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Federal Court Rules Businesses Allowed to Refuse Service to LGBT on Religious Grounds 27 MumblyPeg 6 min ago
Stanford Prof: Saying Your Homework Was Easy Is a "Microaggression" 10 Juan Rico 24 min ago
Muslim gang jailed for kidnapping and raping two girls as part of their Eid celebrations 6 Gunslinger201 33 min ago
What Does It Mean To Be a Hamburger? 2 Agent_86 40 min ago
Rap SUCKS [View all] 50 Ursus Magnus 42 min ago
Hi,I'm obviously alive but thanks 38 backwoodsbob 1 hr ago
Jihadists returning to Europe can't find jobs 3 Gunslinger201 4 hrs ago
Will this make it more or less likely to get pulled over? 12 oflguy 5 hrs ago
The Brits Discover Dragon Man The Most Armed Man in America 1 Juan Rico 6 hrs ago
Too Old to Rock and Roll, too Young to Die 3 orson 8 hrs ago
That wasn't the way it happened 3 Gunslinger201 8 hrs ago
"Everyday Women's & Gender Studies." 2017 college textbook just out from Routledge 8 TM999 8 hrs ago
Tanzanias president says even cows disaprove of homosexuality 9 Frankenvoter 8 hrs ago
Who are the Kurds? A refugee on American amnesia 0 Agent_86 9 hrs ago
Walking the Silk Road, where globalization got started 0 Agent_86 9 hrs ago
How wide is the divide between right and left in this country and is it reconcilable? 37 Jack Burton 12 hrs ago
Gender Benders Want to Know: Why Isnt Anyone Hooking Up With Me? 2 Gunslinger201 12 hrs ago
Fake Tech Support gets his computer locked by would-be victim 4 I814U2CY 17 hrs ago
7 things every kid needs to hear... 3 Solesurvivor 21 hrs ago
Goldilocks is just an allegory for gentrification & white privilege. 3 Daves Not Here Man Yesterday
"victimhood culture" 4 liberalguy Yesterday
Video: Mother Flips Over Confederate Flags at Festival 14 Juan Rico Yesterday
THE DARK TOWER - The Legacy of the Gunslinger (trailer) 14 Juan Rico Yesterday
Parents become accidentally gay when pregnant wife decides shes transgender 12 TM999 Yesterday
Is today a special day in the homosexual "community?" 8 oflguy Yesterday
On Eid 2017, a peek into the lives of Puerto Rican Muslims 0 Agent_86 Yesterday
Day 157. 9-0 at USSC. Gorsuch is voting. Trump is on the ropes. 5 Da Mannn Yesterday
The Truth Fairys Guide To Gay Cake Crisis Management 4 MumblyPeg Yesterday
BREAKING Famous Gay Man Breaks Silence, Spills Beans About Obama's Past 26 Lewiz Kevin Yesterday
Refugee guilty of sexually assaulting minors in Alberta says he didn't know it was against the law 3 MumblyPeg Monday
Tennessee: Somali Muslims point gun at imams head outside Memphis mosque 1 MumblyPeg Monday
M Shkreli Trial - Day 1 - "Mr Wonderful" 4 WritelyWrong Monday
I don't know about you people, but I'm fond of my house 4 oflguy Monday
Thank you so much all 7 backwoodsbob Monday
SWEDEN: Men Rape Girl and Live Stream it to Facebook. Yep, Theyre Migrants 5 MumblyPeg Monday
Liberals just humiliating themselves now, (setting up the 2018 loss) 10 Gunslinger201 Monday
So Ramadan 2017 ended on Saturday. 1 TM999 Monday
Question for our Canadian DI visitors: Do the women up there all hide behind kids like this? 29 Shkreli Monday
Strange Luck if you are listening- How do you like the first 6 episodes of Twin Peaks 2017? 9 graham4anything4HC45 Sunday
Antifa Training tactics - Super serious stuff man 13 MumblyPeg Sunday
Canada warns that wild Beavers could attack your dog 7 Da Mannn Sunday
Ha Ha - liberal academia getting its just deserts 8 Jack Burton Sunday
Black teacher forces white students to apologize in class for their white privilege. 9 Bronxbomber Sunday
"Dindu Nuffin" coming to a screen near you 1 Da Mannn Sunday
Prof: 'Racist hate speech' causes cigarette smoking 7 Juan Rico Sunday
Now for something completely different; not tumble weaves but niqabs. 47 Jardinier Sunday
The Swan of Tuonela 4 Cold Warrior Sunday
Boyfriend Hits Mom In Front Of Her Son, Gets Instantly Knocked Out 15 Qukid Sunday
The Pretender at Albert Hall 3 Cold Warrior Saturday
Professor: Otto Warmbier got what he deserved 7 Juan Rico Saturday
UCSD Students Are Now Offended by The Dalai Lama? 6 MumblyPeg Saturday
so I'm 40 days sober [View all] 53 backwoodsbob Saturday
France then, and France now. 1 TM999 Saturday
A thug is a thug is a thug 2 oflguy Saturday
FAIL: Antifa Open Up Wimpy Self Defense Gym 5 TM999 Saturday
.410 Mini Gun :) 8 Iron Condor Saturday
Alone and Drinking Under the Moon 1 Cold Warrior Saturday
Anyone else remember WCFL Chicago a.m.? 9 wonderwarthog Saturday
Pepe the Frog Drawing Forces Free Speech Event Cancellation at Linfield College 6 fszwfnj Saturday
How can you tell when there is too much islam in your city? 4 MumblyPeg Saturday
Prof calls whites 'inhuman assholes,' says 'let them die' 12 MumblyPeg Saturday
Canadian neighborhood buys into multiculturalism: rewarded with violence 22 MumblyPeg Saturday
Children of Darkness - The Mental Illness of Social Justice Warriors 0 MumblyPeg Friday
Saudi soccer team refuses to stand for London terror victims 7 Gunslinger201 Friday
Any hope for us 26 def_con5 Friday
Thug Notes - Don Quixote 0 I814U2CY Friday
The motorcycle stunt woman of Sumatra 2 Agent_86 Friday
Milwaukee: Muslim threatens courthouse Im gonna kill you all. Allah. Bomb. 1 MumblyPeg Friday
Manhunt for PA son who allegedly killed father with bat on Father's Day 0 Agent_86 Friday
Why has the media be largely silent on the genocide of whites in SA? 8 Solesurvivor Thursday
Next Time, Dumbasses, don't lay down in the road! 49 Gunslinger201 Thursday
Mad Max; Fury Road -- as seen through the eyes of a Christian film critic 3 I814U2CY Thursday
why is shakespeare in the park offensive? 19 rampartb Thursday
The mentally ill, a growing problem. 11 Jardinier Thursday
Pro 2A members : Weigh in 19 MumblyPeg Thursday
Florida: If youre not afraid of a gun, get one, said the sheriff. 7 Iron Condor Thursday
Marijuana kill, folks. All decent Americans know this. 15 Daves Not Here Man Thursday
House of Cards 4 graham4anything4HC45 Thursday
24% of Americans don't have even a single dollar saved for an emergency. 19 Juan Rico Thursday
Taxpayer Funding of Leftist Infrastructure: Subsidizing the Private Ivy League Schools 0 MumblyPeg Wednesday
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