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Where are the hate Trump LIARS and propagandists who said the wall was not being built? 22 oldenuff35 Wednesday
Michael Flynn files to withdraw guilty plea in Mueller case 5 jh4freedom Jan 14
Has that Sanders campaign staffer been fired yet? 7 Charlie Mike Jan 14
I'm going to watch the "Oh soooo White" debate!!!! 20 PrescientWon. Jan 14
Prolapsed Pete needs to make a bold move tonight to climb higher. 13 Fred Sanford Jan 14
New bernie campaign slogan... 1 Nostrings Jan 14
Of the DEM 6+ Bloomy... 3 PrescientWon. Jan 14
Is it cynical to suggest claims of white privilege are just a ploy to avoid hard work? 5 Charlie Mike Jan 14
Where would Iranian regimists flee if/when overthrown? 11 Charlie Mike Jan 14
Let (economic) freedom ring! 5 jh4freedom Jan 14
Party time in Des Moines tonight 5 foia Jan 14
"51 percent of Americans support House vote to impeach Trump" 16 jh4freedom Jan 14
What's left of the democrat party POTUS field looks like Del Boca Vista Phase 3. 4 Fred Sanford Jan 14
Bernie's got 99 problems but a viable campaign isn't 1 of them. 1 Charlie Mike Jan 14
My local gas prices before WW3 started: $2.71 a gallon 5 Charlie Mike Jan 14
Vox: how to counter the electoral college - turn DC into 100 plus states 6 Nostrings Jan 14
Oh 0 Charlie Mike Jan 14
9 minutes of video from veritas. "cities burn". 3 Nostrings Jan 14
Tim is right 1 Charlie Mike Jan 14
Founding Member of Crowdstrike Securities Is Founder of Area 1 Security that is Pushing the Russia 6 Gunslinger201 Jan 14
Trump is alienating our traditional allies so much 0 Charlie Mike Jan 14
Best President, Worst President... Huh? 7 PrescientWon. Jan 14
"Name the fallen US service member who doesn't justify killing Soleimani." 1 Charlie Mike Jan 14
Somebody smack this brat and send her to bed without her supper. 5 Charlie Mike Jan 14
"Gulags Weren't That Bad": Sanders Staffer Says Trump Supporters Need To Be 'Re-Educated In Camps 3 Let it go Jan 14
Warren says Sanders disagreed about woman being able to win presidency 0 Zuckerberg Hater Jan 14
Most Americans think Chump was wagging the dog 12 jh4freedom Jan 14
Trump Trolls Booker after dropping out 5 Gunslinger201 Jan 14
The real reason I believe Pelosi delayed sending the articles to the Senate. 7 nolidad Jan 14
How much more proof do Republicans need that all Trump really cares about is himself. 21 rondan Jan 14
James O'Keefe's project Veritas. 6 outside Jan 14
Ex-US intel officer: Pompeo 'lying through his teeth' on Iran 18 radicalifornian Jan 14
Babylon Bee beat Project Veritas by months 0 foia Jan 14
Someone is about to drop Burismas payments to Hunter Biden, accuse the Russians of hacking it, 5 Let it go Jan 14
Context matters 1 Qukid Jan 14
Nancy Pelosi, recently a political genius , suddenly ertatic like Connor McGregor? 1 Dumper Jan 14
MY MY MY! 6 nolidad Jan 14
"We MUST hear from these witnesses so urgently that a challenge in court is an impeachable offense!" 2 Charlie Mike Jan 14
Oh my God, Becky! Can you believe what she's wearing? 6 Charlie Mike Jan 14
Re-education camp time! 11 JanetS Jan 14
I believe it 7 Spanish Ladies Jan 14
Captured on video: Actor Vince Vaughn shakes hand with literal Hitler!!1! 5 Charlie Mike Jan 14
Trump rally in Milwaukee on Tuesday 5 foia Jan 14
Dems silent on Iran protests as demonstrators blame regime, not Trump, for plane crash 2 rh24 Jan 14
So China is no longer considered a currency manipulator 4 Trumplethinskin Jan 14
When bin laden was trying to beat Mr Sandman on mike Tysons punch out 1 Spanish Ladies Jan 14
Bad Republicans...BAD! 8 jh4freedom Jan 14
Iran deal explained: it was meant to explode on someone elses watch. 3 Let it go Jan 14
$7.2 billion more for the wall! 6 Let it go Jan 14
President Trump is not ending wars; he's expanding them. He's not bringing troops home; he's... 12 Aquila Jan 14
Iranian protesters storm government office. 0 Charlie Mike Jan 14
Gov't watchdogs raising concerns Hunter Biden's political gifts to several Senate Dems--inclg Leahy, 5 Let it go Jan 14
Iranians renamed her Ayatollah Pelosi 1 Let it go Jan 14
Iranians know it was DEMOCRATS who funded Khameini and Soleimani 0 Let it go Jan 14
Tom Steyer: Americans Must Provide Cheap Housing to Illegal Immigrants 5 JanetS Jan 14
Zero hedge notices NYTs move to defang coming Hunter Biden revelations 4 Let it go Jan 14
Trump 2016 Campaign Adviser George Nader Pleads Guilty to Child Porn, Sex Trafficking 3 Aquila Jan 14
Liberal hero ball waxer tranny attacks journalist 5 Pennsylvania Jan 14
Bernie winning California! 6 Let it go Jan 14
Maddow falling for it AGAIN! Bwahahaha haha. 0 Let it go Jan 14
Nan not being any help to Bernie 2 imwithfred Jan 13
Remove Trump Poll 12 jh4freedom Jan 13
Kevin Mccarthy submitting resolution to support Iranian protesters 4 Let it go Jan 13
New film "1917" is too nationalistic in the age of Trump, or something. 11 Charlie Mike Jan 13
I love this new Bernie-Liz spat 1 TendiesForBreakfast Jan 13
Nunes wants documentary evidence ICIG is stupid vs active malfeasance. 16 Let it go Jan 13
It was all bullshit 26 orson Jan 13
Liz Warrens America: Bold announcement on how shell halt mining, drilling and new home building J 7 JanetS Jan 13
Hahahaha!!! Russia hacked and added fake records to Burisma server. 2 Let it go Jan 13
Kerry pretending the money he provided to Iran didnt fund terrorism 9 Let it go Jan 13
Why are the dems silent on the Iran protests? 5 bfox74 Jan 13
Christians mustn't forget Israel amid conflict with Iran 0 RCW2014 Jan 13
The state apparatus for the mullahs is coming apart. 2 Charlie Mike Jan 13
Gun control sugar daddy 3 Qukid Jan 13
Guess the party 4 Charlie Mike Jan 13
Indiana school seeks to silence critical parents 2 Charlie Mike Jan 13
Radio just said Booker has dropped out 12 Gunslinger201 Jan 13
AOC Hit List Targets Two Dozen Democrats 2 JanetS Jan 13
OMG! No woman nominated for best director! 8 TheShoe Jan 13
Iranians make #NancyPelosiFakeNews trend on Twitter 4 rh24 Jan 13
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