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Systematic classification of life. Ep.5 - Bilateria 16 SatansSon666 Jul 2018
Scientists dissent from Darwinism: Pt 1. 16 nolidad Jul 2018
While science is not performed via consensus, it is difficult to understand 16 Cold Warrior Aug 2018
Mutation Study Contradicts Evolution 16 nolidad Aug 2018
Neandertal: The Answer Is Epigenetics Not Evolution 16 nolidad Sep 2018
Wind - Snowstorm here in Erie Pa. 16 wonderwarthog Feb 2019
Did you ever notice that posters who are Climate Change Deniers 16 Cold Warrior Apr 9
Someone finally figured out why we hate the word "moist." 16 Daves Not Here Man Jun 2015
Race is legally invalid but medically real 16 Hypothesis Jun 2015
Remember the doomers' predictions about more hurricanes? 16 Jack Burton Jul 2015
Nobel Prize-Winning Scientist Says Obama Is ‘Dead Wrong’ On Global Warming 16 Jack Burton Jul 2015
10 year anniversary since the debunking of the infamous "hockey stick" 16 Jack Burton Jul 2015
Speed of glacier retreat worldwide 'historically unprecedented' 16 Attila Gorilla Aug 2015
Anthropogenic Warming for dummies 16 orson Oct 2015
Study drives a sixth nail into the global warming ‘pause’ myth 16 stupidicus2 Nov 2015
Deniers gotta deny 16 orson Dec 2015
Happy Darwin Day 16 R2D42 Mar 2016
Congress wants to go to the Moon 16 orson May 2016
Last year's heat was blamed on El Niño 16 orson Jul 2016
The Shuttle was doomed from day one 16 Currentsitguy Sep 2016
Water streaming across Antarctica surprises, worries scientists 16 Agent_86 Apr 2017
Math Quiz 16 Cold Warrior Feb 2019
A few small points on climate change... 16 Scary Red Jun 2017
Arizona heat causes Phoenix flight cancellations 16 Agent_86 Jun 2017
Holy fucking DOOM Batman! 16 Jack Burton Jul 2017
startup to mine asteroids 16 rampartb Jul 2017
100% Of US Warming Is Due To NOAA Data Tampering 16 oflguy Jul 2017
Doomertists caught faking sea level rise 16 Jack Burton Dec 2017
Does volcanoes generate more climate-altering gas than humans? 15 orson May 2018
What told that first 'simple cell' it needed to split to reproduce? 15 Killdozer May 2018
Dontcha just love people that cite stats like monthly temperature records, world-wide 15 oflguy May 2018
Best of 2017: Fleshy Fossils 15 nolidad Jul 2018
The leftist corruption of science 15 Jack Burton Oct 2018
Up,up and away 15 orson Oct 2018
Don't Tell Anyone, But We Just Had Two Years Of Record-Breaking Global Cooling 15 Iron Condor Nov 2018
Its a new Arctic. We've gone from white to blue, 15 orson Dec 2018
If you think the government is not manipulating the data, read this........ 15 oflguy Dec 2018
True or false. (Poll) 15 SatansSon666 Jan 2019
What our creationist colleague fails to understand about radiometric dating. 15 SatansSon666 Mar 2019
DeadBart London Editor Tony Heller: Not Junk Science, Just No Science 15 Cold Warrior Apr 12
Global Warming - A lie exposed 15 oflguy May 2
LA TIMES: California has too much solar power. That might be good for ratepayers 15 Aquila Wednesday
2008 Prediction: NYC Under Water from Climate Change By June 2015 15 Da Mannn Jun 2015
There has not been an increase in the number of hurricanes 15 orson Jul 2015
up to 80 percent of the population could ultimately perish. 15 orson Jul 2015
Fire Ants Being Laced with Homosexual Chemtrails to Bite Christians And Convert Them To Homosexuals 15 orson Aug 2015
How Autistic People Helped Shape the Modern World 15 Boadicea Aug 2015
EXCLUSIVE: There WAS life on Mars but 'catastrophic' event wiped it out, scientist says 15 Doctor_R Sep 2015
Gee. Maybe heating up the Pacific Ociean 15 orson Sep 2015
2015 sea ice minimum 4th lowest 15 orson Sep 2015
NASA: Antarctica is actually gaining ice 15 Jack Burton Nov 2015
we be doomed 15 Jack Burton Nov 2015
"a very rare and exciting event" 15 Jack Burton Jan 2016
Court orders "RICO Climate Alarmist FOIA Emails Released" 15 Mr Daffy Duck May 2016
Bill Nye's Scientism 15 Gunslinger201 May 2016
I was driving by a Shell station with solar panels on all the roofs. 15 Junglejim43 Jul 2016
Rate of species decline 'no longer within safe limit' for humans 15 orson Aug 2016
Just how dangerous is it to travel at 20% the speed of light? 15 Juan Rico Aug 2016
Sea ice is shrinking 15 orson Oct 2016
The Sandhill Crane 15 BuzzClik Jan 2017
NASA has an unusually bold plan to find life on Europa 15 Juan Rico Feb 2017
As tempting and exciting as this sounds, I'm not sure we are ready for this 15 Currentsitguy Feb 2017
Owls fly very, very quietly... 15 Gamle-ged Jun 2017
How our immune systems could stop humans reaching Mars 15 Let it go Sep 2017
How should we handle boys who can't read? 15 Troll2 Sep 2017
Larger, More Intense U.S. Storm Complexes on the Way 15 orson Nov 2017
As climate warms, humidity could put lives in danger 15 Agent_86 Jan 2018
Cheddar Man: DNA shows early Briton had dark skin 15 Agent_86 Feb 2018
@Cold Warrior: Please answer my question to your #4, posed in my #5. 14 Killdozer May 2018
Systematic classification of life. Ep.3 - Metazoa 14 SatansSon666 Jun 2018
Systematic classification of life. Ep.7 - Chordata 14 SatansSon666 Jun 2018
The time oxygen almost killed everything 14 Cold Warrior Aug 2018
When Whales Walked (Slinger, one for you) 14 Cold Warrior Aug 2018
But Wait, There's More! Tropical Development in Gulf of Mexico Possible Late This Week 14 RCW2014 Sep 2018
Still more unsettled science 14 nolidad Oct 2018
There is no evidence evolution took place in the past! 14 nolidad Oct 2018
Fake science news from CNN 14 TheShoe Oct 2018
Hydrogen allows Drones to stay in the air for up to 4 hours vs. 25 minutes with batteries 14 Aquila Nov 2018
Effects of persistent Arctic warming continue to mount 14 orson Dec 2018
Still waiting for that global warming 14 Jack Burton Feb 2019
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