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Wow has Judge Sullivan lawyered up? [View all] 187 Let it go Thursday
Never Seen Anything Like This: Experts Question Dropping of Flynn Prosecution [View all] 133 Trevor May 11
There was a 911 call and police pursuit of Arbery prior to shooting [View all] 133 Let it go May 14
Biden Supporters up Attacks on Liar Tara Reade, Demand FBI Investigate! [View all] 130 Dumper May 8
Former VP Biden Call with Ukraines Poroshenko LEAKED: $1 Billion Quid Pro Quo Discussed [View all] 109 AmandaCMatthews May 25
Mourning in America [View all] 103 LavenderGirl Saturday
the Ahmaud Arbery Shooting. [View all] 101 PrescientWon. May 7
Michael Flynn is guilty as sin. Dismissing the charges against him is nothing short of sickening [View all] 96 New Deal Democrat May 10
I have a number of problems with the actions of the McMichaels. [View all] 86 Model10RB May 13
Hey Adam Schiff, Where is all that Evidence of Russian Collusion in Plain Sight? [View all] 86 Gunslinger201 May 9
OBAMAGATE! [View all] 83 Gunslinger201 May 25
Section 230 original purpose was to protect platforms from liability when deleting porn etc [View all] 79 Let it go Saturday
GOP lawmaker calls on Trump to stop promoting Scarborough conspiracy theory: 'It will destroy us' [View all] 77 Trevor Thursday
More on Tara [View all] 74 Trevor May 4
100,000 Americans have died: Trump golfs. [View all] 71 Letmypeoplevote Saturday
Diamond and Silk fired by Fox News [View all] 66 Trumplethinskin May 1
Hey, hey, Donald J, how many Americans have you killed today? [View all] 65 Trumplethinskin Saturday
Why are these riots only happening in Blue Democratic controlled areas? [View all] 63 LexTalionis Sunday
Leadership in Action! Payroll tax cuts in phase 4 [View all] 62 DDKick May 6
Without (in)directly referencing Trump why vote for Biden? [View all] 62 Charlie Mike May 12
Tara Reade blasts Hillary Clinton after Biden endorsement [View all] 60 Nostrings Apr 29
Transcript of Flynn call with Kisylak released [View all] 59 Charlie Mike Sunday
Trumps 2020 Reelection Campaign Is About One Thing: Staying Out Of Jail [View all] 57 Letmypeoplevote May 25
The argument, "they hunted him bc he's black" took a serious hit [View all] 57 Charlie Mike May 17
Re-reading parts of Atlas Shrugged. [View all] 56 GoldwatersSoul Tuesday
Trump is taking hydroxychloroquine! Wow. [View all] 55 Let it go May 19
While all women should be heard, Tara Reade's allegations are not credible. [View all] 53 Trevor May 1
Some people just don't know when to STFU [View all] 53 Charlie Mike Tuesday
Should we vote by mail in November? [View all] 51 jh4freedom May 23
Fact Check: Hillary still not the President. [View all] 51 Fred Sanford May 22
Former Watergate prosecutors urge judge to buck Justice Department and not dismiss [View all] 51 Trevor May 16
Joe Biden: George Floyds life mattered. It mattered as much as mine [View all] 50 LavenderGirl Saturday
Republicans devote $20m and 50,000 people into efforts to restrict voting [View all] 50 Letmypeoplevote 6 hrs ago
Russia is interfering in our elections again. And Trump supporters are emulating Russian tactics [View all] 50 Letmypeoplevote 1 hr ago
It took COVID-19 83 days to cause as many American deaths 49 jh4freedom Apr 29
WIL: Police are essential, professional; communities are filled with worthless lowlives 48 Let it go Yesterday
Question for the left. No really, its an honest question. 48 700WinMag May 1
Melinda McGillivray 48 Trumplethinskin Apr 27
Oh my, the 'Ringer' JUDGE Judge Sullivan hired in the Flynn Case wrote: 47 Dumper May 16
True or false. No one knows what is best for black people than a white liberal? 47 LexTalionis May 24
Outsider Is Set To Battle Barr In Flynn Case 47 uncledad May 22
Durham going full throttle. Theyre looking at everything. 45 Let it go May 11
Updated Arbery Case Facts... Surprises! 44 PrescientWon. May 8
"'Believe All Women' is a Right-Wing Trap" is a left-wing lie. 44 Ax Crazy May 20
If you want testing and mail-in voting you have no choice but to vote out all Republicans 43 swifty Wednesday
Trump Killed Obamas Police Reforms. Now Hes Getting What He Asked For. 43 Trevor 6 hrs ago
Trump to lose 2020 election in a landslide defeat, model predicts 42 Letmypeoplevote Sunday
This message was self-deleted by its author 41 WeBeatHer Saturday
This Con. has a different take on the exposed RICE memo. Rice is not one of my fav. 41 Dumper May 23
"get him to lie" 40 Charlie Mike May 18
question to those active on DU esp. moderators. 40 357blackhawk May 7
Republicanism (as opposed to Conservatism) is wrecking the future for our kids. 40 swifty Apr 28
Sacrifice 39 LavenderGirl May 18
Anyone on this discussion board..... 39 HermantownHawk May 21
Credit where credit is due... The President is making a good move on this... 38 Ohio Joe Apr 28
Dems: #metoo is an overcorrecrion 38 Let it go Apr 30
"The Times didn't reach a conclusion and the Biden campaign never said the Times did." (Poll) 37 Nostrings Apr 30
Democrats, what's going on with your party? 37 shogun Apr 25
Did joe Biden have a black panty on his face today? 37 TheyLostTheirForums Thursday
Donations are still flooding in for the George Floyd Memorial Fund 37 jh4freedom Sunday
Should Nancy Pelosi be making an issue of morbid obesity 36 Charlie Mike May 20
Organizer of North Carolina group protesting quarantine rules sidelined with coronavirus 36 Banshee 3 Actual Apr 29
Not the kind of prediction that a candidate wants to run on. 36 jh4freedom May 14
I'm glad Ted Nugent is brave today, too bad he was a coward when it was time to serve His nation 35 Banshee 3 Actual May 19
Why are Republicans calling for hearings or an independent 35 DDKick May 12
Asphyxiation not the cause of George Floyd's death: Autopsy 35 rh24 Saturday
Presidents intelligence briefing book repeatedly cited virus threat 35 Trevor Apr 29
Disinfectants and the human body. 35 PrescientWon. Apr 27
Voters choice: Narcissist who delivered on promises or gaffe-prone Biden in a basement 35 AmandaCMatthews May 13
Believe All Women Is a Right-Wing Trap 34 Trevor May 19
Lawfare Blogs Benjamin Wittes says what was done to Flynn is NORMAL. 34 Let it go Apr 30
Biden Leaked Ukraine Calls Were Released by Russia: Ex-President 34 Letmypeoplevote May 24
Pelosi Says Texas Is Ground Zero for Election 34 Letmypeoplevote Saturday
President Trump says it was the Biggest Political Crime in the History of our Country 33 Gunslinger201 May 19
We broke 50,000 33 Trumplethinskin Apr 25
Does the USA have a significant problem with racism? (Poll) 33 PrescientWon. 9 hrs ago
Waycross AG Barnhill: "Jogger" Arbery had mental health issues. 33 Fred Sanford May 9
Trump in bunker? 33 joefriday6 8 hrs ago
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