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Boyfriend has a MacBook...which I hate 20 1984Sentinel Aug 2014
Microsoft awarded top marks for protecting user data from prying governments 1 1Handle May 2014
Tech firms Google, Facebook, Yahoo and Microsoft cite rights in resisting feds' gag orders 3 1Handle Jun 2014
Microsoft wins case to block FBI request for customer data 1 1Handle May 2014
Introducing iBeats 3 1Handle May 2014
The Cult Of Apple 0 1Handle Jun 2014
WhatsApp's CEO Is Not Very Happy With Apple Right Now 1 1Handle Jun 2014
Tim Cook tweets picture of Mac production line, with Windows running in the background 7 1Handle Aug 2014
600 million iOS devices have built-in backdoors 3 1Handle Jul 2014
when I learned the metric system 9 357blackhawk Mar 29
Know how lazy I am today? 4 762Justice Dec 2015
Dyn DDoS Work of Script Kiddies. 2 762Justice Oct 2016
Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About the FCC's Net Neutrality Proposal 1 AGD May 2014
U.S. utility's control system was hacked, says Homeland Security 0 AGD May 2014
Is this the battery breakthrough electric cars need? 2 AGD May 2014
Tech eases Syrians' trauma in Jordanian refugee camp 0 Agent_86 Mar 2016
Renewable energy surges 0 Agent_86 Jun 2016
This message was self-deleted by its author 0 Agent_86 Jul 2016
BMW's future includes this self-balancing motorcycle 11 Agent_86 Oct 2016
Amazon Fire TV...anybody else got one? 2 Ajax May 2014
- What browser is your favorite? (Poll) 23 akaConcernedCanuk Jul 2014
Naked selfies extracted from 'factory reset' phones 15 akaConcernedCanuk Jul 2014
- Need a good DVD player 4 akaConcernedCanuk Oct 2014
Hp laptop with Vista boots, but screen stays black 28 akaConcernedCanuk Nov 2014
- Why did I not do this B4? - just installed Adblock Plus an hour so ago. 5 akaConcernedCanuk Nov 2014
Are screensavers really screensavers anymore? - NO, they are not. 7 akaConcernedCanuk Nov 2014
- Retractable studded tires ! 5 akaConcernedCanuk Dec 2014
Anyone know where to find games for ur computer? 10 akaConcernedCanuk Mar 2015
Searching for a durable DVD player 11 akaConcernedCanuk May 2015
What are your favorite, most used keyboard commands? 9 akaConcernedCanuk Jul 2015
Is there an app I can stop videos from automatic downloading? 8 akaConcernedCanuk Oct 2015
What is a Polar Stroller? 2 akaConcernedCanuk Nov 2015
Anyone try AdNauseam? - Supposed to work in conjunction with AdBlock Plus/Edge 2 akaConcernedCanuk Nov 2015
'China speed' amazes world 10 akaConcernedCanuk Dec 2015
What do you have for phone service? (Poll) 8 akaConcernedCanuk Dec 2015
Glass skywalk built on top of skyscraper in S China (2) 9 akaConcernedCanuk Dec 2015
INSIDE THE ZUMWALT DESTROYER 5 akaConcernedCanuk Dec 2015
Smart trash bins with Wi-Fi device appear in Chongqing 1 akaConcernedCanuk Dec 2015
Splashback: ‘Anti-pee walls’ result in instant karma in London borough 3 akaConcernedCanuk Dec 2015
Will the F35 ever be what it is supposed to be? 22 akaConcernedCanuk Feb 2016
Oops . . . 14 akaConcernedCanuk Mar 2016
QuadCopters - HexaCopters - small UAVs 4 akaConcernedCanuk Mar 2016
My Hard Drive died - 8 akaConcernedCanuk May 31
Photobucket and Hotmail not connecting 6 akaConcernedCanuk Oct 2016
Win 7 Pro is driving me nuts 17 akaConcernedCanuk 5 hrs ago
Keller is building self-driving vehicles for Tesla 0 Aldar Jun 11
AMDs Ryzen ThreadRipper brings in Socket TR4 and the X399 Chipset 3 Aldar Jun 11
Does anyone else here use Firefox web browser? 16 AmandaCMatthews Feb 2017
Firefox must be on an economy binge. The quality of programmer they're hiring has definitely 7 AmandaMatthews Aug 2014
I accidentally alerted in a post. How to fix??? 14 AmandaMatthews Aug 2015
Defense How the Army's $3 billion spy blimp went from boondoggle to laughingstock Read more: http: 7 AmandaMatthews Nov 2015
(WORTH THE WATCH!!) John Oliver takes on encryption. 0 AmandaMatthews Mar 2016
FCC’s data-collection decision a blow to Comcast and Verizon 0 AmandaMatthews Apr 2016
Not just a pretty face then? Justin Trudeau stuns room full of reporters and scientists with perfect 3 AmandaMatthews Apr 2016
Apple Is Still Ignoring One of the Biggest iPhone Engineering Flaws of All Time 1 AmandaMatthews Sep 2016
Clinton would have you believe (funny)... 2 AmandaMatthews Sep 2016
Exclusive: Yahoo secretly scanned customer emails for U.S. intelligence - sources 1 AmandaMatthews Oct 2016
This message was self-deleted by its author 0 AmandaMatthews Nov 2016
47% Of All Jobs Will Be Automated By 2034, And 'No Government Is Prepared' Says Economist 26 Andronikos Jul 2014
X-49A "SpeedHawk" 0 antony May 2014
Latest Tesla P85D Software Update may cause sudden power loss 1 Aquila Feb 2015
That decked-out first-run Tesla Model X will cost you $140K 5 Aquila Sep 2015
Consumer Reports Now Ranks Tesla Among the Least Reliable Carmakers 2 Aquila Oct 2016
Tesla Model 3 Pricing Leaked by French Tesla Site? 1 Aquila Mar 2017
Clear Your Browser History and Spend 20 Years in Prison 7 Argentina Jun 2015
What the government should’ve learned about backdoors from the Clipper Chip 1 ArkieLiberal Dec 2015
The First Person to Hack the iPhone Built a Self-Driving Car. In His Garage 2 ArkieLiberal Dec 2015
I just received a snail mail from Mazda 24 Attera Aug 2016
Anyone else having a problem with Google Search? 5 Attila Gorilla Jun 2014
This message was self-deleted by its author 0 Attila Gorilla Jun 2014
Is there a way to check your phone to see if it's been hijacked 6 Attila Gorilla Jun 2014
​'Bigger than Heartbleed': Bash bug could leave IT systems in shellshock 1 Attila Gorilla Sep 2014
Awesome FastCustomer App Eliminates Customer Service Hold Times 4 Attila Gorilla Nov 2014
Obama: Regulate broadband Internet like a utility so it 'works for everyone' 9 Attila Gorilla Nov 2014
Amnesty International releases software to detect government spyware 2 Attila Gorilla Nov 2014
Sony Kept Thousands of Passwords in a Folder Named "Password" 8 Attila Gorilla Dec 2014
GameZone, Huffington Post hit by malvertising attack 0 Attila Gorilla Jan 2015
Why Hillary Clinton's Homebrew Email Is a Political Nightmare 25 Attila Gorilla Mar 2015
Police must sign an agreement preventing them from saying anything about the surveillance technology 7 Attila Gorilla Mar 2015
France decrees new rooftops must be covered in plants or solar panels 7 Attila Gorilla Apr 2015
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