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Russian culture is so creative and interesting. Like us 70 years ago before all the lefty weirdness. 2 Shkreli May 11
My favorite sign at the cigar shop we frequent 6 Currentsitguy May 11
Bill Nye: "Science Is Political" 8 MumblyPeg May 11
New Report: Mexico Now MORE Dangerous Than Iraq and Afghanistan 3 MumblyPeg May 11
Shocking new DNA study reveals that human beings are divided into two genders 3 MumblyPeg May 11
Detroit High School to Host Muslim Girls Only Prom 1 MumblyPeg May 10
Anyone else notice the backdrops CNN / FNC frequently use that resemble 4 RCW2014 May 10
Gays are now 2nd tier citizens, islam takes on first place 4 MumblyPeg May 10
Racist note that prompted St. Olaf College shut down is hate-crime hoax 7 MumblyPeg May 10
Cornell sent into panic by false reports of ICE agent on campus 2 MumblyPeg May 10
Driver Hits Protester In Street, Police Arrest Protester 19 Da Mannn May 10
6 of the FBI top 10 most wanted. 0 outside May 10
'I Was At My Best When I Was With You People,' Scattered Thoughts on The Big Chill 7 Cold Warrior May 10
Why does Lefty always laugh at his own posts when they are not funny? 11 oflguy May 10
Be afraid. Be very afraid. Antifa got a gun 16 MumblyPeg May 10
Getting to the real problem of why abortions are necessary [View all] 94 GordieG May 10
Fury Over Wonder Woman Protein Bar Promotion That's Insensitive to Fat People 11 Juan Rico May 10
Germany: 7 Refugees On Trial For Setting Homeless Man On Fire On Christmas 3 MumblyPeg May 10
Harvard students plan graduation ceremony for whites only, claim its not about segregation 6 quad489 May 10
Mike Rowe's S.W.E.A.T. Pledge 16 Currentsitguy May 9
Elderly Black Woman Body Slammed by White Fucking Assholes and Tossed Into Pool [View all] 52 It Guy May 9
How Ridiculous is Islam? THIS Ridiculous 3 Gunslinger201 May 9
Delaware: State Troopers Killer a budding jihadist, Quoted Koran During Standoff 0 MumblyPeg May 9
Our Antifa Damsel turns out to be a Lez Porn Actress [View all] 140 Gunslinger201 May 9
Don't believe in Alpha Males or socio-sexual hierarchy? Nature don't care about your "beliefs"..... 26 Shkreli May 9
Pepe has died. Pepe has risen. 3 UnknownPleasures May 9
Oh My, The Savage Trump supporters captured an AntiFa 20 Gunslinger201 May 9
Obamas Muslim DHS Official Praises Allah for ISIS Killing Coptic Christians 1 MumblyPeg May 9
Baltimore Professor: White People Need To Personally Give All Their Money To Black People 16 MumblyPeg May 9
R.I.P. Pepe... 10 ProgressiveTaxation May 9
chris hedges is nominated for a daytime emmy, and celebrates with a wake for american culture ... 0 rampartb May 9
Sally Yates, Her Memo, and The Abuse of DoJ Power 7 Gunslinger201 May 9
French Annoyingly Retain Right to Claim Intellectual Superiority Over Americans 8 KAT May 8
Social Media Coordinator for UC Berkeley Illegal Aliens Urges "Beating... White People" 9 MumblyPeg May 8
How did this slip by us? Ann McEllhinney Pwns Brainwashed Snowflake on Climate Change 13 Gunslinger201 May 8
Trolls beget Trolls, or, You wern't born that way. 1 WritelyWrong May 8
I shant be buying any more Netflix reload cards (Poll) 3 Frankenvoter May 8
13's a lucky number for people who explain thier suicide throught a season 2 Frankenvoter May 8
Guns bore me but this is interdasting. .300 Blackout with an...interesting projectile. 13 Shkreli May 8
Pay for my health insurance!!! 9 U.S.Awesome May 7
The history of Japan in 9 minutes 0 mrwordsworth May 7
Vive La France!!! 7 wonderwarthog May 7
"Surrender" 8 wonderwarthog May 7
What Are You Reading? May 7, 2017 5 Argentina May 7
Tell me again... who matters? 3 MumblyPeg May 7
They really believe this over @ DU. Literally no cause and effect cognition. 9 Shkreli May 7
Hunger strikes: The muslim technique 0 MumblyPeg May 7
If you call someone "snowflake", you are a Nazi 6 MumblyPeg May 7
The South Louisiana uprising of socialism and resulting vigilence committees of 1859 2 oflguy May 7
damn; another tragic suicide 27 i verglas May 7
End Female Privilege (or, "How the West was Lost') 0 Shkreli May 7
Restitution? I'm not sure this would ever be quite paid off 1 Frankenvoter May 7
Gay organist spray-painted Heil Trump on his church to start a movement 4 MumblyPeg May 7
Loretta Lynn Suffers Stroke 4 HerasHeaddress May 7
How fun would this be an an antifa riot? 2 MumblyPeg May 6
Ever wonder what happens to unsold new cars? 5 Currentsitguy May 6
BlackLivesMatter Leader Calls for Genocide of White People 20 MumblyPeg May 6
Netflix Quietly Edits 1996 Bill Nye Episode About Chromosomes Determining Gender 15 MumblyPeg May 6
North Carolina Passes Law to Protect Drivers Who Hit Protesters 20 Gunslinger201 May 6
Racist Cops Stop Black Man Just To Fuck With Him. 10 Daves Not Here Man May 6
Please go to your nearest window, look out, and describe the American Carnage before your eyes. 24 The Center Holds May 6
Words and music, Doc. Words and music 0 Cold Warrior May 6
Happy Cinco Deporto day 8 Banshee 3 Actual May 6
"AntiFa Militia" posts Range Day Video, Hilarity Ensues 34 Gunslinger201 May 6
"A Message to ANTIFA from an American Infantryman" 37 Iron Condor May 6
Colgate University Goes On Lockdown Over Hot Glue Gun 3 MumblyPeg May 6
Damn, even France's Macron is flashing WP hand signs... 0 Butchie_T May 5
These 3 symbols represent evil ideologies 40 Gunslinger201 May 5
When I was young ... in my burgh, a group of guys - my age, came to town to make a movie: 4 RATFINK_5.0 May 5
No Country for This Old Man 5 Agent_86 May 5
If Prince Phillip has been married to the queen of England for a long time now (Poll) 31 Frankenvoter May 5
Dept. of Fleeting Fame: Kardashians TV Show Ratings Tanking, Caitlyn Jenners Book A Bust 5 Let it go May 5
Best rap video I've ever seen. 4 stars, two thumbs up, etc. 5 Frankenvoter May 5
Texas Sports Bar Shooting 4 Iron Condor May 5
From the "It Doesn't Take a Rocket Scientist" department 3 stygmata May 5
Dang. Silverado is 32 years old. 7 Konservative May 5
Guess what the word " trump " means in Britain. 3 Grumpy Pickle May 4
4 may 1970: 4 dead in ohio 5 rampartb May 4
Why do they have so many kids they have no intention of taking care of? 15 Konservative May 4
"Teen" Trashes Supermarket & Then Shoots At Employee 21 MumblyPeg May 4
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