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"...80% of gun owners shoot themselves or members of their own families." 20 Nostrings Dec 3
"...push women and children to the front, and then begin basically rocking our agents." 2 Nostrings Nov 26
"...The differences between the Holocaust and the caravan in Tijuana." 10 Nostrings Nov 28
"...the franchise - in particular, this film - enables toxic masculinity..." 5 Nostrings Nov 21
"2 3rds of Democrats believe #FakeNews". 15 Nostrings Nov 19
"all the elvis impersonators love donald trump" trump (Poll) 0 rampartb Nov 28
"Americans are watching" - Lindsey Graham 4 Nostrings Nov 26
"Angry Uncle Bot" 0 Nostrings Nov 20
"Asking a woman why she needs two laptops is indicative of gender bias..." 7 Nostrings Nov 20
"Asking to be considered a refugee & applying for status isnt a crime." Guess who? 0 Nostrings Nov 26
"Beto ORourke: Hes Barack Obama, but white" 7 Nostrings Nov 19
"California throws a wrench in Democrats 2020 Primary" 4 Cynical 2 hrs ago
"Can we take a moment to step back and gaze in awe at the Baddest of the Badasses, Hillary Clinton?" 15 Cynical Nov 30
"CNN Breaking: Mueller preparing final report" 7 Doctor_R Nov 8
"Do your own research" is a pussy assed cop-out for not having evidence. 23 Charlie Mike Dec 9
"For the record, Barack Obama is the most qualified person in the country to be president." 6 Nostrings Dec 4
"Good morning to all the white women out there with Trump-voting relatives." 10 Nostrings Nov 21
"Hillary Clinton Receives Large Cash Advance..." 3 Nostrings Nov 13
"How is Columbus Day a holiday but Election Day not?" 5 Nostrings Nov 18
"I am the chancellor of Germany," :Elderly French woman mistakes Angela Merkel for Macron's wife 0 rh24 Nov 12
"I would like to make him a broth of legionella and pump it into the water ..." 5 Nostrings Nov 28
"I'd take a bullet"... Then poor old Fredo threw him under the bus 12 Ohio Joe Nov 30
"i'm the greatest president in history" trump (Poll) 23 rampartb Nov 28
"If you're innocent, why are you taking the Fifth Amendment? 47 Phlegm Monger Dec 5
"Is it just me or have an amazing number of ballots appeared?" 11 Doctor_R Nov 9
"It defies logic to me... 13 bfox74 Nov 30
"it's fascist" to question the competence of Florida's election officials. 11 Nostrings Nov 15
"It's not a slippery slope to pedophilia," they said. 20 TendiesForBreakfast Sunday
"It's not an invasion" - Calling Jimmy, Jimmy Acosta please pick up a courtesy phone 1 MumblyPeg Dec 4
"Its a nice day to..." Do it the right way and become a citizen. 1 Nostrings Nov 15
"Justice Department prosecutors have begun interviewing witnesses and contacting lawyers to... 2 Doctor_R Dec 6
"Little Adam Schitt" 25 rh24 Nov 18
"Nancy. Its called transparency". 9 Tin Ear2 Tuesday
"Outraged" Trump Claims 19,000 Missing Strzok Texts Would Have Exposed Mueller Probe "Hoax" 5 Let it go 9 hrs ago
"President Trumps Stealth Bump Stock Ban Is Illegal And Ignorant" 9 Independent.mind Dec 7
"Republican" james comey... 6 Nostrings Dec 10
"Rex Tillerson claims he had to constantly remind Trump not to violate the law" 23 Independent.mind Dec 7
"Romaine lettuce is too dangerous to be in stores, but guns are still available 24 hours per day" 20 Nostrings Nov 26
"She has no reason to lie"...except to become a fake lefty heroine.Funny her voice has changed too. 5 Carl Thursday
"Since no American magazine will put her on a cover, well just have to celebrate her ourselves." 30 Nostrings Nov 28
"Starving women and children..." 2 Doctor_R Nov 27
"That was me, people!" 4 TendiesForBreakfast Dec 1
"The ballot-scanning machine was running too fast..." 4 Nostrings Nov 17
"The hunt for blue November" 3 Nostrings Nov 15
"The pilgrims were queer". 3 Nostrings Nov 23
"The Second Time as Farce" 7 Independent.mind Tuesday
"The story of Thanksgiving is the story of a migrant caravan" 6 Nostrings Nov 24
"Trump has gone from insisting that he had nothing to do with Russia [View all] 80 Independent.mind Dec 5
"U.S. immigration laws have been working for a long time..." 4 Nostrings Nov 25
"Unite the Right" rally member convicted of First Degree Murder 16 jh4freedom Dec 7
"Utterly defeated by the resolve of President Trump" 8 Iron Condor Nov 29
"We don't need Jews running the Democratic Party right now." 3 TendiesForBreakfast Dec 1
"We have 10 years left to plan and implement a Green New Deal before cataclysmic climate disaster." 7 Nostrings Nov 15
"We want Trump!" 12 Doctor_R Dec 4
"We're not trying to take your guns." LIARS 14 Doctor_R Nov 16
"Zoom lens", right. 1 TendiesForBreakfast Nov 28
#BelieveWomen 3 Charlie Mike Nov 20
#BlueRecession 6 PrescientWon. Nov 20
#RakeNews 5 New Deal Democrat Nov 19
#SchumerShutdown imminent as Chucky admits negotiating with Trump for wall money 0 MumblyPeg Nov 29
#walkaway 6 New Deal Democrat Nov 18
$4,700 5 Charlie Mike Wednesday
'But I Don't Care': Orrin Hatch Just Openly Admitted That He Thinks Trump Should Be Above The Law 17 RCW2014 Tuesday
'CBP started it, its their fault!' 0 Nostrings Nov 26
'Get out!': Residents of Tijuana have not warmly welcomed the Migrant Caravan 8 rh24 Nov 16
'Good For Multipolar World: Putin Positive On Macrons European Army Plan Bashed By Trump 0 RCW2014 Nov 11
'He is a beautiful, funny, kind, sweet man': Michelle Obama about George W Bush. 8 Jardinier Nov 14
'Individual #1": Trump Emerges as A Central Subject of Mueller Probe 4 RCW2014 Nov 30
'Never Nancy' Revolt Brewing Against Pelosi, as Rebellious House Dems Refuse Support for Speaker Bid 6 RCW2014 Nov 15
'Shameful Attack': California Firefighters Union Chief Blasts Trump's Wildfire Tweet 3 RCW2014 Nov 11
'Sup Carl? 25 Qukid Nov 26
'Toxic Trump Syndrome:' Trump Still Coming Up Short In Chief Of Staff Search 4 RCW2014 Thursday
'Very Insulting': Trump Bashes Macron's Idea Of European Army For Protection From Russia, China & US 4 RCW2014 Nov 10
(Very) Early 2020 election outlook: 10 Doctor_R Dec 9
*snicker* 3 Charlie Mike Thursday
+155,000, unemployment 3.7, wages up 3.1% Lets try socialism!! 3 Tin Ear2 Dec 7
0bamacare ruled UNCONSTITUTIONAL. 40 Doctor_R Sunday
1 down - 56 more to go 1 Charlie Mike Sunday
1 In 3 'Caravan' Migrants Are Sick, Some With Deadly Diseases 5 Let it go Nov 30
10 Years After The Recession, Americans Wake Up To Rising Prices 10 RCW2014 Nov 11
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