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Alcohol vs Marijuana 32 His Daughter Nov 2018
American people just need to learn to eat shit, literally (Poll) 6 Frankenvoter Nov 2018
Dead people walking... 2 Gamle-ged Nov 2018
Just sent the CDC a nasty gram 4 Frankenvoter Nov 2018
Romaine lettuce on the loose again (actually your bowels) piss poor reporting as well 2 Frankenvoter Nov 2018
All Romaine Lettuce Is Currently Unsafe to Eat Due to E. Coli Outbreak, CDC Says 1 RCW2014 Nov 2018
a curious habit of a cat 8 imwithfred Nov 2018
The most Arby's sandwich ever!! (Poll) 5 Frankenvoter Nov 2018
CDC Confirms 10 New Cases of Rare Polio-Like Neurological Condition 2 RCW2014 Oct 2018
Shroom For Improvement: FDA Lists Psychedelic Drugs As Breakthrough Therapy For Depression 7 RCW2014 Oct 2018
Adenovirus Outbreak Kills Seventh Child at New Jersey Medical Center 0 RCW2014 Oct 2018
A pox on your children!... 8 Gamle-ged Oct 2018
Pizza spitter pleads guilty, to misdemeanor 0 Frankenvoter Oct 2018
We'll have your results in about 3 weeks 0 orson Oct 2018
With a Rise in Chemotherapy for Pets, Veterinary Staff Is at Increased Risk for Exposure 0 RCW2014 Oct 2018
Hillary's bobblehead was not engaged as a result of the crash 1 Frankenvoter Oct 2018
Drugs that interact with Grapefruit on the Rise 0 Gamle-ged Oct 2018
Marijuana Skeptics Fear 'de Facto Legalization' in States 2 RCW2014 Oct 2018
No three wheel biking this morning, relegated to the elliptical for a few. 6 Magyar Heidinn Oct 2018
Size Really Does Matter When It Comes To Fertility 0 RCW2014 Oct 2018
toilets in India disappearing, evaporating in thin air 0 imwithfred Oct 2018
every Indian to have a toilet 0 imwithfred Oct 2018
Its amazing what technology can do 1 oflguy Oct 2018
the disappearing $3,000 9 imwithfred Oct 2018
DEA Clears the Cannabis Drug Epidiolex for Sale in the U.S. 1 Boadicea Oct 2018
LaughingGull did your daughter and her friends make out ok with the storm? 2 oflguy Sep 2018
About the Blowsey Ford testimony 0 Frankenvoter Sep 2018
U.S. estimates 80,000 Americans died of flu and its complications last winter 5 Agent_86 Sep 2018
Excessive drinking killed over 3 million people in 2016 2 Agent_86 Sep 2018
FDA Alerts Pet Owners,Vets About Potential for Adverse Events Associated with some Flea Products 2 RCW2014 Sep 2018
Has anyone ever taken methadone for nerve pain? 9 Horsefeathers Sep 2018
Theranos: The Trump University of healthcare 7 Agent_86 Sep 2018
After coffee brewhaha, CA fears cancer warnings have gone seriously wrong 3 AmandaCMatthews Sep 2018
Shorter life expectancy linked to 2016 presidential election outcome 2 Agent_86 Sep 2018
Why are more and more doctors leaving and/or not entering the practice? 2 Frankenvoter Sep 2018
There was a clickbait down on the bottom for coffee as an Alzheimer's cure... 4 Scary Red Sep 2018
Clean bill of health! 23 Currentsitguy Aug 2018
Flesh eating STD 4 Frankenvoter Aug 2018
Anyone have their gallbladder removed or have gallbladder problems? 8 shogun Aug 2018
Smartphones, tablets, other PEDs bringing bacteria into the kitchen 3 Gamle-ged Aug 2018
As 'supposed' liberal, I actually like Chik-Fil-A. 11 RATFINK_5.0 Aug 2018
what's the point? 7 imwithfred Aug 2018
Katies New Face 7 Meowmenow Aug 2018
Eating too much? You can blame your brain. 13 Meowmenow Aug 2018
Marital rows could make you ill, say scientists 0 Gamle-ged Aug 2018
BARF diet for dogs 0 Iron Condor Aug 2018
milk, the most nearly perfect food 4 imwithfred Aug 2018
Sabotage of Americas food supply (Poll) 15 Frankenvoter Jul 2018
This is an environmentalist cause I believe in, I'd go to a rally in support of it's solution 12 Frankenvoter Jul 2018
Sizeable RITZ recall... 0 Gamle-ged Jul 2018
Yikes 5 imwithfred Jul 2018
I'm home! 13 Currentsitguy Jul 2018
I think I am going home today edit: I AM going home today. 19 Currentsitguy Jul 2018
can someone explain to me the difference between butter and whipped cream? 19 Currentsitguy Jul 2018
Medicare 7 Boadicea Jul 2018
Well I am out and alive... 12 Currentsitguy Jul 2018
Thank you all 10 Currentsitguy Jul 2018
Bye for a bit 22 Currentsitguy Jul 2018
White Men Nearly Shot And Killed After Black T-Mobile Employees Call The Police *Video* 7 bobsal Jul 2018
Yeah!!!! I don't have colon cancer!!!! 21 Currentsitguy Jul 2018
China has banned blue cheese 9 Fighter388 Jul 2018
Hormel recalls 228,000 cans of Spam (Poll) 8 Frankenvoter Jul 2018
What's Your Date Of Birth?? 8 Bubba Jul 2018
Shit's gettin' real... literally 11 Currentsitguy Jul 2018
Nebraska Voters Will Get To Decide On Medicaid Expansion At The Ballot Box 4 bobsal Jul 2018
Would you have shot Kino Jimenez for his violence in that San Antonio Whataburger? (Poll) 35 Shkreli Jul 2018
an odd question 14 imwithfred Jul 2018
Antidepressant Drugs and Suicide 4 RCW2014 Jun 2018
Dallas greenhouse growers say their leafy greens are safer 1 Gamle-ged Jun 2018
The FDA May Approve Its First Cannabis-Based Drug This Week 5 Boadicea Jun 2018
Y'want fries with them mice?... 4 Gamle-ged Jun 2018
treatment of haemorrhoids 6 imwithfred Jun 2018
Scientists discover why olive oil lowers blood pressure 6 Strange Luck Jun 2018
Mr. Trump thinks mesothelioma is a mob conspiracy 3 Agent_86 Jun 2018
You want salmon-ella with that?... 4 Gamle-ged Jun 2018
'Dancing' Georgia doctor is suspended by medical board for being a threat to public health, safety 3 AmandaCMatthews Jun 2018
Loyal American Veterans: Canada Needs Your Blood 32 Will Morningstar Jun 2018
An FYI on SNOMED 1 It Guy May 2018
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