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Miami Is Sinking, But That Doesnt Mean Sea Levels Are Rising 4 Jack Burton Feb 20
Appalling Creationist Ignorance on Mitochondrial Eve 9 Cold Warrior Feb 19
Evolutionary Dogma, Not Science, Kicks Out Adam 4 nolidad Feb 19
What is it like to travel at the speed of light? 8 Currentsitguy Feb 19
Science quote of the week 18 Feb 2019 12 Cold Warrior Feb 19
One last ping: Farewell to the Opportunity Mars rover after 14 years 1 MumblyPeg Feb 18
In the summer, days get shorter. 2 Micrometer Feb 18
Hydrogen Drone Sets New Flight Record: 10 Hours 50 Minutes 3 Aquila Feb 17
Genetic vulnerability to menthol cigarette use 6 Troll2 Feb 16
Biological sex shapes tumour evolution across cancer types 1 Troll2 Feb 14
Xinhua: China city to build leading hydrogen vehicle base together with Japanese carmaker Toyota 2 Aquila Feb 13
NASA Mars Rover Opportunity, Resilient Red Planet Explorer, Officially Dead 1 RCW2014 Feb 13
Occasionally-Crazy's vision of the renewable future as implemented 1 Jack Burton Feb 13
Shrinking population in more than a third of rural U.S. counties 3 Troll2 Feb 12
Science category quote of the week. Feb. 8, 2019. 27 SatansSon666 Feb 12
Whoa, Uranus Looks Totally Messed Up Right Now 18 wonderwarthog Feb 10
Sound Waves from the Beginning of Time 0 MumblyPeg Feb 8
The North Pole Is Mysteriously Moving, and The U.S. Government Finally Caught Up 18 RCW2014 Feb 8
Israeli GenCell to mass produce fuel-cell generators as demand surges 3 Aquila Feb 8
Is Young Earth Creation Crazy? 31 nolidad Feb 7
Chinese Fuel Cell Industry Developments 2 Aquila Feb 5
Moon Jae-in: "it is crucial that we take an early leadership position in the global hydrogen market" 3 Aquila Feb 5
First Green Hydrogen Project breaks ground in Dubai 12 Aquila Feb 4
The good news is most experts predict we are already dead 6 Currentsitguy Feb 4
Renewables (solar wind) are silly 19 def_con5 Feb 4
European colonizers killed so many Native Americans that it changed the global climate, researchers 36 Troll2 Feb 4
11 years, 11 months and 355 days left before the end of the world 6 oflguy Feb 1
Earth's Oldest Rock Found on the Moon 31 wonderwarthog Feb 1
Great question... 7 quad489 Feb 1
68 degrees and sunny. 7 outside Jan 31
Korea Railroad Research Institute makes Eco-friendly H2 train that runs 372 miles on a single charge 0 Aquila Jan 31
UK: Make cookers hydrogen gas ready, experts tell West Yorkshire chiefs 1 Aquila Jan 30
Chinese company sets new record of 10 hours 50 minutes airtime with liquid hydrogen-fueled drone 2 Aquila Jan 30
Israeli scientists say they think they found a cure for cancer, 9 bruiserboy Jan 30
True or false. (Poll) 15 SatansSon666 Jan 30
how do i know that the earth is warmest in 40,000 years? 8 rampartb Jan 30 China's using its EV blueprint to promote hydrogen cars 3 Aquila Jan 30
Where did Aquila go? 11 oflguy Jan 29
NASAs Mars Opportunity rover may have 'died' in dust storm, scientists fear 5 def_con5 Jan 29
Giant Hammerhead Sharks Hunting Blacktip Sharks 8 Da Mannn Jan 27
Grand Solar Minimum and Earth Climate Science Being Suppresed 8 It Guy Jan 27
Honda, Toyota shock the Montreal auto show with investments in hydrogen refueling 3 Aquila Jan 25
Antarctic Sea Ice Dips to Record-Low Extent for Early January 11 orson Jan 25
Hydrogen.... 13 Iron Condor Jan 25
Dubai Police unveil hydrogen-powered drone at Intersec 5 Aquila Jan 24
True Facts About The Mantis Shrimp 1 Da Mannn Jan 24
Re-Fire in China 2 Aquila Jan 23
Holy Crap, the Moon Was Struck by a Meteorite During the Super Wolf Blood Moon Eclipse 11 wonderwarthog Jan 23
Do Trees Talk to Each Other? 38 wonderwarthog Jan 22
Never mind climate change, Davos prefers private jets 3 EagleKeeper Jan 22
Did Dinosaurs Come with or without Feathers? 44 nolidad Jan 20
Don't try this at home 30 oflguy Jan 20
Second Look Causes Scientist to Reverse Dino-Bird Claim 0 nolidad Jan 20
Science category quote of the week. Jan. 19. 6 SatansSon666 Jan 19
Exclusive: Toyota Hydrogen Boss Explains How Fuel Cells Can Achieve Corolla Costs 2 Aquila Jan 19
Why Hydrogen Fuel Cells Have No Future 0 oflguy Jan 18
Top 9 hydrogen projects of 2018 4 Aquila Jan 18
Nobel Prize-winning DNA Pioneer Stripped of Titles for Insisting IQ Depends on Race & Genes 13 RCW2014 Jan 18
Why Hydrogen Engines Are A Bad Idea 21 Iron Condor Jan 18
South Korean President Moon Declares Move Toward 'Hydrogen Economy' 2 Aquila Jan 17
Sea Surface Height Anomalies show real-recent and sudden upper ocean cooling 8 Mr Daffy Duck Jan 17
Planned 5 GW Indian solar plant will be the worlds largest 2 Aquila Jan 16
Russia Loses Control Over Its ONLY Hubble-Like Telescope, But Photos Are Still Coming 0 RCW2014 Jan 14
Forbes: China Is Set To Become The World's Renewable Energy Superpower, According To New Report 4 Aquila Jan 14
Earths magnetic pole is on the move, fast. And we dont know why 8 Let it go Jan 14
"Hydrogen city" to be built in central China 4 Aquila Jan 13
CES 2019 Las Vegas: Toyota Announces Partnership With Kenworth for Hydrogen Fuel Cell Development 34 Aquila Jan 12
Earths magnetic pole is on the move. 13 outside Jan 11
wow - home from 110 million kilometers away . . . 11 akaConcernedCanuk Jan 10
UK Telegraph: Hydrogen fuel cell trains to run on British railways from 2022 34 Aquila Jan 9
US Fuel Cell Manufacturer Plug Power- Un-Plugged! with Stan "The Energy Man" Osserman 0 Aquila Jan 8
Science category quote of the week. Jan. 7/2019 4 SatansSon666 Jan 7
Yomiuri Shimbun: Japan to power fishing boats with Toyota's hydrogen fuel cells 6 Aquila Jan 7
Xinhua: Chinese energy giant, French gas supplier team up on hydrogen energy use 3 Aquila Jan 7
Chromosome 6, who needs it? 0 SatansSon666 Jan 7
Hydrogen Comes of Age: Perhaps, finally, hydrogens moment has arrived. 7 Aquila Jan 6
the big bang? maybe not yet ......... 12 rampartb Jan 6
How Reliable are Satellite Temperatures 5 Cold Warrior Jan 6
Ugandan Space Shuttle Program 9 Iron Condor Jan 4
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