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Words I never expected to see...ever. 7 AmandaCMatthews Nov 15
Lijian Zhao: Out of respect for President Trump, US & its people... 10 Aquila Dec 1
The Moment The Impeachment Hearing Unraveled 2 Aquila Nov 19
Joe Biden on Hairy Legs, Roaches, and Kids 4 Aquila Dec 2
Tulsi Gabbard LIVE NOW on Jimmy Dore 11/11/19 1 Aquila Nov 11
Impeachment Bombshells Explode In Democrats Face 13 Aquila Dec 1
Watch the 8 minutes that has America searching Tulsi Gabbard - AGAIN 22 Aquila Nov 21
Fat Clown Has-Been Michael Moore Joins MSNBCs McCarthy Smears Of Tulsi 3 Aquila Nov 25
Joe Rogan Experience #1391- Tulsi Gabbard 3 Aquila Nov 27
DNA test shows Hunter Biden is father of Arkansas woman's baby 22 Aquila Nov 24
Wackjob Rick Perry says Trump (and Obama) were 'ordained by God' to be president 10 Aquila Nov 25
2012: The Donald tweets when Bin Laden was supposedly murdered "Stop congratulating Obama" 6 Aquila Oct 28
Corporate News Repeats CIA Propaganda On Bolivian Coup 1 Aquila Nov 21
Tulsi Gabbard: Release 9/11 docs related to Saudis (Full Press Conference) 3 Aquila Oct 30
A Roomful of Lefty Progressives Cheer Reagan Budget Director David Stockman 4 Aquila Oct 29
Joe Biden tells Iowa voter: "You're a damn liar" 3 Aquila Friday
Conservative Denver Radio Host Fired Midshow After Criticizing Trump 11 Aquila Nov 17
Trump Administration Considers 14,000 More Troops for Mideast 5 Aquila Wednesday
BBC: Arlington cemetery dead remind Trump Jr of his father's 'sacrifices' 11 Aquila Nov 10
Clinton Impeachment Video Reveals Dems Hypocrisy 1 Aquila Saturday
Donald Trump, Prince Andrew & Ghislaine Maxwell in new un-seen pictures after President claims... 2 Aquila Sunday
Tulsi: What happened in Bolivia is a coup. Period. 2 Aquila Nov 22
Tulsi Gabbard Fights Back Against Clintons Remarks on The View 11-6-19 5 Aquila Nov 7
"Amnesty Don" 0 Aquila Nov 22
Senior Trump official embellished resume, had face on fake Time cover 21 Aquila Nov 14
Afghanistan: US officials constantly said they were making progress. They were not, and they knew it 4 Aquila 13 hrs ago
Good sense from Newt Gingrich on China 1 Aquila Dec 1
Tulsi to Wicked Witch Hillary: "Your Statement is Defamatory" 10 Aquila Nov 12
Obama Shames Voters For Criticizing Corrupt Politicians 1 Aquila Nov 7
Mrs. Gabbard- I don't feel so good... 11 Aquila Wednesday
Think Congress cant get much done? R's & D's working together right now to reauthorize Patriot Act 6 Aquila Nov 14
What would Kamala do 3 Badsamm Thursday
Will Hillary respond to Tulsis throw down? (Poll) 8 Badsamm Nov 15
Your thoughts: should people holding public office be allowed to run for another position while in (Poll) 2 Badsamm Thursday
For the last 2 1/2 years liberals have claimed its the white mans fault. 3 Badsamm Nov 6
The whole thing is scripted 3 Badsamm Wednesday
Did Trump tap Sweden on the shoulder and tell them to drop Assange rape charge? 1 Badsamm Nov 21
Im watching Judge Napalitano of FOX and his answer left me scratching my head 8 Badsamm Nov 18
What does Clapper, Brennan and Comey have in common? 2 Badsamm Oct 31
Why cant Western Capitalists be friendly with Socialist countries 3 Badsamm Nov 26
Why didnt Obama drone HSBC when they were caught laundering cartel money? 2 Badsamm Nov 5
