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Eske Willerslev Is Rewriting History With DNA - (NYTimes - Profiles in Science) 0 Hypothesis May 2016
"I'm not dead yet" 0 Hypothesis May 2016
I just found the coolest website: What the Deep Space Network is listening to in real time. 0 Currentsitguy Jul 2016
Body Odor Is Less Offensive from "One of Us" 0 Troll2 Jul 2016
Lost in the news 0 AZ0 Jul 2016
Puerto Rico panicked by Zika epidemic 0 orson Jul 2016
Does this help anyone else understand all those childhood dreams that came true? 0 sentient_simian Jul 2016
Anyone here have a Meade Light Switch. There is an interesting promo 0 ibtruthin Aug 2016
C.I.A. Dengue Fever Experiments in Florida 0 wonderwarthog Aug 2016
Placenta in females, muscle mass in males: Dual heritage of a virus 0 Troll2 Sep 2016
3-D printed fish fossil may reveal origin of human teeth 0 Strange Luck Oct 2016
Autophagy Pioneer Wins Nobel 0 Troll2 Oct 2016
Interesting simulation of the landing in the Hudson River 0 oflguy Oct 2016
Do you think it would be possible to swipe Roger Stone's DNA to use as evidence in a court of law ? 0 RATFINK_5.0 Oct 2016
Invest in public pays off. 0 orson Oct 2016
Soldier's Photos of Iraq 0 sargentodiaz Oct 2016
The El Niño that just passed was the single LONGEST El Niño, .... 0 Mr Daffy Duck Nov 2016
Snow causes traffic chaos in western Austria 0 sargentodiaz Nov 2016
This message was self-deleted by its author 0 Daves Not Here Man Feb 2017
This message was self-deleted by its author 0 Konservative Mar 2017
Weather Alert 0 oflguy Mar 2017
Blue Origin releases first interior photos of the capsule that will take tourists to space 0 Aquila Mar 2017
Amazon Finds There's Nothing Foolish in Fuel Cells 0 Aquila Apr 2017
"Look at that, you son of a bitch." 0 quad489 Apr 2017
Just what we need, the insect version of Agent Smith 0 Agent_86 Apr 2017
Jam The Russians: Army Electronic Warfare Kit Comes To Europe 0 wonderwarthog Jun 2017
Artificial womb passes first tests 0 JJ667 Apr 2017
Teach your children well 0 Agent_86 May 2017
The Worlds Largest Wind Turbines Have Started Generating Power in England 0 Aquila May 2017
The Third Wave and the DUmp; the Result of a Psychological Experiment Manifested? 0 It Guy Jun 2017
Steampunking the Antikythera machine... 0 Scary Red Jun 2017
fMRI Testing Holds Promise in Preventing Child Sexual Abuse 0 Troll2 Jun 2017
The Great Global Warming Swindle Full Movie 0 oflguy Jul 2017
NASA got rid of one kook activist in charge and leeched onto another 0 oflguy Jul 2017
Why Godzillas Atomic Breath Is Worse Than You Think! (Because Science w/ Kyle Hill) 0 Da Mannn Jul 2017
Big Carbon 0 oflguy Jul 2017
Eclipse Science 0 Juan Rico Aug 2017
Scottish Test&Research Centre has claimed a world first by generating Hydrogen Gas from Tidal Waves 0 Aquila Sep 2017
Riemann's Zeta function, where do the complex zeroes come from? 0 M411 Sep 2017
Ducks ding dongs in face of stiff competition 0 Troll2 Sep 2017
New breed of catfish found and put in display. 0 Daves Not Here Man Sep 2017
Hurricane Maria leaves Arecibo radio telescope damaged and dark 0 Troll2 Sep 2017
This message was self-deleted by its author 0 Aldar Sep 2017
Interesting theory about LV........ 0 quad489 Oct 2017
'The Orville' Quantum Drive based on actual theory 0 WhiskeyMakesMeHappy Oct 2017
"conservationists" tend to be big polluters themselves 0 imwithfred Oct 2017
Near Earth Asteroid Event Scheduled in a few hours in Southern Hemisphere : 0 RATFINK_5.0 Oct 2017
Speed Kills Friendlies 0 wonderwarthog Oct 2017
This message was self-deleted by its author 0 Let it go Oct 2017
Visualizing changes that are imperceptible to the naked eye 0 Daves Not Here Man Oct 2017
In glyphosate review, WHO cancer agency edited out 'non-carcinogenic' findings 0 EagleKeeper Oct 2017
Hercules Beetle 0 Daves Not Here Man Oct 2017
Astronaut is stuck 0 Daves Not Here Man Oct 2017
World's first hydrogen tram runs in China 0 Aquila Oct 2017
Huge solar plant aims for brighter Brazil energy output 0 Aquila Nov 2017
0 .... ??,? 0 RATFINK_5.0 Nov 2017
HYDROSOL Plant: Hydrogen from sunlight in Germany 0 Aquila Dec 2017
Large genetic study links tendency to undervalue future rewards with ADHD, obesity 0 Troll2 Dec 2017
Sorry, Tesla Fanboys: The Best Zero-Emissions Semi Runs on Fuel Cells 0 Aquila Dec 2017
Darn, it's only a Rock ! OK Calling Ouamuomuo: Conditions C.A.V.U.: 0 RATFINK_5.0 Dec 2017
Existence Of Advanced UfO's 'Beyond Reasonable Doubt', Says Ex-pentagon Official Who Ran Secret US.. 0 RCW2014 Dec 2017
Michael Faraday another man far far ahead of his time 0 Aldar Jan 2018
Humblebragging Makes People Dislike You, According to Science 0 Daves Not Here Man Jan 2018
Live stream for Saturn Booster tomorrow & the lil' cherry red TESLA Roadster : 0 RATFINK_5.0 Feb 2018
Korea: Hyundai Fuel Cell Cars Complete Self-Driven 190 kilometer trip at SAE Level 4 0 Aquila Feb 2018
No one ever said science is easy 0 Currentsitguy Feb 2018
The Zapata Flyboard Air - a jet powered personal aerial vehicle 0 Aquila Feb 2018
Fast Evolution Confirms Creationist Theory 0 nolidad Feb 2018
Killer Moon ... it is blue ... shivaree 0 RATFINK_5.0 Mar 2018
cro magnon paintings are located with good acoustic properties 0 rampartb Mar 2018
Fight mounts to save coral reefs in the Seychelles 0 Agent_86 Mar 2018
Careful Cowboy ... watch out 4 what you may ... or may not touch . Could be Arsenic on the wallpaper 0 RATFINK_5.0 Mar 2018
Yes, & yeah, yeah, yeah ... Only person to be clocked by space debris lives in home town. 0 RATFINK_5.0 Mar 2018
What do we really know about Global Warming? 0 oflguy Mar 2018
Climatologists stumble on Nazi past in Norway 0 Currentsitguy Apr 2018
Top 10 Climate Change Myths 0 Cold Warrior Apr 2018
Origins Breakthroughs of 2010: Cell Biology and Genomics 0 nolidad May 2018
History's most powerful plants 0 Cold Warrior May 2018
Cryptic Fireball Streaking Over US Base In Greenland Puzzles NASA Scientist 0 RCW2014 Aug 2018
Second Look Causes Scientist to Reverse Dino-Bird Claim 0 nolidad Jan 2019
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