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"'Whoa, Nellie!' Nellie Ohr, paid for by HRC and the DNC, did OPO on Trump FAMILY! 4 Dumper Jan 31
"America Will Never Be A Socialist Country" 13 Iron Condor Feb 6
"And also, I fucked Bob Mueller's mother" 0 TendiesForBreakfast Feb 5
"Congratulations to...and his team for showing that Virginia wont stand for hatred and bigotry." 3 Nostrings Feb 2
"Dat ass, tho!" 15 Charlie Mike Feb 7
"Democratic Socialism will end Welfare" 4 Doctor_R Thursday
"Does 'race relations' ONLY mean how black people feel about white people nd how 3 Dumper Feb 10
"For you, not for me", Schumer edition 0 TendiesForBreakfast Feb 11
"Happy Thanksgiving" from nan: 1 Doctor_R Sunday
"Hardly Ever" Trumper Republicans are poised to make him accept full DACA for a small 2 Dumper Jan 28
"I want people to come into our country in the largest numbers ever, 2 bfox74 Feb 6
"It was a source that was well known to both Mr. Bezos and Mrs. Sanchez." 6 Let it go Feb 11
"Journalists" pick out outfits for Kamala Toe 27 Gunslinger201 Sunday
"Links and/or coordination between the Russian government 28 jh4freedom Jan 28
"Meet the New Democrat Party: black faced, two faced and red faced!" M Malkin nm 25 Dumper Feb 8
"Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake." -Napoleon Bonaparte╗┐ 0 Solesurvivor Saturday
"No evidence" on jussie's phone. 6 Doctor_R Feb 12
"Northam is killing us." 9 Doctor_R Feb 3
"Smash racism DC" organizer/Antifa leader arrested, charged with multiple felonies... 5 Nostrings Jan 29
"Stepping in shit is a mistake. Stepping in it on purpose is crazy." 2 _eek Friday
"The only national emergency is that our president is an idiot." 18 jh4freedom Sunday
"The only real national emergency we have..." 3 Trumplethinskin 9 hrs ago
"The US Constitution Article I, Section 9" 5 Iron Condor Yesterday
"This is America in 2019"- CNN Infobabe 2 Horsefeathers Monday
"This was consistent with what I did" at the time, she says. 5 Let it go Feb 6
"Trump Fatigue?" 22 jh4freedom Feb 4
"Tupac beat a rapper with a baseball bat, shot two cops, and punched a movie director; 2 Dumper Feb 3
"US intel chiefs share latest assessment of North Korea, Iran nuclear programs" 42 Independent.mind Jan 31
"Way Out' POPULIST consideration for my Conservative brethren. Pocahontas suggests 21 Dumper Feb 4
"We're gonna win"- Crazy Bernie 7 Horsefeathers Yesterday
"Why A Wall Alone Cant Fix The Emergency On The U.S. Border" [View all] 78 Independent.mind 1 hr ago
"Why We Should Amend The Constitution To Restrict The Presidents Power To Pardon" 12 Independent.mind Feb 8
#HorizontalHarris is a LIAR 6 PrescientWon. Feb 12
#NeverTrump Bill Kristol watched as The Weakly Standard cratered. Then he started The Bulwark. 0 Charlie Mike Feb 12
#NotesFromNationalEmergency 3 wonderwarthog 12 hrs ago
#OtherGreenNewDealPromises. You're going to love these, folks! 3 Nostrings Feb 7
#WhereIsRuth? Ruth Bader Ginsburg Watch Nears the End of Its Second Month 12 MumblyPeg Jan 29
#winning 4 Charlie Mike Feb 10
#winning - Trump keeps lefty from breeding 7 Charlie Mike Thursday
#winning. Have a great day! 11 PrescientWon. Friday
$601m from Treasury Forfeiture, $2.5b to combat drug trafficking, $1.3b from Nancy 11 Let it go Saturday
'Dead to me: Conservative writer says Republicans who back Trumps emergency order are irredeemable 13 DillyDilly500 Yesterday
'Enormous Hypocrisy': Hungary Blasts US' Warnings On The Dangers Of Dealing With Russia or China 0 RCW2014 Feb 11
'Good for Business': Trump Adviser Bolton Admits US Interest In Venezuelas 'Oil Capabilities'' 1 RCW2014 Jan 28
'He's Doing The Enemy's Job For Them': Current And Former Officials Compare Trump To A Toddler... 2 RCW2014 Feb 2
'I'm mad, y'all!' Words can't fully convey how truly damn stupid Ocasio Cortez really is. 12 rh24 Feb 7
'Troika of Tyranny': US Hawks Take Aim at Venezuela's President Maduro 17 RCW2014 Feb 1
'US Pawn That Can Be Discarded Any Time' - Max Blumenthal On 'President Guaido' 0 RCW2014 Jan 29
*Beta draws barely 900 to his rally... 18 PrescientWon. Feb 12
+304,000 jobs in January. 14 Doctor_R Feb 1
1/31/2019 Foxconn and Wisconsin Govenor, Project is moving ahead 6 bruiserboy Jan 31
110,318 New Yorkers Have Subjected the Country To the Brainless Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez 8 Gunslinger201 Feb 8
12 Guns A Day 17 jh4freedom Feb 8
16 states sue trump and his emergency [View all] 58 TheShoe 7 hrs ago
2 black face incidents: Northam needs to claim he is a coal miner 5 Da Mannn Feb 2
2005: Venezuela eyes private land for agrarian reforms 5 Let it go Jan 27
2012 Thomas Sowell explains it all. 4 Let it go Yesterday
2019 is already turning out to be so awesome! * 38 Charlie Mike Feb 6
2020 ... How Trump Can Win by NOT RUNNING ... 2 357blackhawk Feb 8
2020 is going to be lit AF! 7 Charlie Mike Jan 31
22,000 Line Up to See Trump in TEXAS 4 MumblyPeg Feb 12
2:30 pm today. COONMAN! BE THERE! 4 Pennsylvania Feb 2
2A: "It is there to allow the country to have a militia to put down citizen insurrections..." (Poll) 3 JaimeBondoJr Jan 30
2nd Fairfax accuser comes forward. 17 Charlie Mike Feb 8
32% of Republicans want someone other than Trump 18 jh4freedom Feb 3
50% of Democrats still approve of Ralph Northam 3 rh24 Feb 4
7 people indicted for attempting to help illegal immigrant California cop killer 12 Banshee 3 Actual Jan 29
90% tax on the rich, IIhan Omar, 11 bruiserboy Feb 1
@vademocrats say "we're not taking any calls right now. 5 Let it go Feb 6
A baseless conspiracy theory that makes sense. 24 Charlie Mike Thursday
A Battle Cry Seldom Heard These Days: The Palestinian Cause 18 RCW2014 Feb 12
A BBC reporter was jostled and that goes to show how righty is violent and 4 Charlie Mike Feb 12
A black democrat chick accuses Fairfax of rape and its republicans fault?!? 3 Pennsylvania Feb 4
A blind man can see this coming... 1 Solesurvivor Feb 12
A blue eyed Indian? 10 Horsefeathers Feb 7
A day of celebration! RBG back on the Court 26 Cold Warrior 10 hrs ago
A different look at the shut down. 0 outside Jan 30
A few people shot in a factory, CNN goes 24/7..... 12 PrescientWon. Saturday
A general observation about the times we live in as explained by Hunter Thompson 0 Currentsitguy Feb 6
A leftist take on the green new deal...essentially don't address the details. 4 Carl Feb 7
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