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Good thing lefty rejects family values. That makes this perfectly fine: 32 Charlie Mike Thursday
What would Kamala do 3 Badsamm Thursday
Silly Dems say the Const OBLIGES them to impeach Trump, when all it does is give them 8 Dumper Thursday
NATO Names China As New Enemy, Alongside Russia 5 Let it go Thursday
Pelosi Snaps: Dont Mess With Me! 22 JanetS Thursday
Poor old Fredo... Mocked and laughed at on the world stage... 14 Ohio Joe Thursday
Court: pot causes violent, murderous psychosis 10 Charlie Mike Thursday
The dems are planning on cheating in 2020. 9 Nostrings Thursday
When will Pelosi schedule the impeachment vote? (Poll) 0 Charlie Mike Thursday
What will Lefty do when Trump is re-elected and R's retake the House? 12 PrescientWon. Thursday
Turley wrecks the dems to their faces. 6 Nostrings Thursday
Apparently, Professor Bitter Cat Lady is convinced we are about to go toe to toe with the Russkies: 4 rh24 Thursday
Democrat voter attacked by Biden in Iowa calls him 'senile' and says he should drop out of 2020 race 11 rh24 Thursday
LOL! Adam Schiff had the wrong number on his creepy wiretap request. Not the OMB 0 rh24 Thursday
Impeachment Distraction-DOJ IG Report Has 104 Criminal or Admin Investigations of Misconduct by FBI 4 Gunslinger201 Thursday
Trump lost the GM plant in Lordstown,OH... Oh wait... 1 Currentsitguy Thursday
The President responds to the pelosi hissyfit. 3 Nostrings Thursday
Pro life group sues PP doc for defamation 0 Charlie Mike Thursday
'I was crushed': Clinton says Trump inauguration was 'one of the hardest days of my life' 6 JanetS Thursday
Joe Biden to Iowa voter : "You are in the state of Ohio." 2 rh24 Thursday
The DNC is under attack again. 6 outside Thursday
Trump is the most unpopular president since Truman 30 New Deal Democrat Thursday
What an absurd standard 4 def_con5 Thursday
John Kerry endorses Joe Biden for president 3 JanetS Thursday
Trump climbs to 52% approval rating 2 rh24 Thursday
Impeachment Poll 1 jh4freedom Thursday
Thats odd I thought I just heard Pelosi on the radio saying they were going to impeach. 6 Pennsylvania Thursday
Joe Biden Calls Iowa Man Damn Liar for Raising Ukraine Issue 8 RCW2014 Thursday
Hillary Clinton tells Howard Stern: "Russia backed Bernie!" 8 Da Mannn Thursday
Congratulations to Donald Trump on his 2020 Landslide Victory 9 Gunslinger201 Thursday
Legal scholars, my ass 1 def_con5 Thursday
Why did the Dems call in this crazy cat lady from Stanford as an expert witness? 2 rh24 Thursday
Second FBI agent will be cited for misconduct. 0 Let it go Thursday
Joe Biden spirals further downhill as he channels Seinfeld's Izzy Mandelbaum 2 rh24 Thursday
Just saw my first paid ad/ poll on yahoo asking if It should be a Biden/Harris ticket 0 Badsamm Thursday
How bad was yesterday for the Democrats? 12 rh24 Thursday
Damn, talk about double standards and being hypocrites 2 Crazy D Thursday
Loony Karlan says we need to arm Ukraine to fight the Russians there so we dont fight them here. 1 Let it go Thursday
More Battleground State Polls: Impeachment Fever Has Lifted, and Democrats Are Worried 1 rh24 Thursday
JFC lefty. Get a grip. 4 Charlie Mike Thursday
Democrats are walking right into it. 0 Let it go Thursday
Turley hit's lefty hot button. 2 outside Thursday
WAPO and its unbiased 'journalists'. 5 Nostrings Thursday
Nancy Pelosi may have her own Ukraine problem 0 Let it go Thursday
The Democrat Party is like JC Penney. 1 outside Thursday
Pentagon, Hexagon, Octagon and Kamalagon! Thanks Pylon. 0 Dumper Thursday
I recall LBJ on Goldwater when he said, in essence, 'I hate people who hate.' 0 Dumper Thursday
Anyone can see why the democrats had Pamela Karlan at the hearing. 9 D26-15 Thursday
Joe Biden says he will refuse to testify in Senate impeachment trial if called 5 Gunslinger201 Thursday
Welcome to the boom town. 19 TheShoe Thursday
DU wont talk about Joe Biden's hairy legs--the cartoon version 1 Hey Mikey Thursday
So When is the Floor Vote? 4 Gunslinger201 Thursday
By what constitutional authority does the House Speaker have to claim the US is obligated to 2 Charlie Mike Thursday
Waiting for all the "Leave Greta alone!" lefties to defend Barron 10 Charlie Mike Thursday
Anyone here remember our sad, old DUmp buddy, daemons? 8 rh24 Thursday
Stop calling Trump a Russian dupe. The truth is much worse. 8 RCW2014 Thursday
Irony! Dems argue Biden couldn't be investigated because he was contemplating 6 Dumper Thursday
Melania Trump goes after the insane Stanford Law Prof on Twitter: 8 rh24 Thursday
Where were the other two law professors for the Trump side? 6 bfox74 Thursday
Your thoughts: should people holding public office be allowed to run for another position while in (Poll) 2 Badsamm Thursday
Tough day for Democrats: The Karlan Catastrophe 23 rh24 Thursday
Rep Banks has asked Lindsey Graham to subpoena ATT for Schiff, Biden, Ciaramella atty call records 7 Let it go Thursday
tom steyer's ad 2 rampartb Thursday
Canadian govt has housing for Ugandans, not Canadian citizens 0 Frankenvoter Thursday
Obama can still be impeached. 2 Let it go Thursday
Wiretapping your political opponent is an impeachable offense 1 Let it go Thursday
Republican Party tells far right winger to get lost 10 jh4freedom Thursday
WSJ: Schiff abuse of surveillance authority 1 Let it go Thursday
A Very Bad Day 7 wonderwarthog Thursday
Ok Q has seen the latest WAPO story about how Durham really doesnt have much. 6 Pennsylvania Thursday
Shes a scholar of the "law of democracy" , folks. 3 Nostrings Thursday
Scalise wants to know all the people Schiff is spying on. 2 Let it go Thursday
Dems witness hates Trump so much she had to cross the street to avoid Trump Tower 3 Let it go Thursday
Trump is gonna hate this 6 orson Thursday
Impeaching Trump is unpopular in key election states--majority now oppose 4 rh24 Thursday
Doug Collins. 7 TheShoe Wednesday
Trump Calls Trudeau Two-Faced as Palace Gossip Goes Viral 1 RCW2014 Wednesday
Woman who attacked Barron caves and apologizes 16 Pennsylvania Wednesday
Andrew Yang on Impeachment: This Is Going to Be a Loser (Yep) 0 rh24 Wednesday
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