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Just when everyone was terrified, we find out DOOM is even DOOMYer! 7 Jack Burton 33 min ago
... & we may have interstellar spacecraft visiting our solar system... 6 RATFINK_5.0 2 hrs ago
Darn, it's only a Rock ! OK Calling Ouamuomuo: Conditions C.A.V.U.: 0 RATFINK_5.0 4 hrs ago
Global Warming is fake science... 14 Scary Red 13 hrs ago
Sphinx Observatory, Switzerland 6 Gamle-ged 22 hrs ago
Greenland Shark Is Oldest Living Vertebrate and Could Be 512 Years Old, Study Finds 4 Gamle-ged Wednesday
Astronomers to observe asteroid for possible ET Tech: 1 RATFINK_5.0 Wednesday
La Nina kicking into gear, generating Alberta Clippers 5 Mr Daffy Duck Tuesday
Surprise! The settle science isn't settled. It's worse than the doomers thought. 4 Jack Burton Tuesday
Japan's fuel cell train rolls ahead under its own steam 4 Aquila Monday
Sorry, Tesla Fanboys: The Best Zero-Emissions Semi Runs on Fuel Cells 0 Aquila Monday
Large genetic study links tendency to undervalue future rewards with ADHD, obesity 0 Troll2 Monday
Chemistry fans might get a kick out of this. 2 SatansSon666 Monday
Climate change will change how you eat 11 Agent_86 Saturday
End times prophecy: global warming style 2 Jack Burton Saturday
Like clockwork 5 oflguy Friday
Doomertists caught faking sea level rise 16 Jack Burton Friday
HYDROSOL Plant: Hydrogen from sunlight in Germany 0 Aquila Dec 7
Wild crops listed as threatened 3 Agent_86 Dec 6
Global Warming advocates consistently show their ignorance of science in this forum 4 oflguy Dec 6
Scottish crossbill faces climate change extinction 9 Agent_86 Dec 5
Marxist Pope attempts to further Marxism via global warming hoax. 6 Jack Burton Dec 5
Vermont, Minnesota warming faster in winter than any other area in U.S.: report 12 Agent_86 Dec 3
Satellite images show levels of air pollution around the world 2 Agent_86 Dec 2
I Need a Cherry Midnight Roadster 2 Mars. 1 RATFINK_5.0 Dec 2
Al Gore is Having a Sad 11 Aldar Dec 1
Another Global Warming Study Casts Doubt On Media's Climate Change Fairy Tale 3 Jack Burton Dec 1
Toyota to build power plant to convert cattle manure into electricity, hydrogen 6 Aquila Dec 1
54 Fahrenheit Above Average: Extreme Warming Event For Greenland, Baffin Bay Underway 21 orson Nov 30
The world produces 3.5+ million tons of garbage a day and growing 5 Agent_86 Nov 30
Fish are the sex-switching masters of the animal kingdom 1 Agent_86 Nov 30
More dramatic evidence of sea rise due to global warming. 17 Jack Burton Nov 28
See dramatic evidence of sea level rise due to global warming. (Poll) 12 Jack Burton Nov 28
Rocket engine test 4 Daves Not Here Man Nov 27
Fuel Cells Gain Momentum as Range Extenders for Electric Trucks 6 Aquila Nov 27
Larger, More Intense U.S. Storm Complexes on the Way 15 orson Nov 26
This plant has developed a unique defense. 6 Daves Not Here Man Nov 26
Solar heads to 1c/kWh before 2020 after Mexico sets record low 4 Aquila Nov 25
IEEE: Fuel Cells Poised to Replace Indias Diesel Generators 3 Aquila Nov 21
0 .... ??,? 0 RATFINK_5.0 Nov 21
Cool. Everybody needs a 0.38 . 1 RATFINK_5.0 Nov 19
Italian doctor says world's first human head transplant 'imminent' - U.S.A. Today 8 wonderwarthog Nov 17
The 'Other' Data Dump 3 It Guy Nov 16
New Antarctic heat map reveals sub-ice hotspots 2 Mr Daffy Duck Nov 16
Coconut crabs make a good case for limited open carry 9 Agent_86 Nov 15
Fuel cell technology proves value in hurricane relief efforts 5 Aquila Nov 15
Its physics. Duh. 5 Daves Not Here Man Nov 14
Going way-out on a limb forecast: Cold blast for Great Lakes, the East, maybe Va. 9 Mr Daffy Duck Nov 13
Antarctic Supervolcano Is Melting The Ice-Caps From Within 8 Gamle-ged Nov 12
Only 9 years left to live! 10 Jack Burton Nov 11
This caterpillar mimics a snake 1 Daves Not Here Man Nov 11
Well seems Humans are the Cause 25 marmot84 Nov 11
Huge solar plant aims for brighter Brazil energy output 0 Aquila Nov 11
300,000 Year Old Skulls Could Rewrite Human History 5 Aldar Nov 10
Doomertists will be needing to revise their models again. 4 Jack Burton Nov 9
European Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking 1 Aquila Nov 9
Placebo Effect of the Heart 2 Troll2 Nov 9
interesting graph 21 orson Nov 8
Old human cells rejuvenated in breakthrough discovery on ageing 5 Troll2 Nov 8
Meet 'Project Hesla,' the first Hydrogen-Powered Tesla Model S 7 Aquila Nov 6
A chameleon can shoot its tongue out at 20 feet per second. 2 Daves Not Here Man Nov 6
The global warming hoax is entering the desperation stage. 10 Jack Burton Nov 6
Rare catfish found. 2 Daves Not Here Man Nov 5
Warm Air Helped Make 2017 Ozone Hole Smallest Since 1988 2 Mr Daffy Duck Nov 4
Blue Planet sub crew get bumped by sharks. 9 Daves Not Here Man Nov 4
Al Gores Nashville estate expends 21 times more energy a year than typical U.S. home, study says 10 oflguy Nov 3
Bardarbunga Ready to Blow 1 Mr Daffy Duck Nov 1
recent fossil finds devastate long ages for life on earth. 3 nolidad Oct 30
This Mystery Object May Be Our First Visitor From Another Solar System 8 RCW2014 Oct 29
An inconvenient truth: global warming is good for the planet 4 Jack Burton Oct 28
The pResident's budget slashes NOAA funding by 16% 21 orson Oct 27
I thought the 'science' on this crap was 'settled'. 5 Konsurvative Oct 27
1815 eruption of Mount Tambora led to "The Year Without a Summer"... 5 Gamle-ged Oct 27
World's first hydrogen tram runs in China 0 Aquila Oct 27
Maine, Massachusetts jump off the bandwagon 9 imwithfred Oct 26
Sacrificing one life to save others: Psychopaths' force for 'greater good' 1 Troll2 Oct 25
Doomers are being relegated to fringe whacko status. 2 Jack Burton Oct 25
Astrolabe: Shipwreck find 'earliest navigation tool' 7 Agent_86 Oct 24
Shocking global warming news! 4 Jack Burton Oct 23
Astronaut is stuck 0 Daves Not Here Man Oct 22
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