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movie review: the German socialist "Titanic" (1943) 1 imwithfred 29 sec ago
Definitely a lefty 5 Charlie Mike 1 hr ago
Democrats destroying civilization-Seattle is dying 8 Gunslinger201 2 hrs ago
Twelve French Churches Attacked, Vandalized in One Week by Muslims 5 MumblyPeg 2 hrs ago
Comic/gaming SJW scrunt shockingly keeps the money for herself. 4 Charlie Mike 4 hrs ago
Ancient Heroes 3 Iron Condor 6 hrs ago
Australian Convicted Pedophile With Dwarfism Could Avoid Jail 3 JanetS 6 hrs ago
Never go chasing white rabbits, down in a hole. 6 RATFINK_5.0 8 hrs ago
For the crime of cuddling and holding hands...... 8 Gunslinger201 10 hrs ago
Decided to watch Faux News for the first time in five years 20 Cold Warrior 11 hrs ago
Confusion will be epitaph: here lies confusion. 1 RATFINK_5.0 13 hrs ago
More Dilly-Dumb-Phuckery: Great Lakes Climate Change Hysteria Debunked 1 MumblyPeg 19 hrs ago
I believe what we have discovered here is that Fuels mother is also posting to DI: 6 MumblyPeg 19 hrs ago
New Billboard Mocks Pretend Hispanic Beto ORourke Mercilessly 5 Da Mannn 21 hrs ago
Ok, I'm going to get trivial again 44 oflguy 23 hrs ago
For our military members [View all] 53 Cold Warrior 23 hrs ago
This message was self-deleted by its author 0 fuel Yesterday
This message was self-deleted by its author 0 fuel Yesterday
This message was self-deleted by its author 0 fuel Yesterday
This message was self-deleted by its author 0 fuel Yesterday
I Glanced Down and Could Tell That He Was Wearing Womens Underwear and What was Underneath It 5 MumblyPeg Yesterday
Preschool Teacher Punished Kids By Making Them Stand Naked In A Closet 3 JanetS Yesterday
Ok gun people, anyone looking for a deal on Beretta M-9's or 92FS's? 6 Crazy D Yesterday
Saudi Military Uniforms 13 Cold Warrior Yesterday
Tucker and Hannitys Ratings Crush CNN and MSNBC Town Halls 1 MumblyPeg Yesterday
Why Americans Hate the Media 0 MumblyPeg Yesterday
A random act of honest journalism - AP fact checks Beto ORourke, AOC, and the Green New Deal 1 MumblyPeg Yesterday
Islamic terror caused 84,000 deaths worldwide in 2017 5 MumblyPeg Yesterday
Some late night music selected just for Dave 1 Cold Warrior Yesterday
What is wrong with people that post, then immediately delete it? 7 oflguy Yesterday
John Walker Lindh, American ex-Taliban fighter, to be released in May, hasn't denounced Islamism 7 Gunslinger201 Tuesday
White people and archery 9 Charlie Mike Tuesday
Muslim lives matter. Christian lives do not. 2 imwithfred Tuesday
Rednecks with guns just want to kill to feel manly and... 5 Charlie Mike Tuesday
Brie Larson's efforts to piss off white men paying big dividends. 13 Charlie Mike Tuesday
I'm Pro-Life (4th Edition) Change My Mind 4 MumblyPeg Tuesday
wacker in gambino boss hit ........... 6 rampartb Tuesday
This message was self-deleted by its author 0 fuel Monday
Breitbart Movie Review:Brie Larson Is the Beckiest Becky in Movie History (Poll) 10 Da Mannn Monday
is this the clip that got pirro suspended from fox? 3 rampartb Monday
It was only a matter of time before the evidence of what we suspected was found. 11 Charlie Mike Monday
does this constitute "inciting" to riot," treason, or terminal stupidity 19 rampartb Monday
So I marched in the Saint Patrick's Day Parade 7 wonderwarthog Monday
Chelsea Clinton apologizes to Students who blame her for NZ Attack 6 Gunslinger201 Monday
Demos, primitives, malcontents, the least tolerant people, lib mag finds 6 imwithfred Monday
"Demented anger is a significant factor in modern American political life" 35 Micrometer Sunday
And the Post-And-Self-Delete club gains another member. 11 WhiskeyMakesMeHappy Sunday
Just one Irish song - "Bells of Shandon" 10 wonderwarthog Sunday
The REAL College Scandal isn't how the undeserving get in.... 8 Gunslinger201 Sunday
You are required by law to own and possess an AR-15 rifle 27 Iron Condor Sunday
"I Was Americas First Nonbinary Person. It Was All a Sham." 5 msv Sunday
Nobody does it better than Trump! 4 bobsal Sunday
A little Christian music for a Sunday morning 3 Cold Warrior Sunday
ISIS Spokesman: Whats Our Crime? We Just Wanted to Apply Sharia. 9 Da Mannn Sunday
CPS clears mom of 11-year-old drag kid who danced in gay bar for tips 21 Gunslinger201 Sunday
DC has been putting this in many of their comics... 3 Charlie Mike Saturday
Nigerian Muslim Militants Kill 120 Christians in Three Weeks 3 MumblyPeg Saturday
Why did "Near East" become politically incorrect? 0 imwithfred Saturday
Robbie as Robert Frost 10 imwithfred Saturday
Democrat corruption: Baltimore Mayor landed sweet deal selling her self-published books 0 Da Mannn Saturday
Mother Of 11-Year-Old 'Drag Kid' Who Performed At Gay Bar Says Child Protective Services Showed Up 5 Gunslinger201 Saturday
Tucker Carlsons Ratings Soar Despite Communist Front Group Media Matters Dirty Political Hit Job 11 MumblyPeg Saturday
More Social Justice debauchery: Lefty sure is desperate to promote propaganda 0 MumblyPeg Saturday
We Were Warned: Freedom to Chains - Paul Harvey 2 Da Mannn Saturday
Lets keep it real, okay? A Mumbly Rant 5 MumblyPeg Saturday
dimocrat Propagandists at Saturday Night Live Accused of Plagiarizing Skits 3 MumblyPeg Saturday
Mood. 0 TendiesForBreakfast Friday
sen sanders explains democratic socialism 5 rampartb Friday
did you ever study civics? i did. from a text like this one ... 11 rampartb Friday
What if Republican and Democrat States were Separate Countries? 8 Cold Warrior Friday
I found a Comic earlier I'd never heard of before, looked intriguing 2 Gunslinger201 Friday
This is why we should only employ males and of a certain stature as peace officers (NSFW) 10 MumblyPeg Friday
honest question 16 imwithfred Friday
Well...okay then. 2 Charlie Mike Friday
A question about older SAT scores 6 fools_gold Friday
Front Page In Polish Paper: "How To Spot A Jew" 3 RCW2014 Friday
"Lizzie Maguire" star walks away from Hollywood and joins the Army 5 Currentsitguy Thursday
World's Youngest Leader Begins Deporting Migrants From Refugee Camps 4 Grumpy Pickle Thursday
Bill Maher Sees the Light? 8 MumblyPeg Thursday
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