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Trump's Tape Blunder Risks Fresh Legal Jeopardy in Russia Probe 11 Immacolata Saturday
This is what the second amendment is for 5 oflguy Saturday
I approve of/look down on people who respect Vladimir Putin and the Confederate flag (Poll) 27 swifty Saturday
Donald Trump is Proving Too Stupid to Be President 11 Immacolata Saturday
German Intelligence Also Snooped on White House 4 Badsamm Saturday
Noted- there is NO proof Justice Kennedy is retiring this Monday. It is only hearsay 26 graham4anything4HC45 Saturday
Trump Wins By Becoming The Fastest President Ever To Be Criminally Investigated 43 Letmypeoplevote Saturday
Ken Doll Maddow, LOL! 4 KittyCatIdiots Saturday
Trump is struggling to stay calm on Russia, one morning call at a time 7 Immacolata Saturday
California bans state travel to Texas, 3 other states over anti-LGBT laws 19 Banshee 3 Actual Saturday
Vladimir Putin gave direct instructions to help elect Trump, report says 16 Immacolata Saturday
Poll: Voters grow weary of Russia probes 13 Let it go Saturday
Two factories Donald Trump bragged about saving are now laying off workers 15 Immacolata Saturday
Debbie Wasserman Schultz Now Saying That FBI NEVER Contacted her About the DNC Server Last Summer 8 Grumpy Pickle Saturday
Poll: Did Russia Interfere in the U.S. Election? 32 jh4freedom Saturday
Is Trump under federal investigation or not? 8 Immacolata Saturday
I just love Twitter! GRAPHIC WARNING - not for the faint of heart! 12 Immacolata Saturday
Keep Fracking, But Buy a Brita Filter 5 fszwfnj Saturday
I voted for Hillary, Now, I am Glad Trump is All of America's President ! He is a good man. 32 Social_Justice Saturday
Republicans, Randy Paul and his 3, 4 Horsemen don't tell you that what they demand will deep six 7 Dumper Saturday
Opinion - They Brushed Off Kamala Harris. Then She Brushed Us Off. 7 Duke Lacrosse Saturday
Tennis, Sailing or Spying? US Shuts 2 Russian Compounds 0 wonderwarthog Saturday
The dumbest liberal ever... 9 Solesurvivor Saturday
So Lefty, I guess Bernie and wife are guilty for 'lawyering up,' as U suggested about 6 Dumper Saturday
What the hell is going on with the Nebraska Democratic Party? 9 Gamle-ged Saturday
Nationwide Firearms Turn-in Not Enough for Australia's Gun Haters 9 Juan Rico Saturday
Nonviolent conservatives... 17 Scary Red Saturday
DUer makes it official, Russia stole the election! 121 recs and counting! 7 KittyCatIdiots Saturday
If you REALLY care about the future of America, you need to help restrict voting rights. Watch. 3 Shkreli Saturday
Democrats tried a jailbreak with Ossoff and blew their wad. R's easily batted it down. 1 Shkreli Saturday
The likely DU scenario. 14 Fred Sanford Saturday
Liberals were bragging these people were going away for 100 years. 4 Pennsylvania Saturday
Reality Check: Apparently Youre Sexist, Even If You Vote For a Woman 6 Dexter Morgan Saturday
Xenophobic Democrats are filled with Hate, and THAT is WHY they LOSE ELECTIONS 1 Social_Justice Saturday
With the one year anniversary of the Russian Thingy approaching, perhaps we should give D's 5 Dumper Saturday
Stop smiling! Damn you ALL!!!! 2 Pennsylvania Saturday
Caption this! 13 Immacolata Saturday
Posit: Those that vote democrat or liberal or trend that way 21 TheyLostTheirForums Saturday
Lefty and MSM in are a tizzy because Trump has, on a few occasions, taped pressers which were 0 Dumper Saturday
Got a nest of baby robin's under my gutter downspout 16 Horsefeathers Saturday
Obama fiddled while the essence American Democracy was burned by the Ruskies? 17 Dumper Saturday
They're CRACKING folks! 8 Pennsylvania Saturday
And this is bad, why? 17 Cold Warrior Saturday
Oops, San Francisco COURT dismisses almost ALL charges vs. pro life video 'disseminators.' 0 Dumper Saturday
There was a method to Trump's joking about winning too much. Perhaps we could benefit from ONE 0 Dumper Saturday
What young folks know that oldsters/boomers do not: 11 Shkreli Saturday
Every time Trump Tweets... 6 TM999 Saturday
You can't just ban cameras from press briefings 9 TendiesForBreakfast Saturday
DU'er story is an entitled, grotesque example of why our health care costs are skyrocketing. 28 Shkreli Saturday
Can we all get serious for a moment? (Poll) 27 mrwordsworth Saturday
More winning! Thank you President Trump! 2 TM999 Saturday
Laydeebug appreciation thread. 8 Pennsylvania Saturday
The rumor mill is running on Kennedy. 5 Hades Saturday
Watch reality dick slap Lefty in this thread: 1 Shkreli Saturday
Judiciary Committee Letter to Loretta Lynch: Here's what obstruction of justice looks like. 10 It Guy Friday
New Proposed Law Too Ridiculous to Believe 0 It Guy Friday
Tweet from the past - "Thanks, Democrats!" 12 wonderwarthog Friday
NanceScreeds would rather die than get along with Americans. 87 recs and counting! 16 KittyCatIdiots Friday
So. The nancegreggs babbling windbag from the DU... 17 blue Friday
What the hell are they talking about?!?? 1 Pennsylvania Friday
I hate to admit it but Obama and social justice warriors opened my eyes 14 mrwordsworth Friday
Immacolata is proving something 45 Aldar Friday
Trump's Interests vs. America's, New Delhi Edition 3 Immacolata Friday
article- It's Pretty Obvious Why Nancy Pelosi is Suddenly So Important 11 graham4anything4HC45 Friday
And under the bus Bloomberg goes! 9 Pennsylvania Friday
The opioid epidemic is so bad that librarians are learning how to treat overdoses 5 Let it go Friday
High-Ranking Democrat Im Glad Scalise Was Shot; Wish He Was F*** Dead [AUDIO] 8 Let it go Friday
The "press" is getting their shit pushed in and Democrats are freaking out. They think the 1st Amend 9 Shkreli Friday
Whoa!!! Sen. Grassley outs Schumer and Schiff! Says they KNEW Trump wasn't under investigation 6 Let it go Friday
Trump backs Pelosi: Keep her right where she is 1 Da Mannn Friday
WTF is going on in Canada? Why are all the serious pedo weirdos concentrated there it seems?? 2 Shkreli Friday
First time I've seen Bernie included in investigation headline 1 Let it go Friday
Terror experts say: Watch out for the left. 13 Fred Sanford Friday
I wonder if the Benghazi Republicans were hacked by or colluded with Russia 12 swifty Friday
Poll: Americans believe Comey more than Trump over firing 8 News2Me Friday
Hang in There, You're Doing Great! 3 It Guy Friday
But he's a brilliant businessman! Yea, about that.... 4 Immacolata Friday
Motorcycle rides through liberal Nazi street takeover. 9 Pennsylvania Friday
Trump: Muellers friendship with Comey is very bothersome 13 Da Mannn Friday
Is it time to cut our friends on the left some slack? [View all] 53 bfox74 Friday
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