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"...step up and DO SOMETHING... Because heres the deal: we dont need your help." 1 JaimeBondoJr May 2018
"23 and me" website is racist 3 Frankenvoter Oct 21
"A firm recollection of seeing boys lined up outside rooms at many of these parties." 14 Model10RB Sep 26
"Bewitched" set for interracial re-boot. 8 Frankenvoter Aug 2018
"credibly accused" 3 Charlie Mike Sep 18
"Damn, girl. Look at you. Man, those thighs. Put em to work, huh?" Greatest Bouncy EVAH... 11 JaimeBondoJr Oct 11
"Digital Blackface" - This Is Not a Joke [Dice] 3 MumblyPeg Jul 2018
"Do I have to go to Airborne school before becoming a Ranger? 21 wonderwarthog May 2018
"Do you have any questions which aren't race-baiting?" 0 TM999 Aug 2018
"Get Woke Go Broke" 1 Solesurvivor Aug 2018
"How many red pills did you take?" "ALL OF THEM." 6 TendiesForBreakfast Oct 28
"I loved him when he mocked white people's religions. Now he's mocking brown people's religions." 8 TendiesForBreakfast Jul 2018
"I was crushingly bored talking about politics... " 6 wonderwarthog Jun 2018
"I wouldn't want to be caught alone in a room with him". [View all] 128 Will Morningstar Jun 2018
"I'm the Majority" 2 MumblyPeg Oct 8
"It's OK to be White." Revisited. (Poll) 36 Da Mannn May 2018
"Its bad fire management ........" 22 bobsal Nov 28
"Its OK to be White" freaks out Canadian University. 7 Da Mannn Nov 4
"Jurrasic World" pulls lesbian "reveal", weep, boo hoo, McSniffle (Poll) 11 Frankenvoter Jun 2018
"just do it!" trump jumps trump tower architect 4 rampartb Sep 2018
"Liberals", quit treating black folks like pets 3 shogun Oct 9
"Look at me!! Look me in the eye!!" 8 Muddling Through Oct 16
"married to the mob?" 0 rampartb May 2018
"MY ASS" "MY ASS" 1 MumblyPeg Oct 9
"Negro Blood: Pentagon Quietly Removes Bizarre Booklet For US Troops In Saudi Arabia 3 RCW2014 Nov 8
"open borders?" no 1 rampartb Jun 2018
"Pedophilia is an unchangeable sexual orientation, anyone could be born that way" 10 TM999 Jul 2018
"Rom-Com", Hollyweirds equivalent of the tv dinner 4 Frankenvoter Aug 2018
"Russia" not even a Blip on American Public Radar (Dems making it their Election Centerpiece) 5 Gunslinger201 Jul 2018
"Sexual racism" (when you're scraping the bottom of the barrel of poutrage) 0 Frankenvoter Sep 22
"Shoot them all at the border": DMV employee investigated for Facebook comment on immigrants 12 Gunslinger201 Jun 2018
"The Arsenal at Springfield" - Longfellow 8 wonderwarthog Oct 29
"The oppression Olympics" 1 Frankenvoter Sep 23
"The party of Nelson Mandela has become like the mafia" 3 Frankenvoter Sep 30
"This is how you plug a hole in the scum, son" 10 Frankenvoter Oct 29
"This Isnt Pakistan, Bitch: Video Captures Drivers Racist Rant 3 RCW2014 May 2018
"Those anti-vaxxing neanderthal bastards!!" 6 Frankenvoter Nov 19
"Tire-slashing Tranny" [Crowder] 2 MumblyPeg Jul 2018
"Trump bites" 4 orson Jul 2018
"What are you going to do with the money, Melhig?" 15 Frankenvoter Sep 17
"White women want benefits of being black without the responsibilities that go with it" 21 Frankenvoter Nov 19
"Whites can do it but blacks can't" ? 2 Iron Condor Jun 2018
"Wokeanda" 13 Charlie Mike Oct 4
"Yup,we're going have to kill some of these American Nazi's in the streets before this is all over." 32 JaimeBondoJr Jul 2018
#FakeInvasion: James Woods Asks the Question Anti-American Leftist Media Wont #schumershutdown 5 MumblyPeg Oct 22
#ImWithNorm (Too Bad He Isn't) [RazrFist - NSFW] 0 MumblyPeg Sep 18
#irony...the judges who said we don't need to stand for the national anthem... 1 quad489 Jun 2018
#ListenAndBelieve 1 TendiesForBreakfast Sep 22
#MeToo Crisis Jolts Southern Baptists Ahead of Key Gathering 0 RCW2014 Jun 2018
#QANON - Why its NOT a Conspiracy Theory! 14 Gunslinger201 Sep 2018
' Wasted - Tales of a GenX Drunk ' by Mark Judge 0 Grumpy Pickle Sep 23
''Do you remember when 2 non-paying customers got kicked out of starbucks and liberals threw such... 7 quad489 Jun 2018
''President Trump and the Federal government are waging a war on our immigrant communities''...LOL!! 3 quad489 Jul 2018
''Rumor has it that Chicago PD has reprogrammed the sirens to play the national anthem... 4 quad489 Jul 2018
''So democrats think public servants can be kicked out of a restaurant, but illegal aliens can't... 0 quad489 Jun 2018
''We welcome everybody here...'' 10 quad489 Oct 31
'Boy or Girl?' Parents Raising 'Theybies' Let Kids Decide 8 RCW2014 Jul 2018
'Cadet Bone Spurs' Dishonors Our Troops 18 bobsal Jul 2018
'Dine-and-dash dater' faces 10 felony counts for allegedly skipping out on dates before bill: report 5 JanetS Aug 2018
'Female Blackout' to Take Over Social Media for One Day to Stick It to Men 15 Da Mannn Oct 2
'Get your buddies to put down the guns... 10 quad489 Aug 2018
'It felt the right thing to do at the time.' 4 Agent_86 May 2018
'Old Habit Of Imagining Russia As Morally Inferior Is Hubris' Die Welt Reporter 7 RCW2014 Jul 2018
'One day I will tell you the story about when I went AWOL to help a hispanic I hardly knew.' 5 MumblyPeg Aug 2018
'Peppermint' looks like a good flick 2 Grebbid Sep 2018
'Spectacular' ancient public library discovered in Germany 4 Agent_86 Aug 2018
'That dumpster fire called buzzfeed' 4 MumblyPeg Jun 2018
'They Spit When I Walked in The Street': The 'New Anti-Semitism' in France 3 RCW2014 Jul 2018
'They're Not Welcome in Here': Aquarium Gift Shop Employee Who Ordered Young XXXXX Girls from Store 6 bobsal Aug 2018
'Things That Make White People Uncomfortable' 11 bobsal Jun 2018
'This is why people hate millennials': 2 JanetS Oct 23
'Transgender' 'Man' Sexually Assaults Female Inmates #schumershutdown 3 MumblyPeg Sep 2018
'Trump is FUCKED' 3 MumblyPeg Sep 14
'Twitter sells conflict. Instagram sells envy. Facebook sells you!' * 5 Dumper Jul 2018
'We don't have any fear': India's angry young men and its lynch mob crisis 3 Agent_86 Aug 2018
'Why did she feel empowered' - Follow-up 6 MumblyPeg Sep 2018
'You Could Board a Plane Without an ID' - America Used to Be a Free Country 9 Cyberpunk Jun 2018
***EXPLICIT CONTENT WARNING*** Anti-Trump comic book artist indulges in pornography 13 Charlie Mike May 2018
*I* am tthe one with the gun. 6 MumblyPeg Nov 18
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