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Spatchcocking is a funny word 6 msv Nov 23
for better or worse, the world, the country, history changed 55 years ago today (Poll) 22 rampartb Nov 23
Man killed his baby hours after it was born to 15-year-old girl, encased body in cement 6 Agent_86 Nov 23
Something to hang your hat on ... 7 bobsal Nov 22
Snowmen are Sexist to Libtards! 4 MumblyPeg Nov 22
Thank goodness the POS didn't have a gun else 5 people would've been killed and 18 injured... 4 quad489 Nov 22
Season's Greetings! 5 bobsal Nov 22
American indians are on a sniffle today 27 Frankenvoter Nov 22
Artifact from First Jewish Temple found in Jerusalem 6 357blackhawk Nov 22
lol@Chinese 5 Jardinier Nov 22
So it's a National Disaster that Macy's can't fly their floats?......Jesus, get a life New Yorkers. 1 joefriday6 Nov 22
Here are 5 new ridiculous lies from Trump's disastrous interview with the Daily Caller 11 bobsal Nov 22
a subcategory of "the gun just went off by itself (Poll) 16 rampartb Nov 22
Yep, no voter fraud in lefty paradise of LA........ 4 quad489 Nov 22
...You REALLY don't want to get into an argument about Olive Oyl with me... 2 Cold Warrior Nov 22
Alice's Restaurant: A Song For Thanksgiving. 4 Bubba Nov 22
Pusha T Blames Drake for Massive Brawl That Left 3 Fans Hospitalized 1 Frankenvoter Nov 22
Stop pretending you dont love Thanksgiving. You get to tell your whole family that they're fascist 1 Muddling Through Nov 22
Army going back to WW2 uniforms 21 Currentsitguy Nov 22
Thanksgiving poll (Poll) 5 Jack Burton Nov 21
Who is this Ilovestyx person? 44 BAMN Nov 21
That is what a responsible media would do... 13 quad489 Nov 21
Eastern Michigan University Cancels Vagina Monologues Because It Isnt Inclusive 7 JanetS Nov 21
Five Takeaways From Mike Rowes Speech About Work In America 3 TM999 Nov 20
When did Demos start sneering at poor people, the working class? (Poll) 11 imwithfred Nov 20
What Are the Ghost Face Gangsters? Feds Indict 43 Linked to White Supremacist Gang 2 RCW2014 Nov 20
Hyde-Smith Accepts $2,700 Donation from Notorious White Supremacist 5 Agent_86 Nov 20
Astrology claims life is governed by the immutable stars 8 Charlie Mike Nov 20
El Al Diverts Flight After Religious Passengers Cause Uproar Over Shabbat Scare 4 RCW2014 Nov 20
GF says BF made her do it, GoFundMe scam 7 Frankenvoter Nov 20
In 20 years we'll look back on the rush to change our children's sex as one of the darkest chapters 8 JanetS Nov 20
Muslims and gays both use women to advance their agendas, and are small, weak men as a result 0 Frankenvoter Nov 20
3 Surrender to Police After Beating, Racial Slurs Alleged 12 bobsal Nov 19
"Those anti-vaxxing neanderthal bastards!!" 6 Frankenvoter Nov 19
"White women want benefits of being black without the responsibilities that go with it" 21 Frankenvoter Nov 19
QAnon's true believers are devastated as the conspiracy theory goes down in flames 3 bobsal Nov 19
Unwanted subject: What led a Kirkland yogurt shop to call police on a man 8 bobsal Nov 19
Today's episode of: Stupid People Piss Me Off 11 MumblyPeg Nov 19
Cockpit audio and video from 1989 US shoot down of 2 Libyan MiG-23s 4 Charlie Mike Nov 19
ABC Prez Who Fired Roseanne RESIGNS as The Connors Ratings Dive 13 Gunslinger201 Nov 18
The answer is: "That's because people want to have sex with Kelly Ripa" (they like looking at her) 4 Frankenvoter Nov 18
Just got back 0 HerasHeaddress Nov 18
Sad but true 1 Frankenvoter Nov 18
President Makes Generous Gesture to American Veterans. 41 bobsal Nov 18
Gun Owner's Rights Actually Expanded Under Obama 6 Model10RB Nov 18
*I* am tthe one with the gun. 6 MumblyPeg Nov 18
Seriously lefty, we are sick of your shit. [View all] 99 MumblyPeg Nov 17
39 Aryan Brotherhood members arrested, 110 illegal weapons seized 5 Agent_86 Nov 17
what is with the caravan? 12 rampartb Nov 17
Tijuana Mayor Denounces 'Horde' of Caravan Migrants, Calls for Swift Deportations. 11 Grumpy Pickle Nov 17
Blond hair on white women just triggers me 22 MumblyPeg Nov 17
They're "just teens", there was no need for this escalation 4 Frankenvoter Nov 16
Tijuana Residents Clash With Caravan Migrants. 2 Grumpy Pickle Nov 16
A man shouted 'Heil Hitler' and 'Heil Trump' during 'Fiddler on the Roof' - and people fled 19 Agent_86 Nov 16
Violent, Destructive Pinko dimocrats Vandalize American Flag Mural, Call Old Glory Offensive 4 MumblyPeg Nov 16
True Blue Reagan country....... 5 bobsal Nov 16
Europe's rich history of building - and tearing down - walls 9 Agent_86 Nov 16
Alabama district attorney shot after ambush by former state trooper, authorities say 1 bobsal Nov 16
Fat shaming is OK according to "news" 2 Frankenvoter Nov 16
Good commentary from a Republican. 8 Meowmenow Nov 15
New Avenatti Clothing Line 2 Gunslinger201 Nov 15
Facebook says it removed a flood of hate speech, terrorist propaganda and fake accounts 3 Agent_86 Nov 15
Well - it was slow, BUT IT'S HERE !! 12 akaConcernedCanuk Nov 15
Happy Thanksgiving, DI 3 Bronxbomber Nov 15
the bouncy to end all bouncies 16 imwithfred Nov 15
Watch DUmpasses defend Creepy Porn Lawyer and demand evidence 4 MumblyPeg Nov 15
If you dont enjoy this there is something wrong with you 3 Cold Warrior Nov 14
Of course NPC's are upset when other NPC's are abused. 0 Solesurvivor Nov 14
Who is the new Jim Crow? 5 MumblyPeg Nov 14
Why does soccer suck so much? Especially Arsenal.. and anyone who likes soccer or Arsenal? 12 MumblyPeg Nov 14
Civilisation at its finest [View all] 95 Cold Warrior Nov 14
Hate Speech Isn't Real (2nd Edition) - Change My Mind 0 MumblyPeg Nov 14
Civilisation at its finest - Enhanced Version 8 Cold Warrior Nov 14
Help, I'm Dating a Nazi! 3 MumblyPeg Nov 14
The Real Devil's Triangle: California, New York, Florida. The country commenced ending there. 8 joefriday6 Nov 14
Some very rare examples of very early color TV 1 Currentsitguy Nov 13
Disney World Bans Veteran After Holding "Trump 2020" Sign On Splash Mountain 5 MumblyPeg Nov 13
Catty Michelle Obama Says Melania Trump Has Never Reached Out to Her for Advice 20 Grumpy Pickle Nov 13
Serena Williams still trying to prove "she" is a woman 12 Frankenvoter Nov 13
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