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Still the best troll. [View all] 180 blue Jan 30
Good enough to post twice... [View all] 152 Charlie Mike Feb 7
Fuel old chum....You don't have to like the new rules... [View all] 118 Fred Sanford Sunday
If it was such an emergency, [View all] 104 Salaam Monday
Are whites who vote Democrat race traitors? (Poll) [View all] 101 foia 3 hrs ago
Can liberals be Christians? [View all] 96 TheyLostTheirForums 2 hrs ago
Stone arrest, Russian hackers and Wikileaks and collusion [View all] 96 Badsamm Wednesday
Copy and paste fuel posts here for all to see. [View all] 93 bfox74 Feb 9
Those darned old conservatives are having too much fun! Female DIers, what do you think? [View all] 83 Cold Warrior Jan 30
"Why A Wall Alone Cant Fix The Emergency On The U.S. Border" [View all] 78 Independent.mind 1 hr ago
Trump's tax cut saved us several thousand dollars this year. [View all] 75 JoeHill Feb 12
Can we compile a bipartisan pro/con list of leaving our borders open? [View all] 74 shogun Friday
Reporter violently attacked at Trump rally [View all] 74 JoeHill Wednesday
Todays latest blackface KKK participating Democrat: NC Gov Roy Cooper [View all] 72 MumblyPeg Feb 11
Trump will announce $8 billion in funding for border wall through executive action tomorrow (cnn) [View all] 71 Doctor_R Friday
He "can't remember". HAHAHAH! Damned lying lefty assholes... [View all] 69 MumblyPeg Feb 3
Colorado bill effectively does away with electoral college, passes State Senate [View all] 69 bruiserboy Feb 7
Followers of Republicanism turn against racism over Northam [View all] 67 swifty Feb 5
What the Trumpanzee is doing during our NATIONAL EMERGENCY! EVERYONE PANIC! [View all] 66 JoeHill Feb 5
Illegals caught working at Trumps golf club [View all] 65 Pennsylvania Jan 29
Hairless (bald) Camel Toe? [View all] 65 Horsefeathers Jan 29
Uh, oh!!! Tubby and the fellers are off plotting mischief! [View all] 64 Cold Warrior Feb 11
Dana Loesch Just Wrecked Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's Idiotic Tweet About Former Starbucks CEO [View all] 63 bfox74 Feb 3
A stunning admission from VA democrats. [View all] 63 Nostrings Friday
Republicans are "deeply concerned" [View all] 60 orson Feb 8
Can anyone explain how high speed rail (or anything else) will make air travel unnecessary? [View all] 60 Carl Feb 9
What's next Lefty? Requiring political donors of more than X dollars to disclose their [View all] 59 Dumper Feb 8
16 states sue trump and his emergency [View all] 58 TheShoe 7 hrs ago
Good morning all! And happy Friday. [View all] 58 TheShoe Feb 8
Virginia lawmaker apologizes for co-sponsoring infanticide bill [View all] 57 rh24 Feb 1
Video: Virginia Democrat Openly Advocates for Infanticide in the House of Delegates. [View all] 57 rh24 Jan 30
Top 20 Lies the Liar-in-Chief spewed forth in State of the Union Address [View all] 56 JoeHill Feb 6
Texas Rep. Hurd Says 1,000 Texas Farmers Could Have Land Seized to Build Trump's Border Wall [View all] 56 RCW2014 Monday
A theory on RBG... [View all] 55 GoldwatersSoul Jan 31
Make no mistake about it boys and girls: [View all] 54 nolidad Monday
It's entertaining to see the right meltdown over Senator Kamala Harris [View all] 53 LavenderGirl Sunday
It's weird how all the lefties here are super-rich, super-successful, super-educated. [View all] 53 Charlie Mike Feb 1
President Trump will sign the bill, and [View all] 52 Doctor_R Friday
