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See how your cognitive ability stands up against Trump's: the MOCA (Poll) 5 RATFINK_5.0 Jan 2018
How Brain Tumors are removed! 8 Daves Not Here Man Jan 2018
Think Flu Season Is Bad? It Might Get Even Worse 6 RCW2014 Jan 2018
Histrionic Personality Disorder: Remember this When You Visit or Read Anything From the DUmp. 6 It Guy Jan 2018
The Left Seeks To Weaponize Psychiatry Against The President 11 Gunslinger201 Jan 2018
In U.S., 33% have put off medical treatment because of cost 24 foia Jan 2018
Autism CAN Be Cured: Lecter 24 Will Morningstar Jan 2018
Take a siesta ... that's what I respect about them. 1 RATFINK_5.0 Jan 2018
ADHD drug tied to heart defects in babies 1 Aldar Jan 2018
W.H.O. declares "gaming addiction" mental disorder 4 Frankenvoter Jan 2018
Customers of Six Detroit Restaurants Warned to Get Hepatitis A Vaccinations 1 RCW2014 Jan 2018
Carrie Underwood gets 40 stitches in face 8 Frankenvoter Jan 2018
Heinz packet perforation of intestine 2 Frankenvoter Jan 2018
73 ppl injured by stingrays in one day 3 Frankenvoter Jan 2018
I wan't Terraki Tacos ... 0 RATFINK_5.0 Dec 2017
America Faces One Of The Worst Flu Seasons Ever As Doctors Warn The Vaccine Is Only 10% Effective 7 RCW2014 Dec 2017
Apples, Oranges, Olives ... the deal & Sour Diesel ... 0 RATFINK_5.0 Dec 2017
Sour Diesel ... w/ Steak ! 0 RATFINK_5.0 Dec 2017
U.N. environment chief warns "we're facing an ocean Armageddon" 4 Agent_86 Dec 2017
New Study Reveals 84% of Vegetarians Return to Meat 9 Daves Not Here Man Dec 2017
FACTUAL evidence provides PROOF of the healing powers of Medical Marijuana 4 Daves Not Here Man Dec 2017
Opioid Crisis Affects Farmers Harder Than Their Rural Neighbors 7 RCW2014 Dec 2017
mccain's walking boot mysteriously changes legs 8 rampartb Nov 2017
No Bones (or Bone Treats) About It: Reasons Not to Give Your Dog Bones 1 RCW2014 Nov 2017
Millions of Patients Face Pain and Withdrawal as Opioid Prescriptions Plummet 3 RCW2014 Nov 2017
vietnamese parasites may be killing veterans after 50 years 1 rampartb Nov 2017
Getting a Dog May Save Your Life, Especially If Youre Single 0 RCW2014 Nov 2017
Question is a very long shot: total elbow replacement surgery? 19 MsJaneFuzzyWuzzy Nov 2017
Asking for a friend 12 orson Nov 2017
Drugstore pain pills as effective as opioids in ER patients 6 def_con5 Nov 2017
Losing your sense of humor is an early sign that your cheese is slipping off the cracker, 8 bruiserboy Nov 2017
which term do you use? (Poll) 6 imwithfred Nov 2017
what do you pay for a 11 imwithfred Nov 2017
I Took CBD Oil For 7 Days For Anxiety Here's What Happened 10 Aquila Nov 2017
Black Death MAPPED: global outbreak warning as NINE new countries place on high alert 4 Gamle-ged Nov 2017
I hit the trifecta at the gym this morning 2 orson Nov 2017
when do you think the last time was that they hopped around in the sack with each other? (Poll) 17 imwithfred Oct 2017
anybody here ever order eyeglasses over the internet? 5 imwithfred Oct 2017
Man pops massive zit and it sprays everywhere. NSFW WARNING! 6 Daves Not Here Man Oct 2017
Proof that GMOs are linked to alcoholism. 2 Daves Not Here Man Oct 2017
Time to quarantine ppl who are HIV positive? 17 Frankenvoter Oct 2017
burn baby, burn 7 imwithfred Oct 2017
CA hepatitis state of emergency, produce/fruits could be at risk 6 Frankenvoter Oct 2017
on-line shopping makes people weak 2 imwithfred Oct 2017
CA lowers jail time for HIV carriers exposing sex partners to it 0 Frankenvoter Oct 2017
primitives' favorite past-time makes them violent 13 imwithfred Oct 2017
vegetarians more likely to have kids who abuse alcohol, drugs 0 imwithfred Oct 2017
I Thought Shitting on the Sidewalks Was Only a San Francisco Thing 13 It Guy Oct 2017
Another example of single payer goverment healthcare success! 6 HowAboutAMartini Oct 2017
Medicare in 2018 4 brantleydavis Sep 2017
New antibody attacks 99% of HIV strains 3 Immacolata Sep 2017
Started eating today according to the keto diet principles. 14 Aldar Sep 2017
It’s official: Americans should drink more coffee 13 Naveed Sep 2017
EasyJet addresses 'aerotoxic syndrome' by adding new cabin filtration 0 def_con5 Sep 2017
the benefits of clicking on advertising links 3 imwithfred Sep 2017
Predator Actor Sonny Landham Dies at 76 2 quad489 Sep 2017
Poor diet is a factor in one in five deaths, global disease study reveals 0 Let it go Sep 2017
Ciggies in NYC now $13 bucks a pack 15 wonderwarthog Sep 2017
Magic Mushrooms May One Day Treat Depression: Study Investigating Active Substance... 2 RCW2014 Sep 2017
Quick question on working out 11 Solesurvivor Sep 2017
Feeling Good: 5 akaConcernedCanuk Sep 2017
Has anyone even been prescribed phentermine? 27 Solesurvivor Sep 2017
I struggled with if I should post this or not, but if anyone can learn from my stupidity... 12 Oldgeezer Sep 2017
Southern U.S. Plagued By Hookworms, A Disease More Common In Africa And Asia 4 RCW2014 Sep 2017
Malaria Death of Four-Year-Old Girl in Italy Reignites Immigration Debate 0 RCW2014 Sep 2017
Good hurricane tips and advice found on DU. 5 News2Me Sep 2017
So they stop giving people pain meds and look what happens? 7 DDKick Sep 2017
And the answer is: 14 Aldar Sep 2017
Trump? Experts disagree. 11 Andronikos Aug 2017
BCG vaccine could restore proper immune response in type 1 diabetes 2 Currentsitguy Aug 2017
Hard to digest... 3 Cold Warrior Aug 2017
10 health benefits of going to the shooting range 2 357blackhawk Aug 2017
Shingles, Neuralgic Pain - Ask me anything 21 Ravenquills Aug 2017
After the eclipse, how many will go blind? Symptoms often don't... 6 Scary Red Aug 2017
Tinnitus, anyone? 3 myohmy Aug 2017
I need to be honest w/ you guys :( This Libster's handsome physique looks like a BeefSteak !!! 0 RATFINK_5.0 Aug 2017
Anyone have any serious info on legal CDB oil for pain? 7 DDKick Aug 2017
Anyone had a cavity filled lately? 2 brantleydavis Aug 2017
SCIENCE SAYS: Looks like urban folks (Democrats) have been genetically altered by chemicals. 13 Shkreli Aug 2017
PSA: Survival manuals for our Alt Right members 7 Andronikos Aug 2017
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