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Are whites who vote Democrat race traitors? (Poll) [View all] 249 foia Sunday
Trump Shares Unfounded Fringe Theory About Epstein and Clintons [View all] 173 Trevor Aug 13
AOC is a fucking communist, plain and simple. [View all] 123 Carlos W Bush Jul 30
Seth Rich's Ghost Won't Go Away Judge wants to see proof of Russian hacking DNC [View all] 107 Badsamm 17 min ago
Trumps pretty bad at being a racist [View all] 101 Solesurvivor Jul 30
Nadler the fat slob collapses. DROP DEAD SCUMBAG! [View all] 92 Pennsylvania 19 hrs ago
Lefty protests outside McConnell home: "Just stab the MF'er through the heart!" [View all] 82 Fred Sanford Aug 8
The worst part of this shooting is [View all] 75 TheShoe Aug 4
Proud Boys chicken out [View all] 67 jh4freedom Sunday
The Germans made the prisoners work in their camps. [View all] 66 Salaam Jul 29
Americans chose Donald Trump over Fat Crooked MeeMaw. [View all] 65 Fred Sanford Thursday
New Hampshire wasnt that interested [View all] 64 jh4freedom Saturday
Trump gave the Dems an opening to divert money to urban renewal. [View all] 64 swifty Jul 30
Would you rather live in Section 8 Housing OR a 1989 double wide on an acre in Kentucky? (Poll) [View all] 62 PrescientWon. Jul 27
The New Retarded Democrat lie: Republicans want to take away your health care. [View all] 61 bfox74 Aug 3
What do these Shitholes have in Common? [View all] 59 Gunslinger201 Jul 28
"Not a slippery slope to pedophilia", they said. [View all] 58 TendiesForBreakfast Aug 16
rev sharpton scores ... [View all] 57 rampartb Jul 30
GREAT NEWS! ICE protestors run over and gassed [View all] 56 Pennsylvania Sunday
That "send her back" chant is going to make a great ad against every Republican. [View all] 55 swifty Jul 29
Alyssa Milano brags she had TWO abortions IN THE SAME YEAR. [View all] 55 Let it go 21 hrs ago
This message was self-deleted by its author [View all] 54 TheShoe Aug 8
Secret McCabe Texts With MI-5 Counterpart Emerge, Spotlighting UKs Early Role In Russiagate [View all] 52 AmandaCMatthews Aug 4
Shoe's Deleted Thread.... [View all] 52 Steelydamned Aug 9
Yeah, about those Red Flag Laws....... [View all] 51 Steelydamned Wednesday
Hey Mumbles! How yuu doin? [View all] 51 Cold Warrior Aug 13
Trump you goddamn motherfucking embarrassment [View all] 51 Pennsylvania Jul 25
This is the gun control legislation Mitch McConnell won't allow senators to vote on [View all] 50 Salaam Aug 6
Trump Is Racist, Half Of U.S. Voters Say, [View all] 50 Salaam Aug 7
Poll: Is Trump a racist? [View all] 50 jh4freedom Aug 6
Cali migration to Texas. 48 TheShoe Aug 7
White supremacy, like all other forms of terrorism, is an evil that must be destroyed. 48 jh4freedom Aug 5
I think Trump's Baltimore statement was a little over the top. 45 joefriday6 Jul 31
Will Trump break the all-time deficit spending record? 44 jh4freedom Aug 13
What do these shitholes have in common? 44 Carlos W Bush Jul 28
Its Time to Declare War on White-Nationalist Terrorism 44 jh4freedom Aug 6
Trumps Racism Infests the Republican Party 43 RCW2014 Jul 30
Proud Boys and Antifa in Portland today... 43 myohmy Monday
I have never seen Lefty so giddy and happy over mass shootings. (Poll) 43 Da Mannn Aug 4
Biden has a big lead in the polls ... so does anyone here support him? 42 Boston Wednesday
Adolf Hitler was a hardcore Socialist 41 Iron Condor Thursday
Should Trump award himself the Medal of Honor? 41 orson Thursday
Uncle Sal sez: There is one reason Mueller didn't indict Trump. 40 Salaam Jul 26
if one thug could shoot 6 cops, 6 trained armed cops, 40 Salaam Aug 16
Man the globe is warming 40 jh4freedom Jul 29
Sorry, Kittyidiot, as of two minutes ago, you will no longer show up on my screen. 40 D26-15 Jul 27
Why are you here? 40 akaConcernedCanuk Saturday
GOP Socialism Bailouts for Farmers, Hunger for The Working Poor 39 RCW2014 Jul 31
Reasons to be against Trump (beyond the obvious) 39 swifty Tuesday
Tier One's Save a Liberal Shithole Initiative. 39 Fred Sanford Aug 14
Lefty says if we elect THEM... they will unite the country. 39 PrescientWon. Aug 2
Trump wants to reopen mental institutions. 39 Let it go Aug 16
Dayton too 39 TheShoe Aug 5
Trump IQ test reveals...dumbest president ever 38 orson Sunday
Shithole cleanup starts with the individual liberal. 38 Fred Sanford 19 hrs ago
Lefty garglers taking it on the chin in Portland! 38 Fred Sanford Tuesday
The anti-fa dudes do not mess around! These guys are tough! 37 rh24 Monday
If you have one, it's a good idea to keep your gun 37 imwithfred Sunday
Violent Trumpist assaults senior citizen 37 orson Aug 3
I can cut down homicides by 80% and mass shootings by 50%+ 37 PrescientWon. Aug 15
AOC's tits. 37 Carlos W Bush Monday
MSNBC Panelist On Most White People: Destroy Them 36 JanetS Aug 14
The world will be a better place if all Republicans are voted out of every office. 35 swifty Aug 4
This message was self-deleted by its author 35 Frankenvoter Aug 7
Are non-racists generally superior to racists? 35 swifty Jul 29
"Scaramucci says he does not support Trump's reelection" 35 Independent.mind Aug 13
jh4freedom, Sullivan, orson continue a proud tradition. Meet the original Antifa crowd: 35 rh24 Monday
Is a lying racist better or worse than an open racist? 35 Salaam Aug 8
Was Ivanka rightly ravaged for not buying her kid a dog 'of color?' 35 Dumper Jul 26
Trump is a NATIONALIST (not a white nationalist.) 35 PrescientWon. Aug 5
My sources say... Barrio Azteca gang responsible for El Paso shooting. 34 PrescientWon. Aug 4
Walmart shooters manifesto. Anti immigrant. Anti race mixing. Right wing Trump supporter. 34 Pennsylvania Aug 4
The President shows empathy, intelligence and class in new statement 34 LavenderGirl Aug 7
Is "Pedo Island" just a nickname for Mar-a-Lago? 34 swifty Aug 12
Is Donald Trump the Antichrist? 33 orson Aug 2
Why is El Paso getting more media coverage than Dayton? 33 MoshMasterD Aug 5
Folks, I am in no way anti Biden 33 TheShoe Aug 3
Rush is pridicting new gun control law WILL pass. If 33 WhiskeyMakesMeHappy Aug 12
No tragedy will ever trump Fred's Constitutional rights. 33 Fred Sanford Aug 4
Pelosi is the only person 33 orson Jul 28
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