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" right to privacy is an important constitutional right to liberals" 4 Nostrings Jun 3
"A childs happiness is priceless..." part two of an educational series... 2 Nostrings May 21
"Another (DISTRICT COURT) court defeat for Trump? nm 2 Dumper May 23
"Barr used the word spying but he immediately backed off on it. He backed off again and again." 2 Nostrings May 21
"Cryin Chuck" and "Crazy Nancy"! 9 Nostrings May 25
"Feds: Only 11 Employers Prosecuted for Hiring Illegal Aliens in Last Year" 40 Independent.mind Jun 4
"George McGovern" Bernie goes after Old Joe 5 imwithfred Jun 3
"Give us more money!" *pay raise* "How dare you try to bribe us!" 2 Charlie Mike May 5
"he sent one of his daughters, which is even better for me". Who said that on the campaign trail? 2 Nostrings May 4
"Highly Likely" Is The New Evidence: Five Times Western Officials Had No Proof But Media Fell For It 4 RCW2014 May 30
"It's All A Fraud": Deceptive Edits Found In Mueller Report 10 Let it go Jun 3
"Left Vows To Topple Patriarchy By Allowing Biological Males To Dominate Women's Sports?" 12 Dumper Jun 6
"Liarness" reputation is communicable 30 swifty Yesterday
"Look, I'm Joe Biden, I'm Joe Bidens husband" 2 rh24 2 hrs ago
"Michael avanatti..." part 5 of an ongoing educational series... 0 Nostrings May 22
"Muellers team has expressed reluctance to him testifying publicly" 8 Nostrings May 23
"Nearly 9-in-10 Illegal Aliens Recently Released into U.S. Not Showing Up to Court Hearings" 16 Independent.mind May 31
"North Korea fires 2 short-range missiles, 5 days after previous launch;" 4 Independent.mind May 9
"North Korea's Kim Jong Un oversees testing of multiple rocket launchers, 9 Independent.mind May 6
"Oh, we'd fill it" 2 Nostrings May 28
"Parasites don't have rights". 11 Nostrings May 23
"Please don't let him be black Please don't let him be black Please don't let him be black" Says DU 30 Jardinier Jun 3
"President Trumps Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has released about 7,400 border crossers [View all] 53 Independent.mind May 9
"Secrecy is used by authoritarian regimes...Trump Administration must make transparency a priority" 2 Nostrings May 26
"Size matters, deBlasio." 3 Nostrings May 18
"SOCIALISM, LAZY SLOUTCHES ON WELFARE"!!! Trump Readies $20 Billion for Farmers Hurt By Trade War 24 RCW2014 May 21
"Steaming pile of cringe" 2 Nostrings May 28
"The Art Of Expensing": NYTimes Leaks Trump's Billion-Dollar Tax Loss From 1985-1994 Decade 5 Let it go May 7
"The walls are closing in." Part one of an educational series... 3 Nostrings May 20
"This is how deep state corruption works". 4 Nostrings May 30
"This Was Not Spying, It Was Entrapment": Bongino Spits Fire As Nunes Demands Mifsud Docs 1 Let it go May 4
"True conservative republican" jennifer ruben 0 Nostrings May 8
"Trump Won't Win". Part 4 of an ongoing educational series... 0 Nostrings May 21
"U.S.-Mexico Deal Will Not Impact Amnesty Pipeline for MS-13 Gang" 42 Independent.mind Thursday
"Walmart CEO slams the federal minimum wage as 'too low' and urges Congress to push it higher" 36 Independent.mind Jun 6
"white supremacy has become normalized" 8 Nostrings May 11
"Why don't Trump supporters and Republicans want Mueller to testify?" 10 Nostrings May 21
"Wikipedia Is... Broken," Controlled By Special Interests & Bad Actors Says Co-Founder 15 Let it go May 27
''We have got to recognize that working people deserved livable wages'' -Kamala Harris ref McDonalds 40 quad489 Saturday
