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McConnell hits it out of the park [View all] 169 FreeWheelBurning Dec 29
Graham gets cold feet on promoting Giuliani frame up job. [View all] 150 Trevor Jan 1
McConnell will be having none of these democrat shenanigans. [View all] 150 Charlie Mike 19 hrs ago
Ukraine prosecutor offered information related to Biden in exchange for ambassadors ouster, [View all] 126 Trevor 16 hrs ago
Surprising no one, lefty lied about Whorewits not finding political bias [View all] 122 Charlie Mike Dec 23
The frame up job. [View all] 102 Trevor Jan 2
There's no viable strategy to withholding the articles of impeachment from the Senate. [View all] 97 Charlie Mike Dec 26
How five members of Joe Biden's family got rich through his connections [View all] 93 AmandaCMatthews 13 hrs ago
Are we being overly critical of Hunter? [View all] 83 PrescientWon. Dec 27
Obamacare signups [View all] 76 jh4freedom Friday
FBI arrests 3 extreme rightys ahead of Virginia gun rally [View all] 73 jh4freedom Friday
In your opinion, what are valid grounds for impeachment and removal of a president [View all] 71 Fiendish Thingy-BC Yesterday
Help me out here... If righty thinks impeachment rules are unfair, why did righty make them that way [View all] 69 Ohio Joe Dec 20
Question. What is Nancy hoping to gain by holding back? [View all] 64 Da Mannn Dec 21
Big man Donnie attacks Greta Thunberg [View all] 62 Salaam Dec 16
Raising the minimum wage for 2020 [View all] 62 jh4freedom Dec 31
Trump retweets re: FBIs corruption. [View all] 59 Let it go Dec 29
If lefty is going to riot, assault, slander, spy, and fraudulently impeach every time they lose [View all] 59 Charlie Mike Dec 19
Looks like California might lose a Congressional seat for the first time in history [View all] 58 Fred Sanford Jan 4
Lies About Iran Killing US Troops in Iraq Are a Ploy to Justify War [View all] 53 radicalifornian Jan 13
For the well traveled among us... where's the most racist place you've ever been? [View all] 52 PrescientWon. Dec 24
Majority approve of Trump's impeachment and removal from office [View all] 52 jh4freedom Dec 22
"They dont like us, thats what this is all about". [View all] 51 Nostrings Dec 13
I am beginning to think the House won't impeach 49 Tin Ear2 Dec 18
Looks like RCW was Right 49 def_con5 Dec 20
The Texas shooter could be another white nationalist. 45 swifty Jan 1
You can burn an American flag with no ramifications. Now a guy is sentenced to up to 26 44 Dumper Dec 21
Looks like Trump's justification for killing Soleimani has been debunked 43 radicalifornian Jan 6
Trump was impeached with more votes against him than any other president 42 wonderwarthog Dec 24
Left-wing lawl professor calls for usurping 6th amendment of the Constitution 42 Zuckerberg Hater Dec 17
Righty doesn't seem to understand Boards of Directors 41 Trumplethinskin Dec 26
This is why Trump doesn't notify congress before a operation 40 Solesurvivor Jan 10
What Trump's Fans REALLY WANT, Is A Dictator! 40 JohnPoet Dec 15
A Yes or No will do... 40 myohmy Thursday
Do you know why Richard Spencer is a natural fit for the Left? 39 Charlie Mike Jan 11
The GOP is the party of family values. 38 Salaam Dec 14
The people on the airliner are collateral casualties of Trump and Trump support 38 swifty Jan 12
Trump overtakes and passes Dubya I in race for dumbest move ever made in history. 38 swifty Jan 3
Private-eye firm claims Hunter Biden is linked to multiple criminal probes 37 Let it go Dec 26
The scariest thing is 37 okletstalk 8 hrs ago
Is there anything of any substance left of Obama's presidency? 36 Charlie Mike Dec 24
There are so many uses for a Trump sticker. 36 Salaam Dec 23
Nunes letter to Schiff is delicious. 36 Let it go Dec 15
What's next, lefties saying Obama shouldn't have taken out Bin Laden? 35 Dumper Jan 4
Punch commies 35 Charlie Mike Dec 13
All I want for Christmas 35 jh4freedom Dec 16
Give me a reason to vote FOR the Democrat candidate in 2020. 35 Charlie Mike Dec 25
Should 2A advocates ignore the ban on carrying firearms? (Poll) 35 Charlie Mike Monday
I do not feel an ounce of pity for people who were warned repeatedly 35 Charlie Mike Dec 28
Why the US hated General Soleimani 35 radicalifornian Friday
Apparently, in Canada, calling Soleimani a terrorist can get you arrested. 35 Charlie Mike Jan 8
House Judiciary hearing in a nutshell 34 Salaam Dec 13
Question for Lefty: Why do you want Trump removed? 34 bfox74 2 hrs ago
Will it go to the Senate 34 def_con5 Dec 18
Lindsey Graham inviting Rudy Giuliani to Senate Judiciary committee hearing on Ukraine 34 Let it go Dec 15
House releases new impeachment evidence linking Nunes aide to Parnas 34 New Deal Democrat Sunday
Voter Enthusiasm...... 33 HermantownHawk Sunday
Man, Trump really, really, really, really doesn't want to be 33 jh4freedom Dec 17
The climate will never stop changing. 33 Let it go Jan 3
Are you feeling Greta's fear? (Poll) 33 myohmy Dec 13
Hows that Fake Impeachment Going? 32 Gunslinger201 Dec 23
How often do you pledge allegiance to the flag? 32 Micrometer Jan 3
Tulsi just voted present. 32 Let it go Jan 9
The governor of Virginia has threatened using the National Guard. 32 Hades Dec 17
Illegals are climbing over the new border wall 32 jh4freedom Dec 27
Irans biggest strategic asset: Democrats Trump Derangement Syndrome. 32 Let it go Jan 11
Massive voter fraud uncovered 31 Iron Condor Jan 3
Isn't what Pisslosi doing considered Blackmail? 31 Solesurvivor Dec 22
House passes bill to legalize 350,000 illegal aliens 31 jh4freedom Dec 14
ABC Washington Post poll shows 71% think Trump officials should testify. 31 rondan Dec 18
Just a reminder: the value of labor is NOT the life expenses of the laborer 31 Charlie Mike Jan 7
I hope she holds the articles for a couple months at least. 30 DDKick Dec 22
The eugenicists are becoming emboldened again. 30 Charlie Mike Jan 8
Not a single arrest 29 Currentsitguy Yesterday
Why did the special counsel not tell America that Christopher Steeles information was false? 29 Let it go Dec 21
Is crooked Donnie still impeached? 29 Salaam Friday
Far righty Alex Jones must pay $100,000 29 jh4freedom Jan 1
Virginia Democrats Push Legislation to Make Criticism of Government Officials a Criminal Offense 28 JanetS 34 min ago
18 U.S. Code 2384 - Seditious Conspiracy 'TWENTY YEARS.' 28 Let it go Dec 27
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