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Tommy the dog 19 Boadicea Saturday
Twitter now taking down tweets from President of the United States 4 MumblyPeg Saturday
Former Obama Official weighs in on Velveeta Perone's Amazon "Victory" 1 Gunslinger201 Saturday
Animated Gettysburg map 8 def_con5 Saturday
Standard Friday. Lefty sees a shirt, lefty loses his shit like the petty child he is 8 MumblyPeg Saturday
Is this art? 2 Charlie Mike Saturday
Nancy kicked Trump's ass that is self evident, no need to dance on it. 2 MumblyPeg Friday
"Cunt" is not 'hate speech'. [View all] 108 TM999 Friday
Survey: People show more affection to their dogs than their humans 8 RCW2014 Friday
imagine that. the comet pizza arsonist is a Q anon cultist 3 rampartb Friday
Review of feminist comic book "Maneaters." 1 Charlie Mike Friday
MAGA BABY! 3 MumblyPeg Friday
Ilhan Omar is a typical Muslim, don't expect her to change. 6 Gunslinger201 Friday
All the rage...Constant barrage of ridiculous outrage is getting me really angry 3 RCW2014 Thursday
And lefties still refuse to apologize to the Covington Catholic High students... 2 quad489 Thursday
Finally! The woke version of Star Wars we need. 1 Charlie Mike Thursday
Patreon Is Falling Apart, Is Unsustainable Says CEO 7 Da Mannn Thursday
It's interesting how everyone I know infected with TDS also has a totally screwed up personal life.. 18 quad489 Thursday
Racist dimocrat Jussie Smollett Wouldnt Let Empire Cast a White Homo Boyfriend for His Character 6 MumblyPeg Thursday
White House gets a dog. 11 bobsal Thursday
Should White Boys Still Be Allowed to Talk? 27 JanetS Wednesday
Los Angeles Battling Typhus Epidemic 16 Gunslinger201 Wednesday
Can Will Witt Get a Date in a MAGA Hat? 6 MumblyPeg Wednesday
Yes, gays are in fact after your kids 4 msv Wednesday
trump and his senate goons will never force me to give up my efficient light bulbs 4 rampartb Wednesday
None Dare Call It a Hoax: The Jussie Smollett Saga Continues 8 Gunslinger201 Wednesday
dimocrat Activist Linda Sarsour Raises Money for Filthy muslim Child Killer Who Raped 15-Year-Old 5 MumblyPeg Wednesday
AOC spent the weekend lying about the 'Green New Deal', Washington Post is too scared to say so 6 Gunslinger201 Wednesday
Scheherazade 3 Cold Warrior Wednesday
Words fail. 5 Charlie Mike Wednesday
Wagyu beef 8 Charlie Mike Wednesday
Progressive Attacks on Capitalism Were Key to Hitlers Success 1 MumblyPeg Wednesday
The 5 Most Corrupt Cities in America All Ran by dimocrats 0 MumblyPeg Wednesday
Cheating liberal female: "I cheated on my boyfriend with my regain my power" 7 safestuffer Feb 12
Gather round folks, watch the DUmpasses try to convince each other... 4 MumblyPeg Feb 12
Bloomingdales Apologizes Over Fake News T-Shirt, Pulls It From Stores AddThis Sharing Buttons Sha 3 JanetS Feb 12
Usually the purpose of a press tour is to garner interest in your project. 0 Charlie Mike Feb 12
This message was self-deleted by its author 0 orson Feb 11
So, Any Phantom Ruthie Ginsberg sightings today? 6 Gunslinger201 Feb 11
#metoo and grammys having about every female ''artists" showing off their cleavage, shaking butts... 6 quad489 Feb 11
for $5k i can get over your $5B wall 12 rampartb Feb 11
Black woman finds out shes white **freaks out* 24 Let it go Feb 11
governor in blackface doesn't know when to stop 5 imwithfred Feb 11
46 percent of ages 14-37 are anti-American cucks 4 MumblyPeg Feb 11
Ilhan Omar Demands USA Powerlifting Be Investigated For Barring Men From Competing Against Women 19 Gunslinger201 Feb 11
Socialist Germany moves to transfer even more money from masses to the ultra-rich 4 MumblyPeg Feb 11
Production stills from Avatar 2. These actually look good. 5 Da Mannn Feb 11
God Emperor Trump Conquers Italy (English Subs) 4 357blackhawk Feb 10
Looks like chickens are coming home to roost: CA is recruiting hunters 2 Iron Condor Feb 10
Loose women 7 orson Feb 10
Tik Tok, Gen Z, and a glimmer of hope for the future 1 Charlie Mike Feb 10
(Gimme Some of That) Ol' Atonal Music 1 Charlie Mike Feb 10
Amnesty International a sweatshop 1 imwithfred Feb 10
This is what lefty has resorted to... poor kids, they are completely scarred 1 MumblyPeg Feb 10
'Wont You Be My Neighbor' free on PBS tonight @8pm 6 Grebbid Feb 10
Yale editor chillingly urges fellow Yalies to act as a 'Stasi' to monitor white males 15 Da Mannn Feb 9
"bezos exposes pecker" ny post headline 18 rampartb Feb 9
Hey everyone, thanks for the heart 16 Butchie_T Feb 9
America will NEVER be a Socialist State 15 Gunslinger201 Feb 9
San Francisco once America's Jewel, now a sh!thole. Democrats made this. 11 Da Mannn Feb 9
Maverick 0 Cold Warrior Feb 9
RIP Albert Finney 10 Currentsitguy Feb 9
Louis Armstrong Ochi Chernyie (Dark eyes) 6 orson Feb 8
Is Men's Makeup Going Mainstream? [Nope.] 4 Da Mannn Feb 8
Why Period Activists Think The 'Drop Of Blood' Emoji Is A Huge Win 7 RCW2014 Feb 8
The Absolute STATE of Virginia (NSFW - RazorFist) 2 MumblyPeg Feb 8
Adidas Says It's Sorry For Celebrating Black History Month With An All-White Shoe 4 Da Mannn Feb 8
Meanwhile at NPR: Is Beauty In The Eyes Of The Colonizer? 8 Grebbid Feb 8
''Local rebel flag wavers hope millions of Americans die without health care''...prove it kittycat!! 7 quad489 Feb 8
Yep, I was thinking the same thing while she was spewing that pile of BS............ 6 quad489 Feb 8
The Young Turks' Hasan Piker: Redistribution of Wealth Is Coming, "By Policy Or By Pitchforks" 4 Da Mannn Feb 8
Lesson from History: Transgender Mania is Sign of Cultural Collapse - Camille Paglia 18 TM999 Feb 8
Well, maybe this will catch on where the pussy hat failed 8 AmandaCMatthews Feb 8
People who are varying shades of brown get to do whatever they want in LA 1 Frankenvoter Feb 7
The Gucci blackface sweater 3 Frankenvoter Feb 7
Surprise, surprise, surprise!!! 16 bobsal Feb 7
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Under Fire For Lying About Her Wealthy Background 5 Gunslinger201 Feb 7
What are the demographics of the area where Alex Cortez grew up? 2 shogun Feb 7
Police Promise Charges Against Jessie Smollett if He Filed False Report 1 Da Mannn Feb 7
Popular iPhone apps are secretly recording your screen without permission: report 2 quad489 Feb 7
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