherwise Innocuous Confederate Flag Was 'Hijacked' by Killer 6 RCW2014 Saturday
Giuliani will submit a report on his Ukraine trip to AG Barr and Congress 2 Let it go Saturday
Under what circumstances would you accept dictatorship in the United States? (Poll) 29 swifty Saturday
Judicial watch asking for copy of Schiffs subpoena 1 Let it go Saturday
From the Epoch Times: Why The Spygate Scandal Only Keeps Growing 12 Nostrings Saturday
Appeals court lifts injunction on Trumps public charge requirement 0 Let it go Saturday
How impeachment plays out 1 def_con5 Saturday
Dog ingests mix of drugs during walk at Crissy Field Beach in San Francisco 1 Let it go Saturday
Patricia Chimes in on Food Stamp Cuts 1 HerasHeaddress Saturday
Mini Bloomberg apologizes for saying Sen Booker speaks well? He forgets Joe Biden said 2 Dumper Saturday
Who's laughing now? 10 Solesurvivor Saturday
Musk's Defamation Win May Reset Legal Landscape for Social Media 0 RCW2014 Saturday
I support deporting the arrested Saudis back to King Salman 11 PrescientWon. Saturday
White House logs detail participants of Eric Ciaramellas Ukraine meetings 7 Let it go Saturday
A simple border separates the USA and Canada... why is Canada struggling? 10 PrescientWon. Saturday
Paul Begala met with Pelosi shortly after Dems won the house to discuss impeachment 7 Let it go Saturday
Graham, Johnson, and Grassley announce investigation of Ukrainian meddling in 2016 and Alexandra Cha 1 Let it go Saturday
Trump's approval is at 52 percent! 14 LexTalionis Saturday
RBG kicks liberals in the dick! 9 Pennsylvania Saturday
THIS 1 Let it go Saturday
primitives, Bernie brats, picking on Alfred E. Pete 2 imwithfred Saturday
After his impeachment, will trump be addressed as 29 DillyDilly500 Saturday
Remind us why the federal education system shouldn't be disbanded and returned to the states 25 Charlie Mike Saturday
Eric Trump defends his dad 0 LavenderGirl Saturday
Pious Pelosi throws a hissy fit when a reporter dared to ask her if she hated the Pres, 2 Dumper Saturday
Under what circumstances would you accept small constitutionally limited government... (Poll) 0 Nostrings Saturday
Trump discusses the possibility of bringing back incandescent bulbs. 16 Charlie Mike Saturday
More than 500 law professors say Trump committed 'impeachable conduct' 25 rondan Saturday
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