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Current and former members of D.U. -- check in here [View all] 100 pizzaiolo_sf May 2014
Any hockey game fans here? [View all] 53 Sunday Jun 2016
Black Lives Matter announces plans to shut down Vikings Home opener Sunday [View all] 52 Gunslinger201 Sep 2015
Tim Tebow is doing just fine. 48 john262 Jul 2014
Would you let your kid play football? 47 gonzoland Jul 2016
Another liberal attempt to force you to share in their humorless misery fails 44 Vader Aug 2014
Should Pete Rose be in the Hall of Fame? (Poll) 42 Xray Jul 2016
Anybody like Nascar? 41 sadie Nov 2014
This will make Grabbers heads.. 41 Sassyspop Oct 2014
Republicans Ronald Reagan George Bush41 Dwight Eisenhower Gerald Ford & Nixon playing golf 40 graham4anything4HC45 Sep 2014
Ok Fantasy Footballers! Who's down for DI's FF League?! 40 Daves Not Here Man Aug 2015
Is anyone here excited for the World Cup of Soccer? (Poll) 39 The Center Holds Jul 2016
Any NFL football fans out there? Check in with your teams name 37 Vader Aug 2014
Now you are just being silly 36 Eaglesfan1 Aug 2014
Redskin Likes the Redskins 35 sargentodiaz Oct 2014
GO LIONS ! 35 Magyar Jan 2015
Who is the Biggest Rival of your Favorite Teams? 34 theblueboar Jun 2014
COME ON PACKERS ! PUT THIS AWAY !!!!! 34 Magyar Jan 2015
Hawks v Kings 33 BeautifulStems Jun 2014
Most sports are symbol of hetro-oppression, homophobia, gender discrimination and racism. 30 LowKeyLiberal May 2014
God & golf 30 Attila Gorilla Mar 2015
What sporting season do you most look forward to? (Poll) 29 ProudNYSTaxPayer Oct 2016
If MLB expands, which cities (if any) should be awarded a franchise? (Poll) 29 Bronxbomber Jul 2015
Advice on a .22 pistol . . . 28 JoeHill Aug 2014
How did your team do this past weekend? 28 sadie Sep 2014
Ideas on fixing a Savage .22 27 Daves Not Here Man Feb 2016
Roll Tide 26 Boadicea Jan 2016
What baseball record do you think has the best chance of never being broken? 25 Trainman95630 Jun 2014
College football is back -- what's your game today? 25 CthulhuRising Aug 2014
So where are all the calls for Hope Solo to be fired from the US national Team? 24 ProudNYSTaxPayer Sep 2014
Refs give Dallas the win.... 24 rjhangover Jan 2015
If you intentionally cheat in any sport/game you should be history. 24 Zutak Jan 2015
Grade The Draft For Your Team 23 Bucky BrewersPackers May 2014
Corpro-Feminist Loudmouthed Hype Machine Rhonda Rousey FINALLY TKO'd After Only One Round! 23 goodwords Dec 2015
What are you doing for Superbowl? 23 metroins Feb 2016
LET'S GO HAWKS!!! 22 Glue May 2014
World Cup 2014 22 BBB Jun 2014
Are penalty kicks the way to end a World Cup soccer match? 22 TheRalphWiggum Jul 2014
Petition Urges International Olympic Committee to Revoke Caitlyn Jenner's Olympic Title 22 Runner Dude Jun 2015
Blue Jays Yankees Game Thread - August 7th, 2015 22 TheBluenoser Aug 2015
Tony Stewart struck and killed driver at New York dirt track 21 DrunkTeddy Aug 2014
Go Army - beat Navy 21 His Daughter Dec 2014
Suh suspended 21 Phlegm Monger Jan 2015
UFC Women's Division 21 Hades Aug 2015
Poll: What will happen with Kaepernick's pro football career? (Poll) 21 john262 Aug 2016
No charges for Tony Stewart. 20 MercATC Oct 2014
Another NFL player with brain damage 20 GoodCraic Jan 2015
(Bwahahahahaha) Patriots Ball Attendant Just Using the Bathroom 20 AmandaMatthews Jan 2015
Who's a NASCAR Fan Here? (Poll) 20 brew9876 Feb 2015
ESPN Fires Curt Schilling for Anti-Trans Facebook Post 20 Letmypeoplevote May 2016
Nashville or Pittsburgh? (Poll) 20 Doctor_R Jun 11
who has more nazis? (Poll) 19 DrunkTeddy Jul 2014
New Ray Rice Punch video 19 Xray Sep 2014
This could be the least watched Super Bowl in history.... (Poll) 19 rjhangover Feb 2015
Gerrymandering is BAD according to most, but OK if it happens in Little League... 19 JaimeBondo Feb 2015
I'm watching the Syracuse v Dayton game with the cutest cheerleader you've ever seen! 19 Daves Not Here Man Mar 2016
Memo to the biased East Coast fucks who do the weekly NCAA college football rankings. 19 FORD Oct 2016
DH or no DH? (Poll) 18 TheRalphWiggum Jun 2014
Could she be the first female NFL player? 18 Solesurvivor Monday
What punishment do you think fits the Patriot's crime of deflating balls beyond league specs? (Poll) 18 joesanjose Jan 2015
Super Bowl 50 Predictions 18 chknltl117 Feb 2016
Who will hoist the Stanley Cup? (Poll) 18 smokingman Jun 2015
NFL finds Patriots more than likely cheated and Tom Brady knew about it during championship season 18 graham4anything4HC45 May 2015
A humility lesson for Cam Newton. 18 JK1987 Feb 2016
People who yell "Baba Booey" at PGA events should ... 18 NavyBrat Apr 2016
How about them DAWGS?? 18 FORD Nov 2016
Falcons fan thread: 18 Konservative Jan 2017
FUCK YEA! 17 Floyd R. Turbo Dec 2014
American Pharoah wins Triple Crown!!!!! 17 Runner Dude Jun 2015
Goodell, NFL Upholds Tom Brady’s 4-Game Suspension 17 Letmypeoplevote Jul 2015
Spike Lee calls out teams for not signing free agent Colin Kaepernick 17 Da Mannn Mar 2017
Anyone care to speculate on what happens if Michael Sam DOESN'T make the team? REDUX 16 MoshMasterD May 2014
Golf 16 rjhangover Jul 2014
Anyone else counting the hours till tomorrows match?? 16 Attera Jun 2014
Sofla Crazies clinch playoff berth in Discussionist fantasy football league! 16 Crazy in SoFla Nov 2014
How long will it be until there is a female player in the NFL (Poll) 16 Conservative Voice Dec 2014
Here we go 16 Attila Gorilla Jan 2015
interesting question...when did you become a true fan of your team? 16 backwoodsbob Sep 2015
Super Bowl 50- I am rooting for the Carolina Panthers and Cam Newton to make history 16 graham4anything4HC45 Feb 2016
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