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I am racially insensitive 3 shogun Jan 20
Since shaving razors have become a contrversy: (Poll) 0 Charlie Mike Jan 20
And liberals tell us we don't need more than 5 or 10 rounds to protect ourselves 3 Iron Condor Jan 20
Dragon Lady Mazie Hirono doubles down on Anti-Catholic Stance 11 Gunslinger201 Jan 20
Illegal Immigrants 'Seek Asylum' at Pelosis Home: She Has Police Remove Them... 10 quad489 Jan 20
History cycling 7 bobsal Jan 20
I Found Crazy Islamic Propaganda on YouTube 11 Da Mannn Jan 20
Teens Wearing MAGA Hats Harassing an Elderly Native American Man is FAKE NEWS 6 MumblyPeg Jan 20
Hatethiest dimocrat Asks if Karen Pences SS Protection Should be Pulled Because Shes Christian 10 MumblyPeg Jan 19
And then I told her... 1 quad489 Jan 19
Great victory for Christians and religious freedom 18 Cold Warrior Jan 19
Come on, Game of Thrones, season 8... pleeeease?... 4 Gamle-ged Jan 19
President Pelosi Trends After BuzzFeed Report: Its the Ending We Deserve 4 MumblyPeg Jan 19
are people who think they're smarter than the rest of us (Poll) 8 imwithfred Jan 19
Racist dimocrat skank: Some White People May Have to Die 22 MumblyPeg Jan 19
Lefty is whining about gov workers "being forced to work without pay" 1 Jack Burton Jan 19
Man Masquerading as a Woman Who Caused Viral Scene at GameStop Speaks Out 12 MumblyPeg Jan 19
So if Shaun King just came out and said he IDENTIFIED as Black..... 2 Gunslinger201 Jan 19
one sure gets a different perspective on things 0 imwithfred Jan 19
Crooked MeeMaw's Big Beautiful Wall (that probably doesn't work, right?) 1 MumblyPeg Jan 19
Call to Duty - Black OPs II 9 Cold Warrior Jan 19
CNN, Politifact Downplay 2,000 Homicides Committed by Illegal Invaders 7 MumblyPeg Jan 18
Canadian Indian residential schools. 3 SatansSon666 Jan 18
100,000 Supporters Turn Out for Annual March for Life- DNC Propaganda outlets lie about it 3 MumblyPeg Jan 18
Deranged pinko dimocratic communists call everything racist 1 MumblyPeg Jan 18
Another perv dimocrat child molester rapist taken down 3 MumblyPeg Jan 18
Google employees find the word "family" to be offensive and triggering 10 Currentsitguy Jan 18
Rightly or Wrongly the Republicans came down hard on Steve King 6 Gunslinger201 Jan 18
Gillette Cuts Their Own Throat [RazrFist NSFW] 1 MumblyPeg Jan 18
Military response to Gillette Shaving FLAILEX 3 His Daughter Jan 18
How the shutdown affects the people's struggle 5 bobsal Jan 18
Lefty Bigot, Rep. Omar Defends Tweet Claiming Israel Has Hypnotized The World 23 Da Mannn Jan 18
From the horse's mouth: "colusion"! 12 bobsal Jan 18
How sad to pass away completely unknown and unloved 8 Currentsitguy Jan 18
Dien Bien Phu - What Happened? 29 wonderwarthog Jan 17
Gillette: The Best an Incel Can Get 26 TM999 Jan 17
Twitter Warns Violators Of Pakistani Blasphemy Laws 2 Gunslinger201 Jan 17
Sums up a major cause of all societal problems quite nicely... 1 quad489 Jan 17
bird pox : bad movie or bad challenge? (Poll) 3 rampartb Jan 17
79% of Businesses Plan to Add Jobs, Many Say Trump Tax Cuts Help 2 Gunslinger201 Jan 17
Cars running stop signs 11 Cold Warrior Jan 17
Protesters protest proposed Pittsburgh gun control measures 6 Iron Condor Jan 16
I propose a new personal pronoun for the transgendered. Instead of he or she it should be 2 foia Jan 16
The most toxic from of masculinity is when there is none. 11 foia Jan 16
R.I.P. Jason Spindler. 9/11 survivor, only to be killed by terrorists in Kenya 2 Currentsitguy Jan 16
Woman banned from Wal Mart for riding scooter with Pringles can full of wine (Poll) 5 Frankenvoter Jan 16
Gillette jumps on the PC bandwagon 20 Currentsitguy Jan 16
Dominican prostitute: Sen. Bob Menendez likes the youngest and newest girls 16 MumblyPeg Jan 15
Crappy Islamic Sculpture to be removed from Ground Zero 4 Gunslinger201 Jan 15
Gillette Razors Go Full Libtard Marc Dice 2 Da Mannn Jan 15
A woman's heart 7 Charlie Mike Jan 15
A Fool-Proof Border Wall 16 bobsal Jan 15
Christian Arabs Clash Violently with Police in Haifa over " McJesus " Sculpture 15 Grumpy Pickle Jan 15
Where Are You, Martin Luther King? 3 MumblyPeg Jan 14
Spot pegged to #MeToo asks Is this the best a man can get? 0 DillyDilly500 Jan 14
Heterosexuality is a learned behavior. 9 Charlie Mike Jan 14
Great little short SciFi film: A Date in 2025 0 Currentsitguy Jan 14
32% of Federal Inmates Are Aliens 3 MumblyPeg Jan 14
I would like to thank our colleagues Fred and sobek for providing me with a platform 22 Cold Warrior Jan 14
Pretty fun linguistic map of the US and Canada at the link 5 Currentsitguy Jan 14
Explosive 0 Cold Warrior Jan 13
Would you buy your kid a $350 winter hat? (Poll) 3 Currentsitguy Jan 13
The liberals' greatest fear 0 Jack Burton Jan 13
in 2016, when trump called for a wall, what did you visualize? (Poll) 6 rampartb Jan 13
Boy, Lefty is pulling some serious overtime spreading his border wall propaganda and talking points. 4 MumblyPeg Jan 13
Cant they go back to eating tide pods? Police blame 'Bird Box Challenge' for crash in Layton 3 Gunslinger201 Jan 13
The DEA smashes one of Trumps main claims about the border wall 17 bobsal Jan 13
The Green Book 3 Cold Warrior Jan 13
one question? 9 rampartb Jan 13
Swiss woman is charged with assault after slapping Afghan migrant who kept groping her 10 Gunslinger201 Jan 13
Mecca's Grand Mosque Plagued by Swarms of Locust 4 Gunslinger201 Jan 13
Dear lefty: Illegal invaders are 6X more murderous that "assault rifles. What do you do? 21 MumblyPeg Jan 12
Megyn Kelly officially exits NBC News 9 Gamle-ged Jan 12
Donald Trumps moving commencement address for Wagner Colleges graduating class 14 bobsal Jan 12
Democrat plans to turn subcommittee on terrorism into subcommittee on investigating TRUMP 5 MumblyPeg Jan 12
F.B.I. Opened Inquiry Into Whether Trump Was Secretly Working on Behalf of Russia 10 bobsal Jan 12
Pie are Round, Cornbread are Square 15 Gunslinger201 Jan 11
California church draws backlash for sign: Bruce Jenner is still a man 5 Da Mannn Jan 11
It Happened again. Cultural relativism killing more Liberals. All cultues are NOT equal. 3 Da Mannn Jan 11
Its all a matter of who says says it, right? 29 bobsal Jan 11
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