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Are whites who vote Democrat race traitors? (Poll) [View all] 192 foia 5 hrs ago
Former spook Tony Shaffer explains how things are SUPPOSED to work vs what Obama etal did. [View all] 177 Let it go May 21
Schiffy is scared. [View all] 151 Nostrings Jun 8
James Comey: No treason. No coup. Just lies and dumb lies at that. [View all] 140 Trevor Jun 2
I should have put Charlie mike on ignore a long time ago [View all] 107 Jond414 May 8
Youre not getting his taxes! Hahahhahaha [View all] 104 Pennsylvania May 9
Mueller pissed at Pelosi accusations. Wants to testify earlier. [View all] 102 Pennsylvania May 4
AOC is a fucking communist, plain and simple. [View all] 99 Carlos W Bush Thursday
It's wonderful waking up knowing I'm with the true Americans [View all] 99 swifty May 7
Halper used a 'honeypot' to entrap Papadopoulos? [View all] 92 ThreeSparkles May 28
Schiff: Biden Ukraine Scandal Should Be Off Limits [View all] 90 Gunslinger201 May 21
LOOK AT THE PIC IN THE TWEET. It's not a van. It's a cattle truck. [View all] 89 LavenderGirl Jun 7
How Donald Trump silenced the people who could expose his business failures [View all] 81 Trevor 1 hr ago
If a special counsel is appointed to investigate fisa/spying, I want this fella. [View all] 80 Nostrings May 19
Nadler the fat slob collapses. DROP DEAD SCUMBAG! [View all] 77 Pennsylvania 5 hrs ago
Dems for Barr's resignation, do you realize the entire UNREDACTED report is available to you? [View all] 75 Boston May 5
The Big Lie That Barr Lied [View all] 75 Muddling Through May 5
Why would the liberal want the U.S. to lose a trade war, [View all] 72 Fred Sanford May 18
Mexico Agreed to Take Border Actions Months Before Trump Announced Tariff Deal [View all] 71 Trevor Monday
Why doesn't Righty care that MAGA-MAN Donald Trump is a Draft Dodger? [View all] 70 Aquila Jun 6
Before Wednesday, how many here believed the Mueller report totally exonerated Trump? [View all] 69 okletstalk Jun 1
Lawfare blogger suddenly realizes that weaponizing the FBI against your political foes... [View all] 69 Let it go May 12
Mueller knew over a year ago his whole investigation was bogus [View all] 69 oflguy May 14
Hey guys! Did you know that the MSM *NEVER* pushed a Russian collusion story? [View all] 68 Charlie Mike May 9
Anybody know why he did this? [View all] 68 oflguy Jun 1
This is the post that you deleted, idiotcat. [View all] 67 D26-15 Thursday
Ruh Ro, Evidence of Obama Administration Political Surveillance Beginning Mid-2012. [View all] 65 Gunslinger201 May 28
Why are democrats fussing about "the law" when they are hoping someone leaks tax info which would be [View all] 63 Carl May 8
Obama "Wingman" Eric Holder says Barr not fit to be AG because he's Protecting Trump! (Max Irony!) [View all] 62 Gunslinger201 May 19
CALLS GROW TO PROSECUTE JOHN BRENNAN after Existence of Clandestine CIA Asset in Top Level of Russia [View all] 61 Let it go May 28
Now we know what the Dem Defense is going to be, Trump is using the DOJ against Political Enemies [View all] 60 Gunslinger201 May 5
Would Lefty like to opine why, if it's all so obvious, why don't... [View all] 60 EagleKeeper May 6
Trump surpasses Obama [View all] 60 Trumplethinskin Saturday
Twitter now banning AOC parody account [View all] 59 Charlie Mike May 8
Adopt a Forum Lib Week is coming up the first week of June. [View all] 58 Fred Sanford 12 hrs ago
WTF Mueller? Deceptive Editing found in Report [View all] 57 Gunslinger201 Jun 7
DOJ Admits FBI Never Saw Crowdstrike Report on DNC Russian Hacking Claim [View all] 56 Gunslinger201 9 hrs ago
