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INDICTMENTS STARTING NEXT WEEK! Forget everything else! [View all] 149 LOLingAtTrumpVoters 6 hrs ago
Not ONE of you can show reason to support your 'resident. [View all] 122 Maya Jun 15
Lefty, save your breath trying to pretend this shooter wasn't a mirror image of many of you here [View all] 108 The More You Know V2 Jun 15
Confederate veterans are US Veterans [View all] 98 His Daughter Jun 7
As the Right Wing exploits the tragedy in Virginia to paint all Democrats as violent, [View all] 94 meanitt Jun 17
this place is rapidly becoming.. [View all] 94 frankt8242 17 hrs ago
I don't know anything about medals or uniforms... [View all] 91 KAT Jun 18
Pray the rosary to keep abortion legal [View all] 89 Mattydale Monday
Were James Comeys leaks lawful? [View all] 85 Letmypeoplevote Yesterday
I'll bite, what's the worst assertion regarding Trump and the Ruskies, and what's [View all] 84 Dumper Jun 6
Is this what the left wants for our women, [View all] 82 bruiserboy Jun 15
Under Trump, my 401k is becoming a 2401k! [View all] 81 TheyLostTheirForums Monday
Gorsuch sides with Libs in Immigration ruling. Trump loses again. [View all] 80 The Big Red Machine Jun 13
After a year, Seattle's new minimum wage hasn't raised retail prices [View all] 79 liberalguy Jun 10
Is it time for England to allow concealed carry permits there? [View all] 76 oflguy Jun 5
Jeff Sessions is a real pro! [View all] 76 Shkreli Jun 16
Day 151- I am now convinced President John F. Kennedy & Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. [View all] 72 graham4anything4HC45 Wednesday
Obstruction [View all] 71 New Deal Democrat Jun 2
Serious question for you conservatives about trump: [View all] 71 saspamco Jun 3
Why do the poorest whites score higher than the richest blacks on the SAT? [View all] 71 UnknownPleasures Jun 2
Planned Parenthood donated 734,000 Dollars to the Ossoff Campaign, [View all] 70 bruiserboy Friday
Stop Denying Science! ( God, Allah do not exist) [View all] 69 Boston Jun 5
Trumplings cheering Banana Republic tactics. Sad. [View all] 67 LOLingAtTrumpVoters Jun 3
Single Payer Socialized Medicine is coming to the US. [View all] 66 PrescientWon. 1 hr ago
White Supremacist in Portland Kills Two Men Who Tried to Stop His Racist Rants [View all] 65 Letmypeoplevote Jun 5
I wonder where Melania will sleep [View all] 65 Mattydale Jun 13
Washington, California, New York band together to form climate alliance [View all] 64 Doctor_R Jun 2
Reminder folks: Trump was never under investigation. Can't obstruct non-existing justice. [View all] 64 Shkreli Jun 9
Why do libs hate Melania Trump? [View all] 63 Horsefeathers Jun 4
It is odd that the police won't disclose the kind of rifle the nut used to attack the Congressmen [View all] 62 Very Wonderful Jun 15
If Lefty really is a dangerous assassin [View all] 61 Trumplethinskin Jun 17
Trump doesn't realize his power. If removed for any reason, instant civil war. He needs to just [View all] 61 Shkreli Jun 19
Trump Sabotages His Muslim Ban With Tweet Storm Showing Unconstitutional Intent [View all] 61 Letmypeoplevote Monday
Will the Supreme Court take up Trump's travel ban? [View all] 61 def_con5 Jun 4
From DU: List of Mayors who commit to adopt, honor and uphold Paris Climate Agreement. [View all] 60 Attera Jun 2
The Trump Administration Is Pulling a Grant From a Group That Combats Neo-Nazis [View all] 60 Letmypeoplevote Sunday
Unify? [View all] 60 Docbroke Jun 16
Fox News retracts controversial story on Seth Richs death and alleged WikiLeaks contact [View all] 59 Letmypeoplevote Jun 7
