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Tech giants seek to halt overseas snooping by US 7 Barefoot Dancer Jun 2014
Edward Snowden's Net Connection: Tails 1 Spookie Spook Jun 2014
Twenty Hydrogen Myths- a peer reviewed white paper by Amory Lovins/Rocky Mountain Institute 14 Spookie Spook Jun 2014
Laser device can detect alcohol in cars: External device detects presence of alcohol vapors inside o 6 Troll2 Jun 2014
Supreme Court Rules Against Software Patents 12 Troll2 Jun 2014
Why 'Nanodegrees' Might Be A Real Career Solution For Those Who Can't Afford College 13 Troll2 Jun 2014
Cable TV boxes become 2nd biggest energy users in many homes 9 Troll2 Jun 2014
The Solar-Powered Airplane That Can Fly Forever Makes Its First Flight 5 Troll2 Jun 2014
Microsoft Supercharges Bing Search With Programmable Chips 1 Strange Luck Jun 2014
A Civil War Is Brewing In The Race To Replace Gasoline-Powered Cars 5 Spookie Spook Jun 2014
Anyone else having a problem with Google Search? 5 Attila Gorilla Jun 2014
Is there a way to check your phone to see if it's been hijacked 6 Attila Gorilla Jun 2014
A year after Snowden revelations, Microsoft demands NSA reform 3 Troll2 Jun 2014
21st century naval technology 4 Jack Burton Jun 2014
Tesla to open up all patents for the 'advancement of electric vehicle technology': Musk 8 Cliqueclaque Jun 2014
Tech firms Google, Facebook, Yahoo and Microsoft cite rights in resisting feds' gag orders 3 1Handle Jun 2014
No, A Computer Did Not Just Pass The Turing Test 3 Strange Luck Jun 2014
Norway lobby group seeks to block Pirate Bay 0 Strange Luck Jun 2014
World's Nuclear Energy Shifts to Asia - Russia's Rosatom 6 Troll2 Jun 2014
The Largest Solar Company In The World Is Using The World Cup To Enter Latin America 0 Troll2 Jun 2014
Computer passes 'Turing Test' for the first time after convincing users it is human 7 Troll2 Jun 2014
Meet Pepper, the 'love-powered' humanoid robot that knows how you're feeling 2 Troll2 Jun 2014
Free IT Books to Download 3 City Kitty Jun 2014
A cool service/site I found last week 5 christopher Jun 2014
At E3 2014, the games are the thing 0 Bronxbomber Jun 2014
Netflix Error Blames Verizon For Playback Issues, Verizon Responds With Legal Threats 2 Bronxbomber Jun 2014
Five reasons why China is attacking U.S. tech 1 Troll2 Jun 2014
$30 chip turns smartphones into holographic projectors 1 Strange Luck Jun 2014
NSA: Inside the FIVE-EYED VAMPIRE SQUID of the INTERNET 5 Troll2 Jun 2014
Mobile hit 'Temple Run' tops 1 billion downloads 2 Bronxbomber Jun 2014
This message was self-deleted by its author 0 Attila Gorilla Jun 2014
Next Mortal Kombat Launching in 2015 for Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3, PS4, and PC 0 Bronxbomber Jun 2014
WhatsApp's CEO Is Not Very Happy With Apple Right Now 1 1Handle Jun 2014
The Cult Of Apple 0 1Handle Jun 2014
So my office desktop runs Win XP... go Linux? 33 BenghaziOracle Jun 2014
(͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Yah☯✡'s Invasion of Your Privacy? (Poll) 4 Vinoby Humor Jun 2014
Highly radioactive substance found in Swiss dump: report 0 Troll2 Jun 2014
(͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) G⚥☼gle or Yah☯✡? (Poll) 3 Vinoby Humor Jun 2014
Raw Jury voting stats? 3 pavulon-lives Jun 2014
Pirate Bay co-founder arrested in Sweden to serve copyright violation sentence 3 HowAboutAMartini May 2014
Greatest keyboard ever, and still in use 25 years later 34 DrMiguelitoLoveless May 2014
(͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) G⚥☼gle or Yah☯✡? (Poll) 3 Vinoby Humor May 2014
"Impossible" Electric Airplane Takes Flight 3 Troll2 May 2014
Introducing iBeats 3 1Handle May 2014
Found the prototype for the Google car 0 HowAboutAMartini May 2014
Whatever happened to the Google data center barges? 3 fools_gold May 2014
Behold...the Gyrocopter Mk II 2 Juan Rico May 2014
ᕙ(`▽´)ᕗ Why embeding Vimeo videos is better than Youtube (Poll) 7 Vinoby Humor May 2014
43 61 6e 20 79 6f 75 20 72 65 61 64 20 74 68 69 73 3f 25 EtherealBridge May 2014
This Is What Happens When You Hack and Extort the ‘Bitcoin Jesus’ 3 Strange Luck May 2014
Self-driven car and script for a thriller 4 Hypothesis May 2014
In the future Captchas will only accept entries 4 Zutak May 2014
A snapshot of one reason Google downgraded Ebay search rankings 4 Zutak May 2014
Have been hearing a lot about these solar roadways 12 Tolk May 2014
Solar Freakin' Roadways 2 Mr_Scorpio May 2014
Kids React To Old Computers 1 Isidore May 2014
This is cool - but I am holding out for my own Babelfish 3 R2D42 May 2014
Geek test: without googling: orange green black orange gold 15 langurwala May 2014
How foreign 'tech' workers affect economy 1 Fighter388 May 2014
X-49A "SpeedHawk" 0 antony May 2014
Blizzard sues Starcraft II cheat hackers 3 Strange Luck May 2014
PlayStation Now PS4 private beta starts May 20 2 Dyna May 2014
Cloud computing, or 'The future is trying to KILL YOU' 6 Troll2 May 2014
TC Study Finds MOOC Reality Not Yet Meeting High Expectations 1 Troll2 May 2014
Hacker indictments against China's military unlikely to change anything 2 Troll2 May 2014
Microsoft wins case to block FBI request for customer data 1 1Handle May 2014
One of these defense projects could become bigger than the internet 0 Let it go May 2014
anyone have an LG G2 phone? 3 Wiking May 2014
Is this the battery breakthrough electric cars need? 2 AGD May 2014
Webkitgtk has literally taken a day to build 4 langurwala May 2014
In general, Mac users are 50% more accurate and 44% more productive than PC users 13 Strange Luck May 2014
'Word Lens' app free for a limited time 4 Isidore May 2014
U.S. utility's control system was hacked, says Homeland Security 0 AGD May 2014
Google replaces Apple as world's top brand 0 Strange Luck May 2014
Emails reveal close Google relationship with NSA 2 Strange Luck May 2014
Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About the FCC's Net Neutrality Proposal 1 AGD May 2014
So bf has apparently discovered that Windows 8 is actually GOOD if you use a tablet. 11 Sibelian the White May 2014
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