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Freedom or government provision? (Poll) [View all] 200 Charlie Mike Nov 21
Impeachment is coming gang [View all] 118 TheShoe Dec 10
Uranium One raid...Mueller is involved... [View all] 113 GoldwatersSoul Dec 8
Deep State Obama FBI Plotted to Remove Trump Before Mueller Witch Hunt [View all] 108 MumblyPeg 3 hrs ago
This message was self-deleted by its author [View all] 104 LavenderGirl Dec 7
Didn't that fat chick in Charlottesville die of a heart attack?* [View all] 101 Fred Sanford Dec 10
Gutless Cave Leader [View all] 95 Cold Warrior Yesterday
As a legal immigrant to the United States, I thank America for not making responsible people [View all] 94 Jardinier Nov 27
Andy Stephenson: A Miserable death by Freeps and Cavers [View all] 94 Cold Warrior Nov 13
This message was self-deleted by its author [View all] 90 KittyCatIdiots Nov 27
Democrat poutrage..... [View all] 86 GoldwatersSoul Nov 16
Does 'Arms' in the 2nd Amendment apply only to muzzleloaders? (Poll) [View all] 81 myohmy Nov 20
"Trump has gone from insisting that he had nothing to do with Russia [View all] 80 Independent.mind Dec 5
Melania, a former lingerie model, is calling for the firing of the deputy National Security Adviser. [View all] 80 LavenderGirl Nov 16
Rural voters are bound to dump Trump in 2020 if trends continue. [View all] 75 swifty Nov 25
You just can't make this stuff up. No, really. Manafort lied. Again. [View all] 74 Salaam Nov 30
Help wanted: Chief of staff for alt right house [View all] 74 Salaam Wednesday
TrumpCare reminder for all patriots [View all] 73 TheShoe Wednesday
Unconcealed Glee [View all] 72 Cold Warrior Nov 23
Here's an interesting read - [View all] 72 Hamer555 Nov 29
Pelosi says gun control will be a priority for the House. [View all] 70 Hades Nov 10
My hope is that that vulgar woman from Mississippi loses tomorrow [View all] 69 Butchie_T Nov 27
7 Posts in 5 1/2 hours [View all] 69 Cold Warrior Nov 26
Trump Wanted to Order Justice Dept. to Prosecute Comey and Clinton [View all] 67 New Deal Democrat Nov 30
If all of the Mueller investigation is such a big nothing, [View all] 63 Salaam Nov 28
Study Finds White Liberals Are Racist, Stereotype Minorities [View all] 62 357blackhawk Nov 29
just a reminder : the nazis were NOT socialists [View all] 62 rampartb Nov 30
So another lefty has been mentally broken and is trying to flame out. [View all] 62 Charlie Mike Wednesday
How many of you RWers are "literally shaking" or going on a 2 week crying jag? [View all] 61 Charlie Mike Nov 8
Salaam is a sock for who? [View all] 60 blue Wednesday
This glee from some posters over Ginsburgs accident is low even for DI [View all] 59 Banshee 3 Actual Nov 9
Say it isn't so Ivanka [View all] 59 jh4freedom Nov 21
FBI email chain may provide most damning evidence of FISA abuses yet [View all] 58 Charlie Mike Dec 7
You just can't make this stuff up Part 8 [View all] 58 Salaam Tuesday
To the nearest nanosecond, how long will it take our friends on the right ... [View all] 58 Virginia Vet Nov 28
Note: calling someone an NPC is not against the ToS. [View all] 57 PrescientWon. Nov 13
If Hillary is the rightful POTUS and 2020 would effectively be her 2nd term [View all] 56 Charlie Mike Nov 14
Should students be punished for giving a Nazi salute? (Poll) [View all] 56 myohmy Nov 14
Why hasn't the right mentioned this person getting elected? [View all] 56 Cold Warrior Nov 9
Top ten reasons to own an AR-15 [View all] 55 357blackhawk Yesterday
Republicans must be so proud.. [View all] 55 Meowmenow Nov 8
Everyone put Cold Warrior on ignore. [View all] 54 blue Nov 26
BREAKING: Federal Court Orders Discovery Plan in 10 Days Whether... [View all] 54 Doctor_R Dec 7
Does anyone think Trump and Manafort are laughing? (Poll) [View all] 54 Salaam Dec 5
That "substantial help" General Flynn provided? [View all] 54 Doctor_R Dec 7
This message was self-deleted by its author [View all] 54 fuel Nov 8
Typical for Lefty. They say they won the college educated. Then argue that their voters [View all] 54 Dumper Nov 14
Promises made. Promises broken. [View all] 53 LavenderGirl Tuesday
Yep, Arizona just flipped to the Dem... [View all] 52 blue Nov 9
Arrests Begin as Migrant Caravan Members Illegally Cross Border [View all] 52 Doctor_R Nov 16
2018 Exit Polls [View all] 51 jh4freedom Dec 6
Should reporters exercise some decorum during press conferences? (Poll) [View all] 50 foia Nov 9
New rules for press conferences at the White House [View all] 50 Isidore Nov 20
This cartoon is sad but true [View all] 50 okletstalk Nov 25
VOILA!! Wall funding. 49 PrescientWon. Thursday
Does anyone else think 'paid family leave' will be a boon for women past child bearing 49 Dumper Nov 19
Long ago, I spent a long time in a place where it rained a lot. 48 Salaam Nov 27
"If you're innocent, why are you taking the Fifth Amendment? 47 Phlegm Monger Dec 5
Senator Lindsey Graham Says Hes Ready to Investigate DOJ And Prosecute Hillary Clinton 47 Pennsylvania Nov 20
Climate change denial is now official U.S.Policy 47 orson Saturday
Poor old Fredo... Yet again shits on vets 47 Ohio Joe Nov 30
MSNBC Puts Florida Governor Race Vote-Total Graphic Onscreen A Wee Bit Early 47 TM999 Nov 8
Where's that caravan??? 47 Hamer555 Nov 14
Man who drove into crowd in Charlottesville, Va., is convicted of first-degree murder 47 Qukid Dec 9
Democrat threatens to use Nuclear weapons on US Citizens 46 Banshee 3 Actual Nov 20
Supreme fucktard Eric Swalwell threatens to use nuclear weapons on "resisters." 46 rh24 Nov 17
This message was self-deleted by its author 45 TheShoe Dec 7
The WH confirms low-energy trump won't visit Arlington National Cemetery today 45 LavenderGirl Nov 13
Is President Trump really a Republican? (Poll) 45 myohmy Dec 3
So now that the migrants are no longer a 1000 miles away can we talk about it? 45 Tin Ear2 Nov 16
The people who want to impeach Trump for using his money to pay for a consenting fling 45 Charlie Mike Saturday
Nearly half of Republicans think GOP "won" midterms 45 LavenderGirl Nov 19
Lefties got all hard from Cohen's statement that Trump directed the payments. But 45 Dumper Yesterday
Posters who have other posters on IGNORE are (Poll) 45 Cold Warrior Dec 4
The Chief Justice schools the president 45 jh4freedom Nov 27
Publisher of the National Enquirer admits to hush-money payments made on Trumps behalf 44 Salaam Sunday
BREAKING NEWS: Thanks to Carl, its now 7 posts in 6 hours 10 mins 44 Cold Warrior Nov 25
Apparently all this talk of impeachment is based on nothing more than the dems holding the House. 44 Charlie Mike Dec 10
To all vets 43 TheShoe Nov 12
The "Blue Wave" is starting to look more like the "blue tinkle" 43 Cynical Nov 8
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