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Do Trees Talk to Each Other? 36 wonderwarthog 14 min ago
Antarctic Sea Ice Dips to Record-Low Extent for Early January 9 orson 8 hrs ago
Did Dinosaurs Come with or without Feathers? 44 nolidad 13 hrs ago
Don't try this at home 30 oflguy 14 hrs ago
Second Look Causes Scientist to Reverse Dino-Bird Claim 0 nolidad 16 hrs ago
Science category quote of the week. Jan. 19. 6 SatansSon666 Saturday
Exclusive: Toyota Hydrogen Boss Explains How Fuel Cells Can Achieve Corolla Costs 2 Aquila Saturday
Why Hydrogen Fuel Cells Have No Future 0 oflguy Friday
Top 9 hydrogen projects of 2018 4 Aquila Friday
Nobel Prize-winning DNA Pioneer Stripped of Titles for Insisting IQ Depends on Race & Genes 13 RCW2014 Friday
Why Hydrogen Engines Are A Bad Idea 21 Iron Condor Friday
South Korean President Moon Declares Move Toward 'Hydrogen Economy' 2 Aquila Thursday
Sea Surface Height Anomalies show real-recent and sudden upper ocean cooling 8 Mr Daffy Duck Thursday
Planned 5 GW Indian solar plant will be the worlds largest 2 Aquila Wednesday
Russia Loses Control Over Its ONLY Hubble-Like Telescope, But Photos Are Still Coming 0 RCW2014 Monday
Forbes: China Is Set To Become The World's Renewable Energy Superpower, According To New Report 4 Aquila Monday
Earths magnetic pole is on the move, fast. And we dont know why 8 Let it go Monday
"Hydrogen city" to be built in central China 4 Aquila Jan 13
CES 2019 Las Vegas: Toyota Announces Partnership With Kenworth for Hydrogen Fuel Cell Development 34 Aquila Jan 12
Earths magnetic pole is on the move. 13 outside Jan 11
wow - home from 110 million kilometers away . . . 11 akaConcernedCanuk Jan 10
UK Telegraph: Hydrogen fuel cell trains to run on British railways from 2022 34 Aquila Jan 9
US Fuel Cell Manufacturer Plug Power- Un-Plugged! with Stan "The Energy Man" Osserman 0 Aquila Jan 8
Science category quote of the week. Jan. 7/2019 4 SatansSon666 Jan 7
Yomiuri Shimbun: Japan to power fishing boats with Toyota's hydrogen fuel cells 6 Aquila Jan 7
Xinhua: Chinese energy giant, French gas supplier team up on hydrogen energy use 3 Aquila Jan 7
Chromosome 6, who needs it? 0 SatansSon666 Jan 7
Hydrogen Comes of Age: Perhaps, finally, hydrogens moment has arrived. 7 Aquila Jan 6
the big bang? maybe not yet ......... 12 rampartb Jan 6
How Reliable are Satellite Temperatures 5 Cold Warrior Jan 6
Ugandan Space Shuttle Program 9 Iron Condor Jan 4
Science quotes of the year. (Poll) [View all] 67 SatansSon666 Jan 4
The current Sudden Stratosphic Warming event very near record for this date 8 Mr Daffy Duck Jan 4
Aquila, you are in luck 2 oflguy Jan 3
General Electric and H2V Commit to Massive Production of Hydrogen by Electrolysis 1 Aquila Dec 31
Orkney's ageing ferries look to ditch diesel for hydrogen 6 Aquila Dec 31
Using the ocean's energy 7 oflguy Dec 31
The face of a Climate Change "expert" 8 Iron Condor Dec 29
Toyota's Project Portal Hydrogen Semi-Truck opens the door to the hydrogen economy 8 Aquila Dec 28
2020 Tokyo Games to use hydrogen fuel to light cauldrons, torch during relay 0 Aquila Dec 26
A little food for thought 23 oflguy Dec 26
Surprising discoveries on how tornadoes form and how climate change could make them stronger 8 Agent_86 Dec 25
Flushing 240 lb. of Mercury Down the Toilet 7 wonderwarthog Dec 24
dead air? 3 imwithfred Dec 23
Ham Radio Roll Call 34 wonderwarthog Dec 22
Scottish wind farm paid £96m to switch off 6 Aquila Dec 22
Swedish Housing Block Powered 100 Percent by Sun and Hydrogen 3 Aquila Dec 22
Solstice Arctic Ice Update.... volume doing okay, better than the last three years. 7 Mr Daffy Duck Dec 21
If you think the government is not manipulating the data, read this........ 15 oflguy Dec 21
Raise your hand if you owned a toy replica of this 1 Agent_86 Dec 21
Climate change whistleblower alleges NOAA manipulated data to hide global warming pause 5 oflguy Dec 20
Aggregated knowledge from a small number of debates outperforms the wisdom of large crowds 8 Troll2 Dec 20
Effects of persistent Arctic warming continue to mount 14 orson Dec 20
Australia: Victoria announces hydrogen program, community renewables grants 8 Aquila Dec 20
Bloomberg: Senior China Official Urges Shift Toward Fuel-Cell Vehicles 3 Aquila Dec 20
Korean President Moon Jae-in: "Era of hydrogen cars on the way" 11 Aquila Dec 19
When Apes Conquered Europe 1 Cold Warrior Dec 18
What a scientific breakthrough. (not really) 5 Nostrings Dec 17
10 Years ago today Al Gore Predicted North pole would be ice free in 5 years, 48 bruiserboy Dec 15
Its a new Arctic. We've gone from white to blue, 15 orson Dec 14
Alright, who chased Jesus H. Scientist away? 8 Micrometer Dec 14
China: Great Wall Motor's premium SUV brand WEY to launch hydrogen-powered vehicle model in 2020 1 Aquila Dec 13
Gut microbiome differs among ethnicities 3 Troll2 Dec 11
South Africa in luck that China is driving fuel-cell technology 2 Aquila Dec 11
Ground-breaking liquid hydrogen fuel gas system developed to power marine engines 13 Aquila Dec 8
To all solar panel loving, green eco warriors: 4 Frankenvoter Dec 8
Albuquerque Mayor pulls the plug on battery electric bus deal - "issues regarding battery life" 4 Aquila Dec 7
curious northern hemisphere snow coverage trends... 2 Mr Daffy Duck Dec 7
How a mistake has led to a greater understanding of Einstinian Time Dialation 1 Currentsitguy Dec 7
Mystery of dark matter may have been solved by Oxford scientists 6 Charlie Mike Dec 6
The effect of average seasonal temperatures on the growth rate of U.S. output. 17 orson Dec 5
Military Warns EMP Attack Could Wipe Out America, 'Democracy, World Order' 19 RCW2014 Dec 5
U.N. climate conference opens Sunday in Katowice; "success will need a miracle." 13 orson Dec 4
Three fuel cell electric buses and refuelling infrastructure have been deployed in Sanremo, Italy 18 Aquila Dec 2
NASA just Released 2,540 New Photos of Mars 2 Iron Condor Dec 1
US DOE Fact of the Month: More than 20,000 hydrogen fuel cell forklifts are in use across the US 23 Aquila Nov 30
Something shiny spotted on Mars, could be gold maybe (Poll) 1 Frankenvoter Nov 30
Uh oh.. Looks like maybe an inconvenient truth for Al Gore 6 Iron Condor Nov 30
Climate change: CO2 emissions rising for first time in four years 6 Agent_86 Nov 29
How sloths went from the seas to the trees 3 Cold Warrior Nov 29
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