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Male sex robots to replace men as women leave loveless relationships to fulfil desires 23 RCW2014 Nov 16
Chicago teachers approve contract deal that ended strike... 5 quad489 Nov 16
if trump thinks anything ms clinton, biden, or obama did in 2016 is illegal 9 rampartb Nov 16
You don't screw with United Fruit 3 oflguy Nov 16
10 most corrupt cities in the United States (current list) 3 imwithfred Nov 15
Obama Fired All Bush Appointed Ambassadors In 2008 10 Gunslinger201 Nov 15
UC Berkeley instructor calls rural Americans 'bad people' 21 Boadicea Nov 15
Mo'Nique sues Netflix for discrimination because she was only offered $500,000 for one-hour 6 Da Mannn Nov 15
Chick-Fil-A Food Truck Triggers Oregon Students, Sparks Walkout 8 JanetS Nov 15
Will Ferrells Comedy Skit About Child Trafficking is Disgusting (video) 3 JanetS Nov 15
The Rise of Skywalker: D-O is a TODDLER Droid. (Merch alert) 0 Da Mannn Nov 15
Why Russia Is Struggling to Build Putins Grand Dream 1 RCW2014 Nov 15
New Marcus King solo vid 3 TheShoe Nov 15
This message was self-deleted by its author 4 rampartb Nov 15
It's OK to replace (cleanse?) whitey, but no one else 0 Charlie Mike Nov 15
South Park Does It Again, This Time It Puts Transgender Athletes in the Spotlight 1 def_con5 Nov 15
Junior vaults to the top of NYT best-seller list 10 orson Nov 14
Saudi Arabia Labels Feminism, Homosexuality, Atheism As "Extremist Ideas" 5 Gunslinger201 Nov 14
European nazis and where not to park 5 Frankenvoter Nov 14
Pro-LGBTQ Sprite Ad Depicts Family Members Helping Young People Dress in Drag, Bind Breasts 37 Da Mannn Nov 13
Trump Jr's 'Triggered' debuts at No. 1 on NY Times bestselling list 3 Da Mannn Nov 13
Whats a bigger threat? Constipation or Rifles? 7 Solesurvivor Nov 13
SJWs become Twitter Puritans, attacks any depictions of busty women 3 Da Mannn Nov 13
Reagan Russia Joke Caused Red Alert! (100% Serious!) 0 wonderwarthog Nov 13
But, but.......they have solar 4 oflguy Nov 13
Liberals are not going to like the commercial I just watched 4 oflguy Nov 13
Ivan is a Funny Motherf*cker, Da 3 Gunslinger201 Nov 13
Salute to Our Veterans 9 Grumpy Pickle Nov 12
Joe Walsh was awesome Sunday night 4 Greenbeanbob Nov 12
I Was the Fastest Girl in America, Until I Joined Nike.... 2 quad489 Nov 12
One good tune deserves another. Take it away Gracie-- 3 joefriday6 Nov 12
Car break ins have gotten so prevelant in New Orleans that 2 oflguy Nov 12
If SJWs fought at Normandy 1 Gunslinger201 Nov 12
Veterans Feel Betrayed by Colleges that Undermine American Values 1 Gunslinger201 Nov 12
Harvard student government votes to condemn Crimson newspaper for getting comment from ICE 3 JanetS Nov 12
Man sues Madonna, saying her 10:30 p.m. concert start is too late 3 JanetS Nov 12
War on Thanksgiving begins 5 imwithfred Nov 12
George Carlin on PTSD 2 wonderwarthog Nov 12
Antisemitism Reported Across Europe on 81st Anniversary of Kristallnacht 4 RCW2014 Nov 12
Cities banning natural gas in new homes to save the planet (LOL!!!) 7 quad489 Nov 12
Feminism hates women 0 Charlie Mike Nov 12
I just tried the "Impossible Whopper" 7 Gunslinger201 Nov 11
Happy birthday Marines ! Semper Fi ! 21 uncledad Nov 11
US MUSLIM WOMAN says: Christmas is offensive to Muslims and it is Islamophobic to celebrate it 14 Da Mannn Nov 11
Watch an amazing Black man freak out Asians 5 Currentsitguy Nov 11
Director of movie starring CGI James Dean doesn't understand the backlash 0 Frankenvoter Nov 11
Femen protester disrupts Islamophobia protest full of Muslims (caution advised) 0 imwithfred Nov 11
Reverse Pol Pot: Berkeley philosophy lecturer slammed after saying rural Americans made bad life d 13 RCW2014 Nov 11
the "code of the west" 4 rampartb Nov 11
Female Gun Owners: We Prefer the AR-15 1 Gunslinger201 Nov 11
Trumps Gains With Black Community Becoming Undeniable 2 Da Mannn Nov 11
A winter of Kremlins content: Construction boom shows doomsayer 'experts' wrong on Russia 2 RCW2014 Nov 11
April Ryan Blames Woman Who Called Out Baltimores Trash Problem, Saying Cummings Never Got Over It 4 Gunslinger201 Nov 10
Over 80 gravestones VANDALIZED at Jewish cemetery in Denmark ahead of Kristallnacht anniversary (VID 0 RCW2014 Nov 10
SJW's lock themselves to conveyor belt, consequenses ensue 10 Frankenvoter Nov 10
White Flight? 6:50 0 Da Mannn Nov 10
Starbucks: leftist elitist snobs 0 Frankenvoter Nov 10
MERCURY in RETROGRADE!!! 0 wonderwarthog Nov 9
Get woke, go broke. 2 Solesurvivor Nov 9
a deprogrammed moonie explains the cult of trump 9 rampartb Nov 9
The Westboro DEMOCRATS 3 Da Mannn Nov 9
Shills Refuse To Recognize Wokeness Killing Terminator Franchise 2 Da Mannn Nov 9
Why Rey is a Mary Sue and Luke Skywalker is Not 2 Solesurvivor Nov 9
This is STILL being promoted?!! Trannies demanding Heteros date them (Poll) 10 Da Mannn Nov 9
"the vision thing" was belittled by ghw bush 6 rampartb Nov 9
If North Korean and Japan went to war, more South Koreans would back Kim Jong Un, poll shows 13 RCW2014 Nov 9
iceland energy expended on bitcoin mining to exceed 840 gigawatts 4 rampartb Nov 9
The Impeachment SHOCK Cycle Is Fading, Support For Trump UP, Support For Impeachment DOWN 5 Da Mannn Nov 9
Teen Girls Suspended from School for Refusing to Wear LGBTQ Pride Pin 16 JanetS Nov 8
This message was self-deleted by its author 9 RCW2014 Nov 7
Swalwell spills the Beans again 3 Gunslinger201 Nov 7
Hugs not Bullets? 4 Gunslinger201 Nov 7
Remember Lazarus Long? 8 Qukid Nov 7
the era needs one more state legislature for ratification. 6 rampartb Nov 7
Find out if she Married her Brother Fraudulently too 0 Gunslinger201 Nov 6
Brit Hume Points Out A Big Problem With Vindman 16 Gunslinger201 Nov 6
Popeyes chicken sandwich 9 TheShoe Nov 6
Who Runs Mexico? (Poll) 5 Gunslinger201 Nov 6
President Trump Warns Democrats on Top Deep State Witness Alexander Vindman 34 Gunslinger201 Nov 6
FACT: If you deny, support or justify antifa violence, you are a fascist, (Poll) 15 Da Mannn Nov 6
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