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SpaceX is go for launch today 3 Butchie_T 2 hrs ago
Launch scrubbed weather. 0 def_con5 Wednesday
How Amateur Radio Sank the Titanic 2 wonderwarthog Sunday
Using LEDs for germicidal disinfection 3 Troll2 Sunday
TSMCs edge to stay in Taiwan: experts 0 Troll2 Saturday
DU - Scheduled maintenance at 2pm ET today, Friday May 22nd. 2 akaConcernedCanuk May 22
Can anyone please recommend a good Bluetooth speaker? 9 Jardinier May 21
Jim Morrison on 14 Mhz 2 wonderwarthog May 20
Sigh, got my Kobo ereader stuck in a boot loop. Sitting up to restore everything. 0 Currentsitguy May 19
Sabbath Mode 10 TexMexNext May 18
Got a question about sending a long video over email. 6 Solesurvivor May 15
chinese radar detects stealth fighter 5 rampartb May 14
This probably doesn't happen to most people, but did you ever find a computer you forgot you owned? 6 Currentsitguy May 12
1965 MADE IN AUSTRALIA DX MASTERPIECE 6 wonderwarthog May 12
Apparently - our last new member arrived almost 3 years ago 11 akaConcernedCanuk May 12
Cord cutting: I managed to finally set up a subchannel feed to every TV in the house 2 Currentsitguy May 8
Server sales went through the roof in the first three months of 2020. 1 Troll2 May 8
External hard drives - storage/backup . . . recommendations? 13 akaConcernedCanuk May 8
Ever wish you had access to your phone apps on your PC? I found a cool free program. 1 Currentsitguy May 6
Digital signatures and PKI 7 def_con5 May 5
02:56 (10:56 EDT) UTC WTWW 5085 KHz Lebanon,TN. Decent music, Rock and Roll Fantasy 0 Currentsitguy May 4
Heard last night - USAF going on alert??? 11 wonderwarthog May 2
Using SDR to broadcast in a.m. stereo with a tube boat anchor? 3 wonderwarthog May 1
Kershaw 5510 NORAD Lockblade! 0 wonderwarthog May 1
Pretty cool seeing a string of lights pass over in the sky this evening. 0 D26-15 Apr 30
Car junkies: New Bronco possibly revealed 4 Currentsitguy Apr 30
Long-Lost U.S. Military Satellite Found By Amateur Radio Operator 1 wonderwarthog Apr 25
Google Just Gave Millions Of Users A Reason To Quit Windows 10 5 AmandaCMatthews Apr 25
Just bought a BC-348 0 wonderwarthog Apr 20
A.M. explosion on 80 meters last night! 2 wonderwarthog Apr 20
new monitor has a "displayport" connection 9 rampartb Apr 18
Interesting Deep Fake: Had Burt Reynolds actually accepted the part of James Bond 0 Currentsitguy Apr 13
Zenith R7000-2 0 wonderwarthog Apr 12
"Do not exit your pod!" 4 wonderwarthog Apr 12
ID2020 6 Boadicea Apr 8
Coronavirus transforms peak internet usage into the new normal 5 Troll2 Apr 6
Amazing RC Model airplane: Tiny L-1011 that is actually jet powered! 2 Currentsitguy Apr 5
The untold origin story of the N95 mask 2 Troll2 Apr 5
Boeing 787s must be turned off & on every 51 days to prevent 'misleading data' being shown to pilots 2 Troll2 Apr 5
Microsoft reveals 775 percent Azure surge, quotas on some resources and significant new capacity c 0 Troll2 Mar 29
Would a non-combatant degauss? 2 def_con5 Mar 28
Does anyone know how to turn off the CERT OUT OF DATE warning 3 His Daughter Mar 26
Did anyone else have a hard time being able 13 AmandaCMatthews Mar 26
Get your very own gene editing kit! 0 It Guy Mar 25
