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Can anyone explain why do the feminists absolutely "hate" BDSM? [View all] 253 Attera Apr 10
Our Antifa Damsel turns out to be a Lez Porn Actress [View all] 140 Gunslinger201 May 9
I Urge All Licensed Civilians To Open Carry (Where Permissable) In These Troubled Times [View all] 125 Model10RB Sep 2016
Do you think Homosexuality is a sin? Do you believe LGBT Americans deserve our civil rights? (Poll) [View all] 123 StateUsernameHere Apr 25
Civil war, lefty vs righty (Poll) [View all] 116 Aldar Feb 2017
'Valedictorian, 4.5 GPA...and I'm undocumented.' [View all] 107 TexMex Sep 2016
What's a regional food in your area? [View all] 94 Daves Not Here Man Apr 16
Getting to the real problem of why abortions are necessary [View all] 94 GordieG May 10
Taxes are the price we pay for a civilized society. [View all] 93 The Center Holds Oct 2016
Has the next Civil War already begun? [View all] 93 Gunslinger201 Feb 2017
Let's play the inventions game! [View all] 91 UnknownPleasures Apr 19
"You call them refugees, I call them terrorists" [View all] 91 kcci Feb 2017
If you are a man... [View all] 85 Maya Oct 2016
DU scraping the the bottom of the barrel for MIRT? [View all] 84 Qukid Oct 2016
This message was self-deleted by its author [View all] 84 SlayerNut Feb 2017
So why did the nazis choose to have their "Freedom of Speech" rally in Berkeley? [View all] 81 Carlos W Bush Apr 21
Canada Passes Sharia Anti-Blasphemy Law [View all] 78 Gunslinger201 Apr 6
What are your hobbies? [View all] 75 MountainDew Jun 19
Challenge: Name a TV Show With a One Word Title [View all] 72 Floyd R. Turbo Oct 2016
Just bought my 1st gun of 2016 [View all] 71 TexMex Oct 2016
Who are we missing here at DI? [View all] 68 mrwordsworth Jan 2017
cavers brag about playing jury system [View all] 68 SlayerNut Mar 2017
Question of the Day: Whats the Most Youve Ever Paid For a Gun? [View all] 67 TexMex Jan 2017
Aryanna Gourdin, 12, defends trophy kills: I will ‘never apologize’ for being a hunter [View all] 67 Juan Rico Sep 2016
Alt Right Richard Spencer Decked by Anarchist [View all] 63 wonderwarthog Jan 2017
A mom and son who swapped parts and are now dad and daughter (Poll) [View all] 62 Frankenvoter May 15
This message was self-deleted by its author [View all] 62 Kristopher09 Oct 2016
I just read the results of a jury [View all] 61 oflguy Oct 2016
Piers Morgan Asks 12-Year-Old Hunter, ‘What If I Killed Your Pet Cat?’ — and Her Dad Quickly Reacts [View all] 59 Juan Rico Sep 2016
Let's Talk First Line (EDC) and Second LIne (Mission Specific) Gear [View all] 59 Model10RB Oct 2016
Ok, you know the terrorists already in this country have been planning something big [View all] 59 oflguy Feb 2017
If you had an guest from another country and wanted to serve a quintessential American meal, [View all] 58 KAT Apr 12
He was high on PCP [View all] 58 oflguy May 30
Congressman calls for Christian holy war on Islamic radicals: Kill them all (he has my vote!) [View all] 57 Gunslinger201 Jun 7
Liberals, Help me understand, are these Brats part of YOUR Movement? [View all] 57 Gunslinger201 Jan 2017
Quiz time: A young, healthy rhino and a young, healthy human (picked at random) are about to die. (Poll) [View all] 57 Juan Rico Feb 2017
Separation of Church and State - it's a real thing [View all] 57 wonderwarthog Mar 2017
If true I hope the bitch does time over it (Poll) [View all] 56 Frankenvoter May 1
Muslims hack Atheist to Death for Facebook posts [View all] 55 Gunslinger201 Mar 2017
