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Is it possible to control Amazon Alexa, Google Now using inaudible commands? Absolutely 1 Troll2 Aug 2017
An argument for green ammo from a 2A activist 1 357blackhawk Aug 2017
I remember being so excited 7 akaConcernedCanuk Aug 2017
An easy way for kids and other beginners to start programming in Python 0 Troll2 Aug 2017
Something of interest for the tech guys- The AntMiner S9 5 It Guy Aug 2017
What's the best android emulator 3 orson Aug 2017
CA 6 gigawatts missing 3 def_con5 Aug 2017
75 years ago, one Allied radar techie changed the course of WW2 1 Troll2 Aug 2017
APT-style attack against over 4,000 infrastructure firms blamed on lone Nigerian 20-something 0 Troll2 Aug 2017
Exciting new innovations in guns. A must see! 1 Daves Not Here Man Aug 2017
ISIS is now looking to switch to solar power 1 Daves Not Here Man Aug 2017
kind of cool - old RPG for sale 3 drunk_teddy Aug 2017
Toyota Camry's HUD Shows 10-inch Video 2 1/2 Meters Away From Driver 7 Aquila Aug 2017
Anyone else having problems getting on Facebook today? 7 cologeek Aug 2017
A whole mess of online short wave radios 11 Currentsitguy Aug 2017
Self driving electric vehicles (Poll) 6 Docbroke Aug 2017
I think I got put in someone's dungeon? 9 akaConcernedCanuk Aug 2017
Everything you thought you knew about password security is WRONG 16 Currentsitguy Aug 2017
Several military gifs 0 It Guy Aug 2017
Google news SUCKS - Get one of these instead! 8 wonderwarthog Aug 2017
Important MS Dos update for Lefty 8 Horsefeathers Aug 2017
"White Alice" 8 wonderwarthog Aug 2017
Incoming! 4 wonderwarthog Aug 2017
How that simple fishing reel started life as a time-bomb company: 3 RATFINK_5.0 Aug 2017
Hold My Boat Anchor... Please! 8 wonderwarthog Aug 2017
Tech Guru Bill Joy Unveils Battery to Challenge Lithium-Ion 2 Troll2 Aug 2017
My new Kindle, Awesome piece of equipment 18 exindy Aug 2017
How many cars will Tesla roll off its assembly line in the next 12 months.................... (Poll) 5 rahtruelies Aug 2017
Computer Aided Tomography 6 It Guy Jul 2017
Broke my Kindle 30 exindy Jul 2017
World's first floating wind farm emerges off coast of Scotland 11 Aquila Jul 2017
Post Formatting 0 Immacolata Jul 2017
Not so fast! Microsoft Paint avoids brush with death 6 bernt-toast Jul 2017
Say goodbye to an old friend 1 Currentsitguy Jul 2017
Talk to me about laptops. 30 Immacolata Jul 2017
Solar, Wind industries dying as subsidies dry up! 35 Gunslinger201 Jul 2017
Elon Musk Twitter get hacked? This would be a 10-20 year entitlements process. MINIMUM. 4 Shkreli Jul 2017
How many spam phone calls are you getting/day? 12 Grebbid Jul 2017
Anyone remember this Star Fox Character? 2 Kristopher09 Jul 2017
Pens for Badasses 8 wonderwarthog Jul 2017
Nintendo Switch 3 brantleydavis Jul 2017
To counter-act Drudge's dis-allowance of adblock for Chrome go to settings, advanced, privacy, 8 joefriday6 Jul 2017
Does anyone have that link to get around the Drudge reports 5 Solesurvivor Jul 2017
who sells Linux CDs? 14 M41 Jul 2017
So - I decided to try IE for the first time in over a decade - 8 akaConcernedCanuk Jul 2017
This message was self-deleted by its author 0 def_con5 Jun 2017
Thank the Powers That Be I didn't go to the hospital my family wanted me to. 1 Currentsitguy Jun 2017
USAF Warthogs need new wings 6 wonderwarthog Jun 2017
Chemtrails Grande! 5 JaimeBondoJr Jun 2017
Why the hell is this site so slow? (Poll) 6 Jake Jun 2017
Not sure how much smog it will eat but still a good idea coming from China 1 Frankenvoter Jun 2017
Talk to me about a VPN. 19 Immacolata Jun 2017
Anybody else use Adblock Browser on an iPhone? 2 Ax Crazy Jun 2017
I seem to be getting a phishing virus being blocked and deleted today when I open this site? 5 DDKick Jun 2017
Questions regarding Satellite services - (Just hooked up) 1 akaConcernedCanuk Jun 2017
Win 7 Pro is driving me nuts 17 akaConcernedCanuk Jun 2017
Advice/reviews on car alarms. 22 HerasHeaddress Jun 2017
The Wizard will now install your software 2 orson Jun 2017
Alabama city is America's fastest-growing tech town 45 Boadicea Jun 2017
ROFL : Rodman's North Korean envoy excursion to avoid total nuclear annhilation financed by MaryJane 1 RATFINK_5.0 Jun 2017
Fear Our future together: Watson will replace techs & managers. 3 RATFINK_5.0 Jun 2017
AMDs Ryzen ThreadRipper brings in Socket TR4 and the X399 Chipset 3 Aldar Jun 2017
Keller is building self-driving vehicles for Tesla 0 Aldar Jun 2017
Air Force Academy graduate develops bulletproof paste 4 Gamle-ged Jun 2017
This is interesting 2 Docbroke Jun 2017
Out with the old and in with the new. TerrariumTV. 0 Daves Not Here Man Jun 2017
I didn't like win10 but then guys here insisted I must. Strange. 3 ProLapse Jun 2017
May calls for restrictions on the Internet 2 His Daughter Jun 2017
China and Russia reveal their alternatives to Boeing and Airbus... 1 JaimeBondoJr Jun 2017
My Hard Drive died - 8 akaConcernedCanuk May 2017
Can we have our formatting tags back? 5 Immacolata May 2017
Better over the air reception with an antenna on the way (Poll) 3 Frankenvoter May 2017
The Times Square Mowdown and How Did This Guy Escape Unharmed? 0 It Guy May 2017
Alexa! (Amazon Echo) 6 Cold Warrior May 2017
My gift to you - paragraphs! 11 Immacolata May 2017
Please fix the editor! 7 Immacolata May 2017
Anybody here know about Wordpress? 5 Currentsitguy May 2017
Here is a fun description of Wanna, Wannacry, or Wcry as of yesterday... 1 EagleKeeper May 2017
Bot Sock @ it again. Likes to post fake NEWS allegations every 2 min. 9 RATFINK_5.0 May 2017
I promised a review of this Windows Tablet, so here it is 17 Currentsitguy May 2017
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