The Democrat Sickness Volume 5: This is what they want you to accept without question, in public. [View all] 59 Shkreli Jun 11
BREAKING NEWS ******* The President is keeping his promise!!! [View all] 59 Rebeca42 Jun 4
Congressman On Muslims: "Kill Them All" [View all] 58 Immacolata Jun 6
Holy. Shit. Reports surfacing that Mueller now focused on Lynch/Clinton and the Comey [View all] 58 Shkreli Jun 9
10 things we learned yesterday... [View all] 57 Solesurvivor Jun 10
Im not an environmental scientist... [View all] 56 PrescientWon. Jun 3
Does anyone know a happy liberal ? [View all] 56 Horsefeathers Yesterday
Liberals, is Conservative radio Hate Speech? (Poll) [View all] 56 Da Mannn Monday
Comey acquits Trump of obstruction charges :) [View all] 55 specs Jun 12
Meet the man who may end gerrymandering: A retired Wisconsin law professors Supreme Court case [View all] 55 Letmypeoplevote Jun 19
How We Got Here [View all] 55 wonderwarthog Monday
With all this talk about a Democratic sicko shooting up a ballfield, did any of you... [View all] 54 Scary Red Jun 18
Recently I was castigated b/c apparently RWers don't consider the Left to be Americans [View all] 54 I814U2CY Wednesday
Is it time to cut our friends on the left some slack? [View all] 53 bfox74 Friday
The #Resistance is dead. Trump is Triumphant! [View all] 53 Da Mannn Sunday
"I've never seen such an extended public display of flattery for a president".. [View all] 53 wonderwarthog Jun 14
Who will Lefty nominate in 2020? (Poll) [View all] 53 Horsefeathers Thursday
The right wing media, in particular Fox, which seemingly is now the Don's Pravada, [View all] 53 archives Jun 4
Why is POTUS so concerned about being investigated..?? [View all] 52 frankt8242 Jun 17
I absolutely love Vicente Fox! [View all] 52 theredhead Jun 10
watch SCOTUS smack the shit out of the Lower courts. [View all] 52 PrescientWon. Monday
Lefty has now resorted to shooting Republicans [View all] 51 TheyLostTheirForums Jun 14
US causes 1/3 of carbon gas. David Ghergen CNN [View all] 51 gowiththrottleup Jun 2
I am definitely not a conservative. [View all] 51 Attera Jun 6
Du says DI has become RWNJ site 49 Banshee 3 Actual Sunday
The Left opposes war against the places where the terrorists originate. 49 I814U2CY Jun 9
Watching lefty explain how today's liberal shooter doesn't represent all liberals but somehow does 49 The More You Know V2 Jun 15
I said Comey would not deliver any bombshells,why did not lefty listen? 49 Carl Jun 8
Lefty is in meltdown tonight. 48 Carl Jun 10
Congrats to Karen Handel. A win is a win. 48 The Big Red Machine Wednesday
If Reality Winner is a traitor 48 Trumplethinskin Jun 7
IF CA tries to secede then I say we let them go. We will own it in a year by selling water back to 47 Shkreli Sunday
Mandatory Minimums 47 metroins Jun 4
Alt righty then. GOP get all warm and fuzzy when it is 47 gowiththrottleup Jun 16
A GOP POTUS is repeatedly being mocked assassinated, now GOP reps are being shot. 47 Fred Sanford Jun 15
For once, I agree with Ted Nugent 46 WritelyWrong Jun 19
Why isn't the FBI insisting they get the DNC server? 46 Let it go Sunday
You know, if somebody were to ask me if I was a capitalist.... 46 saspamco Thursday
Righty has nothing to fear from Islam 46 Trumplethinskin Jun 5
Question for the Paris Climate Supporters 46 GoodKraic Jun 3
To people who say that we need to outlaw Sharia law, what exactly are you trying to stop. 46 rondan Jun 11
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