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Should D's, be castigated* for their treatment of the aging Mueller? They 3 Dumper Jul 28
" Cobb deputies guard NRA president's home " 22 myohmy Aug 7
""This morning I left my community of Baltimore, a drug infested area..." 3 Nostrings Jul 31
"...any Jewish people that vote for a Democrat -- shows a total lack of knowledge or...disloyalty 22 orson Thursday
"And claimed the scalp of the chief of police" (Poll) 8 Frankenvoter Jul 30
"Dear Hollywood - Please Keep Destroying My Childhood" 1 Nostrings Aug 5
"Diversity is our strength". 1 Nostrings Jul 30
"if i were president i'd fix baltimere fast" trump 13 rampartb Jul 28
"Moscow Mitch" Tag Enrages McConnell and Squeezes G.O.P. on Election Security 10 RCW2014 Jul 30
"Not a slippery slope to pedophilia", they said. [View all] 58 TendiesForBreakfast Aug 16
"Our chapter is not against action, though." 0 TendiesForBreakfast Aug 4
"Person of color" thinks Trump has David Duke in cabinet (Poll) 24 Frankenvoter Aug 9
"Scaramucci says he does not support Trump's reelection" 35 Independent.mind Aug 13
"The Left always goes for the sugar rush" 0 Nostrings Aug 5
"The Media's Guide to Protesters". 0 Nostrings Aug 6
"Trump says he delayed tariffs because of concerns over Christmas shopping season" 20 Independent.mind Aug 14
"We're racist?" 2 Nostrings Monday
"You a punk faggot." "I believe in offing the pigs." 11 TendiesForBreakfast Jul 30
"You didn't build that" 4 Iron Condor Tuesday
"You managed to violate every principle and the most sacred of traditions" 3 Iron Condor Jul 27
#KamalaHarrisDestroyed Trends On Twitter After Annihilation By Tulsi Gabbard, Russian Bots Blamed 3 RCW2014 Aug 2
$200,000,000,000-$500,000,000,000 in reparations... 3 PrescientWon. Jul 31
$500B in reparations is $2000 each for 250M American citizens... 16 PrescientWon. Jul 31
$70,000 per minute 28 jh4freedom Aug 12
'Gambler Trump Plays Poker While China Plays Chess', Thinking A Few Moves Ahead 2 RCW2014 Aug 7
'Rat Film' documentary about Baltimore's rodent fight to air on PBS tonight (From last year) 10 rh24 Jul 28
(Another lawsuit!) Chris Wray's FBI continues to cover for Team Comey's Russia shenanigans 2 AmandaCMatthews Jul 31
(Curtain rises, Dumper enters stage right and takes a bow) On Tuesday I posted 1 Dumper Jul 25
... 1 CornFed Aug 11
...the heavy Hispanic population in Texas will make us a Democrat stronghold... 5 Cold Warrior Aug 4
1 good thing about Alabama 25 Salaam Jul 29
10 declassified Russia collusion revelations that could rock Washington this fall 6 Gunslinger201 Wednesday
10 declassified Russia collusion revelations that could rock Washington this fall 5 Let it go Wednesday
10% tariff on everything from China sounds like a good start... 6 quad489 Aug 3
100% chance that there was additional, not yet public wrongdoing In Epstein death 5 Let it go Aug 11
11 children shot dead in St. Louis shitholes since June. How many 2 Fred Sanford Aug 13
12 Marines will be charged with smuggling illegals 4 jh4freedom Aug 12
13 more judges 18 Pennsylvania Aug 2
16 Marines Arrested in human smuggling & drug cases 3 jh4freedom Jul 26
22% Of Millennials Say They Have No Friends 1 Let it go Aug 6
22,000 Federal, State and Local Gun laws already on the books. ... 2 DP46 Aug 15
260 mass shootings since Jan 8 def_con5 Aug 4
36 cases invoking 'Trump' in connection with violence, threats, alleged assaults 30 Salaam Thursday
4chan has a great idea for red flag laws 1 Let it go Aug 7
4chan user posted about Jeffrey Epstein's death before it was public 8 bernt-toast Aug 14
7 dead, 48 wounded in Chicago Shithole shootings over the weekend. 8 Fred Sanford Aug 5
72% want illegals to have a path to legal status 6 jh4freedom Aug 13
80,000 people killed by gun violence in 5 years 27 jh4freedom Aug 5
8chan has moved to uncensorable peer to peer network 4 Let it go Aug 6
A 'Lemon' is clearly a fruit, not a veggie. 4 Dumper Aug 3
A Blockade of Venezuela Must Be Opposed 11 RCW2014 Aug 5
A CNN 'talking head' emotionally defended the squalid conditions many minorities are 6 Dumper Jul 29
A communistic minded democrat preaching reality. 4 Magyar Heidinn Aug 4
A Kennedy died. 12 TheShoe Aug 3
A little Historical FYI re: the Philly gunman 1 PrescientWon. Aug 14
A note to the GOA, NRA and Firearms Mfg's... 5 PrescientWon. Aug 8
A penny map 0 Qukid Saturday
A question for you liberals 9 oflguy 30 min ago
A rat runs through a FOX45 Baltimore Reporters live shot during a story on President Trumps tweet 5 Thorson Jul 30
A reminder for liberals 3 Badsamm Thursday
A repost from KittyCatIdiots 20 MoshMasterD Jul 27
A smart move Trump could make... fireside chat. 5 PrescientWon. Aug 4
A train song 0 wonderwarthog Aug 5
A useful idiot who still has time for a donut (Poll) 2 Frankenvoter Aug 4
ABCs Terry Moran: impeachments over 3 Let it go Jul 27
ABL on Don Lemon's Sick Display of Disrespect 13 HerasHeaddress Aug 3
About 85% if the illegal 'children' are teenagers, not toddlers! Do we rip 17 year old's 3 Dumper Thursday
About that joe walsh primary bid... 2 Nostrings 20 hrs ago
Accurate portrayal of what Tulsi did to Camela 1 msv Aug 2
Accuser sues Jeffrey Epstein and details alleged co-conspirators' tactics to lure her: "The trap was 7 bernt-toast Aug 14
Activist Group Files Ethics Complaint Against AIPAC Over Congressional Israel Trips 3 RCW2014 Aug 16
Actual WaPoop link: "The debate airs at 8 p.m. on CNN and Telemundo." 4 Grebbid Jul 30
Add the Trump economy bungling to the list of Republican failures. 16 swifty Aug 15
Adolf Hitler was a hardcore Socialist 41 Iron Condor Thursday
Africans get homes in Maine 22 jh4freedom Aug 16
Agreement with Guatemala signed. 3 Let it go Jul 26
Ah liberals are ordering Trump rally seats to keep them empty. 13 Pennsylvania Thursday
Al Franken and DU 2 outside 16 hrs ago
Alabama Restaurant Closing so They Wont Have to Serve racist Fans Of FNC asshat Brian Kilmeade 6 RCW2014 Aug 10
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