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Why nobody remembers Julio Gonzílez 13 357blackhawk Aug 6
Lets Call The Liberals Second Amendment Militia Bluff 11 357blackhawk Jul 29
Did I miss something in the news? 10 700WinMag Aug 4
What's your DU Name? (Poll) 12 akaConcernedCanuk Jul 25
Why are you here? 40 akaConcernedCanuk Saturday
Rep. Rashida Tlaib says she won't visit Israel after being allowed to enter on humanitarian grounds 8 AmandaCMatthews Aug 16
Jeffrey Epstein hit with lawsuit a day before he was found injured on cell floor 3 AmandaCMatthews Jul 30
Just got this email; Aloha Amanda 5 AmandaCMatthews Aug 3
ICYMI: Watchdog Group Alleges Cummings' Wife, Chairman of Maryland Dem Party, Used His Committee Ass 2 AmandaCMatthews Jul 30
LA residents fed up with officials, demand change after homeless crisis spirals in city 6 AmandaCMatthews Monday
REPORT: Baltimore rat infestation is so bad they made a documentary about it 3 AmandaCMatthews Jul 30
Learned something new about Nellie Ohr and her 1 AmandaCMatthews Aug 16
Secret McCabe Texts With MI-5 Counterpart Emerge, Spotlighting UKs Early Role In Russiagate [View all] 52 AmandaCMatthews Aug 4
We can lay the current unrest and and conflicts with 5 AmandaCMatthews Aug 16
What happened when she supported Libya? Chinese media roasts Hillary Clinton over Hong Kong 1 AmandaCMatthews Aug 16
(Another lawsuit!) Chris Wray's FBI continues to cover for Team Comey's Russia shenanigans 2 AmandaCMatthews Jul 31
Presidential Candidate Tulsi Gabbard Co-Sponsors "Audit The Fed" Bill 14 Aquila Jul 29
Leaked Audio Shows Oil Lobbyist Bragging About Success in Criminalizing Pipeline Protests 12 Aquila Tuesday
Chris Matthews Despicable Scaremongering 1 Aquila Thursday
Farmers Hit Back as USDA Chief Sonny Perdue Mocks Those Harmed by Trump Trade War as 'Whiners' 4 Aquila Aug 16
Tulsi Gabbard: It's up to Walmart to stop selling guns. 5 Aquila Aug 11
Obama buying $15 million Martha's Vineyard mansion on 29 acres 4 Aquila 5 hrs ago
MSNBC Host Joe Scarborough Blames RUSSIA For Jeffery Epstein Death 4 Aquila Aug 12
El Paso Witness Confused? 1 Aquila Aug 4
Donald Trump on Debt: 2013 vs. 2019 1 Aquila Aug 8
Trump's doctored presidential seal leads to conservative US group Turning Point USA firing 0 Aquila Jul 26
Dick Cheney set to headline Trump 2020 fundraiser in Wyoming on Monday (tRump drains the swamp) 8 Aquila Monday
Tulsi Gabbard sues Google over post-debate ad suspension 5 Aquila Jul 26
The Jimmy Dore Show Live Monday 7/29 2 Aquila Jul 29
Will The Pussy Grabber Turn Into a Gun Grabber? Mass Shootings: Full Speech on August 5, 2019 4 Aquila Aug 6
Michael Moore on mass shootings 3 Aquila Aug 4
How did Trump end up in front of a presidential seal doctored to include a Russian symbol? 5 Aquila Jul 25
NYTimes Editor Gaslights Newsroom On Trumps Racism 2 Aquila 15 hrs ago
Tulsi Destroys Kamala & Kamala Blames Russia! -Jimmy Dore Live 0 Aquila Aug 5
Seth Rich's Ghost Won't Go Away Judge wants to see proof of Russian hacking DNC [View all] 106 Badsamm 1 min ago
Liberal House of Reps raises defense spending, Trump builds his wall with it 1 Badsamm Jul 26
A reminder for liberals 3 Badsamm Thursday
Should Julian Assange get rid of his bed sheets before its too late (Poll) 4 Badsamm Aug 11
Will the Chinese citizen in Hong Kong wish they had guns? (Poll) 1 Badsamm Aug 5
