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Tijuana Mayor Denounces 'Horde' of Caravan Migrants, Calls for Swift Deportations. 8 Grumpy Pickle 2 hrs ago
They're "just teens", there was no need for this escalation 4 Frankenvoter 4 hrs ago
*I* am tthe one with the gun. 4 MumblyPeg 5 hrs ago
Tijuana Residents Clash With Caravan Migrants. 2 Grumpy Pickle 6 hrs ago
A man shouted 'Heil Hitler' and 'Heil Trump' during 'Fiddler on the Roof' - and people fled 19 Agent_86 7 hrs ago
LARRY KING TRASHES CNN 1 MumblyPeg 9 hrs ago
Violent, Destructive Pinko dimocrats Vandalize American Flag Mural, Call Old Glory Offensive 4 MumblyPeg 10 hrs ago
True Blue Reagan country....... 5 bobsal 11 hrs ago
Army going back to WW2 uniforms 7 Currentsitguy 11 hrs ago
President Makes Generous Gesture to American Veterans. 36 bobsal 13 hrs ago
what is with the caravan? 11 rampartb 15 hrs ago
Europe's rich history of building - and tearing down - walls 9 Agent_86 15 hrs ago
Blond hair on white women just triggers me 21 MumblyPeg 15 hrs ago
Alabama district attorney shot after ambush by former state trooper, authorities say 1 bobsal 17 hrs ago
Fat shaming is OK according to "news" 2 Frankenvoter 20 hrs ago
Good commentary from a Republican. 8 Meowmenow Thursday
New Avenatti Clothing Line 2 Gunslinger201 Thursday
Facebook says it removed a flood of hate speech, terrorist propaganda and fake accounts 3 Agent_86 Thursday
Well - it was slow, BUT IT'S HERE !! 12 akaConcernedCanuk Thursday
Happy Thanksgiving, DI 3 Bronxbomber Thursday
the bouncy to end all bouncies 16 imwithfred Thursday
Watch DUmpasses defend Creepy Porn Lawyer and demand evidence 4 MumblyPeg Thursday
Seriously lefty, we are sick of your shit. [View all] 95 MumblyPeg Thursday
If you dont enjoy this there is something wrong with you 3 Cold Warrior Wednesday
Of course NPC's are upset when other NPC's are abused. 0 Solesurvivor Wednesday
Who is the new Jim Crow? 5 MumblyPeg Wednesday
Why does soccer suck so much? Especially Arsenal.. and anyone who likes soccer or Arsenal? 12 MumblyPeg Wednesday
Civilisation at its finest [View all] 95 Cold Warrior Wednesday
Hate Speech Isn't Real (2nd Edition) - Change My Mind 0 MumblyPeg Wednesday
Civilisation at its finest - Enhanced Version 8 Cold Warrior Wednesday
Help, I'm Dating a Nazi! 3 MumblyPeg Wednesday
The Real Devil's Triangle: California, New York, Florida. The country commenced ending there. 8 joefriday6 Wednesday
Some very rare examples of very early color TV 1 Currentsitguy Tuesday
Disney World Bans Veteran After Holding "Trump 2020" Sign On Splash Mountain 5 MumblyPeg Tuesday
Catty Michelle Obama Says Melania Trump Has Never Reached Out to Her for Advice 20 Grumpy Pickle Tuesday
Serena Williams still trying to prove "she" is a woman 12 Frankenvoter Tuesday
NC man wins $1 mil after playing same numbers for 27 years 3 Frankenvoter Tuesday
That is what a responsible media would do... 12 quad489 Tuesday
Cat survives California fire: 2 Doctor_R Tuesday
Pretty good coffee commercial 4 shogun Tuesday
HAL has died 3 Currentsitguy Monday
A Downed Plane, a Dutch Village and the Art of Remembering 3 Agent_86 Monday
Confirmed: Hillary Clinton met with Russian agent during 2016 campaign 4 bobsal Monday
Cavers, its sad. What are you thinking? 11 Cold Warrior Monday
Medal of Honor Documentary 1 TexMexNext Sunday
I don't even remember... (Poll) 8 jimiray Sunday
Does trump stop playing golf if it starts to rain? 9 rampartb Sunday
Oh boy! My name day is next week! 11 Magyar Heidinn Sunday
Today's episode of: Stupid People Piss Me Off 5 MumblyPeg Sunday
How Come? 4 Gunslinger201 Saturday
California right now 9 TendiesForBreakfast Saturday
Lets make sure History never forgets the name Enterprise... 6 Solesurvivor Saturday
1918, the Great War rages on 0 TendiesForBreakfast Saturday
Favorite Supertramp album (Poll) 9 TheShoe Saturday
hateful lefty muslim Accused of Plotting New U.S. Civil War 49 MumblyPeg Saturday
So where have the upset repubs blocked roadway intersections and fired bombed local businesses??? 11 quad489 Saturday
Zero Dignity 1 MumblyPeg Saturday
North Knox man loses control playing Xbox, goes on shooting rampage 17 Agent_86 Saturday
dumb people piss me off 5 MumblyPeg Saturday
Good advice for Jim Acosta - Journalism 101 - 3 drunk_teddy Nov 9
Is murder with a firearm a legitimate way to bring about gun control? 8 shogun Nov 9
TGIF : Chasing whisky w/ beer ... 0 RATFINK_5.0 Nov 9
Ex-Texas Rep. Steve Stockman Gets 10 Years for Conspiracy 14 bobsal Nov 9
Rude is rude, it just happens to be more prevalent in a certain type of reporter 2 Frankenvoter Nov 9
Central American " Migrants " Demand Buses to US Border. 11 Grumpy Pickle Nov 9
Most ridiculous news of the day 2 def_con5 Nov 9
Yep, if President Trump is doing so badly... 7 quad489 Nov 9
Have we learned to not listen to environmentalists yet? 7 oflguy Nov 9
Geographic distribution of DIers? [View all] 98 Jack Burton Nov 8
A 69-year-old man says he identifies as a 49-year-old and wants his age legally changed so he can me 7 JanetS Nov 8
"Negro Blood: Pentagon Quietly Removes Bizarre Booklet For US Troops In Saudi Arabia 3 RCW2014 Nov 8
Guys, all of these "NOT MY CONGRESS" protests are really out of control. 2 MumblyPeg Nov 8
Polish independence day march by nationalists banned in Warsaw 0 Agent_86 Nov 8
Stefan Molyneux and Skyler Turden Debate Immigration 0 MumblyPeg Nov 7
I would like to thank all the Lefties who have returned to DI to celebrate the Blue Wave 18 Da Mannn Nov 7
Perspective: Seems an appropriate song for today 0 Currentsitguy Nov 7
Wow, didn't realize the US has so many low IQ/EQ victim mentality losers out there... 4 quad489 Nov 7
Belgian Christmas Market Renamed Winter Market, Because " It Might Offend Other Beliefs " 10 Grumpy Pickle Nov 7
Is HuffPo clutching the pearls over THIS? 13 Gunslinger201 Nov 7
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