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Houston Astros Beat New York Yankees 4-0!!! On to the World Series Houston... 8 RCW2014 52 min ago
Yankees or Astros? (Poll) 7 Daves Not Here Man 11 hrs ago
Hmmm. Wisconsin was favored by 24 and 1/2 points over Maryland. 2 NavyBrat 12 hrs ago
my, how the mighty have fallen 2 imwithfred 15 hrs ago
Fighting Illini 3 TheShoe 18 hrs ago
Day 274. Trump still in office. Colin Kaepernick still out of a job. 30 Da Mannn 19 hrs ago
aww, poor widdle cubbie fans 2 TheShoe Friday
Thugball: Raiders' Marshawn Lynch ejected from game after shoving referee 6 Da Mannn Friday
Marathon runners learn they didn't run a whole marathon - and it doesn't count 3 Agent_86 Friday
Anything you can do I can do better 0 Daves Not Here Man Friday
Sexiest Boxer Stare Down Weigh In EVAH ! Swedish Women Boxers xX! 1 RATFINK_5.0 Friday
Now the kneetakers are assaulting refferrees 0 Frankenvoter Friday
THAT... 1 JaimeBondoJr Thursday
I cannot believe how stupid the NFL is. 7 Aldar Thursday
Did the NFL violate Rush Limbaugh's free speech rights? 3 Linszoid Wednesday
Wall Street Is Befuddled Over Plunging NFL Ratings 5 RCW2014 Wednesday
no man will ever beat this world record 4 rampartb Wednesday
Greg Popovich says Drumpf is a "soulless coward" 15 orson Wednesday
I bet Vinny smiled tonight. 0 JaimeBondoJr Wednesday
In case anyone was wondering, Rutgers still sucks at football 3 The Big Red Machine Tuesday
Wow! Three of the top six college teams are B1G, none ACC! 3 TheyLostTheirForums Tuesday
"some patriots would not recognize irony if they sat on it" 5 rampartb Tuesday
The Calls For The Packers To Sign Colin Kaepernick Have Already Begun (Poll) 12 def_con5 Monday
Syracuse upsets number 2 Clemson. 12 Daves Not Here Man Monday
Angry Jets Fans Convinced NFL Is Rigged For Patriots 4 RCW2014 Monday
Cheatriots rob Jets. Cleanup sale now! 8 sobek Monday
Ezekiel Elliotts domestic violence suspension has been reinstated. For now. 6 def_con5 Monday
Uh Oh...... AL Michaels made a Harvey Weinstein joke 4 Linszoid Monday
Mountaineer Reinhold Messner, and the art of not getting killed 6 Troll2 Monday
thhhuuuuuuuuuu yankee$ lose! 6 TheyLostTheirForums Sunday
HOW 'BOUT DEM 'PHINS! 2 Crazy in SoFla Sunday
Call it the "Buster Posey" rule... but it didn't decide the game. 3 JaimeBondoJr Sunday
Checkmate 0 Spanish Ladies Sunday
How bad's Nebraska going to get beat this evening? 12 imwithfred Sunday
Congratulations to Rutgers. They finally won a game in the Big 10, that inferior football conference 25 The Big Red Machine Sunday
World's most notorious femme fatale spy: Mata Hari . 2 RATFINK_5.0 Oct 14
Ladies & Gentlemen, Please Stand for our National Anthem ! 1 RATFINK_5.0 Oct 14
Horrible night for the ACC. 1 TheyLostTheirForums Oct 14
Richard Sherman is a cool dude. 2 Daves Not Here Man Oct 14
Our resident genius....self proclaimed "Strong Liberal" type whackjob... 12 Oldgeezer Oct 14
Reigning National Champs Clemson Struggling vs. Syracuse, trailing by 7 after the first quarter 5 The Big Red Machine Oct 14
SU just beat the #2 team in the country and the defending national champion. 3 The Big Red Machine Oct 14
Congratulations Cubs Fans! 1 JaimeBondoJr Oct 13
Thursday Night Football Ratings Dip As Eagles Win & National Anthem Not Shown 1 RCW2014 Oct 13
More NFL players protest in favor of lower salaries 3 foia Oct 13
Dindus cause white guilt to go the way of the Dodo 9 Frankenvoter Oct 13
Russian Hackers So Good They Sabotaged US World Cup Bid! Digital Security Journalist 0 RCW2014 Oct 13
Shocking End for U.S. World Cup Bid a Blow to Fox, Sponsors 14 RCW2014 Oct 13
Kneel-In Protest Planned Outside Stadium Before Panthers-eagles Game 7 RCW2014 Oct 12
Goodell simply counted the cost: 5 Konsurvative Oct 12
NFL owners/union to meet, "negotiate" 11 Frankenvoter Oct 12
Hell yeah! N-A-T-S ... Nats, Nats, Nats! 6 NavyBrat Oct 12
This could be the week that Rutgers gets its first win in the Big 10 since 2015 8 The Big Red Machine Oct 11
If Bruce Arena and Sunil Gulati are still employed in the morning, 3 TheyLostTheirForums Oct 11
College Quarterback Dismissed From Team After Kneeling For Anthem... 1 RCW2014 Oct 11
NFL owners consider rule change requiring players to stand during the National Anthem 14 Aldar Oct 11
NFL caves, Trump wins the war. I soooo love the winning! 6 Da Mannn Oct 11
Hey lefty let me make this clear for the slow of wit. 11 Solesurvivor Oct 10
Way to go Lefty! 3 Zappa Dappa Doo Oct 10
Poor baby...... Someone calls Pryor "N" word from stands 10 Frankenvoter Oct 9
Too much sports on tonight 10/9 2 TheShoe Oct 9
CBS Retracts Story that Kaepernick Would Stand for Anthem if Signed 2 Da Mannn Oct 8
This message was self-deleted by its author 0 quad489 Oct 8
I enjoyed seeing the Yankees choke yesterday. Girardi has a lot to answer for. 0 The Big Red Machine Oct 7
Cam Newton apologizes for sexist remark 7 Frankenvoter Oct 6
high schools disbanding football programs 6 imwithfred Oct 6
I do believe that CBS cut to commercial when the anthem was played tonight 3 RCW2014 Oct 5
HaHa!! NFL players step in it w/foot #2 0 Frankenvoter Oct 5
So much for Rocktober, eh? 0 TheShoe Oct 4
3 Dolphins just took a knee in England 9 Frankenvoter Oct 4
NBA star's tiny brain manages to fire off a "me too" 0 Frankenvoter Oct 4
Trump Rescinds Stephen Currys Invitation To White House 7 RCW2014 Oct 4
Does anyone watch College Football on Thursday Night? 1 brantleydavis Oct 4
N.J. Mega Car Dealer Pulls TV Ads Over NFL Protests 1 RCW2014 Oct 4
Oakland Raiders Threw Game After White QB Refused to Kneel for National Anthem 5 Da Mannn Oct 2
There look to be a lot of empty seats in Denver. 5 Konsurvative Oct 1
Hunters being bros 2 Daves Not Here Man Oct 1
Everybody was Tai Chi Fighting! 7 wonderwarthog Oct 1
Mags! 0 TheShoe Oct 1
Happy Roctober folks 0 TheShoe Oct 1
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