If our government cant protect you in suicide watch 4 Badsamm Aug 11
John Wayne Gacey was a hardcore Democrat 0 Banshee 3 Actual Monday
Mueller did his job people 31 Banshee 3 Actual Jul 26
Palestinian Authority BANS LGBTQ activities in West Bank 5 Banshee 3 Actual Monday
Black Professor Says Its Welfare, Not Slavery, That Decimated US Black Families 3 Banshee 3 Actual Jul 29
Who said it? You would think that you were in a Third World country..... 2 Banshee 3 Actual Jul 30
Joe Biden- Racist C Sucker or no? (Poll) 8 Banshee 3 Actual Aug 13
Man bashed in the face in NYC for wearing Trump MAGA hat: cops 13 Banshee 3 Actual Aug 2
Du tard thinks this was the biggest mass murder of Hispanics in the USA 6 Banshee 3 Actual Aug 6
I'm amazed no White people evil on Hiroshima anniversary threads today 32 Banshee 3 Actual Aug 8
Another 7 brothers return home to families 5 Banshee 3 Actual Aug 14
Did Obama Admin Build Cages That House Immigrant Children? Snopes says Yes 0 Banshee 3 Actual Aug 5
If Sanders gets into the Republican Primary will Hillary release her first Fist & Schiesse porn film (Poll) 5 Banshee 3 Actual Wednesday
Statistically, you are more likely to be killed by a Clinton than by an AR15 4 Banshee 3 Actual Aug 11
4chan user posted about Jeffrey Epstein's death before it was public 8 bernt-toast Aug 14
pic of painting of Big Dawg Clinton, aka Slick Willy, found at Epstein's home 9 bernt-toast Wednesday
Mueller's "reverse gotcha" moment, courtesy of lefty's Slate 3 bernt-toast Jul 26
Accuser sues Jeffrey Epstein and details alleged co-conspirators' tactics to lure her: "The trap was 7 bernt-toast Aug 14
Move along, nothing to see here... 7 bernt-toast Aug 13
Today in "Retarded Lefty fanning the flames of hate": 4 bfox74 Aug 10
Trump is the worst racist ever. Hes failing horribly! 2 bfox74 Wednesday
MSNBC lying again about Trump. This time he wants to exterminate Latinos. 4 bfox74 Aug 7
The 99% Get a Bigger Raise 4 bfox74 Aug 2
And Piggly Wiggly goes on ignore. 5 bfox74 Aug 8
People in Oregon are beginning to realize how the libs have fucked everything up. 15 bfox74 Thursday
Today in Liberal fascism: Kristallnacht 2019 5 bfox74 Aug 7
The old grey lady admits she is nothing more than a political activist. 2 bfox74 Tuesday
Trumps's allegedly "racist" comments draw Black voters to him. 15 bfox74 Aug 6
Trump administration boosts ability to deny green cards to immigrants using welfare programs 4 bfox74 Aug 13
Lefty more like Hitler every day 4 bfox74 Aug 6
President Trump fighting for the American people 1 bfox74 Aug 1
Hilliary: "...a vote for Trump is a vote to tear parents away from their children." 3 bfox74 Aug 9
The New Retarded Democrat lie: Republicans want to take away your health care. [View all] 61 bfox74 Aug 3
This message was self-deleted by its author 2 bfox74 Jul 25
From the campaign trail: more new retarded Democrat lies 5 bfox74 Aug 2
We have nothing to fear about recession right now except the fear of recession - BofA CEO 15 bfox74 Wednesday
Elizabeth Warren to campaign in St. Paul next week 2 Bob the Bilderberger Aug 12
I've been saying this for years, ICE raids should target EMPLOYERS of illegals 15 Boston Aug 16
Repubs clearly showed Muellers omission of information in Trumps favor, biased lefty "Dream Team" 2 Boston Jul 25
Weissmann's documented history of prosecutorial abuse... 0 Boston Jul 28
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