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Well...okay then. 2 Charlie Mike Mar 15
A question about older SAT scores 6 fools_gold Mar 15
Front Page In Polish Paper: "How To Spot A Jew" 3 RCW2014 Mar 15
"Lizzie Maguire" star walks away from Hollywood and joins the Army 5 Currentsitguy Mar 14
World's Youngest Leader Begins Deporting Migrants From Refugee Camps 4 Grumpy Pickle Mar 14
Bill Maher Sees the Light? 8 MumblyPeg Mar 14
16 year old climate activist nominated for nobel peace prize 2 rampartb Mar 14
Italy outraged as court finds victim too ugly to be raped 6 Gunslinger201 Mar 14
lori laughlin finds prayer is not enough to get her daughter into usc 7 rampartb Mar 14
Live by the sword, die by the sword 3 oflguy Mar 14
VN Commemorative March 29 1 HerasHeaddress Mar 14
Ritual Animal Slaughter Law Leaves Belgium's Muslims And Jews Facing Shortages Price Hikes 5 RCW2014 Mar 14
Are we seeing the downfall of our civilization? 7 Solesurvivor Mar 14
Thin Privilege DEBUNKED... EHEM.. for the salami doughnut shoe abusers 0 MumblyPeg Mar 14
Vimeo Removes Churchs Account For Not Supporting Homosexuality 7 MumblyPeg Mar 13
My neighbours cousins aunts housekeeper arrested for shoplifting at D.C. store 3 Cold Warrior Mar 13
What's the difference between Charles Manson and CNN? 1 shogun Mar 13
If you have Netflix and enjoy dark humor... 5 Ruby Mar 13
Tucker Carlson Reveals New Nickname for Brian Stelter 1 MumblyPeg Mar 13
Chiquita Khrushchevs Green Nude Eel would quickly kill half Worlds Population 13 Gunslinger201 Mar 12
Dutch professor: No Western country has managed to successfully integrate Muslims 6 Gunslinger201 Mar 12
Who has imwithfred on ignore? (Poll) 25 Cold Warrior Mar 12
The lefty stupidity is spreading 3 MumblyPeg Mar 12
Is ComicsGate Wrong? - NPC Marvel: An Era Without Heroes 2 Solesurvivor Mar 12
Sex Matters. Men and women are fundamentally different. 2 Da Mannn Mar 12
Some good news for a change: High School Seniors Wake Up at 4am So They Can Shovel Neighbors.... 2 Steelydamned Mar 12
Why is lefty do damned stupid? 8 MumblyPeg Mar 11
What major internet tech companies were started by women? 9 shogun Mar 11
The $15 Minimum Wage Is Turning Hard Workers Into Black Market Lawbreakers 2 MumblyPeg Mar 11
New Leaked Audio From Inside Google discussing their totalitarian propaganda operations 0 MumblyPeg Mar 11
Society Commentary I Was Americas First Nonbinary Person. It Was All a Sham. 0 JanetS Mar 11
Captain Marvel is kicking the box office's ass 20 Isidore Mar 11
The Democratic Socialist Platform Echoes the Madness of the Khmer Rouge 5 Da Mannn Mar 11
MAGAPHOBIA: Hotel Rejects Reservation Request 10 MumblyPeg Mar 11
Over 17 Million Younger Facebook Users Have Quit Amid Privacy Scandals 6 MumblyPeg Mar 11
FBI data shows Ilhan Omars district is terrorist recruitment capital of the US 2 Da Mannn Mar 11
The reason he lied about it is because once again, they couldn't find anything!!!!! 4 bobsal Mar 10
Stalinist dimocrat Bolshevik Barbie Trashes Ronald Reagan, Calls America Garbage' 8 MumblyPeg Mar 10
Percent of Millennials, 76 Percent of Residents in Bay Area, Seriously Considering Leaving CA 2 MumblyPeg Mar 10
