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"BabbleonSister" convinced Russia rigged vote totals, 200 rec's and counting! 4 KittyCatIdiots Jun 15
"BabbleonSister" has a message for all you violent white people, lol! 7 KittyCatIdiots Jun 17
"Being white is terrorism" Bernie supporting traitor Reality "Loser" 15 Tin Ear2 Jun 6
"But he loves me, Swifty! He needs me!" 4 swifty Jun 4
"He's a leaker" 5 blue Jun 9
"I can't prove it was stolen but no one can prove that it wasn't..." 6 JaimeBondoJr Jun 20
"I continue to believe Mr. Trump will not be President." 10 TendiesForBreakfast Jun 13
"I think I'm worth the trouble" --A defiant Nancy Pelosi, who says she's not going anywhere. 3 Fred Sanford Thursday
"I've never seen such an extended public display of flattery for a president".. [View all] 53 wonderwarthog Jun 14
"It was coup and we had treason." 6 JaimeBondoJr Jun 18
"It's not just us!" 0 Agent_86 Jun 10
"Major Deflationary Disruption" Looms After Amazon Purchase Of Whole Foods 22 Let it go Jun 19
"NanceScreeds" hates you pussy-grabber Russian traitors, 50 recs and counting! 10 KittyCatIdiots Jun 16
"Not that there's anything wrong with that" 2 Cold Warrior Jun 6
"Our Brand's Worse Than Trump" Democrats Demand "Toxic" Pelosi Step Aside, Trump Urges Her To Stay 6 Let it go Thursday
"Our complacency & cowardly capitulation is proof of our tolerance." says every Democrat ever. 6 Shkreli Jun 4
"Republicans are terrorists" 4 I814U2CY Jun 15
"Republicans are terrorists" or "Muslims are terrorists" 0 I814U2CY Jun 20
"Resignations" at CNN in wake of latest Fake News Russia Report 9 Fred Sanford Yesterday
"Shooter Declared Love For Rachel Maddows Show In Letters To Editor" 4 Iron Condor Jun 14
"Something has to flip." 15 TendiesForBreakfast Jun 20
"Terrorism is just part and parcel of living in a big city." -- Sadiq Khan, Mayor of London 17 PrescientWon. Jun 3
"The Price of Loyalty" 24 smalllivingeddy Jun 13
"The Resistance" is chronological appropriation 0 foia Wednesday
"The View" Spews off on Second Amendment, "It's About a Militia!" 26 Juan Rico Jun 18
"Tick, Tick, Tick" Comey Ally Scrambles To Explain Why "Next Trump Bombshell" Didn't Arrive Today 1 Let it go Monday
"Trump is a traitor" is the lie that drove the massacre attempt by Hodgkinson 8 Let it go Jun 14
"Voter suppression" is simply persuasion and a GOOD thing. The idea that everyone votes is stupid. 5 Shkreli Wednesday
"Where's [Waldo] the Clinton Foundation?" 3 Dumper Jun 3
"Why, yes, Mr. President!" Pelosi circa 2008... 2 wonderwarthog Friday
#PresidentTrump Talks About Building SolarWall Fun Watching Left GO INSANE! 13 Let it go Sunday
''Chicago Dyke parade'' tells Lesbian Jews to leave so as not to offend Palestinians 10 Banshee 3 Actual Sunday
'Conservatism' Failing from Topeka to Tulsa to the River Thames: 'BradCast' 6/9/2017 42 Maya Jun 11
'Enough is enough': Theresa May says there's been 'far too much tolerance' of 'evil' Islamist terror 28 rh24 Jun 4
'I'll put a bullet in your head':... 16 Doctor_R Jun 5
'One down, 216 to go': New York representative receives threatening message after congressman shoot 4 Banshee 3 Actual Jun 14
'Run, hide, tell': Metropolitan Police issue warning as officers launch hunt for attackers 5 Juan Rico Jun 4
'The cold biological truth is that sex changes are impossible,' says Camille Paglia 11 Let it go Jun 16
'Trump' T-Shirt Reportedly Blacked-Out in Yearbook Photo 3 Pennsylvania Jun 11
