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This is the problem when you don't have a single person Western enough in your employment 7 Currentsitguy Oct 30
I need galoshes to wade through the manure in Politics 3 Agent_86 Oct 30
DUmpass "SHRED" blocks me on Twitter 17 MumblyPeg Oct 30
You're shopping and see this (Poll) 17 Qukid Oct 30
jfk release - operation mockingbird 2 rampartb Oct 30
Russian royalists 5 imwithfred Oct 30
What happens when SJWs meet up with reality. 4 Jack Burton Oct 29
Neo-Nazi Website The Daily Stormer Is Now Being Hosted On Island With Mostly Black Residents 3 RCW2014 Oct 29
Muslim who slit womans throat found not criminally responsible" 9 Gunslinger201 Oct 29
Six seconds to live 12 Muddling Through Oct 29
Police Report Filed After Don Lemon Gets Alleged Death Threat from White Nationalist 17 RCW2014 Oct 29
Pittsburgh Woman knocked out by a myth 11 Gunslinger201 Oct 29
When Democrats, liberals, and primitives run education, this sort of thing happens 13 imwithfred Oct 29
Billionaires worry about inequality 29 liberalguy Oct 29
true class 13 imwithfred Oct 29
The Yuli Gurriel incident - can someone explain it to me? 18 MumblyPeg Oct 29
Ex-Antifa Leader Admits They Are Extremely Dangerous and Very Damaged People Are Drawn To It 13 Gunslinger201 Oct 29
I Didn't get my way! Therefor, we have no LAW! (DUmpass still has Garland up his arse) 3 MumblyPeg Oct 29
College Costume Crackdown Ramps Up As Halloween Draws Near 4 RCW2014 Oct 29
Is this a pic of Matt Damon and Jeffrey Epstien? 1 Frankenvoter Oct 28
Shooting and surfing on the same day. :P 1 Iron Condor Oct 28
what happens when a 'progressive' tries to debate? 3 MumblyPeg Oct 28
Nuh uh, no raping me today, motherfucker! That's a pretty wicked move, thug was put out! 7 It Guy Oct 28
cowgirl Freddie making a clown of herself for Halloween 0 imwithfred Oct 28
Rosie O'donnell 'Seriously' Worried If She 'Will Be Able To Live Through' Trump's Presidency 16 RCW2014 Oct 28
Antifa planning False Flag attacks for Nov. 4th 6 Gunslinger201 Oct 28
John Cleese talks politics and why American fans laugh more 0 Agent_86 Oct 28
My X-File grows by the day (Poll) 8 Agent_86 Oct 27
Infant found infested with maggots.... 14 Boadicea Oct 27
Man shot by Chicago police officer is awarded $44.7 million 16 quad489 Oct 27
Range is hot! 7 Magyar Heidinn Oct 27
don't put Vaporub on your ....area 26 Gunslinger201 Oct 26
Ladies, How is this any different from Harvey Weinstein? 14 Gunslinger201 Oct 26
Oh, the inhumanity that this man is not allowed to express himself. 2 joefriday6 Oct 26
ACLU succeeds, immigrant baby in Planned Parenthood trashbin 35 Frankenvoter Oct 26
Muslim plan for world domination put on hold 19 Agent_86 Oct 26
uh oh. Republicans may be in trouble for the 2018 elections. 9 Jack Burton Oct 26
Amazing, every single group in America feels discriminated against 2 Frankenvoter Oct 26
Gold Star Mother disrespected by Obama, media oddly silent 13 Gunslinger201 Oct 26
ITS NOT FOOD. ITS VILOENCE. 2 Daves Not Here Man Oct 25
Kellogg's to replace racially insensitive Corn Pops boxes following Twitter call out 10 def_con5 Oct 25
#VLM 2 Daves Not Here Man Oct 25
Progressives ruin everything - Libtards Want These Halloween Costumes Banned! 1 MumblyPeg Oct 25
Its starting to look like a Roadrunner Cartoon! 4 Gunslinger201 Oct 25
The women of Hollywood are as perverted as the men. 13 Konsurvative Oct 25
To nobody's shock, the number one most searched porno term in California is... 8 TendiesForBreakfast Oct 24
This message was self-deleted by its author 2 Attera Oct 24
This message was self-deleted by its author 0 Attera Oct 24
"'in 2017 Americas schools are just as segregated as in 1954"'... 4 quad489 Oct 24
Syndicated TV shows often have ad companys retroactively replacing product placements. 2 Daves Not Here Man Oct 24
Racist costumes Lefty should avoid this Halloween 6 Tin Ear2 Oct 24
Members Of This LGBTQ Gun Club Are Arming Themselves Against The Far Right 9 RCW2014 Oct 24
BLM Whacktivist devastated to Learn Hands up, Dont Shoot was a lie 3 Gunslinger201 Oct 24
Lefty is pissed - Harvey Weinstein didn't abuse any BLACK women... sonofabitch racist 9 MumblyPeg Oct 24
What The Walking Dead Taught Us About Islam 10 TM999 Oct 24
Clay Shaw's motive 4 imwithfred Oct 24
Alex Jones explains Star Wars 0 357blackhawk Oct 24
Ladies and gentlemen, we present you- progressives. Another lunacy achievement 4 MumblyPeg Oct 24
Ruth Paine's motive 1 imwithfred Oct 24
Wesley Frazier's motive 0 imwithfred Oct 24
Marina Prusakova's motive 0 imwithfred Oct 24
Jim Garrison's motive 3 imwithfred Oct 24
Mindhunter vs Real Life Ed Kemper Interviews, Side by Side 3 Daves Not Here Man Oct 24
Ines Rau makes history as first transgender Playmate 37 wonderwarthog Oct 24
Hoyt likes us, he really, really likes us. 7 Butchie_T Oct 24
one year ago today (events of the preceding day recorded the next day) 0 imwithfred Oct 24
Box-Office Bomb: What's Behind 'Geostorm' Meltdown 5 def_con5 Oct 24
Jack Ruby's motive 10 imwithfred Oct 24
Sounds kinky, but ok. 13 Daves Not Here Man Oct 23
Oklahoma man arrested following test of fluid dynamics theory 4 Agent_86 Oct 23
Socialism / Communism - and the cognitive dissonance [View all] 60 MumblyPeg Oct 23
STD may be in some plargarism trouble 1 I814U2CY Oct 23
one year ago today 5 imwithfred Oct 23
Americans Are Retiring Later, Dying Sooner and Sicker In-Between 13 RCW2014 Oct 23
Prof: Algebra, geometry perpetuate white privilege 16 Juan Rico Oct 23
This is a man 0 MumblyPeg Oct 23
Trump-Like Leaders Proliferate Around World... 0 RCW2014 Oct 23
The New Populism Isn't About Economics 1 RCW2014 Oct 23
Poland Is Cutting the Last Fuses on Democracy, Official Warns 0 RCW2014 Oct 23
Terrorism-Related Cases In Germany Quadruple In One Year 6 Gunslinger201 Oct 23
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