Biden gropes young girls breast. [View all] 55 Let it go May 14
Mueller Just Proved His Entire Operation Was A Political Hit Job That Trampled The Rule Of Law [View all] 55 rh24 Jun 1
In Muellers Own Words: Read the Special Counsels Summary of the Mueller Report [View all] 55 New Deal Democrat May 8
Mueller throws Trump under the bus [View all] 55 jh4freedom May 29
Why are some right wingers not counting Farrakhan as right wing? [View all] 53 swifty May 5
"President Trumps Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has released about 7,400 border crossers [View all] 53 Independent.mind May 9
Trump cant do infrastructure. [View all] 52 TheShoe May 24
More than 400 former prosecuting attorneys cannot be wrong [View all] 52 jh4freedom May 7
Colorado school shooter is pink hair liberal fruit who hates Christians and Trump. [View all] 50 Pennsylvania May 8
Looks like Idiots has the vapors tonight. 48 bfox74 Thursday
For leftists: What specifically is the President covering up, and how is he covering it up? 48 Nostrings May 25
De Blasio goes to speak at Trump Tower, hilarity ensues. 47 Fred Sanford May 13
If you are not defending Farrakahn or Alex Jones You are doing free speech wrong 47 bruiserboy May 4
Mueller is doing exactly what it takes to sink Trump 47 swifty Jun 2
Robert Mueller - zero integrity 46 Boston May 29
But Wait, There's More: Capitol Flag Flap In Wisconsin Over Gay Pride Rainbow 46 RCW2014 Jun 8
I support Fat Jerry Nadler's subpoena of Bobbie Mueller 46 rh24 May 30
The President Obstructed Justice 45 Micrometer Jun 5
Gun Owners Stockpile Ammo Before New California Background Check Law Begins 45 RCW2014 Monday
Should a psychological evaluation be required to own a firearm? (Poll) 45 myohmy Jun 3
Arent tariffs great? 44 TheShoe Thursday
An $85 million New York City apartment 44 jh4freedom Jun 6
Could Moronia Trump be Donnie's controller? (Poll) 44 Salaam May 8
Watch obama lie as a private citizen, about guns. 43 Nostrings Jun 1
Instagram and Facebook Ban Alex Jones, InfoWars, and a Host of Other Alt-Right Trashbags 43 New Deal Democrat May 4
"U.S.-Mexico Deal Will Not Impact Amnesty Pipeline for MS-13 Gang" 42 Independent.mind Thursday
Question for ALL Members, When in YOUR Experience did you notice Politics had devolved into a Circus 42 Gunslinger201 Jun 1
Will the democrat candidates for president be fasting for Ramadan? 42 TheyLostTheirForums May 6
Mueller is a) a dirty ass political hack b) a stupid ass motherfucker 42 PrescientWon. 5 hrs ago
First Republican congressman to support impeachment 42 jh4freedom May 20
Fucking cuck Jay Inslee just made Washington a sanctuary law state. 41 Jardinier Thursday
Armed Counter Protesters At KKK Rally in Dayton......your thoughts.... 41 Crazy D May 27
Another court defeat for Trump 41 jh4freedom May 23
Booker jumps on the anti-gun race to the bottom. 40 Nostrings May 7
''We have got to recognize that working people deserved livable wages'' -Kamala Harris ref McDonalds 40 quad489 Saturday
"Feds: Only 11 Employers Prosecuted for Hiring Illegal Aliens in Last Year" 40 Independent.mind Jun 4
CONs have lost the debate on abortion 40 TheShoe May 22
another day, another shooting with dead children... 39 myohmy May 8
Trump: I declassified EVERYTHING. 39 Let it go May 26
DEMS would rather HARASS the President than WORK WITH him. 39 PrescientWon. May 24
Uncle Sal's Daddy used to say 39 Salaam Wednesday
Republicanism followers are actually only against legal abortion. 38 swifty May 19
Hey Aquila 38 oflguy Monday
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