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The Coalition to get Ilhan Omar off the Foreign Relations Committee [View all] 153 Gunslinger201 Wednesday
Are whites who vote Democrat race traitors? (Poll) [View all] 153 foia Tuesday
One does not simply Move On from a Coup [View all] 141 Gunslinger201 Apr 2
FBI was considering charging clinton until the DOJ flat-out told them "No." [View all] 111 Nostrings Mar 19
About the Constitution... [View all] 104 wonderwarthog Mar 17
Is lefty calling criticism "inciting violence" because [View all] 94 Charlie Mike Yesterday
I should have put Charlie mike on ignore a long time ago [View all] 92 Jond414 18 hrs ago
National popular vote snags another one. [View all] 91 jh4freedom Apr 3
I asked the question yesterday... [View all] 89 GoldwatersSoul Mar 18
In 2016... Trump LOST the popular vote. IN CALIFORNIA!!! [View all] 77 PrescientWon. Mar 20
Gotta love the hypocrat party! (that's democrat for you democrats) [View all] 77 nolidad Mar 26
The true face of Righty [View all] 77 Cold Warrior Apr 5
Fuck you Democratic baby-killers! [View all] 76 TM999 Tuesday
A fun thread... Shit that young people are CLUELESS about. [View all] 71 PrescientWon. Mar 18
Looks like there will be no action on repeal and replace for another year and a half. [View all] 67 Independent.mind Apr 4
The Press is the enemy of the People [View all] 64 TheShoe Mar 20
You stupid RWers! You're only allowed to keep weapons that were available when the 2A was written. [View all] 64 Charlie Mike Apr 3
Maybe we have it all wrong. [View all] 59 Charlie Mike Mar 31
Is it ok to have fun with chronic self deleters? (Poll) [View all] 58 Horsefeathers Mar 19
Write a sad story about Fuel using only 3 words.* [View all] 57 Fred Sanford Wednesday
President Trump's Golf Outings 161 and counting [View all] 57 Salaam Mar 27
Dem wants clarification on spying because the word is freaking out people. Lol. [View all] 55 Let it go Saturday
Fox News asks Trump "are we getting any closer to seeing the Mueller report?" [View all] 54 LavenderGirl Apr 10
"Some people did some things." [View all] 54 TendiesForBreakfast Monday
Classless Trumpster [View all] 54 Qukid Mar 16
AOC is a fucking communist, plain and simple. [View all] 53 Carlos W Bush Tuesday
Lots of talk about a LAW [View all] 53 Cold Warrior Mar 24
John McCain has been dead long enough so I can say it. Fuck that guy. [View all] 53 MumblyPeg Mar 21
Trump cuts all direct assistance to Northern Triangle countries Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala [View all] 51 Isidore Mar 31
Reparations? Hell no. [View all] 51 TheyLostTheirForums Apr 7
White nationalists and houses of worship [View all] 51 jh4freedom Mar 17
Lefty making lists of who to assault next [View all] 50 Charlie Mike Mar 18
Will Wisconsin DEMS party or cry tonight? [View all] 50 PrescientWon. Apr 3
Righty to Lefty: Fuck your gun laws 49 Charlie Mike Mar 15
Fake positive reviews for Capt Marvel on Rotten Tomatoes. 49 WhiskeyMakesMeHappy Apr 3
Tier one piece of shit potus 48 TheShoe Mar 19
Recently a poster posted a list of people he has on ignore and was proud of it 48 oflguy Monday
879,000 children murdered in 2017 47 TendiesForBreakfast Apr 1
Oberliner bit the dust over at DU. 47 Qukid Mar 22
Man, that Mueller Report must really be a doozy. 47 swifty Friday
Lefty, keep your fucking hands off our kids. 45 Charlie Mike Sunday
Lefty's rabid anti-semitism is disgraceful and disgusting. 44 Fred Sanford Mar 16
So is there something our retarded lefty 44 kevlar Sunday
How dumb do you have to be to not know where your father was born? 44 jh4freedom Apr 4
I was 12 years old when "some people did something." 43 TendiesForBreakfast Saturday
Trump Again Threatens Violence If Democrats Don't Support Him 43 New Deal Democrat Mar 18
The 'exhausting' work of factcheckers who track Trump's barrage of lies 42 Salaam Mar 18
I just watched the shooters video.. 42 Solesurvivor Mar 15
Lefty, just shut the fuck up already. 42 Charlie Mike Apr 4
Barr assembles 'team' to look into counterintelligence investigation on Trump campaign 41 Thorson Saturday
Make a sad Crooked MeeMaw story using only 3 words. 41 Fred Sanford Apr 9
President Trump is right. It's time to fully recognize Israeli sovereignty over the Golan Heights. 40 Fred Sanford Mar 22
Republicans Don't Want To Curb Anti-Semitism; They Want To Weaponize It 40 RCW2014 Mar 17
If I was Secretary of the Treasury and I got a demand for Trump's tax returns 40 Charlie Mike Friday
By definition... Isn't homosexuality a "birth defect"? 40 PrescientWon. Tuesday
120 Nigerian Christians slaughtered returning from Church, 40 bruiserboy Mar 17
I'm in favor of imprisoning admitted socialists. 39 Carlos W Bush Mar 16
Why is Barr not releasing the "Nothingberder"? 39 wonderwarthog Mar 24
DOJ Hits Back At New York Times And Washington Post Stories On Mueller Report 39 Doctor_R Apr 5
Ex-senator challenges Trump to get X-rays proving he had bone spurs during Vietnam draft 39 Salaam Mar 25
I believe KittyCatIdiots is attempting to stifle intelligent debate here on DI 38 Carlos W Bush Mar 15
Followers of Republicanism only: Is there anything illogical about Trump's sanctuary release plan? 38 swifty Monday
If an entrenched group of government agency higher ups conspire to remove a newly elected president (Poll) 38 shogun Mar 22
For all those celebrating Barrs summary of the Mueller Report 37 Cold Warrior Mar 26
Bursting righty's "Trump is exonerated" bubble 36 wonderwarthog Mar 24
What "law" are they referring to over at the DUmp? 35 WhiskeyMakesMeHappy Apr 11
Why can't our President say the word "origins"? 35 LavenderGirl Apr 3
someone posted a gif of a basketball player.. 35 Solesurvivor Mar 24
The CBD craze 35 TheShoe Mar 24
Fucks wrong with this Cortez chick? 35 Fred Sanford Tuesday
"Trump's Twin Deficits Are Exploding" 35 Independent.mind Mar 22
Trump's attack on SNL is a high crime and impeachable. 35 swifty Mar 18
Bibi makes Syria gargle his balls, Antisemites seethe. 35 Fred Sanford Mar 25
Its cool that Cain is a creep and cheat 34 TheShoe Apr 6
Lefty: "I know, we'll go after him again about taxes." 34 oflguy Apr 5
The All-American Bombardier Here is a list* of the countries bombed and/or invaded by the United Sta 34 akaConcernedCanuk Apr 8
Assange arrested, when media that conspired with FBI and DOJ to destroy a Presidential candidate 34 Boston Friday
Restricting gun sales cost Dicks $150 MILLION last year. 34 Nostrings Mar 31
Well, well, well, well.....the ACLU says..... 33 imwithfred Mar 24
My view on gay marriage. 33 Charlie Mike Apr 10
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