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Will Minnesota turn Blue or Red after the riots ? (Poll) 8 WhatEver101 Friday
Based on its success with hydroxychloroquine India disputes WHO warning. 3 Let it go Friday
How soon they forget! The MSM bashes Trump for calling violent rioters 'trash.' They 7 Dumper Friday
Dont go a lootn or the owner may be a shootn. 9 Hades Friday
The evolution of government... 2 Charlie Mike Friday
What Happened After This Democrat Went To A Trump Rally 3 Iron Condor Friday
Van Jones admits the most destructive person is America is the white liberal. 0 WeBeatHer Friday
All the authorities seem frozen: Howard Dean calls out ineffective Dem Mayor Jacob Frey over Min 3 Tin Ear2 Friday
Boy, that cult of Trump is really something, isn't it? 3 Charlie Mike Friday
The MSM is becoming a SNL skit 0 def_con5 Friday
Breaking: National Guard given orders 4 WeBeatHer Friday
A former Louisiana state senator's youtube video regarding Biden's comments 2 Cynical Friday
Heres the police running away 4 WeBeatHer Friday
Can anyone tell me the problem with this post? 10 Hades Friday
FUCK YEAH!!! Trump tweets: 'When the looting starts, the shooting starts" 7 PrescientWon. Friday
Assuming STRICTLY PEACEFUL protests 10 Charlie Mike Friday
Do you ever wonder why riots like this don't happen in some cities/States? 6 PrescientWon. Friday
Rioters take over Police Precinct Building in MN 12 PrescientWon. Friday
If Klobuchar was being considered for VP its ended now 0 Gunslinger201 Friday
It's time for ANG helos 4 PrescientWon. Friday
Why we have a 2nd Amendment 8 Charlie Mike Friday
Montgomery County Maryland about to go DEEP Red Trump 2020 0 Gunslinger201 Friday
I will laugh if the rioters end up proving lockdowns are unnecessary. 0 Let it go Friday
Great news, gang..noted colored leader Al Sharpton is headed for Minneapolis. 12 Fred Sanford Friday
Lancet HCQ study says 40% of African covid deaths had sophisticated heart machine data 0 Let it go Friday
Theyre cutting gas lines and the police are hiding 2 WeBeatHer Friday
Women being kidnapped as Trump tweets 1 WeBeatHer Friday
Keith Ellison deletes old antifa tweet 1 WeBeatHer Friday
I dont believe you Mr President 3 WeBeatHer Friday
7 people shot at Kentucky protest 0 WeBeatHer Friday
This message was self-deleted by its author 0 WeBeatHer Friday
This message was self-deleted by its author 0 WeBeatHer Friday
HILARIOUS! 0 WeBeatHer Friday
People opening fire in the streets of Kentucky 0 WeBeatHer Friday
This message was self-deleted by its author 7 WeBeatHer Friday
Bar owner says Floyd and Chauvin worked for her, same shift. 0 Let it go Friday
Righty Rep Gosar (AZ) Asks Why COVID Contacts can be traced but not Epstein's Pedo Ring 4 Aquila Thursday
Rioters lasing aircraft with high power blue lasers... 0 PrescientWon. Thursday
Wow has Judge Sullivan lawyered up? [View all] 187 Let it go Thursday
Just in from ABC News: 1 rh24 Thursday
Looting in St. Paul, Target of course (and other businesses) 10 Tin Ear2 Thursday
HCQ for the Veterans Administration Hospitals? Just say no 2 jh4freedom Thursday
why is it? 1 Solesurvivor Thursday
White House to skip economic forecast this summer showing depth of the downturn 5 Letmypeoplevote Thursday
Did George Floyd know his killer? 0 Charlie Mike Thursday
Saint Paul MN livestream. 0 Nostrings Thursday
Minn gov activates Guard to stop leftwing terrorism 13 Tin Ear2 Thursday
Bill Clinton spent time on Jeffrey Epsteins orgy island, Netflix doc says 5 Banshee 3 Actual Thursday
poll (sorry, jh4, for intruding on your terrain): Republicans four times more realistic 6 imwithfred Thursday
First quarter GDP shrank at minus five percent 15 jh4freedom Thursday
Next week, on June 6 we will recognize the 76th Anniversary of Pearl Harbor 6 PrescientWon. Thursday
Its not hard to comply with Trump EO. Just do less work. 1 Let it go Thursday
TRUMP just flexed on Jack Dorsey. 6 PrescientWon. Thursday
Lancet HCQ study used by WHO claims to have detailed data on EVERY COVID patient in US hospitals 2 Let it go Thursday
Seattle Judge Tosses Suit That Tried to Gag Fox News Commentary 5 Muddling Through Thursday
MSNBC needs help understanding the difference between the Minn and Mich protests 4 Tin Ear2 Thursday
Remind me, how many Target and Autozones were looted when a Minneapolis cop shot a woman? 27 Crazy D Thursday
GOP lawmaker calls on Trump to stop promoting Scarborough conspiracy theory: 'It will destroy us' [View all] 77 Trevor Thursday
Hillary "still not president" Clinton calls armed Michigan lockdown protests 'domestic terrorism' 6 Tin Ear2 Thursday
Yay Kayleigh, the poster girl for vote by mail 18 jh4freedom Thursday
More Than 40 Million Have Now Filed Jobless Claims 13 Letmypeoplevote Thursday
GOP Operatives Worry Trump Will Lose Both the Presidency and Senate Majority 5 RCW2014 Thursday
I wonder what the President knows about this? (Joe Scarborough) 0 Gunslinger201 Thursday
Russia is interfering in our elections again. And Trump supporters are emulating Russian tactics 47 Letmypeoplevote Thursday
Trump cant even convince his own party that mail voting is fraudulent 18 Letmypeoplevote Thursday
Trump lying again (voter fraud) 6 def_con5 Thursday
I think it's fair to say this relationship has hit rock bottom. 9 Charlie Mike Thursday
Well I know who wont be Vice President 0 WeBeatHer Thursday
Obama administration gave Iran secret access to U.S. financial system, GOP says 5 JanetS Thursday
Andrea Mitchell Fears Skyrocketing Approval for Trump Amid Pandemic. 12 outside Thursday
Did joe Biden have a black panty on his face today? 37 TheyLostTheirForums Thursday
More Fake News! 9 Iron Condor Thursday
Biden jumps out to an 11 point lead 18 jh4freedom Thursday
Pew chart does not say what they think it says 5 Let it go Thursday
As I'm watching the LA protests turn into riots... 17 PrescientWon. Thursday
Is Joe Biden any healthier than Crooked MeeMaw? 16 Fred Sanford Thursday
Dr. Fauci on HCQ: Just say no. 12 jh4freedom Thursday
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