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Are whites who vote Democrat race traitors? (Poll) [View all] 260 foia Sep 11
Which law was broken? [View all] 119 Trevor Oct 6
Obama vs Trump: Executive Orders [View all] 117 jh4freedom Sep 4
ANTIFA is ready for CW2 [View all] 108 Charlie Mike Oct 3
And the dirt is leaking out. FISA COURT DENIED FIRST CARTER PAGE APPLICATION. [View all] 95 PrescientWon. Sep 18
Did that hurricane Dorian hit Alabama yet? [View all] 90 Salaam Sep 7
Most damning thing in the transcript [View all] 90 Trevor Sep 28
If Trump is the Corrupt One [View all] 89 Gunslinger201 Oct 4
Where are the details on the "phenomenal" Trump health care plan???? [View all] 85 Independent.mind Friday
"lol what a pussy ass bitch" [View all] 80 Ohio Joe Sep 12
On impeachment, the worm has turned [View all] 76 LavenderGirl Oct 1
But lets make this about Trump [View all] 72 Solesurvivor Sep 23
Judge Andrew Napolitano: Trumps call with Ukraine president manifests criminal and [View all] 71 Micrometer Oct 3
"Folks - this is an attempted coup." [View all] 71 Nostrings Sep 30
What is your most "politically" extreme view? [View all] 67 Mr.Solis Monday
Rudy is lawyering up. Why would a lawyer need a lawyer........? [View all] 66 Hamer555 Oct 2
Did Righty enjoy the talky words from the angry orange man? [View all] 65 Trumplethinskin Yesterday
Will Biden and Son have to testify in impeachment of Trump over Ukraine? [View all] 64 Let it go Sep 21
Inpeachment already running out of steam? [View all] 64 GoldwatersSoul Oct 3
Donald Trump is a deeply stupid man who routinely gets his ass kicked on the world stage [View all] 62 Micrometer Sep 17
Why can't Trump and the DOJ charge and convict Biden and son here in the states? [View all] 62 Hamer555 Oct 4
Someone please tell Nancy that she and a few committee chairmen are NOT [View all] 61 Dumper Wednesday
They compare Trump to Hitler... [View all] 60 Hades Sep 28
That was a BEAUTIFUL video of Jane Fonda's hands cuffed behind her back on the Capitol steps. [View all] 60 D26-15 Saturday
Isn't it convenient that once the first WB story has started to fall apart [View all] 58 Solesurvivor Oct 5
What are your thoughts on the statement below [View all] 57 Independent.mind Sep 30
The country needs a GD civics lesson [View all] 57 def_con5 13 hrs ago
FFS, Let it go already (Dorian) [View all] 56 def_con5 Sep 12
Schiff gives the game away. [View all] 55 Let it go Oct 3
The genocide of our allies has begun [View all] 55 Ohio Joe Wednesday
Seriously righty, just fuck off already. Nobody needs you worthless hate obsessed shits [View all] 55 jh4freedom 17 hrs ago
We went to war on a dodgy dossier, conducted an investigation based on Steele dossier [View all] 55 Let it go Oct 3
The Democrats VS The Constitution [View all] 55 Gunslinger201 Sep 19
If Joe Biden has nothing to hide who cares if he's investigated? [View all] 54 Charlie Mike 9 hrs ago
If Trump has done nothing wrong, what does he have to hide? [View all] 54 Crazy in SoFla Friday
Trump loyalists are working hard to defend the president. It isnt going well. [View all] 54 New Deal Democrat Oct 2
Impeach and remove Trump now before it's too late? (Poll) [View all] 53 myohmy Oct 6
Beto the Burglar doesnt want you to have an AR15 for home defense, go figure [View all] 53 Banshee 3 Actual Sep 19
Trumps calls with foreign leaders have long worried aides, leaving some genuinely horrified [View all] 53 Trevor Oct 6
A president who doesn't comply with Congressional requests for information is subject to impeachment [View all] 52 Micrometer Wednesday
Shithole cleanup starts with the individual liberal. [View all] 52 Fred Sanford Sep 12
Until the "Good" Muslims, allegedly a majority, speak up, I'm assuming they barely [View all] 52 Dumper Sep 4
Trump keeps making it harder for supporters to defend him [View all] 51 LavenderGirl 12 hrs ago
Were the Kurds fighting a proxy war against ISIS on behalf of the US? [View all] 51 foia Thursday
Manufacturing sector posts worst numbers in a decade [View all] 50 jh4freedom Oct 4
This is what Hunter did with Ukraine and Chinese money. [View all] 50 Let it go Sep 25
Regarding Biden's Son's qualifications..... 49 Hamer555 Oct 4
Judge orders White House to preserve records of Trump's dealings with foreign leaders 49 Cold Warrior Monday
Will Blinky call that floor vote tuhday? 49 Fred Sanford Wednesday
Help me with alternate retirement locales... 49 PrescientWon. Sep 20
Do you even care about "Sharpiegate?" (Poll) 48 foia Sep 10
Expectum heap big wampum push now by Senate Squaw. 47 Fred Sanford Oct 3
Who's superior to whom? Trump or an honest poor man? (Poll) 46 swifty Sep 15
AOC's tits. 46 Carlos W Bush Oct 3
Trump sells out Kurds 44 New Deal Democrat Monday
It's gonna be the biggest bag of dicks yet for Lefty, folks. 44 Fred Sanford Sep 24
Trump will still be reelected and the swamp will be less populated. Does the left know the rules? 44 oldenuff35 Sep 28
Getting a abortion is nothing like buying a AR-15... 44 Solesurvivor Sep 14
Greta Thunberg is my hero... 44 myohmy Sep 24
Who here is against mandatory English? 44 Charlie Mike Monday
China gave a Coke Head a 1.5 Billion Dollar Hedge Fund to Manage 43 Gunslinger201 Oct 3
Trump sending US troops to help the Saudis 43 jh4freedom Saturday
Rashida Tlaib, Ladies and Gentlemen 43 Nostrings Sep 12
Biden and his son are now on the edge of being exposed for unethical and criminal conduct. 43 oldenuff35 Sep 25
States with the highest educational attainment 43 jh4freedom Sep 12
Righty is silent about the texts.....must be waiting for Rush to tell them what to think.... 43 Hamer555 Oct 5
Brennan calls out to IC for any person who has heard any rumor to be a whistleblower 43 Let it go Sep 28
Rep McCarthy wants to know why whistleblower law was changed 42 Let it go Sep 28
Democrats want to take away your vacation, AND your meat. For your own good. 42 Da Mannn Sep 7
The US president who questioned grifting by Biden and his son in Ukraine 42 foia Oct 6
Will you still open carry your gun at Walmart? (Poll) 41 myohmy Sep 4
Mr Never Wrong: Storm Spat Underscores Trumps Mindset 41 RCW2014 Sep 13
After being caught in a lie Lewandowski said he wasn't obligated to tell the truth 41 okletstalk Sep 19
Concerning Obama's Birthplace and Religion (Poll) 40 Cold Warrior Sep 10
Seriously... is this the greatest Political BURN in World History? 40 PrescientWon. Friday
Hunter Biden was given a direct commission as a Navy Office in 2013, No OTS and no ACADEMNY 40 oldenuff35 Sep 28
Adam Schiff-for-brains is a batshit crazy pathological liar 40 oflguy Sep 28
Is Swifty scared of a simple investigation? (Poll) 39 Da Mannn Sep 22
Say, any of those lib kid climate protests held in 39 TheyLostTheirForums Sep 22
Veins are popping...he MAD! 39 Let it go Sep 23
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