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Schiff should approve zero GOP witnesses. [View all] 249 Trevor Nov 17
Democrats issue threat to Barr to Recuse [View all] 110 Gunslinger201 Oct 29
Schiff Witness Vindman Testified that He Thought Presidents Policy Was Wrong So He Advise [View all] 109 Gunslinger201 Nov 12
National Popular Vote campaign in Colorado gets strong fundraising support from California [View all] 94 JanetS Nov 6
Since this cunt O5 feels entitled to tell the CINC what ought to be policy [View all] 93 Charlie Mike Oct 31
Are we back to calling it "global warming"? [View all] 80 Charlie Mike Nov 11
The People have spoken [View all] 75 TheShoe Oct 31
How is Trump supposed to defend himself when theres no crime committed? [View all] 74 Let it go Monday
The so-called whistle blower was the organizer of Bidens extortion of Urkraine [View all] 70 Mr Daffy Duck Nov 17
Huh? Democrats explain the lack of Impeachment due process saying it isn't a legal [View all] 67 Dumper Saturday
I expect a lot from the public impeachment hearings. [View all] 66 swifty Nov 5
Weak Ass Bitches drafting just 2 Impeachment Indictments [View all] 65 PrescientWon. Yesterday
Boycott Chick-fil-a! [View all] 64 TheShoe Nov 19
Trump supporter charged with hate crime for acid attack. [View all] 59 Carlos W Bush Nov 9
Just a reminder, everything we know about Biden's corruption [View all] 56 Charlie Mike Nov 26
If Roberts can issue subpoenas in the Senate trial, I wouldn't want to be Trump [View all] 56 swifty Nov 22
Stick a fork in QuidProJoe. He is done. [View all] 55 rh24 Nov 6
OANN went to Ukraine with Giuliani to interview officials. [View all] 53 Let it go Monday
Whistleblower has been involved in takedown of Trump from its inception. Glenn Beck explains [View all] 53 Let it go Nov 3
Please list other countries where Trump pursued corruption investigations. [View all] 53 Micrometer Nov 19
What about the timeline? [View all] 53 okletstalk Nov 21
Trump posts altered Medal of Honor photo [View all] 52 wonderwarthog Oct 31
When trump opens up TrumpChurch after he makes America great [View all] 52 TheShoe Nov 3
Biden threatens Lindsey Graham [View all] 52 Zuckerberg Hater Nov 26
Jewish groups denounce Trump's 'vile' remarks at Israeli American Council [View all] 51 Trevor Monday
When you try to use a 12th century solution to a 21st Century problem [View all] 51 jh4freedom Nov 3
Marie Yovanovitch [View all] 51 Solesurvivor Nov 20
Here's one BIG thing I just don't get... 49 Crazy in SoFla Nov 8
Hunter Biden demands his financial records are kept SECRET by court in child support suit 48 Let it go Dec 1
The Ten Happiest Nations on Earth 48 jh4freedom Wednesday
I am beginning to think the House won't impeach 48 Tin Ear2 Nov 7
D's are so pleased with the Impeachment hearings, they've given them a nickname: 48 Dumper Nov 15
Lefty likes to claim health care is a right. 47 Charlie Mike Oct 29
Schiff and Pelosi cave: House will vote to "ensure transparency" procedures on Thursday 47 rh24 Oct 29
Bloomberg: 'America Needs an Awful Lot More Immigrants' 47 JanetS Dec 1
Prediction: Roberts picks Constitution over McConnell 46 swifty Nov 27
Socialism & Communism The Most Murderous And Anti-Human Governance In History 46 Iron Condor Dec 3
Basking in the glow of being on the right side, fellow Dems? (Poll) 45 swifty Nov 22
Buttigieg: White People Should Come To Terms With Their Whiteness 45 JanetS Nov 28
Norway arrests US white supremacist ahead of far-right conference 44 jh4freedom Nov 4
Is it time to call the Jug Eared Muslim ShitBabboon the "subject" of the Coup Investigation? (Poll) 44 PrescientWon. Nov 11
Trumps Favorite Coal Baron Going Under 44 Salaam Oct 29
Hard evidence of fraud in Kentucky election. 44 Lumster Nov 9
Tonight's elections are what flips Senate Republicans on impeachment 44 Trumplethinskin Nov 6
Since California won't secede, should we kick them out of the country? 44 oflguy Nov 12
What was Trump's statement on the killing of Bin Laden? 44 Trumplethinskin Oct 28
Trump's 18 minutes 43 Trumplethinskin Oct 30
Note to all 42 TheShoe Nov 18
This Vindman is quite the douche canoe 42 Charlie Mike Nov 20
Trump wants the Crowdstrike servers. Thats it. Thats the ask. 42 Let it go Oct 31
Witness tampering and intimidation are impeachable offenses 41 swifty Nov 19
Obama GDP tops Trump GDP 41 jh4freedom Oct 31
Ironically the bombshell will be Trump or Barr announcing the joint investigation with Ukraine 40 Let it go Saturday
Help me out here... If righty thinks impeachment rules are unfair, why did righty make them that way 40 Ohio Joe Yesterday
States losing population 40 jh4freedom Nov 13
The Senate can't hold confirmation hearings for a supreme court justice 39 Trumplethinskin Nov 29
Majority of Americans see impeachment inquiry as fair 39 jh4freedom Nov 3
The real BOMBSHELL is the IG report followed by DURHAM 38 Let it go Monday
Major Trump donor reversed himself and throws President under the bus 38 jh4freedom Nov 6
What makes Obama's presidency more succesful, or less succesful, then Trumps? 38 LexTalionis Nov 26
Heres a witness Schiff doesnt dare call in impeachment hearings 38 Banshee 3 Actual Nov 19
Pelosi is pulling a scam- not a proper floor vote 37 Gunslinger201 Oct 30
I don't get it.. why is Lefty celebrating today? 37 PrescientWon. Nov 22
Poor Katie Hill 36 Charlie Mike Oct 31
It would take just three Republican senators to turn the impeachment vote into a secret ballot. 36 orson Nov 12
Sondland asks Trump what he wants from Ukraine: NOTHING no quid pro quo 36 Let it go Nov 21
2 things that did not age well 36 Charlie Mike Oct 28
the real reason the haters want Trump gone 36 imwithfred Dec 1
Lying Donnie Trump is on vacation again. So many vacations in 3 years. 36 Salaam Dec 2
Robert Reich: Under Real Capitalism, Billionaires Shouldn't Exist 35 New Deal Democrat Nov 13
The Russification of the Republican Party 35 New Deal Democrat Monday
Vindman asked *THREE* times to be UKRAINE defense minister. 35 Let it go Nov 21
Hey guys, you're never going to believe this but Amb. Taylor has ties to Hunter Biden 35 Charlie Mike Nov 1
Ukraine was the largest donor to the Clinton Foundation 34 Let it go Sunday
Disbarred Democrat who raped 17 Year Old Teen staffer wins election in Va. 34 Banshee 3 Actual Nov 7
Who should be rightfully running for reelection in 2020 (Poll) 34 Charlie Mike Nov 14
When will Lefty realize that Trump will not be convicted in the senate? 34 bfox74 Nov 11
Damn, how did I never notice Kimberly Guilfoyle's rack? 33 Carlos W Bush Nov 2
NBC/WSJ poll: 49 percent now back Trump's impeachment and removal 33 jh4freedom Nov 4
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