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How to FIX a DEAD 50'S SUPERHET! 2 wonderwarthog 9 hrs ago
800+ mile broadcast band d.x. just now 5 wonderwarthog 12 hrs ago
Windows 10 Virus Protection. 8 Bubba Saturday
China Unveils 372mph Maglev Train Prototype 1 RCW2014 Saturday
Last night SpaceX launched 60 Starlink satellites in LEO 2 Spitfire Saturday
Lumilor. Really cool stuff. 6 Nostrings Friday
My internet is too high? 5 def_con5 Friday
Terrorists Can Use Drones To Deliver Chemical Weapons, Head Of Russian Security Services Warns 5 RCW2014 Thursday
So how long until the banks shut down that little shitbox company called Tesla? 1 drunk_teddy Thursday
Solar Storming Full Moon WEIRDNESS! 1 wonderwarthog Tuesday
Tonight with the C. Crane 5 Currentsitguy Monday
RF-2200, Art Bell WHAS, Louisville, KY to Erie, Pa. 443 Miles 6 wonderwarthog Monday
60's Arvin Pocket Size Transistor a.m./f.m./shortwave 0 wonderwarthog May 19
Radio Legends Creation Came to Rescue of NYC After 911 2 wonderwarthog May 19
This message was self-deleted by its author 0 wonderwarthog May 18
UH-1 Start up after rebuild 2 wonderwarthog May 14
Spin the Globe for streaming radio all over world 6 wonderwarthog May 13
Survival Lilly says "Gimme Shelter"! 6 wonderwarthog May 13
Casio Wave Ceptor watch not syncing solution 4 It Guy May 13
The Radio gods have SMILED UPON ME!!! 2 wonderwarthog May 13
Army Signal Corps 78 RPM Training Record 2 wonderwarthog May 12
"Whistling Death" 4 wonderwarthog May 11
Epay "Score" - 1950 Motorola mini tube portable 8 wonderwarthog May 10
Pentagons Top Secret Ninja Bomb Revealed, Twitter Asks If Its Really Necessary 0 RCW2014 May 10
Chinese helicopter drones capable of intelligent swarm attacks 3 akaConcernedCanuk May 10
question about driverless cars. 2 rampartb May 10
A lot of Dutch Pirates active just above 1600kHz MW now 2 Currentsitguy May 9
Discount Computer Depot. 1 Bubba May 7
USAF EAM messages (nuclear launch?) 6 Hey Mikey May 6
"Aladdin's Lamp" - the Vacuum Tube 4 wonderwarthog May 6
Vintage Bell Telephone Video - Inventors of the Transistor 7 wonderwarthog May 5
Saturday, May 4th, 8:20 PM EST: Voice of Vietnam 7315 KHz, SINPO 5 by 5 1 Currentsitguy May 4
Navy 16 Inch Gun Training Film! 2 wonderwarthog May 4
If anyone is interested there is a Short Wave live chat weekly show on YouTube now 0 Currentsitguy May 3
For $35 this is quite amazing as far as computers go 1 Currentsitguy May 2
This looks like a hell of a lot of radio in a small package 3 Currentsitguy May 2
Amazing DX with this little CCrane Skywave SSB 0 Currentsitguy May 1
Insurers Know Exactly How Often American Drivers Touch Their Phones 1 RCW2014 Apr 30
Good job on fixing the board, Skinner. 6 joefriday6 Apr 29
Does anyone here have experience with "dynamic cruise control"? I love it. But... 15 JaimeBondoJr Apr 29
Radio Shack 12-243 1 Nostrings Apr 29
MICROMODULES: THE ULTIMATE PACKAGE (Army research) 0 wonderwarthog Apr 28
This site is creeping along at a snails pace again. ... 2 batcat Apr 26
Kim Jong say - EMP fry all you Yankee Ipads! HAHAHA 11 wonderwarthog Apr 25
NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) 45 Record Player 0 wonderwarthog Apr 24
"Riders on the Storm" - PLATE ECHO GENERATOR 2 wonderwarthog Apr 23
Project Tinkertoy - TOP SECRET! 2 wonderwarthog Apr 23
Survival Knife Sharpening with LILY 0 wonderwarthog Apr 22
Why does this site slow to a crawl or disappear entirely whenever there is bad news for lefty? 6 Jack Burton Apr 22
They really did build things better in the past 5 Currentsitguy Apr 22
What's Better than a New Analog Scanner? 4 wonderwarthog Apr 21
Panasonic RF-2200 Nearly Causes Stroke 6 wonderwarthog Apr 20
Panasonic FR-2200 GUTTED 2 wonderwarthog Apr 17
This message was self-deleted by its author 0 wonderwarthog Apr 16
World's smallest TUBE recorder 1 Currentsitguy Apr 16
RADIWOW DX - 1110 WBT Charlotte N.C. heard in Erie Pa 4 wonderwarthog Apr 15
HAARP is ON THE AIR THIS WEEK! 11 wonderwarthog Apr 13
Most talked about NEW Shortwave portable! 4 wonderwarthog Apr 10
the care and handling of firearms 5 imwithfred Apr 10
Techies Snicker at Secret Service Agents Mar-a-Lago Malware 1 RCW2014 Apr 10
Sony SRF-39FP. The FP stands for FEDERAL PRISON! 0 wonderwarthog Apr 9
Techies Snicker at Secret Service Agents Mar-a-Lago Malware 5 imwithfred Apr 9
SURVIVAL Lilly Shows Us How to Make Awesome Bow! 4 wonderwarthog Apr 3
Car keys replacement.. 6 Solesurvivor Apr 3
Ice drifting the Porsche Taycan: Driving the new all electric sports car in frozen Sweden 2 Aquila Apr 2
Schrade Knives Survival Bow Video 1 wonderwarthog Apr 2
How A.M. and F.M. Work - Army Training Film 0 wonderwarthog Apr 1
SURVIVIN' with IVAN! 0 wonderwarthog Apr 1
Filming the Speed of Light at 10 Trillion FPS 2 MumblyPeg Mar 28
This message was self-deleted by its author 0 wonderwarthog Mar 27
Excellent Shortwave, A.M., F.M., Air, for $50, Card Deck Size. 8 wonderwarthog Mar 27
low-tech method of getting rid of lawn pests 6 imwithfred Mar 27
If something's mostly a big heavy lithium battery 6 imwithfred Mar 27
Facebook Follies!... Hundreds of Millions of User Passwords Exposed to Facebook Employees 2 Gamle-ged Mar 24
Anyone convert LPs to mp3. If so, what do you use for your conversion set up. 6 Butchie_T Mar 24
Soviet Backfire Bomber 0 wonderwarthog Mar 24
When did they take out those airphones from airplanes? 2 TheShoe Mar 22
Doomed Boeing Jets Lacked 2 Safety Features That Company Sold Only as Extras 2 Gamle-ged Mar 22
The 5 MOST HATED CORVETTES! 6 wonderwarthog Mar 20
Just signed up with ''nomorobo'' to sidetrack calls to my landline identified as robot callers... 6 Gamle-ged Mar 20
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