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More fossil men that were not fossil men! 8 nolidad 1 hr ago
Would you get in Elon Musk's rocket to the moon, with six to eight other people? 10 JaimeBondoJr 6 hrs ago
More unsettled "settled science" 11 nolidad 6 hrs ago
Another Evolutionary Ancestor Gets Nixed 12 nolidad 7 hrs ago
Rapid coastal deoxygenation due to ocean circulation shift in the northwest Atlantic 2 orson 14 hrs ago
From the Cambrian Explosion to the Great Dying 8 Cold Warrior 15 hrs ago
More unsettled settled science! 1 nolidad 16 hrs ago
Yellowstone Thermal Spring Erupts For 4th Time In 60 Years 1 RCW2014 Friday
Cool shelf cloud yesterday in Winthrop, Minnesota 6 Currentsitguy Friday
Former Harvard Physicist Dr. Lubos Motl of Czech Republic Comments on UNs Christiana Figueres 0 oflguy Thursday
the supercolony of argentine ants consists of billions of ants on 6 continents. 5 rampartb Thursday
Who is doing more to combat climate change? (Poll) 4 foia Thursday
$6,800 Buys You a Hydrogen Fuel Cell Drone With a 30 Km Range 6 Aquila Wednesday
Hurricanes, why now? [View all] 57 oflguy Wednesday
We have been on to them since at least 2014 33 oflguy Tuesday
'World's first' hydrogen-powered trains are now in service across Germany 4 Aquila Monday
Fossil men. 5 nolidad Monday
Crowded Atlantic Ocean May Get Five Named Storms for the First Time 4 RCW2014 Sunday
My daughter and her housemates live in Wilmington, NC. 28 LaughingGull Sunday
Our Young Solar System 34 nolidad Sunday
Richard Goldschmidt and the hopeful monster theory. 3 nolidad Sep 15
Florence was driven by Arctic ice melt and a warming ocean 9 orson Sep 15
Newly-Discovered Brain Cell 10 nolidad Sep 14
OMG! Climate Change has turned Florence from a Category 4 hurricane into a Category 2 Hurricane 12 Mr Daffy Duck Sep 13
Mutations could never bring about Darwinian Evolution. 6 nolidad Sep 13
Settled science! 2 nolidad Sep 13
When We First Walked 5 Cold Warrior Sep 13
Trump pulled us out of the Paris Accords! World condemns him. 3 nolidad Sep 13
Why is September the peak of the Atlantic hurricane season? 5 oflguy Sep 12
But Wait, There's More! Tropical Development in Gulf of Mexico Possible Late This Week 14 RCW2014 Sep 11
WMO El Nino/La Nina Update 1 orson Sep 10
Rare event; Atlantic, Pacific churn with storms at same time 5 orson Sep 10
New solar sail material can travel 20% the speed of light 5 Da Mannn Sep 10
What the Heck Happened on the International Space Station? 6 RCW2014 Sep 9
Can there be such a thing as a Creationist Scientist? [View all] 67 Cold Warrior Sep 9
Hyundai NEXO- Fully Charged. Robert Llewellyn discusses H2 cars, buses and storing renewable energy 5 Aquila Sep 9
Many of my evolutionary colleagues here say science is not involved in abiogenesis. 7 nolidad Sep 8
Famed anti-theist Richard Dawkins proves intelligent design: 4 nolidad Sep 7
winter 2018-2019 7 imwithfred Sep 6
CNET: Plastic waste could be used to fuel hydrogen cars 0 Aquila Sep 6
Groundbreaking 'spinning' wind turbine wins UK Dyson award 6 Aquila Sep 6
Neandertal: The Answer Is Epigenetics Not Evolution 16 nolidad Sep 6
A Conservative Solution to Global Warming (Part 1) 19 Cold Warrior Sep 6
BBC: How China's giant solar farms are transforming world energy 6 Aquila Sep 5
Carbon 14 in Dino Bones! 3 nolidad Sep 5
Why the Universe screams the existence of the Biblical God! 0 nolidad Sep 5
Twitter Troll spotting 1 Agent_86 Sep 5
Why you can smell rain 4 Gamle-ged Sep 5
I almost feel sorry for them 7 oflguy Sep 5
At water-starved Lake Mead and Lake Powell, 'the crisis is already real,' scientists say 9 Agent_86 Sep 4
The Age of Reptiles in Three Acts 1 Cold Warrior Sep 4
Saving Coral 2 Agent_86 Sep 4
China: Project to Convert Wind to Hydrogen in Urumqi 0 Aquila Sep 3
"Evolutionary" is rational, or normal. It is NOT equivilant to creationism. 6 Meowmenow Sep 3
S. African School gains energy independence because of advances in hydrogen fuel cell tech 2 Aquila Sep 3
What's really warming the planet? 13 orson Sep 3
Farthest Galaxy Yet Smashes Cosmic Distance Record 13 nolidad Sep 2
Genetics Research Keeps Confirming a Recent Creation 4 nolidad Sep 2
Help me out , you who believe in the big bang cosmology! 17 nolidad Sep 2
I read on the internets that "95% of science can be done independent of evolution or the BBT" [View all] 66 Cold Warrior Sep 2
Arctic ice claims another ship this time with a sinking 5 Mr Daffy Duck Aug 31
solar cooling to make for a cold year 3 imwithfred Aug 31
US Wind energy prices drop to 2 cents per kilowatt hour 1 Aquila Aug 30
what you aren't being told about our solar system. 5 nolidad Aug 30
Mutation Study Contradicts Evolution 16 nolidad Aug 30
Goats 'drawn to happy human faces' 4 Agent_86 Aug 29
Last night there was a 4.4 earthquake NE of Los Angeles. This morning everyone's talkin' about it. 10 JaimeBondoJr Aug 29
137 years of climate anomalies; it's a Gif. 7 orson Aug 29
New Study Confirms Harmful Role of Mutations 2 nolidad Aug 28
Will the Real Pseudoscientists Please Stand Up? 23 nolidad Aug 27
NOAA Issues Geomagnetic Storm Warning: "A Crack Opened In Earth's Magnetic Field & Plasma Started 5 Let it go Aug 27
Getting to the root of plant evolution 3 Meowmenow Aug 26
When Fish First Breathed Air 2 Cold Warrior Aug 26
Turtle evolution: a new missing link found 1 Meowmenow Aug 26
From guts to glory: The evolution of gut defense 0 Meowmenow Aug 25
The time oxygen almost killed everything 14 Cold Warrior Aug 25
Prehistoric female's mom was a Neanderthal and her dad was something else 6 Agent_86 Aug 25
Meet the first known child of a Neandertal and a Denisovan 8 Meowmenow Aug 24
Did you know that the Grand Canyon 37 TheShoe Aug 23
BBC: Orkney tidal turbine generating 'phenomenal result' 9 Aquila Aug 23
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