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Why did we have an Ice age? 9 outside Oct 2018
Warmer than average 9 orson May 2018
Did an Asteroid Impact Kill the Dinosaurs? 9 nolidad Jun 2018
The French Want World Supremacy in Hydrogen Energy 9 Aquila Jun 2018
Dr.Richard Lumsden on Evolution 9 nolidad Jul 2018
Global temperatures have fallen so why isnt it being reported? 9 oflguy Jul 2018
Study: Smelling farts is good for your health 9 Da Mannn Mar 2017
Listening to a show on the science channel on the universe. 9 nolidad Aug 2018
BBC: Orkney tidal turbine generating 'phenomenal result' 9 Aquila Aug 2018
Florence was driven by Arctic ice melt and a warming ocean 9 orson Sep 2018
UT Study Shows Natural Gas, Wind & Solar to be Cheapest Technologies for Generating Electricity 9 Aquila Oct 2018
Its not rocket science: Climate change was behind this summers extreme weather 9 Micrometer Nov 2018
Climate change is real, its a fact 9 Iron Condor Nov 2018
Ugandan Space Shuttle Program 9 Iron Condor Jan 2019
Israeli scientists say they think they found a cure for cancer, 9 bruiserboy Jan 2019
Appalling Creationist Ignorance on Mitochondrial Eve 9 Cold Warrior Feb 2019
What my evolutionary colleagues fail to recognize in radio decay dating! 9 nolidad Mar 2019
Global Warming: 9 oflguy Apr 2019
India's education minster. 9 SatansSon666 May 2019
Astronomers Have Detected a Whopping 8 New Repeating Signals From Deep Space 9 AmandaCMatthews Aug 15
Germany: Hydrogen Train Proves its Performance with 100,000 Kilometers in Everyday Use 9 Aquila Jul 21
Very interesting 9 Independent.mind Aug 7
The Navy Says Those UFO Videos Are Real And They Were Never Meant to Be Released to The Public. 9 RCW2014 Sep 22
So just where is this linkage between CO2 and global temperature???? 9 Jack Burton Sep 2015
Kudos to Exxon's Scientists 9 misanthroptimist Sep 2015
Ever wonder how much potential energy the human body contains? 9 Spitfire Oct 2015
42 Quakes M2.5+ Rock Oklahoma & S Kansas in 7 Days: 17% of World's Earthquakes 9 Argentina Oct 2015
Humans Would Be Steamed to Death in the Persian Gulf States If Global Warming Continues 9 Argentina Oct 2015
NASA just saw something come out of a black hole for the first time ever 9 R2D42 Nov 2015
Satellite measurements of the troposphere confirm warming trend, data shows 9 stupidicus2 Nov 2015
Town rejects solar panels because they will hurt the sun 9 joesanjose Dec 2015
Hierarchy is Detrimental for Human Cooperation 9 orson Dec 2015
Rumors of a massive Physics discovery 9 Currentsitguy Jan 2016
NOAA Butchers Math in Report Claiming 2015 Was Hottest Year Ever 9 SummBoddie Jan 2016
GN z 11 9 uncledad Mar 2016
Horse-sized tyrannosaur may be long-sought missing link in T.rex evolution 9 Bronxbomber Mar 2016
Climate forecasts may be flawed, says study 9 Jack Burton Apr 2016
Michael Mann (the hockey stick guy) writes a LTE 9 orson Jul 2016
Get ready for "Killer heatwaves" 9 Jack Burton Jul 2016
Compromise nearly guaranteed when a woman is involved in decision-making pairs 9 Troll2 Aug 2016
Top 5 ‘Climate Change’ Myths Debunked 9 Jack Burton Sep 2016
DNA confirms cause of 1665 London's Great Plague 9 Agent_86 Sep 2016
Record heat again in August 9 orson Sep 2016
“The most alien-looking place on Earth” 9 RolandLePreux Oct 2016
Space junk 9 orson Oct 2016
Bringing the Soviet Union's 'flying tank' back to life 9 Agent_86 Mar 2017
Weather alert 9 oflguy Feb 2017
In an Unexplained Case, Brain Activity Has Been Recorded as Much as 10 Minutes After Death 9 Gunslinger201 Mar 2017
Humpback whales are organizing in huge numbers, and no one knows why 9 News2Me Mar 2017
My Favorite "Science Song" 9 Ravenquills Apr 2017
I kept expecting a parachute at the end 9 Frankenvoter May 2017
The Real Culprit of Global Warming; Daylight Savings Adds an Extra Hour of Sun! 9 It Guy May 2017
Elon Musk hates hydrogen, but automakers are still investing in it -- and for good reason 9 Aquila May 2017
Thank you Cindy 9 oflguy Jun 2017
The costs of climate change? 9 orson Jul 2017
Surprise: another doomertist 'adjusts' raw temperature data and finds worse doom. 9 Jack Burton Jul 2017
EPA chief wants televised debate on "climate change" (Poll) 9 Frankenvoter Jul 2017
Good deal on luxury eclipse rooms 9 Docbroke Jul 2017
The polygamous town facing genetic disaster 9 Agent_86 Jul 2017
Are Republicans or Democrats More Anti-Science? 9 Cold Warrior Aug 2017
Day237aWhat 185 mph sounds like 9 imwithfred Sep 2017
Boffin wins (Ig) Nobel prize asking if cats can be liquid 9 Troll2 Sep 2017
Maine, Massachusetts jump off the bandwagon 9 imwithfred Oct 2017
Blue Planet sub crew get bumped by sharks. 9 Daves Not Here Man Nov 2017
Going way-out on a limb forecast: Cold blast for Great Lakes, the East, maybe Va. 9 Mr Daffy Duck Nov 2017
Coconut crabs make a good case for limited open carry 9 Agent_86 Nov 2017
Scottish crossbill faces climate change extinction 9 Agent_86 Dec 2017
Solar power is forging ahead, even if Trump doesn't talk about it 9 Aquila Dec 2017
Earths Ice Is Melting Much Faster Than Forecast. Heres Why Thats Worrying. 9 orson Feb 2018
iver 1.5 million adele penguins found on danger islands. 9 rampartb Mar 2018
The Broward County Sheriff justified the 2nd Amendment with his own cowardice. 9 Da Mannn Mar 2018
Another massive problem with the "big bang" 9 nolidad Mar 2018
'RNA World' Paper Retracted 8 nolidad May 2018
Humans have flourished under a range of environmental conditions that are quickly vanishing 8 orson Apr 2018
Scientists have just as much willful blindness as leftists and presstitutes 8 Frankenvoter Apr 2018
Gnomes! What do hey know 8 orson May 2018
In a strikingly ignorant tweet, Trump gets almost everything about California wildfires wrong 8 Agent_86 Aug 2018
Kangaroos similar to humans, claim Australian researchers 8 nolidad Aug 2018
Meet the first known child of a Neandertal and a Denisovan 8 Meowmenow Aug 2018
From the Cambrian Explosion to the Great Dying 8 Cold Warrior Sep 2018
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