'City of Satan': Meghan McCain Gets Biblical While Dissing Russia's Capital 0 RCW2014 May 3
'In God We Trust' Will Remain on US Currency as Supreme Court Declines Atheist Challenge 12 RCW2014 Monday
'Making People Pawns & Hostages': UN Rights Expert Slams US Sanctions War On Iran, Cuba & Venezuela 21 RCW2014 May 9
'Moderate doctor jekyll' biden flip flops into far leftist Mr. Anti-hyde 2 Nostrings May 21
'So Help Me God' No More: Democrats Give House Traditions a Makeover 20 RCW2014 May 12
'The end of trumps presidency' part 3 of an educational series 3 Nostrings May 21
'The Ugly Americans': From Kermit Roosevelt to John Bolton 4 RCW2014 Jun 2
'They were "comandeered" by avenatti..' Part 6 in an ongoing educational series... 1 Nostrings May 24
'We're Courting Danger':Trump Suffers Foreign Policy Setbacks In Iran, North Korea, Venezuela, China 4 RCW2014 May 12
...And Then They Came For Crowder 2 Solesurvivor Thursday
10 year old gets shoulder massage from Creepy Uncle Joe. 3 Let it go May 29
10 years after Ted Kennedy's death, ABC news bravely investigates the death of Mary Jo Kopechne. 21 cologeek May 9
116 Africans arrested crossing border illegally. 1 Pennsylvania Jun 1
17 Million F*ck Offs. NSFW 4 Currentsitguy Monday
1997: Donald Trump likens avoiding contracting STDs during his single years to Vietnam 23 Aquila Saturday
1MDBs Jho Low, Rapper Pras Michel Indicted Over $21m+ Obama Donation 0 Let it go May 10
2014: Drug Warrior Joe Biden's son discharged from Navy after testing positive for cocaine 15 Aquila May 13
2016 Police Report: Cocaine Pipe Found in Car Rented by Hunter Biden 5 Let it go May 17
2017 Comey tells Congress No Surveillance of Trump Campaign now says normal and routine 3 Gunslinger201 May 10
2018s refugees as opposed to migrants seeking asylum 7 jh4freedom Jun 6
2024 DEM Primary Prediction thread. 8 PrescientWon. May 10
2024 President Ron DeSantis leads Florida contingent 0 TheyLostTheirForums May 26
29% approval for Barr handling of Mueller Report 20 jh4freedom May 9
30% of so called immigrant families are fake. 14 Let it go May 14
32 oops *36* years in senate and 8 as VP and NOW Biden wants to cure cancer? 4 Let it go Wednesday
4 B-52s headed to Irans neighborhood. 2 Pennsylvania May 7
6 lies obama told in brazil 3 Nostrings Jun 2
600000 to 700000 bbl of oil a day 14 TheShoe Jun 1
8th Place: A High School Girls Life After Transgender Students Join Her Sport 6 Muddling Through May 10
9 Democrat Presidential Candidates have not met the minimum donor requirements for the Debate Stage 6 Gunslinger201 May 10
9 Klansmen show up at a rally... 11 PrescientWon. May 25
A big Congrat's to the great state of ALABAMA!! 8 PrescientWon. May 15
A cautionary tale to Lefty from Australia 3 rh24 May 20
A clearer picture of Liberal Hypocrisy you've NEVER seen. 2 PrescientWon. May 8
A compromise has been reached on a section of Arizona border wall. 1 jh4freedom May 16
A large part of Trump's success in Europe was the reporting of the 'Europress, unfiltered by 0 Dumper Jun 6
A lot of defeating Trump really may boil down to name calling, unfortunately. 14 swifty May 11
A pattern? Lefties say they're for strong borders until Trump is. They say we should investigate 1 Dumper May 24
A projected image is worth a thousand words. 24 jh4freedom Jun 5
A question for the Cavers 23 Cold Warrior Friday
A simple but powerful observation about russia investigation origins. 5 Nostrings May 29
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