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Schumer press conference ... 6 Fireant16 Dec 17
!!!!IMPEACHMENT!!!!! 7 Let it go Dec 18
"51 percent of Americans support House vote to impeach Trump" 16 jh4freedom Jan 14
"Americans Evenly Divided on Trump Removal, WSJ/NBC News Poll Finds" 19 jh4freedom Dec 19
"Anti-cop attitudes take a high toll on our cities." Bill Barr, today's NY Post 25 Dumper Dec 19
"Anyone that can throw coal into a furnace... can learn to code." -- Joe Biden 7 PrescientWon. Dec 31
"Biden leads Democratic primary field in Iowa" 8 jh4freedom Monday
"Come on, man, I should have learned to CODE 3 1/2 years ago!" 15 Dumper Jan 10
"Death to America!" 0 Charlie Mike Jan 8
"Gulags Weren't That Bad": Sanders Staffer Says Trump Supporters Need To Be 'Re-Educated In Camps 3 Let it go Jan 14
"Hope this is the first step to regime change in Tehran" 3 Aquila Jan 4
"If the bills go through as proposed, they will not be enforced. They are unconstitutional." 8 Nostrings Monday
"Impeached For Life": Pelosi sets off Twitter fireworks... 8 RCW2014 Jan 13
"Inquiring minds want.....!" Whose was the ONLY transcript from the Schiff hearings which 1 Dumper Jan 12
"Iowa voters split on impeachment in latest Iowa Poll" 2 jh4freedom Jan 12
"Majority Support Allowing New Impeachment Evidence" 4 jh4freedom 21 hrs ago
"Name the fallen US service member who doesn't justify killing Soleimani." 1 Charlie Mike Jan 14
"Parnas and Ukraine aid bombshells jolt impeachment trial" 6 jh4freedom Thursday
"Putin rigged the UK election, too!!!" 6 Fred Sanford Dec 13
"Russian aggression" is just a pretext for US politicians to further bloat 2020 defense budget,... 8 RCW2014 Dec 24
"Schiff mauls Cipollone on impeachment trial's first day" 8 jh4freedom 8 hrs ago
"Soleimani is a murderer, his leader is a traitor" Democrat Hero Soleimani Hated by actual Iranians 3 rh24 Jan 11
"Support for Trump impeachment, removal outweighs opposition" 9 jh4freedom Dec 27
"The era of leading from behind with pallets of cash is over" 0 bernt-toast Jan 3
"They dont like us, thats what this is all about". [View all] 51 Nostrings Dec 13
"Trump is the blackest president we've ever had." 0 bernt-toast 1 hr ago
"U.S. Party Preferences Steady During Trump Era" 0 jh4freedom Jan 7
"Unite the Right" leader arrested for domestic violence 8 jh4freedom Jan 2
"We MUST hear from these witnesses so urgently that a challenge in court is an impeachable offense!" 2 Charlie Mike Jan 14
"We will not be lectured": Russia stands by Putin calling pro-Hitler Polish WWII envoy bastard & a 5 RCW2014 Dec 30
"You Should Go To Fuc*in' Jail": Chaos Ensues As Schiff Accused Of 'Treason' At California Event 7 Badsamm Dec 17
#IranianCollusion 0 Charlie Mike Jan 8
#IranianCollusion 0 Charlie Mike Jan 8
#ItsOkayToBeWhite 2 TendiesForBreakfast Dec 31
#merry christmas mr president 2 rampartb Dec 25
$7.2 billion more for the wall! 6 Let it go Jan 14
'10,001 DOW Points led the big patade!' Sing along. 1 Dumper Dec 17
'Come out to the gulag, we'll get together, have a few laughs...' 2 Nostrings Wednesday
'Great example for the rest of this country': Bloomberg sees California as model for U.S. 2 JanetS Jan 7
'Hate Group' Lawsuit Clears Hurdle, Judeo-Christian Group Warns SPLC 'Day of Reckoning' Is Coming 1 Muddling Through 4 hrs ago
'I'm not trying to pretend to be a fair juror here': Graham says Trump impeachment will 'die quickly 20 New Deal Democrat Dec 15
'It's all a lie!': Constituents scream at Democrat over impeachment during town hall 8 rh24 Dec 12
'Jeopardy!' contestants can't identify Adam Schiff from a photo 1 rh24 Thursday
'Simply a Lie,' Biden Accuses Sanders Campaign of Releasing 'Doctored' Video 0 RCW2014 Sunday
'tis a solemn duty they are reluctantly forced to discharge 1 Charlie Mike Dec 19
*gasps in leftist* 15 Charlie Mike Jan 5
*Twilight Zone theme music plays* 1 Charlie Mike Dec 14
1 month until the Iowa caucus 2 TheShoe Jan 2
1,000s of cops and veterans pledge to join militias. 5 Hades Dec 18
10 Possible Translations of Ayatollah Khomeini's Funeral Meltdown 0 Solesurvivor Jan 7
10 signs to watch for by people tweeting who know nothing about the Middle East but will now talk... 0 Let it go Jan 4
100,000 New Jerseyans want to attend Trump rally 2 imwithfred Monday
12 words 8 Charlie Mike Friday
18 U.S. Code 2384 - Seditious Conspiracy 'TWENTY YEARS.' 28 Let it go Dec 27
1st satellite image after devastation from Iran war 2 bernt-toast Jan 8
2008, 2016 all over again 3 imwithfred Friday
2014: Company Cofounded by Paul Pelosi Jr. Charged with Securities Fraud 0 Let it go Dec 29
2019 DACA statistics 9 jh4freedom Wednesday
2020 Democratic Field Is Outraising Trump by A Huge Margin that Didnt Happen to Obama or Bush 4 RCW2014 Sunday
2020 Trump Convicted Felon, Indictment & Impeachment Calendar (April-June) 20 jh4freedom Dec 29
2020 Trump convicted felon, indictment & impeachment calendar (October-December) 8 jh4freedom Dec 29
2020 Trump Felon, Indictment & Impeachment Calendar (January-March) 16 jh4freedom Dec 30
2020 Trump Felon, Indictment & Impeachment Calendar (July-September) 1 jh4freedom Dec 28
2020 Trump re-election calendar (November 3) 0 foia Dec 28
2020+: If you inherit a non spousal IRA you will have 10 years to distribute the whole thing. 2 Let it go Dec 26
3 Years In, No Sign of Trumps Replacement for Obamacare 22 RCW2014 Dec 30
4th Quarter 2019 fundraising totals 2 jh4freedom Jan 6
5 times Obama threatened/withheld foreign aid 7 Charlie Mike Dec 12
51% support removing Trump from office 7 jh4freedom 20 hrs ago
53 percent of voters say evidence supports Trump impeachment 12 jh4freedom Dec 20
5th Circuit Court of Appeals declares Individual Mandate, ObamaCare... unconstitutional 14 PrescientWon. Dec 18
600-odd pro-impeachment rallies tomorrow. 7 foia Dec 18
69 percent of Americans say they are watching impeachment closely 8 jh4freedom Dec 20
737 Max production suspended. 17 TheShoe Dec 16
737 observations 7 Let it go Jan 8
9 minutes of video from veritas. "cities burn". 3 Nostrings Jan 14
92% of Americans want President Trump to remain in office 2 Fred Sanford Yesterday
98 show up at Biden Campaign Event 2 Gunslinger201 Dec 23
A brilliant strategy of no defineable objective delaying the inevitable conclusion. 16 Charlie Mike Dec 21
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