Thought you'd go online to buy better laptop for home working? Too bad, UK. So did everyone. 2 Troll2 Mar 24
Just bought a Kenwood TS-520S (Tesla help me) 24 wonderwarthog Mar 17
Honeywell plans to roll out an early-stage quantum computer for commercial experiments 7 Let it go Mar 7
Photo: Satellite Captures Re-Emergence of Mysterious Vehicles at Top Secret US Air Base 1 RCW2014 Mar 5
Incredible Car 5 Independent.mind Mar 5
South Africa: Anti Auto Theft Device 2 Iron Condor Mar 5
Public safety app Citizen quietly redeploys controversial feature critics say encourages vigilantism 3 RCW2014 Mar 3
Watch SpaceX Mars-colonizing Starship prototype POP & IMPLODE after failing to contain cryogenic nit 9 RCW2014 Mar 2
Interesting: Oldest color videotape of Carson show found 8-24-64 1 Currentsitguy Mar 2
So I bought a ham radio, now I HAVE to get a license. 10 Currentsitguy Mar 1
Pioneering Black NASA Mathematician Katherine Johnson Dies 1 RCW2014 Feb 2020
Mega Diesel Engine 1 Iron Condor Feb 2020
Damn you FedEx! 8 wonderwarthog Feb 2020
Man, I missed this place! 7 wonderwarthog Feb 2020
Just walked out and watched the ISS pass overhead... 4 D26-15 Feb 2020
Geek plus confined to hospital plus insomnia equals lets crawl the hospital wifi 5 Currentsitguy Feb 2020
Imagine my surprise - I drove by a Radio Shack today still in operation! 4 foia Feb 2020
Tesla Climbs in Consumer Reports Auto Ranking Topped by Porsche 0 RCW2014 Feb 2020
Electrical Tape on Sign Tricked a Tesla Into Speeding in a Test 6 RCW2014 Feb 2020
Range-Busting Electric Van Targets Parcel Firms to Plumbers 0 RCW2014 Feb 2020
Arctic kiss: Two Russian nuclear icebreakers rendezvous in spectacular night-time DRONE FOOTAGE 3 RCW2014 Feb 2020
Iranian hackers have been hacking VPN servers to plant backdoors in companies around the world 0 RCW2014 Feb 2020
Space X Launches 60 Starlink Satellites for New Megaconstellation, Misses Rocket Landing 0 RCW2014 Feb 2020
Out to the sea: Russias cutting-edge stealthy next-gen frigate SPECTACULARLY tested in cold waters 0 RCW2014 Feb 2020
Russia Starts Training Crew for India's 1st Manned Space Mission 0 RCW2014 Feb 2020
Have an ebook reader? Hate the software that came with it? There is a FREE solution! 7 Currentsitguy Feb 2020
Big leap for Indias nuclear forces? New Delhi to develop 5,000km-range K-5 missile following... 2 RCW2014 Feb 2020
Russia's modernized Tu-160M nuclear-capable bomber takes to the skies for the 1st time 8 RCW2014 Feb 2020
Feel the Sun Heat: WATCH Russias fearsome heavy thermobaric flamethrower system in action 0 RCW2014 Feb 2020
EU defies US calls to ban Huawei, granting Chinese tech firm limited role in 5G rollout 1 RCW2014 Jan 2020
Backdoored backup? Apple nixed iCloud encryption after FBI complained your data is a valuable resour 0 RCW2014 Jan 2020
1964 DX Sleeper! "Craftsman" 0 wonderwarthog Jan 2020
SpaceX Capsule Splashes Down Off Florida After Intentional Rocket Failure Test 0 RCW2014 Jan 2020
Roscosmos engineers develop plan to BLIND foreign spy satellites flying over Russian territory 1 RCW2014 Jan 2020
Thinking about putting my Raspberry PI operated SDR online (Poll) 3 Currentsitguy Jan 2020
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