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Covid-19 cases in Virginia 5/29/2020 0 uncledad Yesterday
If the U.S. had enacted social-distancing measures earlier, it wouldve saved lives. 21 Letmypeoplevote Wednesday
Study blames sit-down restaurants, fast food chains and hotels for being 'super-spreader' businesses 8 Troll2 Wednesday
Plague & The Big Pharma Mafia--Dr. Judy Mikovits 5 Fireant16 Monday
Scientists believe cannabis could help prevent and treat coronavirus 6 AmandaCMatthews May 22
Cytokine storms, interferon 5 and glucose 0 Let it go May 22
Grassley says Trump pushing for drug pricing action after Senate lunch 0 AmandaCMatthews May 20
6 weeks in covid ward - before and after ..... 3 rampartb May 20
new news from china 3 rampartb May 20
partnership for a drug free america 2 rampartb May 20
COVID-19: Study reports 'staggering' death rate in U.S. among those infected who show symptoms 4 Troll2 May 20
what type of milk is best? 7 imwithfred May 19
Meditation app Calm is now free for Kaiser Permanentes millions of members 2 Troll2 May 19
Douglas County reports more than 100 new cases of COVID-19 14 AmandaCMatthews May 18
Moderna sees 'positive' Phase I data for potential coronavirus vaccine 1 def_con5 May 18
Covid-19 cases in Virginia 5/17/2020 6 uncledad May 17
Nationwide trend is down, down down. 0 def_con5 May 17
5 theodore roosevelt sailors reinfected with coronavirus 7 rampartb May 16
2 positive tests from seattle, probably in december .... 1 rampartb May 15
maybe he was the guy who brought the coffee. 2 rampartb May 15
This message was self-deleted by its author 6 rampartb May 15
"If we didn't do any testing we would have very few cases." trump 2 rampartb May 14
Do not pet the alligators. ... 4 batcat May 14
Early Herd Immunity against COVID-19: A Dangerous Misconception 2 uncledad May 13
Corona virus now dying off 2 foia May 13
Testing way up, deaths declining 1 def_con5 May 12
Trump Blames China For Acting Too Late In Coordinating U.S. Coronavirus Response 1 rampartb May 12
Some comments about masks 14 His Daughter May 11
Coronavirus CAN enter the body through the eyes: Scientists find eye cells are a prime target ... 0 RCW2014 May 10
Virus Conspiracists Elevate a New Champion 6 uncledad May 10
Why do they say most masks should not be used more than once? 7 akaConcernedCanuk May 10
Update wife's hospital. 2 def_con5 May 10
3 children have died in New York from a coronavirus-linked inflammatory disease, Cuomo says 1 uncledad May 10
F.D.A. Approves First Antigen Test for Detecting the Coronavirus 0 uncledad May 10
Quarantine/lockdown home-made spaghetti sauce. 8 akaConcernedCanuk May 9
The GOP have finally come up with a replacement for Obamacare 11 orson May 9
hoax virus survivors forever barred from military service 5 rampartb May 7
Joe should be let out of his basement. It's only fair. 1 foia May 6
who is killing the coronavirus doctors ..... 2 rampartb May 6
A new strain has come: Meet Spike D614G, the new & improved coronavirus 2 RCW2014 May 5
The Ars COVID-19 vaccine primer: 100-plus in the works, 8 in clinical trials 2 Troll2 May 4
how sure are we that tthe coronavirus is chinese? 3 rampartb May 2
Donald Trump is now number one 27 orson May 2
"ER Physician Drops Multiple COVID-19 Bombshells" 3 Iron Condor Apr 28
trump belongs in rehab 4 rampartb Apr 28
Odds you think you'll ever be exposed to COVID within 3 years? (Poll) 6 foia Apr 28
High-back restaurant booths 7 Troll2 Apr 28
dear quantum leader..... 4 rampartb Apr 27
bojo seems to have gotten it 2 rampartb Apr 27
Emergency room visits by idiots are way down 0 foia Apr 26
speaking truth to power 4 rampartb Apr 26
Social distancing: the rationale, the insanity 8 Fireant16 Apr 25
Coronavirus Antibody Tests: Can You Trust the Results? 4 uncledad Apr 25
general wesley clark predicts ..... 6 rampartb Apr 24
More deaths, no benefit from malaria drug in VA virus study 24 orson Apr 23
Limbaugh: I Hope Some Governor Gets So Fed Up With This Shutdown...... 18 Fireant16 Apr 23
Time to start vaping? 2 foia Apr 23
Bad news for the DUmmies and TDS-afflicted, good news for mankind 7 foia Apr 23
how egregious is the quarantine at your location 10 rampartb Apr 23
Number of US Coronavirus Cases Surpasses 800,000 3 RCW2014 Apr 22
Estimated Influenza Illnesses, Medical visits, Hospitalizations, and Deaths in the United States... 1 Gamle-ged Apr 21
Top 25 C19 deaths per million 3 foia Apr 20
Pennsylvania apparently has a weird state director of health 5 imwithfred Apr 19
Homeless shelter and coronavirus 8 Summer Apr 18
Stanford Study Suggests Coronavirus Is More Widespread than Realized 2 RCW2014 Apr 17
Officials Warn Against Heartworm, Parasite Medication(Ivermectin) For COVID-19 3 RCW2014 Apr 17
COVID-19 Antibody Seroprevalence in Santa Clara County, California 0 Troll2 Apr 17
That was weird.... 3 Solesurvivor Apr 17
sars-cov-2 structure 4 rampartb Apr 17
Virginia reports large daily jump in coronavirus deaths 2 uncledad Apr 16
Special report: The simulations driving the worlds response to COVID-19 0 Troll2 Apr 16
national security, pandemic defense 5 rampartb Apr 16
fact check : trump vs world health organization 6 rampartb Apr 16
is the coronavirus a usa attack on china? 4 rampartb Apr 15
Eli Lilly has reduced the price of insulin to $35, whether insured or not 0 Currentsitguy Apr 15
N.Y.C.s death toll soars past 10,000 as count is revised. 5 uncledad Apr 15
Is the lockdown necessary? 7 def_con5 Apr 14
does trump take the coronavirus seriously? 5 rampartb Apr 14
Previous SARS vaccine trials resulted in pulmonary immunopathlogy in 3 of 4 animals. 1 Let it go Apr 14
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