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What's behind the troubling growth of rural jails? 1 Agent_86 Jun 14
Iowa woman charged with voting for Trump twice back in jail 0 Agent_86 Jun 14
Muslims don't like factual billboards 5 MumblyPeg Jun 14
Jordan Peterson -The Unconscious Mind of the SJW 2 TM999 Jun 14
Antifa Man who thinks he's a Woman fights like a girlie man 10 Gunslinger201 Jun 14
Muslims Sue As UPS Manager Fires Them, Finding Out What They Were Doing In Bathroom 2 MumblyPeg Jun 14
What the fuck is wrong with people!!?? 14 Red Bull Jun 13
Don't wait for them to tell you to go, just GO 2 oflguy Jun 13
Swimsuits.....for 2017 8 Boadicea Jun 13
The new, nearly invisible class markers that separate the American elite from everyone else 5 liberalguy Jun 13
Worlds Worst Firearms Instructor Stripped Of Credentials 6 Juan Rico Jun 13
Is a trans boy 40 def_con5 Jun 13
Let's Play - Berkeley: Total War 0 I814U2CY Jun 13
Those who have owned a Shaguar, raise their hands! 7 The Big Red Machine Jun 13
This message was self-deleted by its author 29 ProLapse Jun 13
Roseanne reboot on ABC: all Trump, all the time 5 Da Mannn Jun 13
Slacking it ... Trump Derp to fire Mueller, Attny Gen Sessions to testify, Rodman Nork Diplomacy ! 0 RATFINK_5.0 Jun 13
Wait........... What??? 6 outside Jun 12
What Are You Reading? June 11, 2017 11 Argentina Jun 12
Deer jumping across road knocks 80-year-old off motorcycle 1 bernt-toast Jun 12
Hunter S. Thompson 1 Iron Condor Jun 12
Mommy Blogger: Telling Your Infant There's No Reason to Cry Is 'Baby Shaming' 5 Juan Rico Jun 12
So....has DC finally made a good superhero movie for the DC Extended Universe? 7 Juan Rico Jun 11
What is a tier one post? 27 magdrop Jun 11
The History of Kekistan: The First Meme War 13 I814U2CY Jun 11
Demagogue 17 wonderwarthog Jun 11
Adam West has died 12 toast-chef Jun 11
'Loving Day' marks 1967 SCOTUS ruling legalizing interracial marriage 12 Juan Rico Jun 11
Nothing like catching your dinner. USA, baby, USA! 5 The Big Red Machine Jun 11
Day142 Goodbye My Batman. Wonder Woman,it's your turn to lead.Twas a great run,Mayor West. 9 graham4anything4HC45 Jun 11
Idaho Injustice Travesty: Migrant Attackers of 5-year-old Unpunished 15 TM999 Jun 10
Don't let me be misunserstood 4 orson Jun 10
The Happy Prince 20 Cold Warrior Jun 10
Battle over bare-breasted women brews at one of Marylands busiest beaches 12 def_con5 Jun 10
Todays Silly Topic, Toppings on Pizza....what's your fav. 21 Crazy D Jun 10
RIP Adam West 1 Gunslinger201 Jun 10
The societal cost of heroin use disorder in the United States 3 Daves Not Here Man Jun 10
Transgender Athlete Beats Girls But Would've Placed Last Against Boys 12 Juan Rico Jun 10
Well seems I am off to my doom. 19 _eek Jun 10
Shadilay! -- The Sound of Social Justice 1 I814U2CY Jun 9
Judge denies reality winner bail. Prosecutors say she wanted to join the Taliban 7 Gunslinger201 Jun 9
LW Loon Kurt Eichenwald is one Tentacle-Porn viewing sick bastard 18 Currentsitguy Jun 9
No onions for this customer, please 6 Agent_86 Jun 9
Young thugs follow & repeatedly harass woman trying to do her job. 5 Daves Not Here Man Jun 9
It's only the 7th day of June. (Poll) 33 outside Jun 8
Dunkirk: This looks like it may be very good 5 Currentsitguy Jun 8
Gay Trump Supporters Denied Entry Into Charlotte Pride Parade 0 RCW2014 Jun 8
She drank the liberal "I'm a victim" cool aid. Toughen up buttercup or just stay home. 21 It Guy Jun 8
Twenty Years of 'OZ': The Show That Changed TV Forever 1 Daves Not Here Man Jun 8
almost half of women admit to spying on thier boink buddy 9 Frankenvoter Jun 8
WHY BILL NYE IS A FRAUD 5 Solesurvivor Jun 8
FDR and other 1930s Democrats were right. 5 Jack Burton Jun 7
Watched 'Life' the other night. 4 Daves Not Here Man Jun 7
Roll with it, baby 0 orson Jun 7
Capt. (Ret) Dale Dye wants to make a D-Day Movie 2 Gunslinger201 Jun 7
Atheist Iceland Issues A Travel Ban Against White Southern Baptists 38 wonderwarthog Jun 7
Rejecting dead, white authors: Universities push progressivism with reading programs, says study 4 Juan Rico Jun 7
NSFW OK, liberals, I want you to watch this. 42 TM999 Jun 7
Hamburger joints pricing themselves out of the market 30 Currentsitguy Jun 7
Deaf woman advances to semifinals on America's got talent 1 bernt-toast Jun 7
Guys, a gun and a fridge... 8 ProgressiveTaxation Jun 7
Revolt at New York Magazine Over Their Movie Critics "Sexist" Review of Wonder Woman 6 Juan Rico Jun 7
Indy Muslims call out creators of local billboard that insults Prophet Muhammad 2 Gunslinger201 Jun 7
Suspect arrested in Louisiana murder of massage therapist 1 Agent_86 Jun 7
over 50 million Muslims support jihad terror attacks 3 Jack Burton Jun 7
Arizona woman sexually assaulted by machete weilding attacker 1 Agent_86 Jun 7
Oklahoma father shot, killed trying to drown infants 0 Agent_86 Jun 7
Shooting in Utah leaves three dead 0 Agent_86 Jun 7
Congressman calls for Christian holy war on Islamic radicals: Kill them all (he has my vote!) [View all] 57 Gunslinger201 Jun 7
60's tunes...something different 18 Da Mannn Jun 7
To preserve our way of life and ensure survival, we are going to have to say "fuck em" 6 Shkreli Jun 6
Radical imam calls for death of all Christians! 3 Phlegm Monger Jun 6
Sweden to deport up to 80,000 refugees 2 Da Mannn Jun 6
Challenge: Name (and show a clip of, if possible) a charismatic film villain. I'll go first. 9 Juan Rico Jun 6
The Myth of White Terrorism 15 MumblyPeg Jun 6
Iowa dining report 1 Agent_86 Jun 6
Washington Papa John's delivered more than pizza 1 Agent_86 Jun 6
Muslims laugh and joke about London Attacks 19 Gunslinger201 Jun 6
KATHY GRIFFIN GETS THE AX From Last Theater in Comedy Tour 10 Da Mannn Jun 5
ABC, CBS News to Carry James Comey Senate Testimony Live 8 def_con5 Jun 5
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