(POLL) Do you think DC Polls deserve to concealed carry despite DC gun laws? (Poll) 17 EagleKeeper Thursday
**BREAKING NEWS** - At least Four shot in workplace shooting 3 Rebeca42 Jun 14
...FUTURE NEWS... Hillary to add Loretta Lynch to reasons Hillary lost the presidential election... 0 Gamle-ged Jun 8
1+1+1 equals? 11 Dumper Jun 12
1.4 million illegals working under stolen Social Security numbers: Audit 15 Let it go Thursday
10 things we learned yesterday... [View all] 57 Solesurvivor Jun 10
10x more women die from accidental poisoning than do from violence against women annually. 10 Shkreli Jun 14
149 Days in Office and Lefty is Still Shooting Blanks! Ha! Their Narrative is Falling Apart! 6 It Guy Jun 19
149 Dead So Far In Ramadan Attacks 3 Dexter Morgan Jun 4
2 MILLION out of 12 Million have NOT paid their ObamaCare premiums. 1 Fred Sanford Jun 13
2/3 of Americans are done with Russia crap. Harvard poll 3 Pennsylvania Sunday
2018. Don't count your chickens, Lefty. 7 PrescientWon. Sunday
23.5 down to 3.8 a gain of 19.5 in Georgia, even more of a gain in SC and interesting Drudge page 22 graham4anything4HC45 Wednesday
3.5 million Hispanic voters 14 Trumplethinskin Jun 12
40 percent of LA county is on Medicaid. 17 Let it go 39 min ago
55% of American adults say political anger triggered Democratic shooter 4 rh24 Jun 16
6 days since a mainstream liberal voter gunned down a US Congressman. 22 Fred Sanford Jun 20
6/12/2016 - Never Again 2 TendiesForBreakfast Jun 12
6/26/17 Martin Shkreli 8 Trumplethinskin Jun 11
60% of Americans support Trumps immigrant welfare ban, 27 bruiserboy 30 min ago
62-Year-Old German Woman Fined over 1,000 Euros for Sharing Anti-Migrant Joke Online 5 Tin Ear2 Jun 6
75% of black California boys dont meet state reading standards.. 19 Dexter Morgan Jun 18
9.2 billion as a parting shot for the UN? 0 oflguy Jun 3
A bouncy to sleep on... 13 JaimeBondoJr Jun 5
A cray cray Democrat day day! 2 Shkreli Jun 9
A few stats for the next time an Islam apologist tries to tell you Islam isn't the problem: 9 TendiesForBreakfast Jun 4
A foreign state has systematically tried to engineer 37 gowiththrottleup Jun 10
A friendly word of advice to DI users re: necroposting 44 TendiesForBreakfast Jun 8
a German lefty's observations 4 357blackhawk Jun 9
A good day to remind everyone that AG Eric Holder ran guns to Mexico 29 U.S.Awesome Jun 14
A GOP POTUS is repeatedly being mocked assassinated, now GOP reps are being shot. 47 Fred Sanford Jun 15
A Haaaaaa! Apparently there IS a way $hrillary Clinton can become Presnit! 9 JaimeBondoJr Jun 7
A hard line on social media may not cure terrorism. By taking them off that media, 5 Dumper Jun 4
A Londoner Responds to the Fanta Fascists Tweets 16 wonderwarthog Jun 10
A lot of leftist men here sure seem pretty upset about abortion not being universally accepted. 23 I814U2CY Jun 20
A mass shooting isn't surprising given the mainstreaming of political violence by Democrats 18 MumblyPeg Jun 15
A Massive Anti-Trump Summer of Rage is Coming 16 TendiesForBreakfast Jun 11
A message from President Trump ahead of congress baseball game 0 bernt-toast Jun 15
A moment of silence for the 93 million Americans who died today from gun violence 15 TendiesForBreakfast Jun 15
A month ago libs were saying Steve Bannon was being driven out, Now he's the secret President? 14 Da Mannn Jun 3
A note about Ariana Grande. 22 PrescientWon. Jun 5
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