Just three percent of adults own half of America’s guns [View all] 55 TexMex Sep 2016
Ha ha: Portland’s Sweet Cakes by Melissa, which refused to bake for lesbian wedding, closes [View all] 55 Attila Gorilla Oct 2016
Does anyone else who's read DU in the last two months feel like there are [View all] 55 JaimeBondoJr Jan 2017
Donna Hylton - Rapist and Murderer of the Left [View all] 55 TIMETOCHANGE Jan 2017
Do you agree with this statement? (Poll) [View all] 54 Aldar Mar 2017
The most persecuted group of people in History...... [View all] 54 ibtruthin Oct 2016
How Many of These 100 Bands Can You Name? [View all] 54 Floyd R. Turbo Nov 2016
Do you canoe? You're a racist and a cultural appropriator. [View all] 54 Currentsitguy Nov 2016
Anyone feel sympathy for the Hitler Youth? [View all] 54 Gunslinger201 Mar 2017
so I'm 40 days sober [View all] 53 backwoodsbob Saturday
Ever Wonder about the Reason for the incessant Serial Right Wing Posting Here? [View all] 53 wonderwarthog Jan 2017
Society is creating a new crop of alpha women who are unable to love [View all] 53 Aldar Feb 2017
Elderly Black Woman Body Slammed by White Fucking Assholes and Tossed Into Pool [View all] 52 It Guy May 9
Antifa Thug Girl Was Using Glass Bottles as Weapons Before Punch [View all] 52 MumblyPeg Apr 20
black is the new black [View all] 52 i verglas Oct 2016
1 in 5 CEOs are psychopaths, study finds [View all] 52 exindy Sep 2016
The Fourth Industrial Revolution: Kiss your job goodbye. [View all] 52 Andronikos Mar 2017
I care about animals much more than I do people, MUCH more [View all] 52 Frankenvoter Mar 2017
DC Protest punch, let's look at the tape [View all] 51 Gunslinger201 Jan 2017
sci fi movies that should be made [View all] 51 rampartb Mar 2017
Charlize Theron and her "son". [View all] 50 Shkreli Mar 31
Looking for gun suggestions [View all] 50 Currentsitguy Mar 2017
The crazy Lefties in Seattle want to open up "supervised government injection sites" for junkies. [View all] 50 Grumpy Pickle Mar 2017
Yes, the prohibition against slavery is merely subjective, social construct. [View all] 50 NeoKhan Mar 2017
Anti-Trump Resistance Leaders Say They Want To Make America Ungovernable [View all] 50 Da Mannn Feb 2017
OK, lets see what you know [View all] 50 oflguy Feb 2017
Porn is bad! (Poll) [View all] 50 The Center Holds Sep 2016
Violent antifa chick caught punching Free Speecher at Berkeley 49 Grumpy Pickle Apr 24
Next Time, Dumbasses, don't lay down in the road! 49 Gunslinger201 Thursday
A question for all the lovers and defenders of muslims here 49 black rifles Feb 2017
Based Stick Man Cult Hero on Right 49 Gunslinger201 Mar 2017
Ruin A Date With Four Words 48 Floyd R. Turbo Oct 2016
Bowling for Hippies! Protesters being run over! 48 Gunslinger201 Jan 2017
The most white state in our nation seems to have it going on with guns. 48 oldenuff35 Feb 2017
Going shooting tomorrow and bringing a target I made a bit ago. never been shot 48 black rifles Feb 2017
Leftists think that jury decisions that dont go thier way are due to dishonest people (Poll) 48 Frankenvoter Feb 2017
Do you Rent or Own? (Poll) 48 rahtruelies Mar 2017
Christian student suspended after challenging Muslim profs claim that Jesus wasnt crucified 47 Aldar Mar 2017
Now for something completely different; not tumble weaves but niqabs. 47 Jardinier Sunday
Is there ANYTHING the Democrats can do to bring Rednecks aboard? (Poll) 47 wonderwarthog Sep 2016
What would you do if your child abandoned Jesus and took up with a non Christian faith? (Poll) 47 Phlegm Monger Sep 2016
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