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Paleontologists give "Jurassic World" science thumbs down 7 R2D42 Jun 2015
Darn you darn dirty Martians !!! 1 RATFINK_5.0 Jun 2015
RealClimate: NOAA temperature record updates and the ‘hiatus’ 44 JosephNobles Jun 2015
"It Is Climate Change": India's Heat Wave Now the 5th Deadliest in World History 17 Argentina Jun 2015
Dinosaur fossils preserve apparent red blood cells, collagen 4 Bronxbomber Jun 2015
Dead whale found on Coney Island beach 3 Bronxbomber Jun 2015
Science: Much-touted global warming pause never happened 29 JosephNobles Jun 2015
More good climate news: Greenland is not melting. 17 Jack Burton Jun 2015
More good climate news: Polar bears 5 Jack Burton Jun 2015
Bizarre balls of worms form on road after texas flooding 3 Outer_Limits Jun 2015
interesting mini videos 0 nolidad Jun 2015
Doomer acolytes at NOAA continue the lie 11 Jack Burton Jun 2015
When Will Climate Scientists Say They Were Wrong? 17 Jack Burton Jun 2015
How mankind blew the fight against climate change 10 Agent_86 Jun 2015
DARPA ROBOT Challenges: 2015 ! 1 RATFINK_5.0 Jun 2015
Tiniest frog ever, just 0.4 inches long, stuns researchers in Brazilian rainforest 2 Bronxbomber Jun 2015
Frankenstein's monster is now a reality. 6 Hypothesis Jun 2015
What Earth Would Look Like If All the Ice Melted 22 Argentina Jun 2015
Put Your Helmut On ! 1 RATFINK_5.0 Jun 2015
Sometimes, good to pause for a moment and appreciate amazing scientific progress... 2 Hypothesis Jun 2015
The awful truth about climate change no one wants to admit 34 ExtinctionOnTheWay Jun 2015
Direct Observation Shows Warming is Caused by Human Activity 28 ExtinctionOnTheWay Jun 2015
The Living Set 0 Troll2 Jun 2015
Hadron Collider Abt To Resume Particle Smashing in 15 +- Min.: 7 RATFINK_5.0 Jun 2015
Epicenter of brain's predictive ability pinpointed by scientists 0 Troll2 Jun 2015
Awww Heck ! I h8te this... getting b*tch-slapped by a crawling catfish!! 0 RATFINK_5.0 Jun 2015
You Made Made Me GO There ? Anger ... 0 RATFINK_5.0 Jun 2015
Good news! Sahara desert is getting greener again. 5 Jack Burton Jun 2015
Whoops! Creationist Museum supporter accidentally finds 60 million yr old fossil 37 Attila Gorilla Jun 2015
gay gene's advantage? 6 island4diver May 2015
“We can’t bear this heat." 6 orson May 2015
Drill , baby, drill 0 orson May 2015
My dream last night: Mountain Lion, Dead Woodchucks, River 5 SocialJustice May 2015
Australians have found a real-life version of Jaws and it weighs 3,600 pounds 9 Daves Not Here Man May 2015
How hunting with wolves helped humans outsmart the Neanderthals 27 Immacolata May 2015
Humans migrated north, rather than south, in the main successful migration from Cradle of Humankind 4 Hypothesis May 2015
Killer heat wave in India 0 orson May 2015
What's happened to Alabama's tornadoes? State sees sharp decline 9 Boadicea May 2015
Dead Zones Without Marine Life Found in the Atlantic Ocean for the First Time 3 Attila Gorilla May 2015
Alberta 'creationist' finds 60m-year-old fish fossils 3 smokingman May 2015
Spann proves media bias includes weather: ‘They never let facts get in the way of a good story’ 9 Boadicea May 2015
Texas & Alaska Floods: El Nino & Hot Oceans Start a Year of Hellish Weather. It Will Get Worse. 7 Argentina May 2015
How federal dollars are financing the water crisis in the West 2 AmandaMatthews May 2015
NOAA says the active hurricane pattern that began in 1995 may now be over, 6 orson May 2015
Central England record warmth in 2014 attributed to climate change 6 ExtinctionOnTheWay May 2015
Alzheimer's Origins Tied to Rise of Human Intelligence 1 Troll2 May 2015
Hawaii governor: Telescope can continue, but changes needed 3 Juan Rico May 2015
World's Oldest Broken Bone Pushes Back Our Transition to Land by Two Million Years 5 Attila Gorilla May 2015
The mystical sleep of our ancestors 5 Agent_86 May 2015
Climate Science Deniers Unable To Comprehend Scientific Study 18 ExtinctionOnTheWay May 2015
Want to be a stud? Drink more coffee. 6 john262 May 2015
Creating Plastic From Greenhouse Gases 6 Thorson May 2015
Yet another Antarctic ice mass is becoming destabilized, scientists report 8 Attila Gorilla May 2015
John Nash, Nobel Prize Winner and Subject of 'A Beautiful Mind,' Killed in Car Crash 0 Hypothesis May 2015
Chicken grows face of dinosaur 9 Agent_86 May 2015
What Really Happens When Bodies Are Donated to Science? 10 Argentina May 2015
A Switch Was Flipped and Southern Antarctica Glaciers Are Now Rapidly Melting 12 Argentina May 2015
Updated NASA Data: Global Warming Not Causing Any Polar Ice Retreat 11 Jack Burton May 2015
Vox: Biggest political science study of last year a complete fraud. 4 JosephNobles May 2015
Liftoff! LightSail Sails into Space aboard Atlas V Rocket 3 R2D42 May 2015
Stone tool discovery pushes back the archaeological record by 700,000 years 3 R2D42 May 2015
Opinion: Science & Religion: A Centuries-old War Rages On 2 Troll2 May 2015
It Only Took Four Months For China To Achieve A Jaw-Dropping Reduction In Carbon Emissions 16 Attila Gorilla May 2015
Want to see something really scary? 28 Jack Burton May 2015
Why "Global Warming" Failed & Why Climate Change is Real [View all] 62 It Guy May 2015
Researchers discover world's first warm-blooded fish 21 Currentsitguy May 2015
Warm Blood Makes Opah an Agile Predator 2 R2D42 May 2015
Researchers confirm climate change prediction was correct 13 ExtinctionOnTheWay May 2015
It Is, in Fact, Rocket Science 1 Agent_86 May 2015
Buckle up, California--Scientists Predict You're About to Ride One Hell of a Long Heat Wave 2 Argentina May 2015
Carbon pollution's harm to sea life coming faster than expected 1 ExtinctionOnTheWay May 2015
Early European may have had Neanderthal great-great-grandparent 0 Troll2 May 2015
NASA’s New Horizons Spots Pluto’s Faintest Known Moons 4 R2D42 May 2015
Larsen C Ice Shelf Is Melting from the Top and the Bottom and Is at Risk of Collapse 9 Argentina May 2015
Obama letting Shell drill in Arctic could lead to catastrophic oil spill, experts warn 4 Attila Gorilla May 2015
Has the Tide Turned on Bee-Killing Pesticides? New Bans and Scientists Warn of Ecological Damage 7 Argentina May 2015
Top scientists to examine altered global warming data 38 Dixie May 2015
Chess and Machine Intelligence 10 Zutak May 2015
New warning about climate change linked to peat bogs 3 ExtinctionOnTheWay May 2015
Ceres’ White Spots Multiply in Latest Dawn Photos 5 Juan Rico May 2015
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