Why didnt Hunter or Pelosis kid get a job in a Ukrainian solar company 0 Badsamm Nov 17
Are you preparing for a sharp down turn in quality of life (Poll) 8 Badsamm Nov 14
How loyal will the Clintons Bidens and Obama remain to each other? 7 Badsamm Nov 23
In Shock To $3.5 Trillion Healthcare Industry, Trump Admin Will Force Hospitals To Disclose "Secret" 3 Badsamm Nov 15
What if I told you, when the Mayor of SF goes out to dinner 4 Badsamm Nov 20
MAGA!!! 30 Badsamm Nov 1
Watch lady Trump supporter tell Beta he is bullshit and liberals failed the urban cities under their 29 Badsamm Nov 1
John Roberts on FOX really wants us to believe Russia 1 Badsamm Nov 21
Just saw my first paid ad/ poll on yahoo asking if It should be a Biden/Harris ticket 0 Badsamm Thursday
Dr Hill doesnt know what a anti trumper is 10 Badsamm Nov 22
One of our good friends get a beating on the DUmp. 26 BAMN Nov 20
Joe Biden denied communion at mass because of abortion stance 13 Banshee 3 Actual Oct 29
Which was a worse evil? Posing with a Dead Enemy, or giving away Classified into to Wikileaks (Poll) 21 Banshee 3 Actual Nov 27
Just as Dems spit on Vietnam vets, Florida Dem spits on elderly man for MAGA Hat 24 Banshee 3 Actual Nov 8
What if Trump is impeached, the Republican Senate finds no true bill & acquits... 5 Banshee 3 Actual Nov 1
Seriously lefty? ''Piling on Baghdadi humiliation''? ISIS NEVER gave a fuck about Americans beheaded 7 Banshee 3 Actual Oct 28
NYPD data Most hate crimes perps in NYC are Black 3 Banshee 3 Actual Nov 26
Little Evo wants to be presidente for life 0 Banshee 3 Actual Nov 13
Suspected Antifa Members Show Up At Reporters Family Home, Dox Elderly Mothers Business 14 Banshee 3 Actual Nov 3
Which troll, trolls more? the footwear or the speedy (Poll) 6 Banshee 3 Actual Nov 16
Trumps supposed abuses pale in comparison to past presidents 11 Banshee 3 Actual Monday
Nadler fucks the pooch, didnt swear in Barry Berke or Stephen Castor 1 Banshee 3 Actual 13 hrs ago
Will Beto go back to being a Burglar? 9 Banshee 3 Actual Nov 2
Theodore Roosevelt had the wisdom many here ignore 2 Banshee 3 Actual Nov 21
Disbarred Democrat who raped 17 Year Old Teen staffer wins election in Va. 34 Banshee 3 Actual Nov 7
Heres a witness Schiff doesnt dare call in impeachment hearings 38 Banshee 3 Actual Nov 19
FISA IG Report in full, FBI Crossfire Hurricane 0 Banshee 3 Actual 5 hrs ago
If I was a Republican on the Judiciary Committee I would just walk out. ... 5 batcat Monday
Brooklyn Man Arrested for Attempting to Provide Material Support to ISIS 0 bernt-toast Nov 27
lefty twitter poll, by 80-20, says Trump did NOT 1 bernt-toast Nov 6
Judge delays sentencing for ex-Trump aide Michael Flynn 1 bernt-toast Nov 27
Trump honors American Hero (really, heroine, lol) 9 bernt-toast Oct 30
This message was self-deleted by its author 0 bernt-toast Oct 30
Poor Hunter is broke, in debt... 7 bernt-toast Dec 1
Giuliani says he's bringing out a "pay to play" Obama admin scheme that will be devastating 3 bernt-toast Nov 25
the real star of the Trump impeachment hearing 10 bernt-toast Nov 23
Overwhelming Pro-democracy wins in Hong Kong elections 6 bernt-toast Nov 25
Hmmm....Burisma has been quite the hog trough, hasn't it? 2 bernt-toast Nov 27
Dancing while California burns... 12 bernt-toast Nov 6
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