Rosenstein Offered to Wear a Wire to Record POTUS, Pushed for Deep State Coup [View all] 52 MumblyPeg 6 min ago
Which President Plays More Golf, Trump or Obama? [View all] 51 JoeHill Feb 5
What did Trump get for shutting down government for 35 days? [View all] 51 New Deal Democrat Jan 27
Trump Administration "loses" 1500 immigrant children [View all] 50 JoeHill Feb 11
A theory on Political veganism... [View all] 50 GoldwatersSoul Thursday
It's nice to see Trump will finally go to Vietnam. Hope the bone spurs don't flare up. 49 JoeHill Feb 6
Hey Joe. 49 Fred Sanford Wednesday
More RW lies debunked. 49 Trevor Feb 10
CAVE IN!!!! 47 Motownjohnny Feb 10
Armed democrats carrying their flag. 47 Magyar Heidinn Feb 4
The media is whooping and hollering in celebration of Blinky's "victory" over Trump 47 oflguy Jan 26
freedumb2003 bit the dust 46 Qukid Thursday
Well, that escalated quickly. 45 Charlie Mike Wednesday
Why the Wall can never be built--it's the money, stupid 44 JoeHill Feb 9
Here is the beginning of the end of Liz Warren's presidential campaign 44 ThreeSparkles Jan 28
Dimwit from the Bronx To Introduce Bill Blocking Trump's Emergency Declaration 43 Let it go Friday
Things that make you go "hmmm . . . " Why didn't the Republican House pay down the debt 43 JoeHill Feb 11
Shaved with my new Harry's razor for the first time this morning. 42 Carlos W Bush Jan 28
OK, which one of you did it? 42 Currentsitguy Feb 7
dimocrat pervs accuser: He Then Forced His Penis Into My Mouth 42 MumblyPeg Feb 7
Joseph McCarthy was an American hero. 42 Carlos W Bush 4 hrs ago
"US intel chiefs share latest assessment of North Korea, Iran nuclear programs" 42 Independent.mind Jan 31
Fairfax accusers description sounds believable. 42 Let it go Feb 5
We have a live one down in Bama 41 TheShoe 4 hrs ago
Obama Derangement Syndrome violent rightys going away for a long time 41 jh4freedom Jan 28
ACLU Announces Lawsuit Against Trump Over 'Blatantly Illegal' National Emergency 41 RCW2014 Saturday
Elizabeth Warren joins the flash in the pan commie brigade. 40 Charlie Mike Jan 28
Soros Panics Over Populist Revolt: "EU Is Sleepwalking Into Oblivion" 39 Troll2 Saturday
Most Germans See Relations with US as Negative, While Less than 2% Name Russia as Threat 39 RCW2014 Feb 10
Will the left here condemn Obama for spending unappropriated funds on climate change? 39 Carl 3 hrs ago
McConnell Says Senate Will Vote On Ocasio-Cortez's "Green New Deal" 39 Let it go Wednesday
Trending on Twitter for two days now 39 TheShoe Monday
2019 is already turning out to be so awesome! * 38 Charlie Mike Feb 6
Um...All the Polls said Hillary was winning in a Landslide 38 Gunslinger201 Sunday
IMHO America will elect Democratic President Harris which is sounding more & more likely 37 graham4anything4HC45 Feb 7
Kamala Harris vows to get rid of your health insurance plan even if you like it 37 Let it go Jan 29
Let's hear it for Ruth, boyz & girlz! 37 jh4freedom Feb 6
Why do people think NBC is on the side of the Democratic party? When 100% they are not 37 graham4anything4HC45 Feb 4
LEFTY MELTDOWN ALERT! Parents taught 4 year old how to handle firearms!!!1! 36 Charlie Mike Jan 31
Make Voting Harder 35 357blackhawk Feb 8
Glowbull warming, Chicago record could fall 34 bruiserboy Jan 28
Trump hired undocumented workers for 4 dollars an hour 34 JoeHill Feb 7
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