AOC owes back taxes from 2012, but she is going to raise YOUR taxes. 6 Da Mannn Mar 10
The Candace Owens Show: Hawk Newsome 0 MumblyPeg Mar 10
Only 6 Democrats Vote Against Illegal Aliens Voting 2 MumblyPeg Mar 10
Ninth Circus Invent Constitutional Right For Some Aliens To Appeal Deportation Orders 4 MumblyPeg Mar 10
A perfect match - A Fake Science Guy and a Fake Economist 1 MumblyPeg Mar 10
Why are dimocrats so detached from reality and clinging to propaganda? 9 MumblyPeg Mar 10
least expensive movies made 0 imwithfred Mar 10
Ilhan Omar welcomes David Duke back into the Democrat party 7 Da Mannn Mar 9
So was Tailhook to blame or did they suck ass and get pushed through? 2 Gunslinger201 Mar 9
Far Left Democrats LIE, They Have an INSANE Hatred For Jews 0 Da Mannn Mar 9
Get off from my cloud 1 RATFINK_5.0 Mar 9
Lefty is all pissed off that Lefty is coming to his town and puking on the sidewalks 4 MumblyPeg Mar 9
poll: if there's no way they can weasel out, and must make a choice (Poll) 5 imwithfred Mar 9
Missoula 3 Cold Warrior Mar 9
"Toxic" Masculinity?! Is that What We're Calling it... 0 MumblyPeg Mar 9
"There's No Hope" 2 MumblyPeg Mar 9
I know this is pretty "inside baseball" but a substantial number of African Americans 1 Charlie Mike Mar 9
Fights erupt at Jerusalem's Western Wall after ultra-Orthodox Jewish men try to block women's group 4 RCW2014 Mar 9
So ...during lunch break ... We impaled the car w/ a fence post 0 RATFINK_5.0 Mar 9
Homosexual Hollywood Hate Hoaxer Jussie Smollett Indicted on 16 Counts 3 MumblyPeg Mar 9
Lefty spits on cop. Lefty gets ass stomped. Don't be like Lefty. 20 MumblyPeg Mar 8
Putin Thanks Women For Taking Care Of The Home And Staying Beautiful On International Womens Day 4 RCW2014 Mar 8
RIP Jan Michael Vincent 11 cologeek Mar 8
BREAKING: Rotten Tomatoes Deletes 54,000 Bad Captain Marvel Ratings 22 Da Mannn Mar 8
Healthy Living OPPRESSES Us All! SJW logic: losing weight is bad. 4 Da Mannn Mar 8
Captain Marvel SJWs Blame Men for Bad Reviews 7 Da Mannn Mar 8
So I went on Amazon to check the current Lightning Deals and I got... 5 Gamle-ged Mar 8
Democrat Whip James Clyburn Tells Holocaust Survivors To Check Their Privilege 6 MumblyPeg Mar 8
Fifth arrest made on election-related crimes connected to NC-9 investigation 4 bobsal Mar 8
happy anti imperialism day! 1 rampartb Mar 8
Lefty defies police. Lefty gets shot. Don't be like Lefty 1 MumblyPeg Mar 8
LEAKED AUDIO: Google Discusses Steering the Conservative Movement 1 MumblyPeg Mar 8
Officer Shot At Rockford Illinois Hotel Dies; Suspect Floyd Brown In Custody 0 RCW2014 Mar 8
If ever there was evidence that it's time for a crusade 23 Carlos_Danger Mar 7
Seriously, why is R. Kelly any different than anyone else? 2 MumblyPeg Mar 7
Nobody has the "Right" to be Homosexual 30 Gunslinger201 Mar 7
poll: if there's no way they can weasel out, and must take a side, (Poll) 7 imwithfred Mar 7
Dafuq is wrong with this dude? 5 Charlie Mike Mar 7
The fallacy of raising your cat to be a boy 1 oflguy Mar 7
Captain Marvel reviews coming in. "It sucks! Mary Sue." 4 Da Mannn Mar 7
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