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Day 237b wind not from Hillary 2 imwithfred Sep 7
Techno-economic analysis of the viability of residential PV Solar systems using Li-ion batteries 4 Aquila Sep 7
Mercedes to Unveil GLC Fuel Cell at Frankfurt Show September 12 1 Aquila Sep 7
Heads up! Chance to see northern lights on Wednesday night 1 akaConcernedCanuk Sep 5
Looks like a good read 12 oflguy Sep 5
Animals have been known to chew off limbs to escape traps. 3 Daves Not Here Man Sep 5
Category 4 hurricane Irma looks to be headed for Florida 13 orson Sep 5
How our immune systems could stop humans reaching Mars 15 Let it go Sep 4
SinoHytec Opens Chinas First Automated Hydrogen Fuel Cell Engine Factory 8 Aquila Sep 4
Lefty hate posing as science 2 Jack Burton Sep 3
Does 12 years count as "weather" or "climate?" 11 foia Sep 2
Greenland and Sea Level rise update 8 Mr Daffy Duck Sep 2
Hurricane Harvey 1 Aldar Sep 1
Switzerland landslide: Are the Alps melting? 4 Agent_86 Aug 31
nonpeaceful coexistence 2 imwithfred Aug 29
Houston is sinking.... subsidence caused by ground water extraction 3 Mr Daffy Duck Aug 27
China adds 10.52 gigawatts of solar capacity to its national total in July 2017 4 Aquila Aug 26
High-Tech Hydrogen Trains Are Revolutionizing Mass Transit 7 Aquila Aug 25
Everything you were ever taught about trigonometry is wrong 14 Currentsitguy Aug 25
You and some 'cavemen' get a genetic checkup 2 Troll2 Aug 24
This is sure to stir some controversy and recrimination 3 Currentsitguy Aug 23
Eclipse 2017 Poll (Poll) 18 marmot84 Aug 22
Are Republicans or Democrats More Anti-Science? 9 Cold Warrior Aug 22
My eclipse pictures... 14 JaimeBondoJr Aug 22
No, There Wasn't an Advanced Civilization 12,000 Years Ago 7 Juan Rico Aug 22
Watching that thing... 3 JaimeBondoJr Aug 21
Waiting for an event of some kind... 2 JaimeBondoJr Aug 21
Eclipse Science 0 Juan Rico Aug 21
Cross Quarter: Arctic Ice getting pummeled from storm; tracking near low extent&volume 11 Mr Daffy Duck Aug 19
this is getting ridiculous 5 imwithfred Aug 19
I won't be bothering 27 imwithfred Aug 18
Iceland; land of fire and ...shrubbery 8 orson Aug 17
How many water balloons does it take to stop a bullet? 4 Daves Not Here Man Aug 14
A really inconvenient truth 3 Jack Burton Aug 14
There have always been fires in Greenland... 3 orson Aug 14
Solar eclipse Map 1 def_con5 Aug 14
What is the Biblical Significance of the Upcoming Solar Eclipse? 30 MumblyPeg Aug 14
Perseid Meteor Shower Peaks Tonight! 7 wonderwarthog Aug 13
Eclipse warning: Beware of 'Lizard Man' during solar event [South Carolina] 1 Mr Daffy Duck Aug 12
Forbes: Toyota's Hydrogen Fuel Cell Kenworth Truck Can Revolutionize Heavy Transport 4 Aquila Aug 12
Here's a creepy graph/gif of 100 years of rising temperatures 18 orson Aug 11
Crystal radio kits receive radio waves and don't need a battery 8 oflguy Aug 11
The rise of electric cars could leave us with a big battery waste problem 8 Aquila Aug 11
Did you know that 1 Aldar Aug 11
Earth's mass extinctions.. plural... and an "OH, by the way"... 3 Gamle-ged Aug 11
Now doomers want to fuck with the sky to save us from global warming 7 Jack Burton Aug 10
Possible Anti-Aging Brain Therapy Shows Promise in Mice 1 Troll2 Aug 9
the lower part of the Earths atmosphere has warmed much faster since 1979 19 orson Aug 9
More government doomertists exposed. 1 Jack Burton Aug 8
Turn On Your Radio During the Coming Eclipse! 7 wonderwarthog Aug 7
What I did for a living... 19 wonderwarthog Aug 7
Surprise: another doomertist predicts doom. 5 Jack Burton Aug 7
Hydrogen experts discuss the latest national and international advancements in Hydrogen technology 10 Aquila Aug 6
Are we doomed? 5 MountainDew Aug 5
View the face of evil. Pure evil. 4 Jack Burton Aug 3
Good News for Bees as Numbers Rise, Mystery Malady Wanes 11 def_con5 Aug 3
A useful resource to counter the current denier meme of "temperature manipulation" 20 marmot84 Jul 31
Lawmaker Slams EPA Chief For Not Knowing CO2s Percentage Of The Atmosphere 2 oflguy Jul 31
Big Carbon 0 oflguy Jul 31
Why do seasons occur? (Poll) 14 marmot84 Jul 31
100% Of US Warming Is Due To NOAA Data Tampering 16 oflguy Jul 31
Why Godzillas Atomic Breath Is Worse Than You Think! (Because Science w/ Kyle Hill) 0 Da Mannn Jul 30
Climate change whistleblower alleges NOAA manipulated data to hide global warming pause 7 oflguy Jul 30
When the flutter speed matches the shutter speed 3 It Guy Jul 29
The polygamous town facing genetic disaster 9 Agent_86 Jul 29
For the RC helicopter enthusiast and photography guys, you'll like this 1 It Guy Jul 27
A summah Nor'Easter possible, NJ and southern New England 5 Mr Daffy Duck Jul 27
A robot may have found melted fuel rods in Fukushima reactor 3 30 bernt-toast Jul 26
Global Warming Alarmists Caught Doctoring '97-Percent Consensus' Claims 13 oflguy Jul 25
A curious mystery to solve... 14 Scary Red Jul 25
Excellent footage of a lion taking its prey down by the neck. 4 Daves Not Here Man Jul 2017
View from inside a forest fire. 5 Daves Not Here Man Jul 2017
Oh my, global warming! 10 Aldar Jul 2017
Melting ice keeps your julep frosty on a hot summer day 2 orson Jul 2017
Good deal on luxury eclipse rooms 9 Docbroke Jul 2017
Walmart deepens bet on hydrogen fuel cells at distribution centers 2 Aquila Jul 2017
Warming in the Tropics? Even the New RSS Satellite Dataset Says the Models are Wrong 2 oflguy Jul 2017
GM, Army engineers sound off on potential benefits of hydrogen-fueled electric fleet in truck demo 5 Aquila Jul 2017
Putting people on "ignore" that don't agree with your beliefs in Global Warming 7 oflguy Jul 2017
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