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Climate change deniers struggle to hear their own bullshit over sound of endless natural disasters 19 orson Sep 2017
A Conservative Solution to Global Warming (Part 1) 19 Cold Warrior Sep 2018
Science quote of the week. 19 SatansSon666 Mar 2019
Carbon-14-dated dinosaur bones are less than 40,000 years old 18 nolidad May 2018
How did 'single cell life forms' transition to male/female sexual activity as a means to reproduce? 18 Killdozer May 2018
Prior to this post, 74% of the posts on the front page of this Science Forum are 18 Cold Warrior May 2018
Showing why evolution is not science. 18 nolidad Jul 2018
Ancient tools and bones suggest humans left Africa earlier we thought 18 orson Jul 2018
Climate Change of 4C Global Warming above Pre-industrial Levels 18 orson Aug 2018
Renewable Energy Could "Effectively Be Free" by 2030, Says UBS Analyst 18 Aquila Aug 2018
Facts can convince conservatives about global warming – sometimes 18 Strange Luck Mar 2018
While most worry about polluting less, one starts clean-up 18 Aquila Oct 2018
Three fuel cell electric buses and refuelling infrastructure have been deployed in Sanremo, Italy 18 Aquila Dec 2018
The North Pole Is Mysteriously Moving, and The U.S. Government Finally Caught Up 18 RCW2014 Feb 2019
Whoa, Uranus Looks Totally Messed Up Right Now 18 wonderwarthog Feb 2019
Here ya go SatanSon and ColdWarrior, ya boy 18 oflguy May 2019
Bomb Shelter Honeymoon, 1959 Style! 18 wonderwarthog Jun 11
No humans alive by the year 2030! 18 Jack Burton Nov 2015
Corporate clout backs climate deniers 18 stupidicus2 Dec 2015
re-engineer your toilet to save water. 18 gonzoland Mar 2017
Does higher education contribute to science? 18 cilantro Feb 2016
February breaks January's record 18 orson Mar 2016
What will the singularity look like? 18 orson Mar 2016
Deniers, check this out.. 18 frankt8242 Apr 2016
Oceans are heating up 18 orson Jun 2016
Greenpeace co-founder: Rising emissions saving planet, not destroying it 18 Gunslinger201 Jun 2016
Global Temperatures Are Mostly Fake 18 Jack Burton Jul 2016
Radio decay rates not constant- evidence the earth is not as old as theorized. 18 nolidad Sep 2016
OK Muzzled, here it is 18 oflguy Jan 2017
China builds world's biggest solar farm in journey to become green superpower 18 Aquila Jan 2017
Here's a creepy graph/gif of 100 years of rising temperatures 18 orson Aug 2017
Eclipse 2017 Poll (Poll) 18 marmot84 Aug 2017
Errors of Evolution Part 2 Fossils don't lie! 18 nolidad Feb 2018
Dying Gulf Stream May Trigger A Global Nightmare 18 RCW2014 Apr 2018
The green hydrogen revolution has started, and it won't be stopped 17 Aquila Nov 2018
More Bad News for Radiometric Dating 17 nolidad Jun 2018
Intelligent Mathematics 17 Cold Warrior Jun 2018
This message was self-deleted by its author 17 TM999 Jun 2018
Evolutionists Can't Fill the Hexapod Gap 17 nolidad Aug 2018
A Vicious Cycle: Air Conditioners Making Global Warming Worse, Warns Study 17 fszwfnj Aug 2018
Power Worth Less Than Zero Spreads as Green Energy Floods the Grid 17 Aquila Aug 2018
Help me out , you who believe in the big bang cosmology! 17 nolidad Sep 2018
Another Evolutionary Ancestor Gets Nixed 17 nolidad Sep 2018
Harvard scientists say interstellar object may be a probe sent by "alien civilization" 17 wonderwarthog Nov 2018
Climate change: Warming gas concentrations at new record high 17 Agent_86 Nov 2018
The effect of average seasonal temperatures on the growth rate of U.S. output. 17 orson Dec 2018
Bronze-Age DNA Confirms Babel Dispersion 17 nolidad Feb 2019
The Sun is GOING NUTS! 17 wonderwarthog May 2019
Climate Change Denier, Patrick Michaels, also member of tobacco front science group 17 Cold Warrior Jul 10
Al Gore conveniently excluded the fact that CO2 increase LAGS temperature increase in his 17 It Guy Jul 2015
Wolf pack spotted in Northern California 17 john262 Aug 2015
The most insane science "article" you will read today. 17 JacoBukowski Sep 2015
The 6,000-Calorie Diet 17 Troll2 Nov 2015
Big Problem on the Microbial Front 17 misanthroptimist Nov 2015
Twilight of the Climate Change Movement 17 Transcendence Apr 2016
Global warming in a nutshell 17 orson May 2016
The World’s Largest Solar Plant Just Torched Itself 17 Doctor_R May 2016
Cross-quarter arctic ice update: now little chance of new record low ice volume and extent. 17 Mr Daffy Duck Aug 2016
We're a decade away from +1.5C 17 orson Sep 2016
Renewables (solar, wind) can't be used to generate a base-load. 17 def_con5 Oct 2016
Any other SE Coastal residents starting to watch Matthew carefully? 17 LaughingGull Oct 2016
Sea-surface temps during last interglacial period like modern temps [sealevel was 6-9 meters higher] 17 Mr Daffy Duck Jan 2017
Trump Administration Restricts News from Federal Scientists at USDA, EPA 17 KAT Jan 2017
Before the A-10 Warthog, there was... 17 wonderwarthog Feb 2017
More dramatic evidence of sea rise due to global warming. 17 Jack Burton Nov 2017
There's a sports car in orbit that was streaming live on YouTube 17 Qukid Feb 2018
NASA Exposed Global Warming Hoax 17 oflguy Apr 2019
Systematic classification of life. Ep.5 - Bilateria 16 SatansSon666 Jul 2018
Scientists dissent from Darwinism: Pt 1. 16 nolidad Jul 2018
While science is not performed via consensus, it is difficult to understand 16 Cold Warrior Aug 2018
Mutation Study Contradicts Evolution 16 nolidad Aug 2018
Neandertal: The Answer Is Epigenetics Not Evolution 16 nolidad Sep 2018
Wind - Snowstorm here in Erie Pa. 16 wonderwarthog Feb 2019
Did you ever notice that posters who are Climate Change Deniers 16 Cold Warrior Apr 2019
The Next Big Scientific Thing - We spoke to five scientific minds 16 Aquila Aug 13
Speed of glacier retreat worldwide 'historically unprecedented' 16 Attila Gorilla Aug 2015
Anthropogenic Warming for dummies 16 orson Oct 2015
Study drives a sixth nail into the global warming ‘pause’ myth 16 stupidicus2 Nov 2015
Deniers gotta deny 16 orson Dec 2015
Happy Darwin Day 16 R2D42 Mar 2016
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